March of War is an episodic 3D turn-based strategy game developed by ISOTX. March of War takes place during an alternate 1940’s era where dieselpunk technology reigns supreme. In March of War players assume the role of general among one of 6 factions available to choose from. In order to win, players must capture and hold resource points, preventing the enemy from calling in reinforcements and securing victory for their faction. The spoils of war earned after each battle can be used to research new unit upgrades or purchase more units to call in as reinforcements.

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  1. Wow no Cyprus …. Learn geography ISOTX…. Cyprus has the best strategic advantage in middle east and you don’t add it? what idiots…

  2. I don’t get it why do you keep saying gems are fantasy-ish. In real world gems are very valuable, and they have their value no matter where you are. Definitely not fantasy-ish if you ask me.

  3. I think Spunkify should be more careful when he does first look videos. It’s unfair to the playing player base when you release a video to spread word of the game and you use such thoroughly loathed terms as pay to win, I think it’s more important that people see how the game PLAYS and if they like it then they can pay for it. Free-to-play games are a business and when you rate the business model and it’s ability to keep free, that’s when there are issues with your rating system especially when the game is good.

    • I disagree. I think P2W is very important information to have. regardless if Spunk is great at the game or not, P2W is far more important than skill. if u don’t have access to the same abilities, gear etc then at the very least it creates a huge hill to climb even if your skill is elite.

      I for one wont bother with a game if it even smells like P2W. pay to get there faster is a bit different, but still can be bothersome. Spunk is just giving the information he thinks is important to the player base he is serving and his personal opinion of how it affects the game.

  4. So. This one is also “pay to win”? It is getting ridiculous. If one plays well, he won’t need any real life money at all. However if he runs around at random and makes horrible tactical mistakes like in this first look video, then no ammount of $$ is going to help him. Ah, whatever… If spunkify says it’s pay to win of course it must be. Because it can’t be that he is just real bad and inexperienced at this game. Whatever…

  5. was gonna give this a miss due to the previous topic post comments regarding this game as p2w, but after watching this I’ll give the pve side a go and if it holds my attention then maybe go pvp

    • Actually there has being a long time that one FTP game comes as a strategy game…. Hopes if is still something that players still look forward to play.


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