The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is an action RPG that gives players the ability to create their own impenetrable castle while simultaneously attempting to steal loot from other players castles. Players can fill their castle with traps and various eccentric minions which range from snot shooting monsters to large epic dragon bosses. Choose from 3 classes which vary in playstyle and can be outfitted with new equipment and skills as they level.

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  1. God! why does it takes so long?? This game is not like WildStar, why its still not in obt? It’s simple game I have no idea what are they w8ing for…

  2. Like for me this game is about to be awesome. Finally someone did something new. I am sick of those all moba, wow plagiatas, boring exping etc… This game is one of a kind (like lost saga, which is dead and nobody wants to create a EU server, what is rly sad 🙁 or sacryfice, rly old game and not mmo but brilliant idea, some1 should create mmo similar to this game) and I can not w8 to play it.

    I have to say this. OGPlanet gone to the dogs! For a now this is worst game developer. Have you seen guys their games?? like from previous era. Removing LostSaga was a f…ing big step back. I h8 them.

  3. If you’ve played Ninja Warz on Facebook, this game is actually the same.

    You can stay at level X, and increase your defence, without increasing your current level.

  4. Believe me Spunkify, warriors get so mighty overpowered.. your tanky, you deal massive aoe and you heal urself.. its just 2 much 😛 The only benefit on the archer is that you can actualy attack thing over the walls and from other rooms to clear them faster.

  5. Everything is purchasable with in-game money and you still call it pay to win? Wow. Just wow. You should see some Russia or Korea exclusive games. :-/

      • haha! i love how people claim a game not being ‘pay to win’ if you CAN earn it in game. Rift for example sure i can earn the gear through ingame play or just spend 50cents and buy any piece i want. But by your logic thats fair because i CAN earn it so its not pay too win? Pay 2 win isn’t just about the availability of items (although that is a factor), it is mainly about the time/difficulty being exchanged for money. P.s. Please listen to the effort these guys put into videos before flaming then with incorrect information. thanks xx

        • I agree with your logic, however Rift is a bad example. I’m guessing you haven’t really played Rift much, or at all, though. If you had, you would know you can buy completely shitty gear with real cash. If you want anything that will do you any good, you’ll be playing the game and not throwing $20 at your screen as a level 30 character trying to speed up leveling as fast as possible.

          Now you are informed, go forth.

          • Yes i know Rift was a bad example, but it was just a game i would of thought many people here had tried at least. I wasnt implying that rift is Pay2Win, just that its cash shop is a good example of what could be a P2W environment.

            But thankyou for clarifying that for everyone else

        • Time VS money kind of cash shop is not pay to win no matter how you put it. I’ve listened to the video quite well and I perfectly understand what he wanted to say. I just didn’t like the words he chose.

          P.S. Everyone have different definition of pay to win. I suppose I simply like Magicman’s definition better.

  6. Very good casual game but the name is rather misleading with the lack of actual loot. It’s more like a Dungeon War where you build your own dungeon tries to steal gold and life force to upgrade your dungeon so no1 can steal your gold. I don’t really see a future for it but I do hope there will be,


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