Neverwinter from Cryptic Studios is an upcoming DnD inspired action MMORPG. It features free targeting combat and cooldown based special abilities. Players have the opportunity to craft their own unique backstory and customize their character using many of the familiar mechanics in the original Neverwinter DnD campaign.

To find more about Neverwinter check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Donยดt forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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  1. BIRD is the WORD on February 17, 2013

    I see many of you kinda liked this but in my opinion I think it looked kinda boring. well it was just a beta preview so I guess it will look a lot more interesting once there are many other players running around, but it just looked kinda lonely and boring or perhaps it was the choice of class that made it boring idk. It looks like a console type of a game for some reason lol

    • Laromus on March 4, 2013

      Yup in your opinion but your opinion doesn’t count cause watching a video doesn’t mean shit all. Its like saying I saw a video of a Cake and it looks like it tastes like shit! Tell me how that makes sense at all.

  2. AntixSora on February 12, 2013

    This game is going 2 be 1 of the best D&D games I will ever play

  3. cristocanaro on February 11, 2013

    cool tanks

  4. Leonhart on February 8, 2013

    Looks cool, if I get a beta key I’ll definitely get it.

  5. ShinigamIan on February 8, 2013

    Meh, not interested. I’ll keep playing Tera until NCSoft decides to release Blade & Soul for NA. I prefer huge open and persistent world, not instanced missions. Think this game will have a hard time competing with C9 and Dragon Nest.

  6. trytry on February 8, 2013

    Even wizardry online looks better then this, and i hate wizardry online.
    and either your PC is bad or the game has huge lag

    • DKuang on February 8, 2013

      Uhm….wow, I’m at a loss at you. Wizardry Online has better graphics than this? I mean Neverwinter isn’t exactly on the cutting edge of next gen graphics, but it surely has a lot better animations, textures, and particle effects than Wizardry Online, which is running graphics from 2005 at best.

      You a troll by chance? Just saying…lol

  7. theNoNamer on February 8, 2013

    I need IT!!

    I’ve grown tired of RaiderZ..

  8. Allacore666 on February 8, 2013

    god i cant wait. 9 hours and counting!!!!

  9. llazyad on February 8, 2013

    hey ๐Ÿ˜€ do a first look at the foundry pls pls pls .. ( o and send me a beta if you have spares XD i’ll make you a cool drawn portrait if you do :)) )

  10. Darksavior on February 8, 2013

    lol..this makes me wanna go back and play some dnd online xD

  11. thepauper on February 8, 2013

    I’m gonna say this now, that is NOT a d-6. That is a D-20. Also, someone brought up Aion, Aion doesn’t look this good. Aion’s lighting effects are better, but that is all.

  12. jesterhead85 on February 7, 2013

    graphics look kinda… outdated already.

    got games like AION and Tera… this looks kinda generic…

  13. Josh on February 7, 2013

    Another bad game just what we need

  14. TheStealthyOne on February 7, 2013

    Cryptic Studios.. been there done that.. Not a game for me. P2W, Founder packs say it all.

  15. voro on February 7, 2013

    skype vooroo1

  16. voro on February 7, 2013

    i have some beta keys to trade,i am looking for a marvel key or some trade via paypal

  17. Xepo on February 7, 2013

    It looks good as an MMO game. As a D&D game….. where is the alignments? Are there choice driven story where your choices affect your alignment and changes the story? If this is not story driven and more D&D focused it will do ok, but it will not be a true D&D experience.

  18. ZhaoYun on February 7, 2013

    good game i just hope its not p2w(which kinda holded me back cause of all those packs)and i hope they dont make us wait 2 years or something like gpotato is doing with age of wulin either way i will try this game wherever it goes open beta

    • Bird is the Word on February 17, 2013

      dude you must be living in a fairytale ofcourse this game IS not will be but IS going to be pay$$ to win. you will do good throughout your early gaming experience then you will reach a certain level which will make you realize damn if I can only get these items but I don’t have or make enough “whatever currency they got” to get it ok let me just spend $10 and that’s it!! NOT!! you will see you will need to spend spend spend just to enjoy it.. in my very own opinion THESE FREE TO PLAY GAMES ARE INDEED FREE TO PLAY BUT EXPENSIVE TO ENJOY

      • ZhaoYun on February 17, 2013

        i see thanks for your feedback

        p.s i never spend money for games i am an actually a f2p player :P(aka never spent money for any games or in any games so far at least)

  19. Rad3k on February 7, 2013

    I have different problems, I have key to neverwinter but i still cant play because my code to beta test is still not activated. Its wast WTF? i have key but i still must waiting for his activation. Because now when i want play neverwinter so i cant download game client because button for download is hide. Anyone have same problem? Or can anyone help me?

    This is my information about keys to neverwinter:

    Redemption Date
    Jan 28 2013 03:09PM
    Key Redeemed
    PC Gamer (Pale Horse)
    Next Server Access

    • Adrian87 on February 7, 2013

      You have activated the key. CB1 starts on 8 Feb., you should be able to download the game then.
      Quoting PW:”If you have activated your Access Key, you will be notified when testing begins and will receive instructions for downloading and logging into the game.”

    • Bird is the Word on February 17, 2013

      hey buddy that’s not a problem. NEVERWINTER jerked us all into buying that PC GAMERS Magazine which gives a BETA-KEY code and a free mount. If you go to the NEVERWINTER Forums you can check beta-key access and availability to types of keys. For us who got it from the magazine there is no set date for us to get access in fact IF and when they let us play, it will mostlikely be pointless by then. I too got jerked buddy so hey relax and just enjoy these idiots who payed $60+ just to try it out for us and show us wether or not it’s even worth waiting for.

      • Allacore666 on February 24, 2013

        so….why did you not get the free trial of pc gamer magazine? I did and payed nothing and got the key all for free!

  20. R0ck3t on February 7, 2013

    Plz get some beta keys:)

  21. Darth Vader on February 7, 2013

    Looks interesting, its like the dark side of the force muo ha ha ha.

  22. Dkuang on February 7, 2013

    4th edition rule sets, lame already, but it is still DnD just hope it doesnt bomb like DnD online did. Considering the whole package they’re selling to get early access and into CB, its already looking pretty “meh” that and this was originally intended as a single player game but then they decided to turn it into an mmo. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see anything DnD succeed but like I mentioned above…that and so many hyped up games from past 4 years that just fell far from expectations.

    • Kess on February 8, 2013

      DDO didn’t bomb. From the sheer amount of people that always played for the long time I was on, to the others like me who paid the sub fee for VIP, I’d say it’s far from a bomb.

      • DKuang on February 8, 2013

        DDO did indeed bomb to a certain extent that and it failed expectations. Releasing with under 100,000 subscriptions and going back into beta and then changing into f2p was a flashing sign that it was changing tactics to keep the game afloat. It’s a f2p game, it’s always got a new sap or player trying it out at one time or another, so saying the game had a lot of players doesn’t say much about it.

        I mean, the game wasn’t open world and was purely instanced/lobbied. Something like Dragon’s Nest, had an entirely new continent, new race, and honestly the game didn’t play much like DnD at all half the time. Sure me and my guild goofed off on it for a few months after it went f2p, but wasn’t a great game. Lacked many features of what would make a AAA mmorpg stay strong.

        • DKuang on February 8, 2013

          Oh yeah, that and its Turbine…they’re not the best group in the pack for making great games.

          • Stonewall on February 8, 2013

            I guess you haven’t been around a long time then. Turbine was one of the first MMO companies and their first game, Asheron’s Call is still runing. Even though it has way outdated graphics no game has the in-game lore and player interaction (let alone montly updates) that AC does. They also made LoTRO which is a very good game.

    • i barf on everything on February 11, 2013

      what’s the difference what system it is when 3rd / 4th edition rule sets cater PERFECTLY to an MMO model? it’s no secret that 4th Edition was trying to pull in WOW gamers with a mechanics/rule set that mirrored an MMO quickbar of abilities. 4th Edition sucks as a table top RPG – it works fine for this.

      looks like a semi-solid game but will get buried in the dustbin of MMO wasteland. MMO’s are just a model of game that doesnt sustain and is too cluttered with copy cats and no radical ideas.

      the comment on here where someone says they get a “month” out of every fantasy game they play is hilarious since it takes years of development and thousands of hours to get into players hands for a few days, to a month of game time. the video game industry is such a luxury industry of flavor of the month garbage that its mind blowing.

  23. Eviil on February 7, 2013

    Man, those character faces are ugly.

  24. spyhard420 on February 7, 2013

    i cant wait to play this game

  25. Cyberpunk on February 7, 2013

    These developers need to slow way down with all these rpg games,there are WAY WAY to many

    • Eviil on February 7, 2013

      I want them all. besides, I have yet to play an RPG that has occupied me for more than a month.

      • Vyralas on February 24, 2013

        I have yet to play an RPG that isn’t a you-know-which-game clone doesn’t get boring after the first 3 hours… I have deleted way to many RPGs that I’ve downloaded the same day

    • witcher on February 8, 2013

      They just need to stop making the bad ones. That are a waste of energy/time downloading.

  26. Extasist on February 7, 2013

    now let’s guess when this game coming out in OB, 1year? ;D

  27. Rufinus on February 7, 2013

    looks good

  28. Deathisnear24 on February 7, 2013

    Can’t wait for this game to come out!