Offensive Combat is a humor filled 3d browser FPS. Players can customize their character with dozens of zany costumes and weapons. Choose from various weapons and teabag emotes to show your enemies who is the king at being Offensive!

To find more about Offensive Combat check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. yea i thought it was me only, its a browser game and yet i run it at 20 fps clearly i need a better laptop to RUN a browser based game XD and yet i can handle minecraft in 60 fps XD so yea i dont know whats wrong with my laptop

  2. Reasons I dont play after 1 month of playing:
    1) NO room selection, you simply are thrown into whatever game. This leads to massive problems including uncotrolled lag. I average 50 ping, and guys with 130+ hang out and ruin it. You cant touch them and sadly they have the advantage. This problem was so great that the GM in the forums opened a thread to collect reports with an attempt to fix it. LAst update…it was not addressed

    2) The gund are straight up dumb. The ARbiter, the noob gun, is the best gun. The Havoc is pure garbage and mostly used to cleanup the scraps, some one will have to be near death to kill em with havoc. Sniper rifle is typical, and some good snipers out there. But the prices are massive! you start with 3K gold, and earn a snails pace after each match. Most guns are 4,500K and parts and other guns 8,000K. I played 3 days to get up to first gun purchase, Havoc, and could not resell it when I found out it is crap. I would be playing months before saving up for another. But hey, the noob gun is great. However, if you reroll…you get 3K again right off the bat sooooo…no intiative to stay with my character… If they installed a sell back option like other FPS, that would have worked, hell even if it is just 500 gold. Anything to make up for the fail of guns.
    SECONDARY WEAPON PWNS: If your going to buy a gun, use the “pistol” secondary slot. They have a P-90 and other OP weapons that should be in the main weapon catagory. So much design fail.
    SKills are ok, nothing special. I usually just got faster movement as the other skills are a joke and help no one.

    3) The maps are not bad, but there is no love for snipers. THEY ALMOST had it! some good sniper posts, but they are easy to pick out and dominate forcing snipers to act as battle snipers, and at that point, trying to lock onto a lagging target (90% of this game) your gonna have a bad time.

    4) You can create special rooms. And start playing in them solo until people arive (and farm points alone LOL). But SINCE YOU CANT JOIN A LOBBY AND PICK A ROOM, people join, see that there is 2 min on the clock and you have been farming your own flag, and simply leave. It is worthless. So everyone just creates Free for all or Team Death match and a RARE capture the flag.

    5) The humor is fail. When loading it says things like “Pwning the cloud”…what? “Watching fail videos”? etc.. The have cock shot ever so often. LET ME EXPLAIN: I am proner. I go prone all the time on knee unelss moving. So I get balls level and shoot people point blank in the nuts… I NEVER GET COCK SHOT. The moment I stand up and shoot some one in the back of the head… I get cock shot… This games hit boxes are so fucked up. Apparently your balls are on the back of yourheads. I get this also shooting DOWN at peoples heads, where the probability of a crotch shot is not possible. I think they just throw it in there randomly to try to be funny. But your brain is usually sharper than that and you are just like “what?”

    All in all, there is a little fun to be had. I personally have more fun here than TF2. TF2 is just a zergy frag fest. This game you can flesh out a little and use a small portion of strategic play. Not bad for browser. But oh the problems. Once the lobby interface is installed and lagers are banned (the gm said they were looking into ways to block or boot lagers with a certain ping), and the guns properly priced balanced re arranged. I will go back sure.

  3. Well, as with most browser games, they don’t load for me! what gives? i get a black screen or the logo just sits there and never loads. i have everything up to date as well..


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