Ragnarok Online 2 is a 3D Anime MMORPG by Gravity co. The official sequel to the original 2D MMO, RO2 offers players the ability to play as 5 separate classes each with their own sub-class.The game features a crisp artstyle with interesting locations and well orchestrated music. Players are able to collect cards and titles to equip for additional stat bonuses.

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  1. I love how everyone pretends RO wasn’t awful. I still can’t believe the creator quit his manwha (which as actually pretty good) to focus on this boring cutesy sprite grindfest. If RO2 is just like it but in 3D, of course it’s going to suck.

  2. id suggest a first look power point plan…you are all over the place..you start explaining something and get distracted with something else……..its confusing trying to keep up,lol

  3. My friends had played RO2 in Korea server. Last year some of my friends told me [RO2 is shlt], [a boring copy of WOW]. I still can’t believe what they said until I watch this video. Now they still play RO1 in some Private servers. I play Raiderz, but I feel Raiderz need some upgrades.

  4. I completely lose my faith of RO after watching this video of RO2 firstlook.
    What’s the point to copy the stupid outdated WOW to make this RO2? Gravity lose RO’s soul and RO has failed to upgrade, or to rebuild a new kind.

  5. it will be availible at warpportal sometime this year. for thoughs of you that do not kow warpportal handles NA’s/international gravity games.

  6. I can’t seriously believe you guys are bashing this game -.- And mostly because its not an action MMO where instead of smashing 1, 2, 3, you smash the very same mouse button.
    The game its quite polished, the graphics are not heavy, clean UI… In fact! RO2 is a truly MMORPG, meaning, you actually build your character’s abilities the way you like it. Nothing like this “new trend” of action MMOs where there are very few options concerning skills and abilities and even classes.
    RO2 it is (and should be) different from RO1, some things went in, some went out. However, when looking at the art style, I can easily relate both games together. I can’t wait to be able to play it! RO2 has definitely what it gets to be my main MMO!

    And Spunkify… Aggressive mobs at level 6, really? I was even surprised there was one!
    Thanks for the video and keep up the good work!

  7. lime odyssey wont ever be out.. that game is even more dead than RO2 ever was.
    Moreso lime odyssey is built on same mechanics RO2 have, they were ex-RO2 developers.
    RO2 and lime odyssey both are games which are way long overdue on their release schedule, just games that are ok~~~but nothing much more than that due to so much of a delay to release.

    • Wrong.
      They got one of the biggest publishers in korea now. They had a public test session at the end of 2012 and are planning to go into open beta soon.

      They managed to add a lot of features and 4 times as many classes as before…they actually got a lot done.

  8. hello do u know when Ro2 come to europe ??? me and alots of friends are waiting for this game verry long time :S hope u will answer on this. please send me a msg on mail or something. and sry for bad english

  9. Wtf happened to the awesome graphics and gameplay of RO1? Why can’t they improve that and use that for RO2, with new stories and quests?

    I miss RO1. This should go to the 100 most terrible games of 2013 (Even though the year just started).

      • A sequel should bring improvements to the title, yet RO2 seems like a pretty bad attempt at getting some money out of the folks that feel nostalgic about the first one.

        I don’t mind dated graphics, I’m sure a lot of people don’t either… as long as those graphics are supported by innovative gameplay that can keep you hooked. RO2 has none of that. It’s a truly generic MMO with only a famous name to attract people to it and hopefully grab them by the nuts through nostalgia alone.
        Add that to a pretty bad publisher and you have a recipe for failure.

        Things might change for the best, sure.. but I’m not really holding my breath.

  10. not SEA bro, only four SEA country, Indonesia and the Philippines are IP blocked. after using us for their stress test and even purchasing RoKpoints the blocked us. Shit game with a shit publisher.

  11. Hmm…I think when you say “break immersion” you mean “breaks from the model”. After all, if you are gunning for true immersion, you’d have to actually get rid of the HP bars over the mobs/characters and get rid of the little circle of detection and add one that would be viable with the environment. Just picture coming straight toward a group of mean looking warriors through an open field and they ignoring you because you are 5.1m away instead of 5m. They CAN see you further than that.

    Probably it was just a starter area thing to avoid scaring people new to the genre away like most games do (you weren’t even level 10. Not sure on Ragnarok 2, but you could go up to 99 on Ragnarok Online).

    Thanks for the vid Spunkfy, gonna give it a try (seems I can take the manual patch to apply to the client I downloaded from “closed” beta).

      • I played it too. International alpha versions and thai version…loved it a lot…
        I also played RO2 …I tried it a few times. I liked the RO2 FIRST edition…but the current RO2 …sucks…its a very generic MMO where they even destroyed RO1s core features…its a shame.


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