Renegade: X is a TPS/FPS based on the Command and Conquer Universe and developed by Totem Arts. In Renegade: X players fight for either the G.D.I or NoD faction each with its own set of unique characters, weaponry and vehicles. Players must use these tools to protect and destroy the enemies main base structures which grants each side access to select weaponry and vehicles while also producing a harvester which collects Tiberium necessary for purchasing upgrades.

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    • i think u playin the game for the wrong reasons playin the game to see if the game is good and u like it not playin the game and right away comparing it to games like PS2 or BF therefore sayin its shit while it isnt does it have tiny maps?yes is it graphicly or at all a match for ps2 or BF?No is it still fun even though the maps are small?yes is the experience even better than ps2 or bf?here most would prob say no but i will go with yes.I just find it kinda silly to use comparing as a reason to say that the game is “meh” or bad its like comparing tera with dwo(which closed but still)

      • Wasn’t comparing it, I said that because Praise was comparing it to those games. If they made the maps about 5 times the size then it would play better because currently they are all more or less the same with 3-5 small choke points between bases. For what it is it’s ok, but I didn’t enjoy it.

        • oh ok i got it wrong then i apologize for that.but ye its all about the person one person will like it another one wont all good 😛

    • It’s fun cause you can get into battle fairly quickly, on ps2 is not that easy to get into a battle.
      Also, try to play the game competitive. Die alot of time, rage on them! Win, be happy!~ lol

      • well if u try to play it competitive sure u’ll rage if u die/lose a lot and smile/laught if u win but if u play for fun u dont care afterall whatever the reason is that u play a game i dyin,killing,losing.winnning is all part of the game so just roll with it 😛

  1. I have played it for some time now and I have to say I love it the maps seems a bit small at times but it’s a lot of fun and I cant wait for them to finish it

  2. Damn, Game looks nice a mix of Planet Side 2 and Battle Field, But i love the fact that “Its actually Free to play” None of that pay to win, as so far anyways 🙂 Hope it stays this way, and hope my 2006 Computer can Run it 😛


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