Repulse (previously titled Genesis A.D.) is a free sci-fi MMOFPS game that puts the player in the realm of elite super-soldiers.

To find more about Repulse check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. this guy in the video is a nob, im sad that they let him make videos cus he sucks at it, hes a complte nob, i mean come on it toon me on the firrst fue min to figger out the game, he wasnt playing repulse good at all. ps let me make a first look vid for repuse delete this nobs vid.

    • wow there are just to many ppl on MMoBomb that just cant spell and one of them is u ur the nob this guy has dont around 17 first looks for mmobomb so why start hating him the now ur just a fag that cant learn to spell and like they would pick u to do a FL you proberly sound like a 8 year old or more of the point u proberly are one

  2. You all must have took retard pills this morning. This is horrible. “Let’s put a box in the middle of a warehouse and call it a map”. Nice. Nothing but zerg the hall way tactics. SO why guve us scoped tactical rifles if the maps are nothing but boxes and stairs. I know it is beta, but the guns ability to shoot straight… no bullet physics, is kind of silly. And yes, the original game was x10 better with all the wall climbing jet packing, madness. That said, it wasn’t great, it was ok to mediocre. ZERG the hall way = fail. Try out War Rage right now. It has classes that can aid each other with engineers building walls, fixing tanks. Scouts with tactical gear, and support with med and ammo packs and anti tank mines. Good game. LEt Areia rot in it’s greedy failure trash bin

    • do SU the ppl here like the game now ur allowed to have your own say but to say go try another game ur just making a fool out of ur self and we took the retarded pill this morning m8 if u havent noticed the comments spand over 3 days so u must have took the dumb ass pill today and i dont know if u noticed there is aloways a small map for 1v1’s ect and the climbing jetpack got tooking out as to many players where complaining that either it was really difficult to kill them as many ppl keept spaming the jump pack mean the players where sniping etc while jumping about so troll another game casue u clearly have poor taste in F2P games i can imagine u have bad taste for retail games as well

  3. You can pick up weapons from different classes, the only thing that limits the weapon you pick up is SLOTS, a certain weapon requires a certain amount of slots to use. If you can’t pick up a weapon, it means you don’t have enough slots, and you need a better jetpack.

  4. Genesis A.D much better then Repulse grficks bitt better naw but thay change the wepons and change jump on jetpacks and it’s laggy naw :/ well + for grafics and – for laggy jumps and invy is glitchi on the sniper :/ sux probely get fixt soon


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