RIFT is a 3D MMORPG developed by Trion Worlds. Recently gone F2P, RIFT offers two factions with each faction having 3 unique races to choose from. Players can choose from one of four base classes which can then be further customized through the game’s soul system. RIFT Offers 40 souls (10 souls per class) to choose from, all of which can be combined in groups of three to create unique hybrid classes capable of filling multiple roles.

As players progress through the world of Telara they will encounter dynamic Rift events which spawn hordes of monsters and reward loot once destroyed. The MMO offers a variety of PvP and PvE endgame with multiple Warfront battlegrounds, open world raids and PvP, solo dungeons and 20 man epic raids.

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  1. calling WoW a sort of “anime” look to it is an insult to Anime, but i don’t mind WoW being called “cartoony” though cuz thats what it is, it just definitely does not have that “anime” look at all. Played Rift, its ok, the only thing i find impressive is the rifts since thats what the game is titled for. XD

  2. I’ve tried to like this game but it really isn’t that great. Once you play MMO’s with actual engaging combat, it’s hard to go back to one of these crappy combat MMO’s.

  3. SO many troll here , who care if rift dosent have the best graphic…The only thing that matter is the gameplay, no matter how good the graphic art is .
    I have tried a lot of mainstream mmo
    – Wow 4-5 year ,
    – Gw2 9 Month ,
    – Stwtor 6 Month ,
    – DoD online 3 Month ,
    – Neverwinter 2 Month ,
    – Vinvictus 2-3 Month
    – Raiderz
    – C9 1 Month
    – Dragon nest 2-3 Month

    In my opinion Rift is better than 3/4 of these game , only Wow and Gw2 can beat rift .

    *i have not tried aion or tera yet*

      • I partially agree. Only reason I’d take AION over Vindictus is the open world. Vindictus is quite a game but the dungeon system just gets on my nerves.

        And after you taste Vindictus combat…TERA, RaiderZ, C9, all of those new action MMOs, just seem so slow it takes away the fun.

    • I played all of that to its “endgame” and he most productive and difficult game that always keeps me on the edge is FFXI. This game beat all of those listed. Played WoW for an entire year and the rest I played for a minimum of 6 months. FFXI I played for 6 years before certain level caps were introduced. Best game ever. hopes to FF a realm reborn bringing that excitement back. so far, its alright.

  4. Nothing new about the starting areas tough, you could have done the video even before it went completely free to play.

  5. I want to like this game, I really do… I farmed hours on Raptr just to get these extra items but after playing 5 mins I always get so bored….

  6. So… You played Rift when you bought it, and played it for around… Maybe 2 months, then quit?

    Well, made it further then I did with my Sub (when the game released). I literally played it for 30 minutes, cancelled my sub, and stopped playing Rift ever since.

    Tried playing Rift again not too long ago when it went Free to Play, and pretty much the same thing happened. 30 Minutes, then uninstall.

    Honestly, just not a game I could see myself sticking too. It’s definitely not “Pretty” like Aion. Though the whole Soul/Rift system was interesting at the very least.


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