Robocraft is a vehicular shooter where players are in control of their crafts design. Using modular blocks, players can create a vast array of robotic crafts influenced by physics; and outfitted with different types of movement systems, armor and weapons. Taking damage breaks the robots down cube by cube, with major components being taken out before its inevitable end.

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  1. Pretty sure PFLOP is referring to peta floating-point operations per second, a measurement of how fast CPU’s do some math. Just fyi.

  2. The game is great.

    Sadly blocks getting more and more expensive with every tier. And with higher block costs come higher repair costs. You have more income per match on higher tiers, however most of it will be swallowed by repair costs.

    I’d say you can easily play up to T3 on a free account, maybe T4 if you are very patient. But after that you have to pay in order to progress.

    • stop spewing nonsense just cause you are not good at the game. I am on tier 6 as a free player and have no problems making money. If you are good and survive the win you get 10k+ so don’t be telling people it’s pay2win when it’s not.

      • Until 2 weeks after launch, when all the pay 2 win people join and it becomes impossible for a free player to get any kills =)

        Your welcome for the information

      • Since death-match is the primary game mode it’s less than 50% of the players that survive.

        And of course “survival by any means necessary” requires you to abandon your team mates every once in a while. Which surely will not contribute for a good community…

  3. This game’s the “bomb”. No pun attended. But really this game has some sick gameplay and a friendly community!

    Gameplay 9/10 – You can build whatever you want and battle in epic planet maps!

    Community 8/10 – Friendly people always allowing newbies in. However some sour players.

    Graphics 7/10 – This game isn’t graphic demanding, so it runs silk smooth on any PC.

    All n’ all i give it a 8.5/10. Try it out if you want some awesome robot fighting goodness!


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