Scarlet Blade is a mature sci-fi themed MMORPG published by Aeria Games. Beyond the obvious mature graphics, Scarlet Blade offers a lush world filled unique looking monsters. Players can choose from 6 classes that actually offer quite a variety of gameplay styles. Players can unlock pets and a special mech suit which is specific to each particular class. As players level they can participate in various dungeons as well as large scale PvP battles that range in size up to 80 vs. 80.

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  1. I really froze when I played the game and understood that aeria made a good game at last! Well I will play scarlet blade 😀

  2. Hmm~it makes sense! These are defects for a large group of games. Yet as a hard-core player, I dare say no other game could surpass Age of Wushu regarding dynamic graphics and fighting moves!

  3. i just hope that western games start developing games that are more optimised and dont hog on hardware. take age of wushu for instance, a stunning game that can even run on a basic rig.

  4. Ah! aeria games the most boring games that i have ever played; i really expected more from aeria not to give us something more boring and wait a minute nudity? Are you kidding me aeria right?

  5. This game is going to appeal to a certain demographic. This game is the same as all the generic anime/chibi Korean MMOs that rehash the same ideas, same mechanics, same everything just add tiny bodied big headed characters into it and for the furries, anthropomorphic chibi characters. It’s pointless to single out the artstyle of this game as people generally choose what they find visually stimulating.

    Aside from that I too agree this game is nothing new to MMORPGS except the setting of the game.

  6. Alright here where it stands, either you are or aren’t okay with this game the rest are opinions that don’t really matter. All the nudity and violence aside what do we have left in the game? The same mechanics present in all other games. Highly repetitive gameplay such as in all mmorpgs. Having played the game the nudity aspect only really is prevalent for about 5-10 minutes after which you don’t give a shit.

    • If you’re above the age of 10, the nudity will bother you for quite a long time. I agree with you though. Same gameplay. Same mechanics. Nothing new. Typical Aeria.

  7. I really dont see anything good coming form this game other then troll fest in flame wars if someone onest about their opinion of the game their critizies wither if they like it or not if someone likes it they automaticly get acused as some perverted basment fapper by trolls if they dont like it (like spunkify) they get acused of not giving the game a fair chance..I call bs big time on both sides of the story its a danm shame ,I personal dont play this but still smh..

  8. ATENTION!! bad english skills!!

    now i am 24 lwl and i see

    6 diferent classes
    classes can make different builds
    beautiful creatures,environment.
    good pvp system
    nice skill graphics

    to short quests, to hard to follow the story
    Mechs sucks (to sort cooldown or cp regeneration) in pvp events u see only mechs.
    low variety of items. of course item enchenment system is deep.
    to much stats. its hard to understand at start
    i dont know yet but it seems like its no end game activity.

  9. Scarlet Blade is an interesting game its fun it haves action and everything what a good game needs but there is one problem characters are gender locked and it haves no male character at all it would be awesome if they add male character in game

    • Excerpt from the story posted on their website

      “Early testing showed that female subjects respond better to our process than males. Subtle genetic and neurological differences make them ideal for our planned modifications, as well as more receptive to Genesis Corp implants. To hedge our bets against a greater range of potential threats, we created six distinct archetypes. Each was designed to master a different weapon, and paired with a powerful battle Mech to complement their skills.”

      This is why all the arkana are females. And they are all basically genetically enhanced clones, being commanded remotely by their commanders.

  10. People will play this game for the same reason why Otakus and young females player overly cute Chibi games, I wasn’t too bothered by this review it’s targeted to a specific audience, what’s wrong with that? Some of you people have some pretty astonishing double standards.

    Generic or not people who are looking for this type of game will play, and I can see it having an audience, will I play it? No, but I’m just voicing my thoughts.

  11. Nothing really “unique” about this mmo, besides the fact that all characters are female…thats all it has going for it. Using almost naked girls to sell a game is pretty low in my i don’t mind it but come on now.

    I give this game a year or 2 before aeria takes it down.

  12. Off topic but it has to be said: Heroes and Generals!
    So I just posted a TRUE and FACT based review with notes for all to consider. For example, when you make a game you have to consider the geography wher eyou are building and setting up Servers. So, we all know we open an english game to Polish and Russian and German player. OBVIOUS due to chat in game. And if you play other games, you know whats up.

    So I said: “Most hackers come from Russia and poland where hacking laws are allot lenient, look at what happened to Army Rage” true story. This is what the stupid Forum mod said here:
    You need to read the forum rules and follow them.

    discussions about hacking is not allowed.

    And nationalistic/racist comments about specific countries/ethnic groups is not acceptable.

    Topics must be constructive, you are not.

    You topic “GAME KILLERS” have bin removed for all 3 resons.

    This is pretty obvious in SEVERAL FPS I have played, none of them have been this dumb and liars though. They usually ignore comments like this and let haks take over. This is so going on other mmorpg FPS sites now

  13. Even though graphics and combat is nice and well done, it is to skanky and IMO should be sold to another developer that host such degrading games.

  14. Played this is closed beta last week and its nothing new. Absolutely cookie cutter tab target asian style mmo. THe graphics really arent that great, its only a 2gb download after all.

    It also must be stated in my opinion but every time i hear spunkify give the opening intro to his first looks I keep thinking of Omer from MMO Its word for word the EXACT same intro when spunk worked for mmohut last year. C’mon man, come up with your own intro.

      • I get that you’re a very ignorant person. They are NOT the same person. If you say they sound the same then you are proven to be a moron. Yes they have a similar style to review, but their voices do NOT sound the same. Omer is actually more higher pitched than Spunkify here if you compare their videos. <—OH LOOK YOU'RE PROVEN WRONG

        Lesson to be had, just because they sound alike doesn't make them the same, that's like saying Lapitor is Vegeta from DBZ because of his awesome impression of that character.

  15. wow so many haters! the taboo of this game is really setting some ppl off i see.

    first off most of the ppl posting in here havent made it past lvl 10, your comments prove that. and since it takes about 30mins to get that far, you havent played a whole lot.

    i too thought this game would be a mere marketing scheme, but my gf wanted me to test it out cuz the game caught her eye. i was pleasantly surprised.

    is the game doing something mind blowing? No. is the game any worse than alot of popular games? No, in fact i think its better than some MMOs who have been out a long time. the movements and controls are rather smooth. the 80v80 pvp battles do not lag for me on either of my pc’s. the mech/cybersuit aspect to pvp is unique, and if used well can make a huge difference. the questing system is set up in such a way where it encourages you to take part in the pvp or you will require some grinding to lvl later on. Or you could run an instance and make up for the difference, but they require tickets to enter so id recommend the first two options.

    the down side is, like alot of mmos the content isnt very vast. at least not yet. this is beta and perhaps more features will be introduced post launch. i cant say ive had issues with exp while being in a grp like some have posted, ive run solo and in parties and its the same as far as i can tell except parties make it faster.

    as far as the Mature theme goes, other than the puzzle pics u unlock for skill points there is no requirement to see nudity. those aspects must be sought out to view. in fact i havent come across any outside of the pics. and once unlocked u dont need to view them again. they outfits are quite revealing, but that isnt a new thing to mmos so im not sure why there is all this hate on the subject. obviously they added some nudity to draw ppl in who may be looking for it, but again it isnt shoved in your face in an unavoidable type of way.

    the funny part is, i know more rl females who are interested in this game than males. my gf and several of her friends have picked it up. they find the quest story amusing and enjoy the comparing of outifits. initially my gf wanted me to play with her but since her friends started i have been relieved of having to deal with the discussion of shoes etc. i do find their conversations on Mumble quite hilarious tho.

    all in all this game is on par with any other fantasy f2p mmo for the most part. its no LoTRO but it isnt a bad game. if the mature theme really puts u off then just avoid this game, if u play zoomed out like i do 99% of the time, then it really wont have much impact on your gaming experience.

    • “first off most of the ppl posting in here havent made it past lvl 10, your comments prove that. and since it takes about 30mins to get that far, you havent played a whole lot.”

      Many, like myself, who don’t like it won’t even touch it. Contrary to what your girlfriend thinks, this is a marketing cop out. The target market is obviously younger males. Those who look past the mature content is sadly in the minority.

      On a humorous side note, it’s kind of funny and ironic that RL females would like the idea of playing a commander that controls scantally clad female super soldiers. Oh story of my life.

      • your starting to troll jest fyi umm yaa the game has alot of girls playing in includeing me the story even accoutns for female commanders in some parts ess you wouldnt know that with out lvling tho huu or even trying the game its call “dont judge a book bye its cover” for the girls out their who like playing the sexy character that kicks ass this game is alot off fun even the story is nice and i have more female friends that play this then males(or atleast the ones that amit it ;p) if you havnt tryed it why are you posting bad about it that even closer to trolling jest saying dont hate on something you have not tryed.(trying mean get to lvl 10)

  16. hm, I see tons of hypocrisy in comments
    nudity in games – such a taboo but violence is perfectly OK..

    about review – nice job Spunky, u did it with sense of humor.

    • It’s not the nudity in games, it’s the objectifying of women, in an almost literal sense that pisses people off. What most are saying is that the nudity is a blanket for the fact that it’s another cookie cutter MMO

      • And yet if you actually read the dialogue, particularly that of your Arkana when she talks to you, the characters are more human than most game stories.

        The character you see on screen isn’t your avatar. You literally play as you, a commander with a symbiotic relationship with what was supposed to be nothing more than a weapon realizing just how human she really is.

        There are npc’s in the game who truly do objectify these women, thinking of them really as nothing more than machines. It’s basically the same story as the re-visioned BSG, except the Arkana didn’t wipe most of humanity out first. They were created to defend it.

        Yes the game is very much aware of the sexuality contained within even with the actual mature and dark story tones. Often times it does poke fun at our own insecurities when dealing with sex. Unlike most games(such as the DOA series), the sexual tones aren’t just thrown in there to do a quick market grab, but are a part of the fabric of the world. It certainly isn’t going around screaming “OMG BOOBIES PLAY US NOWZ!” and then just forgetting about it as soon as you start then go about the standard mmo gameplay fare.

  17. I have to say the amount of misinformation in this first look is almost matches the level of disgust the reviewer appears to have about the game itself.
    Calling target audience in an M-rated game is the 12-14 year olds? No comment really.
    Calling the questing system flawed because he partied to quest? Anyone that plays Korean games would know that leads to less exp and dead zones without a filler source of exp like exp boosts or just good old grinding.
    This is the first, first look I couldn’t finish because the amount of misleading information given because of personal taste.

    It is fine to not like something but don’t review and and misinform others.

    • Agreed Yeah lot of misleading in this review. I didn’t finish either. I am about 10 hours in and if you follow a lot of the dialogue in the beginning it tells you lots of the stuff he missed. Plus I rarely run out of quests to do. Idk just seemed like it was thrown together not really given the game a chance. It’s actually all in all not a bad game just usually I watch these cause they are pretty informative.

    • So what if a person enjoys partying while questing? Why should he be punished for playing in a style very common given the fact this game is an MMO and not a single player experience. The criticism is fair. You are required to do every quest (so far I have seen) in order to continue progressing at a steady predictable pace. I prefer having a large variety of quests that I can pick and choose from in order to level.

      Like it or not the quest system IS flawed.

      • Spunkify, there is flawed and then there is “Style I don’t like.” The questing system works as it is intended to and works perfectly fine. It just goes against your particular groups style. It isn’t flawed, you simply don’t like it. It’s like saying a metal band is flawed because there rifts aren’t as long as you like. I love you guys and I love Mmobomb as a whole, but really. You guys have openly hated on this game since it was brought up and pretty much insulted anyone who’d enjoy this game since. I think it’s time to let the dead horse rest now :3.

        • Let me rephrase that and say its a “poor design choice”. Part of that stems from having to rely on so many kill quests (and thus the XP from both the quests and the kills). I have no problems with their being a decrease in mob xp due to partying. It prevents groups from just AOEing packs of mobs down for quick XP. The issue is that you really aren’t given enough quests to make up for when you do decide to party.

          Having played to lvl 18ish in SB I can tell you there were quite a few people complaining about this who enjoyed the game overall. You are right though, those who are lone wolves and who don’t care how overly repetitive the quests are will have no issues leveling. The game is just not tailored very well to people who enjoy group leveling.

          • This I can accept and understand :). I do get what you’re trying to say now, as someone who now has 2 level 29s ^^

          • Sadly there is no edit button, but if I may give some advice to you or anyone else who is having trouble leveling: Que for the PVP. You get a good amount of EXP per kill, grab a group within the PVP to leech off there EXP and, although I can’t speak for losing if you win you get a quest or two worth of EXP along side what you got for the killings, so you’ll generally come out two or three quest worth of EXP ahead.

            Getting a group and doing the dungeons is also advisable to play EXP catch up (solo or group version) as the cards to enter the dungeon come very easy at the start of the game due to quest and mobs will drop them from time to time. Doing the above will not only make leveling smoother and faster it’ll make it funner as it breaks up the monotony of the normal kill x amount y. Just thought I’d give some advice, I’m pretty sure you’ll find the leveling experience much faster and enjoyable 🙂

      • AGREED i dont like the first look srry i love you spunkify but the first look was way to harsh on the game you made some error i would also like to point out this is a beta whipe this is being worked on i know 2 admin i mean know their facebook friends even did some party run’s with them in game this is a problem being tweeked even now you see if you solo it right now you will gain a lvl a little ahead of time but if you party you gain lvl a little late their haveing to boost the exp from monsters given to partys this is new and not done in queens blade so it wont be out tell late obt that this will be added that was the ;as eta on it they have been tweaking the game alot so this frist look will also be little out of date witch makes me wounder will you look at it again after luanch with all the comments about it (besides the give away this has had alot of disscusion on mmobomb).

  18. I dont see the hype r surprise these comments share.
    “big boobs” uhhh. Vindictus, aion, tera, hell even dark blood that 2d fighter that got shut down had bewbs.

    Aeria typical garbage. Just copy and paste robo skins over boars and typical 1995 mmorpg. No thanks.

  19. OK, lets start making bets on how long it will last before being smashed by horrible reviews and falling into the abyss of horrible games that failed.

  20. Spunk, you forgot something really important and interesting about this game, the reason behind the female warriors… you are a commander “controlling” her and the girl will actually talk to you many times about the “mature” content, the game not only makes a joke about that, the game question itself about it, and also it does have a relation between the character and the player, they do evolve in this aspect, they do talk about it, the girl is really upset about you and brings this subject a lot, which is kinda cool

    not an amazing game, but the character talking about being a sort of “object” for a pervert commander does make you want to progress a bit more in the game

    • the story alone if funny and if you rilly go throw the entire picture puzzles you find more commidey then fanseirves not to say theirs not plenty off it. this is jest the theme of the game if you cant get around that migth not be for you 😛

  21. Cant imagine that ppl gonna play and enjoy this just because of some bouncing polygon boobs. If i wanna see a naked chick ill go outside and look for a girl or watch a porn. actually, its way better beacuse i dont have to walk thru this BORING game to unlock so bad pictures. No,thats kinda sick if u ask me. lol This is for sure a game just for kids that think they are cool playing some some lifeless looking girls. Look at how they walk. just lol.
    nope sry. Thats the wrong way.

    • Then you’ve obviously never logged into 3d social games like IMVU and Second Life. There are many who’d flock to this stuff. You know the saying “Sex sells” well here you go..

      • Your right,i never played that 2 games u named.i wanna play a real game and not a social game where i do things like sit down and thats

        • More power to you! Just saying that if you were to log into it, you’d see just how many flock to pixelated sexual content.

          • Im sure your right. I download this playstation home on the ps3 because i was courios about it. I didnt know wtf that is so i downloaded it. Just a few secs after i joined in, i realized that this is just a social “game”. i moved around and ended up in a bowling center/bar. Played a few rounds bevor a girl (atleast that char was supposed to be a girl) asked me for cybersex. Not only that, “she” did change her clothes for me to make it more enjoyable if you understand…well, that was the point when i left and uninstalled that piece of ****. I dont know, maybe its just me (and you) but i dont need sexual content in games. It doesnt add anything to the game. The weird think is that i almost end up playing femal chars in game. I dont know. I need to go to bed now, so tired.

  22. this game is 200% fanservice. pictures you unlock as you level up just showing naked girls prooves that all they want you to do is play for boobies.

    the reason they made it point click instead of action is so you can have a hand free while you play… for obvious reasons. in the main city of the level 30 area the one that has the see through floor and is way above the water on a platform… there is a beach you can drop down to if you jump in the water and there is sunbathing ladies down there with no tops uncensored and they even have tramp stamps.

    I did the alpha test for this game and I can say its a pass. nothing special nothing to keep your interest its just like sex, you all excited at naked bodies at first but if you have to keep going it becomes work and feels like your getting nagged.

    Story is lame, characters have no personality and lame puns, little customization if any, linear quest with no exploration, and finally the pvp is too bland

    i give it a 2 out of 5. 1 point for the draw of naked ladies and 1 point for having content that isn’t all party oriented.

  23. Is there any Male Charters in this game And i Don’t Like playing as females not a sexist but i just think the females look like models not warriors

  24. It shouldn’t matter that I’m a female, though I’ll put that out of the way, because I’m having fun with this game and for some reason I feel like I’m “betraying my gender” for liking it. haha. Stupid logic, though.

    When I first saw this game I felt uncomfortable, thought the game would be a cheap joke that would only last two years at most. (who knows, maybe it will) but I kept watching videos the prove my own point and ended up being interested in the combat style. Yeah, so it follows the standard of the average mmo, but it was still a lot more fast paced than most. When I actually downloaded the game, it was quite easy to look past the porn-y aspect of it. The innuendos are kind of hilariously lame and the some of the classes armors get rather tame as you play. But I still refuse to have a Sentinel, that’s one problem that still makes me uncomfortable.

    I just see this game as nothing to take seriously. It’s stupid, but fun. I understand the shit it gets and the many reasons people hate it, but I for one like it. Probably the only game from Aeria that’s kept my interest for more than a couple of days/

    • i agree with you but your not “betraying” your gender lol allot of guys don’t know that this filled a small notch in the female market place to, that makes 20% or so of the population girls (not many games can say that) the combat might be average but the animations for it are great the skill look nice and that’s rilly all they need to be, even if i am pressing 1234567 skill’s i have to think and time what skill i need to use. so their is some thinking not mindless pressing. i like the no grinding and easy leveling i don’t mind that it only takes 7 to 8 hours to get to lvl 29, because then i can use the rest of my time to talk and have fun with people and friend.personally, if the game lost the boobs more likely wouldn’t sand out but it would still be a good to honest mmorpg all they did is add hot female only characters that can be a bad or good thing about the game but rilly theirs no reason for any one to rilly bash it tera is very close if not the same with alot of its clothes and alot of games have that “one sexy character” this game jest gives you 6 to pick from 😛 any how i agree with kung and, with the female only characters and fairly good character creation (but not the best) it fill even a small notch in the female market alone, if not jest to go on their and laugh at the so called hf syl

  25. a game that has a main focus of questing finally! hellz yeha no more nooby monster grinding to lvl. if you want to level you actuly have to quest.. nice work aeria

  26. After the tight bodies wore off, I saw nothing more in this game other than the constant KSing of my mobs and incessant arguing in world chat.

  27. all they have in the game are naked females to draw in the nerds and the game fails everywhere else

    get back to good gameplay not adding bigger tits and the ability to make them nude when you create them crazy asians

  28. Sheesh not even 10 seconds into the video and I’m already put off by the game. It looks cool, but the subject matter is just… ehhhh…… I can understand sexy ladies in games, but this just feels over done to the point that it’s Juvenile. But I suppose that’s to be expected seeing that even Spunkify said that the general target is mainly the horny male.

    To make matters worse, it’s a generic MMO gameplay wise, which tells me that they are literally trying to sell the game because of it’s hyper-sexualized nature instead of making a game that’s enjoyable in the long run. Yeah it has a couple gimmicks with the mechs, but that’s all it is to me, mere gimmicks that lose their novelty fairly quick.

    I’d personally feel shame if I had to play this game, Maybe it’s just me, but I have better respect for women than this. I think I’ll go get my 44 1/2 ft pole to push this one into the DO NOT PLAY hole, because I feel like I’d have to get tested if I touch this one.

    • If you get past the asthetics of this game (boobs) Then youll get into this Sci-fi , Post apocalyptic world, that is beautiful. The game play is solid, and way better then alot of other F2P mmo’s out there. Its a unique setting , not fantasy for a change, and its actually a game I plan to stick with. ( I hate alot of f2p mmo’s from korea) You really need to give it a fair shot and try to not pay attention to the mature content, and youll see the beauty of this game.

      • I’ll grant you, the sci fi setting is a nice change from the typical fantasy themed MMO. The only problem is, that and the mech suits are just gimmicks to me. If I were to play this, I’d probably feel excited about the first time i use it, then maybe 2 or 3 more uses later and that novelty will wear off.

        Outside of that, I’m afraid I still see a fairly generic MMO with boobs plastered everywhere. Good on ya if you want to play it, I just don’t feel comfortable around this one. Not to mention I prefer playing to my own gender and sad to say, but this is a gender locked game and I hate that with a passion.

        There’s nothing beautiful about this title in my opinion. Where most would see sexy ladies and whatever, I see objectifying and alienating women. Hate to be the stick in the mud about it, but it’s just how I feel about such things.

        • I have high respect for women, but I’m still enjoying the game. I wouldn’t say they’re alienating women. The characters are powerful females going out and killing big bad monsters to save their world, they just happen to be wearing not too many clothes at times. They gave Lara Croft seemly large breasts but she’s still viewed as a strong strong female character.

          I think if the gameplay was much different than it currently is then people would probably have a totally different view on the game. but unfortunately its much like many other games out so naturally its gonna be alot easier to write off just because of one feature.

          • Well, that all depends on your definition of a strong female character, or a strong character in general. As I see it, they’re powerful but in a literal sense. If you want to get deep into it, they technically have no character what so ever aside from what you as the player make of it, which really doesn’t matter to onlookers. Come to think of it, Looking back at Lara Croft before the last Tomb Raider reminds me of how bland of a character she is actually. At least in the latest she’s more realistic and relatable as a human being and the story really sells you into believing that her struggles will make her into the icon we know her as today. Hell Dante from the DMC reboot is actually more likable a character than the original simply because he is more fleshed out as a character.

            But I digress, as far as game play goes, maybe if it had more than just gimmicks, I would consider it, but as it stands I just see a bad case of sex sells marketing cop out syndrome. Make a cookie cutter game, slap some tits on it and watch the younger audience flock and worship the game. It’s just weak in my honest opinion.

    • you rilly have no comment here becuase you have not played the game you cant judge it if you have yet to try it the story and the gamplay is fun and know what i kinda like playing and thinking of my self as the arkana jest becuase she is “sexy killing mechine” but its even better that in the story she relizes that she is jest as human as her commander is. then their are the funny npc and alot of one liners make the game funny and easly enjoyable. and you will find that all and all atleast in cbt their arnt that many kids fact is most kids will jest type “porn” in google so yes this is a mutch more mature community and yes you eathe rlike it or not but still try it never know if you will like it

  29. The reason why you are running short on exp from questing is because you are partying. The quest are designed with the mindset of you soloing everything, and taking all the experience from the monsters you kill. If you party up and go questing, you don’t get a experience boost or something similar to it, instead, it essentially cuts your exp in half. This was the case during closed alpha and some of us were hoping it would been fixed by now.

    There has been some instance of players claiming they never party and are missing exp, usually around level 19 to 21. This is probably the result of ksing or two people attempting to kill the same monster. I could be wrong on this, for all i know, some of the missing experience is done on purpose so you actually grind, but I had two characters to test this. One was always partying, and I always ran short on exp to get the next level. The other was pure solo, and I never ran out of quest/exp for the next level.

    • I was going to say the same thing. Not only that but, you can’t get Exp from killing mobs at all that I know of. I tried.

      • you do but only after lvl 10.
        The game is incredibly linear and you’re basically doing the same thing over and over and over…. and over.


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