Seven Souls Online (Martial Empires) allows players to unleash their inner demon in a fantasy world which combines the ancient East and West, fused with elements of science-fiction.

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  1. You know this game looks fine, and i really like the character creation, but WTF were they thinking about when they made it gender locked???!!! grr!

  2. wow, the game doesn’t look like that..but’s already mentioned.
    and they’re right at lvl 20- there’s really nothing to do aside from the quests but the exciting parts are at 20+

    hoping for a more justified video mr. Magic!
    this would really give a wrong impression.

  3. I played Martial empires a while back, it really bored me, but I got to level 20 or something because there was no other games to play at the time. Basically it was all like, go here kill these monsters, go back get some armor or weapon, then go here click on some ores, then go back get some gold, then…….. You get the point, graphically it was quite nice, and I was a big fan of their sliders, but its just torture for me. LOL 😛

  4. martial empires has been around for a pretty long time and the graphics that you left them at its just stupid to be honest….. one of the biggest things that people look in when they are chosing an mmo is the graphics and this game looks so much better that what you are showing no offence to you magicman but if you gonna do a first look at least show what the game will look like with the gfx maxed not to the lowest detail either than that thanks for the first look and if any one wants to see what the game really looks like with maxed gfx check out martial empires HD on youtube

    • Ho offense taken but we weren’t able to change many settings in the first day or two of the beta. Checking any of the boxes usually resulted in a white box or a crash to desktop.

  5. Sorry I missed you lol. But I have a different time zone to you guys so I think it would probably have been past midnight when you whispered me and so I was sleeping lol. Thats the bad thing about being in UK playing NA games you miss out on most of the fun 😉

  6. Guys, this is a OFF-Topic of mine, just want to say that L.A.W Closed Beta is about to begin!Just received a mail telling that i can get a key anytime soon!Just to advertise, you know 😀
    Anyway, nice first look, but i really dont want to play this game, you know, too much “typical”,that is, sadly, the present of every MMORPG today…

  7. Nice first look, but next time perhaps fiddle a bit with Graphic settings.
    Default that you used here just isn’t what game can look like (you can make it look 10x better) and gives wrong impressions…

  8. Hey magicman good job with the first look. I totally agree with you as the begining lvls are really back and forth kill 10 mobs etc etc. But as this is the closed beta they havent yet added the Battle Grounds which start at lvl 10. Lvl 10-19, 20-29 and 30-39 players fight against each other in quite a variety of battle grounds with different objectives. The real fun starts at lvl 20+ where you start doing big mean bosses and at lvl 23 you get your first dungeon which is really cool. Alot more stuff comes after lvl 20 and to be fair getting to lvl 20 doesnt take much time took me 3 days to get there. So if you really wanna have fun then you have to try that extra bit harder and suffer the boring begining quests but for me its worth it at the end :).


    • Sage!
      Thanks for th info! I did try to whisper you in game but you weren’t on the two nights I was recording this!

  9. I must agree on you magicman that this is just more of the same and I must add that you can get better, atleast in the graffikly. First: I hate jenderlock, I always ask myself why a women can’t walk around with an giant axe or a man with a pixie staff 😛 ,and there is to mutch blood when you kill a monster (animal), I don’t like the messy stuff in online games if I am totally honest.

    Till next time, ltr. /wave\


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