Sevencore is a new free to play MMORPG developed by NORIA which combines fantasy and sci-fi elements with a unique mount and combat system.

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  1. Why is it ALWAYS like that….why when they creat a beast-type or mythical creature-type Race they always make the Male some boulder size fatty muscle thingy and women so small and skinny. like how the hell would the females find the males attractive…its so gross. the males look like giant rapist

  2. Why is it that every single MMORPG games are compared to WOW? Korea had MMORPG games 10+ years before WOW was even announced. 🙁

  3. I gave up a few minutes into the game…It made me kill a LOT of those bugs creature in the starting area just to get 5 quest item drops.

  4. After reaching lvl44(gunner – launcher) on the TEC version of this game i decided to give up. Why?
    Well it has nice graphics, the gameplay is smooth (i like that you have to move while in combat – gives it a more dynamic feel, not just pressing 1-2-3 like in some other mmos), the music is nice, the mount system is interesting (altrough its effing hard to get a flying one – % chance to drop from a phoenix boss).
    Now for the cons… Well the worst thing is its a HEAVY grind after lv40 (even before). Lemme explain: You finish all the quests for your level and voila… you have 7% of total exp… And nothing else to do but to take repeatable quests and grind the monsters (preferably in parties) for the drops so you can level up. And repeat… Who the hell has time to grind for 5 hours just to level up?! And note that its just level 40ies… The max is 93 (200 when the game officialy launches)

  5. I played it for two hours and hated it. I won’t even begin talking about what i hate about it since it’s the same things i hate about 99% of mmos out there and it will only upset my stomach.

    Not one of its developers cares about this game, it’s apparent in every single aspect of it. I uninstalled ASAP.

    Although the music was top notch.

  6. I played OB in French. French and German are in OB already. Any ways, it sucked seven fold LOL Although graphics are ok, you never appreciate a close up as you will be zoomed out mostly. Graphics in Forsaken world still better than this. Any ways. IT holds your hand hardcore. There are slider bars to auto potion. NO, auto hamburger and soda. There are no potions but hamburgers and potions. Sounds dumb? It is dumb. Then there is an animated voice telling you how to play. Although no auto path, the map is straight up A to B? Not to open, but you can hop up some mountain sides. Maps felt like Prius online map design if you ever played. You die fast early on, hence the auto HP and MP cast features. But combat is not necessarily evolved. Same point and click and a bit clunky. So although you health drains fast in battle, the battle is not fast. It is normal. So “fast action battle” is just, you die faster on lvl 3 mobs so auto spam that hamburger…
    City was small and uninspiring. Grouping features and menus piss poor. Environment of city bad graphics. Better city design in Runes of Magic. TYPICAL A-B-C MMORPG. I Uninstalled after mid level. Not enough here to distract me from AION or Forsaken World.

  7. again this is another fail game because its ran by Gpotato the 2nd worst gaming company ever. I had closed beta access but was never able to get into it because they have a broken launcher and they knew about it and didn’t care those that got into the CB did it by downloading the updates from personal websites which no one would share because they was afraid of the bandwidth nightmare from all the people downloading since the launcher never works. they dont’ plan on ever fixing the launcher not even for open beta so this game will be dead in 3 weeks after it opens.

    don’t bother with this game its a huge waste of time doing a 3 hour download just so you get a broken launcher and can’t play. I sent them 9 customer support messages about it and they responded “did you turn on your computer? who about try disabling your firewall? did you run it as the admin?” I told them I already added everything to the acception and tried running all the versions of the launcher as network admin and it always did the same thing… their response… “did you try disabling your firewall or running it as admin?” that’s right they asked me the same thing after i responded that I did they know it doesn’t’ work and don’t care… keep away from all Gpotato games they close them all down after 3 months of being out because NO ONE FIXES THEM and they lose players.

    • dude what the hell are you talking about “because they have a broken launcher and they knew about it and didn’t care those that got into the CB did it by downloading the updates from personal websites which no one would share because they was afraid of the bandwidth nightmare from all the people downloading since the launcher never works.” thats such a load of bull i got into CB by the website the launcher worked fine nothing wrong with it, went tried the asian OB same thing launcher was fine and game was fine…just cause you got a bad experince with the game/company doesn’t mean you gotta diss them…grow up or shut the f** up

  8. one thing that bothers me tho is the graphics.. and the slow paced combat? and the questing… hope they’ll implement some auto pathing.. since its really useful.

    • I prefer games not to have auto pathing, as it takes the exploring part out of the game. And just makes it a “Auto path to here. Kill stuff. Autopath back” bore-fest.

      The graphics need an update, or at the very least texture updates. They feel incomplete. :/


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