Soul Captor is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG. One of the game’s core gameplay mechanics is a Soul System that allows players to capture fallen enemies in the Soulpedia and can use them as mounts.

To find more about Soul Captor check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. after playing cb i think this is a winner. leveling up fast only gets a high lv toon with low power. ob and pvp will be surprising for alot of ppl. if it is not a pay to win game it will definetly become ledgendary.

  2. Like to say I really enjoyed this video.

    From the Video and how thing’s were explained. I would like to try this game out, I for one am not a Pokemon person. But, a huge completionest and like to do achievements and that sorta thing. Also, do not like cartoony looking stuff but, this doesn’t seem as bad as some other’s i’ve seen. Plus, i’m alway’s looking for new thing’s to get into now, as I am getting bored of everything else i’ve tried.

    If anyone has a game I might be interested in please hit me up, would like to know if i’m missing out on something. Mainly MMORPGs, not big on shooter’s or MOBAs, suck at ’em lol.

  3. Maybe this game is worth the shot, but it probably gona be like with Spirit Tales and Eden Eternal when grind starts game ends.

  4. game is divina 2.0. a game that is worth a try is the knightage that will launch in 2 days, I’ve just tested it in the taiwan version, and I can tell you, the game is very good.

    to begin with you can cast any spell/attack being on your mount! wich means you can heal, shoot arrows, meteors everything!
    other interesting thing that I noticed so far, the dungeons are very well polished, first dungeon you have to walk throught rocks droppping and you have to go to certain spots or you die. The boss has 22k hp (when you have only 500-700), once he gets to 3k hp he start spawning orbs everywhere, and if he run into those orbs he start healing, I couldnt solo the dg once he got to 3k hp and started walking into orbs he got back to 22k. You have to kill the orbs before he walk into them but hteres alot soooooooooooooo.

    excited with the game, cant wait! two more days!

  5. I think I will give this a Try ….. and yes I do like the pokemon games …. they are fun little time killers.

      • the interesting part is, divina is [US] (beanfun) ONLY, and soul captor [EN] ONLY. I soo feel like they didn’t “merge” both games together for a reason, if you know what I mean… 😛

  6. This game looks rather refreshing…I hope it’s not a flop…I could use a break from traditional games…No Gender Lock eh? Totally on my list of need to plays.

    • Every try Forsaken World? Yes, PWE sucks, but this title has never left me bored. Events every hours and tons of ways to tap into cash shop. The PVP and PVE are symbiotic to the dailies and events making every log in different and refreshing. I hate PWE, but I love this title…and I played every POS out there.

      • I actually agree with ya Nanbo. There’s something about this game that keeps me logging in during the beta. Not sure why you bring up PWE though since this is Gamania. I wouldn’t say there is 1 thing that the game goes above and beyond with, but it seems to do a lot of the small things right. It will be interesting when the cash shop is implemented to see what they do with that.

        • He mentioned PWE because he was talking about Forsaken world and NOT Soul Captor.
          BUT more on topic, I’ve so far got a good impression from SC’s beta. The gfx are sort of limited, but for those with low end machines it’s nice to run maxed out. The gameplay isn’t too above and beyond, but there’s a good amount of cutscenes, and a few original elements. It’s worth a look…it IS free.

          • Yeah I’m with ya lol, the wording didn’t make sense in my head until after I replied lol.


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