Tales of Laputa is a 2D browser based MMORPG published by Game321. In Tales of Laputa players can select between 6 different classes and participate in turn-based combat. The game features an extensive pet system with players able to capture wild pets and train them using the games various enhancement options. The gameplay itself is very simplified, allowing a player to practically AFK while the game quickly dispatches enemies and perform most other functions except for upgrading the players stats and abilities as well as turning in completed quests.

To find more about Tales of Laputa check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. DonĀ“t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. as funny as it means if you translate it from Spanish.

    however the name is the same as other “Tales of” games.

    Tales of Destiny, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Mana, Tales of “etc etc”

    It is just a word that looks cool when you say or read it in Japanese.

    More importantly, this game is most likely based on “Laputa: Castle in the Sky”

  2. just watched this whole first look lmao, not because this game is interesting but i just like listening to spunkify talk about games XD wait a second.. is that weird??? 0.o

  3. PUTA in my country means hooker. so imagine how weird is it for me to read it =P haha
    Tales of LaHooker!

    now about the game, i dont really like turn based ONLINE games, but ill try once i come back home ^^

  4. I hate that everything is being automated and made Easy.. that goes for all MMOs before TBC WoW you would have to actually WORK. Now MMOs are all about that automated crap:\ where is the world going.

    • the automated crap is popular with the chinese mostly i’ve seen. I still wanna see japanese stuff, they know they love the really hard games and sometimes cruel and yet daunting XD.

    • Are you kidding me? There is no way that this is even remotely close to as good as Neverwinter. Combat in this is a joke, and you barely even have to play the game… Just click a button every minute or two and it plays for you. When this game shows me some custom dungeons, improved graphics, and actual gameplay then it will still be worse!!

      That being said, if you want to fell better about yourself and convince yourself you’re a “gamer”, go ahead and waste your time on this trash.

      • well im playing neverwinter im rogue lvl 36 and its best class to solo anything, created berserker its lvl 18 and im using hp potions non stop on pve with rogue i sold over 50 potion because it wasn’t needed at all, lets say at lvl 19 with rogue in pvp i done 19 kills and died only 1 time with berserker 2 kills and many deaths and many asists… and you would think oh big 2h sword should do big dmg but nop normal swing do 50+ dmg to other players šŸ˜€ i only playing neverwinter because of pvp but pvp is unbalanced like hell, well you could say its in OB but how many games did you seen doing major changes in OB? firefall done really good big updates with major changes in closed beta, but neverwinter i think they realesed only because they want do money grab as much as they can other then that pve is generic and not that intresting. pvp after some time is getting boring with only 2 maps… if they wont change nothing major in few months they will loss many players.

  5. Yeah , looks like Spunkify is a hard working man šŸ™‚ Tried out the game it’s like meh. 5/10

    • So if he tried the game and give it a 5/10, that must mean you work equally if not harder than Spunk. If he gives this game higher than 5 does that mean hard work = nothing and blindsided? Why should he work hard if you can instantly try it and judge for yourself? Why do you blind sheep kiss anus and use stupid 1 liners of marketing to put your own vote in a light? “Oh, I love Brad Pitts work. But Tom Cruise sucks”…so you SUpporting one movement automatically means the second words out of your mouth are valued or cared about…yeah no. mmobomb has gone belly up. The rats have left the ship, nothing is left but crumbs and the skeleton crew. He prolly plays casually in his spare time and donates it to this site. Cool. Sadly it has been (since magic mans pinical) been out of touch and left to brainless gamers to pick about.
      The only plus this site gets is that it allowes free speech. Mmorpg, onrp, mmohuts, massively.com, etc. all control the comments and they push the image of their site in one direction. It is disgusting and uglyn and comments like mine have been blocked and every one sounds the same, talks the same and looks the same. And they have the balls tobe like: “End of mmos (refering to mmorpgs shut downs): learn to let go” and the article one sidedly talks about how cool it is the corportation shuts ones downs and lets others live.. that is massively. Mmorpg does this, “block anyone not in line with publisher viewpoints”…mmohuts bans anyone who has inside staff info. You talk about Omer, your accounts banned LOL. sigh… sadly, private blogs, and just testing games solo and less socially is turning out to the be the future of mmorpg.
      I actually have installed more single play box titles over the last two years and notice an over all decline in the mmorpg stuff. Thank god, one man, might save us all. Help us Star Citizen Kanobi, your our only hope

      • Interesting uptake of 2 sentences… He said one thing. and yet you managed to change into something about Omer which he has nothing on there. UNLESS someones comment was removed then idk

      • I talked alot about omer after he left.i never was banned nor happend anything else. My only guess is,that your comments must be very rude or crying about everything like in this one.


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