Starting on February 5th, Tera is a Free to Play Action Combat MMORPG Developed by Bluehole Studios. The game features familiar MMO mechanics in an action combat environment. Crafting, Dungeons, PvP, and high end graphics combine to create an MMORPG familiar enough for MMO veterans and engaging enough to draw in players new to the genre.

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  1. So, It is one week I have been studying the servers and getting feed back in both US and EU.
    The verdict is in. They have negineered the game to put you in a Pay to LOG IN model for the free 2 players.

    You will wiat anywhere from 30min to 2hours each evening (peak times) and all weekends. The time goes up the later you join.
    The servers have a rating of base or low, middle, and high server populations. IF you are a foundry member, you can get in first on low to high populations. IF you are in the club, you can get in at mid to high.

    IF you log in around 5-6pm as a F2P you have a wait of 30 min 700 people. Then 7-9 1000 people and one hour, then 2K + and over 2 hours wait just until 11PM. Weekends are 2 hour waits 2K people (so they say) noon until midnight.

    Odd, this was not the case at launch. I created a character and play on peak time and hit level 16. Now I am locked out of the game unless I wait. And you are going to love the client time out after 15min waiting, so after you wait 60 min. You will have been DCd for wating and thrown back in the line….
    I have created an alt but I really nejoyed the community I was with and gained a guild and friends that are waiting for me. MY alt is a “low” server that was added….in fact, in response to this problem, the FAIL company made 3 new “international servers”…all PvP. It is the ultimate troll. ‘Stuck out of your PvE server? here, try a PvP and gank troll fest. Sorry we did not miror a server for your region, we fail to focus on client needs.” SSeriously MY server has never hit HIGH, only medium, but we have to pay, as mentioned above, to get in. All they need to do to balance this, if it is not pay to log in gimik, is mirror the TOP 3 POPULATED servers: Mirror 1, 2, and 3 and done. All the others are marked “LOW”, so why create 3 new PVP and ignore the regions that need it the most??? YOU GUESSED IT

    P2L = Pay to Login. Honostly, bravo, never thought greed could get so low in gaming.

    • ” P2L = Pay to Login. Honostly, bravo, never thought greed could get so low in gaming.”

      I guess you Never played Silkroad around 2006-2007 , When Joymax started allowing the swam of bot’s to over run thier game.. What were they at…Roughly 20 server’s and all full 1 day after each tuesday’s maintenance.

      It really is nothing new, just something we rarely see these day’s.

      I don’t consider that P2L though.

      I really don;t know where your getting your wait times from longest i had to wait was maybe 15 minutes….

      Btw , when you say ” I have been studying the server’s ” Really?
      Just wondering who you copy and pasted this time !

      Maybe the 2 hour waits or more are from having caca on your lip’s!


  2. I played tera for a bit it was dissapointing when tera was pay2play becuase they didnt have the physical time cards due to that it was a pain . but now its laggy, and when it goes free to play its gonna get even crazier …. this issue upsets me ….. anyways im gonna start playing tera again and see how it goes if ayone wants to start playing with me add add my facebook Jadden Matheson, message me the details, as in Class, Race, Server, PvE, or PvP . and so on so forth… BloodLord, OUT!

  3. Honestly considering buying the game while I still can.. mostly for the founder’s perks, but I don’t plan on going Elite except maybe the first 30 days then cancel the subscription. I’m enjoying myself so far. If anyone is on the PvP Server, you’ll find me under my Archer, Barack.Torox lol.

  4. Dl’d this again , ATM i just want players to know that YOU Cannot add friends with the trial , version ..We’ll see if this changes at launch.

    • Yeah, kinda got my mind jumbled thinkig of the transfers and the new servers being a seperate Q and my thought didn’t come out quite right ๐Ÿ™‚ It happens lol!

  5. Should have really shown people some melee combat aswell in the end tbh because imho ranged combat pales in comparison to melee combat in Tera.

  6. I was gonna try this game. (Followed since launch) But i most likely wont due to the fact i get MAYBE 200 kb/s download speed. :/ Is it worth the wait?

  7. Great first look as always. I did a trial on this some time ago and felt it just wasn’t for me, at least not as a buy and sub game. After the F2P announcement I decided to try it again and now feel that as a free game, it will be hard to beat. I’ve become a founder and look forward to playing at least as a filler until NW or TESO open up.

  8. Hey Magicman, a friend of mine told me that Malaysian ip has been blocked from here, i was really looking forward to tera ๐Ÿ™ is it true?

  9. I personally bought the game after playing the trail and i liked it but just a warning at level 20+ you need somtimes a group to do the quest (BAMS) you can solo but experienced players only really..

  10. I’m definitely going to try TERA, now that it’s free. It certainly looks good enough and I would be silly to pass up the opportunity to at least give it a go myself before judging it.

    • The North American servers are region blocked. This means that if you are in North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia) you can play on En Masse Servers. Russia is IP blocked as well.

      The Europe servers have the following blocks:
      The following countries won’t be able to access our Frogster servers for TERA in Europe: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine.

      This is the most up to date information I was able to pull together so of course things could change.

  11. Few questions for you on this.

    If you go the hot bar route/keyboard.. Instead of like other game’s you get in a rythm..example 1,2,1,2,1,2,3 repeat…
    In Tera doe’s this mean it could become a… Using your starting skill that you used ..3, than space,space,space,space till the chai run’s out than repeat?

    Question on Priest/Healer class.. This class do you have to manualy “Try ” and target the player that you want to cast a heal or is there a tab option …If not , I could see the healer having 1 hell of a time with Everyone running everywhere, Making a Healer class one of the most needed..Being a Noob healer , no one will ever want to play with you.

    Thanks for the video.. Showed me the world more than what i seen on the F2P cast.

    You asked me why i was not playing Tera , Well another and my main reason was i did dl that huge starter trial start at lvl 20 , but the world was path a – b , I really hate that alot . And after seeing your video , than thinking ahhh i will give it a try , and starting on that beach to see it was exactly the same.. Lasted not even 5 minutes i had deleted the game from my pc…I was just not happy with what i saw in the vid and when logging in for the first time..

    I am an open world type player .


    • the left mouse button is your auto attack you just have to put the enemy in your crosshairs. you could fight using nothing but this attack you don’t have to use the skills BUT it does make combat easier and quicker if you pick at least 1 or 2 skills and use them.

      Healers work different instead of targeting a party member you make healing orbs and this orb pops out on the ground, other players that want a heal simply need to pick up the orb and bang they are healed. there is aoe heals in which a circle appears on the ground you target the area by moving your mouse and then you click the spot where you want to heal players and click with your mouse and you heal everything in that area with a cooldown on the skill.

      • Ty , Healer don’t sound or seem to hard at all no more.

        I will reinstall it after the 5th , I want to start at lvl 1 not lvl 20.

        Again thank’s for the info, Never spent alot of time at all in it before deleting it.


  12. Magicman i’m a fan and value your opinion alot ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just a quick question, is this game worth it? I wasted too much time on raiderz, and it turned out dissappointing and boring/repetitive. Is there any action mmo out there right now that is better than tera (either f2p or b2p) or is this the best thing?

    Looking for a game that has a decent blend of both story and action oriented combat (not the point and click)


    • if u played raiderz like myself nothing new will be for u as far as combat but combat is still slightly different also i believe that tera is more “intersting”(both story and pvp wise)than raiderz thats what i can say

    • Personally I feel the instance based action mmo’s do a much better job combat wise because the designers can plan for a finite amount of players, giving them the resources needed to make much more interesting encounters. Vindictus and C9’s combat was just more enjoyable due to the more varied style of enemies in a single stage that didn’t wait to engage you once you entered their magic radius of ‘give a s**t’. The areas are designed take advantage of the greater mobility of the characters and actually create challenges that test that greater range.

      TERA and RaiderZ actual combat are a step in the right direction but they’re out of place in the very ’15 bear ass collection quest/thumbs up their asses mobs’ world of the hotkey/tabbed-targeting games.

      • ^

        What Edge said ๐Ÿ™‚ If you “got bored” with RaiderZ, Tera will end up boring you too. The game is a quest grind just like RaiderZ.

        Try something like C9 ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a suggestion!

        • Thank you for your reply. I’ve already tried Vindictus and C9. Not my cup of tea. The instance based gameplay is even more bland as compared to open world.

          Guess i’ll just wait for Elder Scrolls Online. Looks awesome ๐Ÿ™‚


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