The popular online FPS game Tribes is back, as fast as ever, and free to play. Tribes: Ascend continues this tradition, delivering speed, vehicles and stunning graphics. Check out the first look gameplay footage of Hi-Rez’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Tribes Ascend. Get your beta key here.

To find more about Tribes Ascend check out the Tribes Ascend page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. How do you save a picture smoeone texted you?I already tried the tapping on the picture and all I get is a pause sign. And also how do you get pictures for the contacts I got some off my facebook but when I try to get some off other peoples facebook it will not let me Thanks

  2. Great game, but it’s super hard on F2P players right now, 100+ Hours of gameplay (If you’re a decent player), to be able to afford ONE class.

    Things like fixed loadouts aren’t nice, and we’ll see how HiRez handles the game throughout CB/OB/Live.

    Tribes vets need to realise that HiRez is a different publisher, they don’t quite know how tribes is supposed to be, and instead of raging about the problems, constructive criticism on the forums might actually make a difference.

    I’ve personally never played a Tribes game before, but i really enjoy this. I love skiing, i love predicting where my enemy will end up, and discing them with my spinfusor.

    This game is only in CB, and as a new developer for the Tribes franchise, HiRez will likely tweak this game a LOT before OB/Launch.

  3. lol @ the 12 year olds commenting on one of the best, and most popular, FPS games from the turn of the century. Tribes was the first of it’s generation to use freedom of movement, large scale maps, and most important the ability to customize your load outs.

    • Don’t get your hopes up yet. So far this game is not Tribes. I am in CB and there is alot of BS that is both unwanted by the community and the CBTers. Either this game will be in CB for a very long time or it will flop before it leaves OB. Any old school tribes player would run from this joke of a tribes. I’ve been a die hard Tribes fan since the late 90s, I have played every single Tribes game there is including the PS2 version, which was practically a Lite version of the PC version of Tribes 2. Just don’t get your hopes up, if this game makes it to release I don’t see it being like the tribes series of the past. There is to many changes including “No Custom Load outs” Everyone in CB is hoping this will change. So far no proof of it changing.


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