War Thunder is a free to play aviation combat MMO by Gaijin Entertainment. Players can pilot a variety of fighter planes from the WW2 era as they engage in unique missions in huge detailed environments.

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  1. World of Warplanes is just arcade shit for kids,this game got full real setings ,not just arcade.And its called World of Planes becouse it WAS 1ST who claim WORLD OF PLANES,so wargeymind studio must choose warplanes..

    • It’s not the same company.War Thunder is made by Gajin Entertainment,the same company that made IL-2 Birds of Prey.WoT is made by Wargaming,which is making a f2p arcade aviation game too.I prefer War thunder,I don’t like World of Warplanes’ controls and War Thunder allows realistic and arcadish battles,and we’ll be able to use tanks and ships soon.

  2. guys just look at wings of prey, its same creators of it, so basicly its same game, but maked into free to play or on same engine created it

    • There are more modes, types of planes etc. of course there is a limited amount of ww2 planes even if you add all the prototypes. WT has a very different feel because its not just tdm and pure fighter battles. On the ground attack maps its the bombers that win the rounds. Also with hist. battles etc you are not limited to “simple point and shoot”. the damage model without hp has more of a sim feeling but it can be also frustrating if your pilot is hit. It can also be very awarding when you aim carefully. Its not “pray and spray”, the game has a learning curve, but judging from the current state its worth playing and maybe will be a bit more versatile than WoWP, but the games can change during beta and they are not 100% aimed at the same player base.

  3. This game looks great! I am downloading it right now and I can’t wait to see how it is. The controls in world of planes were not very good and this looks more user friendly. Also this game looks like you are in an actual war with all the tanks and ships around you. I want to see how they will make the controls for the tanks and navy since the developers said that users will be able to control them. I hope they don’t mess up.

  4. it is very similar when it comes to world of planes but its actually a mmo version of the companies previous games. while there is the great multiplayer there are also some superb solo “historical” missions that involve bombing runs and whatnot that you can do for co-op against the AI
    suppoedly in later updates theyll be adding player controlled ships and tanks for an all out war.

  5. Well I like the fact that it has made something close to what I wanted . But what annoys me is that it has copied the interface . He has fused the interface of World Of Warplanes and the gameplay of Heroes in the sky with good graphics and given it the name War Thunder. As far is the game experience is it is a very good game . But it looks like they took the game world of warplanes and improved it lol

  6. I play this game and while it is a great game it is not going to fair well unless the dev team really focuses on doing whats need. The game engine is not very Stable. The Economy was punched in the face by devs trying to manipulate the game play in order to lessen the amount of complaints about op planes, rather then fixing the damn flight models and damage models. German 20 mm are a joke and dont do enough damage to even be worth the while. American 12.7cm guns are also joke. Most of the game is very skewed to a pro Russian domination in terms of fire power. Bombing in Warthunder is also very skewed where nations such as Russia and The US tend to have greater blast radius then other nations using similar sized bombs. The community is very divided. between mouse and joystick users as well as arcade and full real battles. Not to mention they have a strong disdain towards people from America and show a great about of bigotry because of it.

  7. ya i also believe that WOWarplanes and this game have just a few similarities but dont’ really compete with each other whatsoever also idk why but i usually like fast passed shooters but if i had to play WOWarplanes or this i would play this cause its more slow placed lol ik it makes no sense but i quess i’d prefer more slow passed plane battles cause i’ve never played plane vs plane shooters before 😛

  8. In my opinion, War Thunder has way more depth than Warplanes at the moment. Longer more satisfying battles, larger variety, more depth in the upgrades, the promise of more than just dogfighting with the surface vehicles coming, and amazing visuals. If they add ships as well to the mix, it’ll essentially be what Wargaming’s goal would be, at face value of course.

    My only half-beef is the controls by appearance. The arcady look to the controls do make the game easier to pick up, but in the realism mode, it doesn’t really change all that much in appearance.

    Can’t wait to give this game a go 😛

  9. Unique and solid game. But it won’t make me stop playing World of Tanks/Warplanes/Battleships. Even when there will be player controlled tanks and ships in War Thunder. I don’t think they are copying one another. Their (Wargaming and Gaijin) games are so immensely different in terms of gameplay and features that I don’t even think they are going to directly compete with each other.

  10. im really interested in playing this it looks good and the graphics look great. but this god damn game is downloading at less than half my internet speed for some odd reason. im not having and download problems with anything else beside this and watching HD videos just fine. kinda sucks its downloading slow

  11. World of Warplanes is still in development. I played it and thought it was pretty good and played fluently. I don’t think this game is trying to copy anyone, it seems to have more of an arcade style with the aiming and flight control in this game. WoWarplanes has more of a realistic, serious feel to it that I couldn’t get into. This may be different.


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