Waren Story is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG that promises an epic adventure and intense PvP warfare.

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  1. GMs Game (TurtleDragon and Monger) created a Guild (Kicked) and are playing cowardly against players, not letting anyone get anything.
    This is absurd, we are being treated like idiots.
    Do not waste time playing, this is a game that only Private GMs can be strong. Do not spend money on a game you will be stronger than ever.

    I speak for many players that outraged by the situation.


    Ps. Post this on all forums of games that I know of is on facebook.

      • Same ole same ole with this type of game, put a ticket in on the game, and get ignored, or treated like an idiot. GM’s have so many alts in Warren Story, they have no clue what is a problem or a hack! 97% of the current characters are alts!

  2. Ok i played this games CBT and…..I Hate this game. It pisses me off to see aeriagames to work on this BS game instead of working on Lime Odyssey. I mean i whoa bunch of people are waiting for this game to come out including myself. They Stop this game shut it down give some money to people for the time they spent on this game and get their asses back to Lime Odyssey.

  3. yes! its me again ,magic didnt i tell you last week ,boreing ,old ,dated ,and i dont like the tap every time just to att even on reg. atts.

  4. Its not you, this game should have been out a long time ago…not sure why people cant see when it is a good time to release games. For ex also with GW2 they are releasing it aug 28th <-<..really? i mean its not bad that the game is coming out but they just lost a huge player base because people are going to be starting school/full time work from september. Why you no start GW2 in june or before? i dont know. timeing is everything for mmorpgs, miss that right date, and the mmo will fall faster then star wars the old republic going free to play lol.

    • Doom,
      Ok Thank you I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me that thought that! That’s actually a fair point about the GW2 Date. I look at it this way though, buy placing the date at Aug 28th they really out the pinch on Blizzard releasing Mists of Pandaria. It would be really tough to release MoP before that date and then you don’t want to release to close to that date afterwards…it just kind of muddies the water for Blizzard to make a decision.


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