Warface is a military FPS set in the near future. In Warface players can choose between 4 separate classes, with most possessing a unique supportive ability for your team. The FPS offers both PvE and PvP modes with a variety of mission goals and gameplay modes for both. Players can unlock new gear and swap out weapon attachments on the fly during battle.

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  1. Guys does this game has already came?Because i cant find it nowhere and the fact is the only think i found The game on russian exist only not in english 🙁 Can somebody help me please and tell me where should i donwload the game Thanks.

  2. I have played the game, very fun. Will continue to play when it is released, doesnt take much processing and its plays from a sandbox out of the browser, makes it less laggy for me.

  3. guys i played in this game there are a lot of bugs there try russian server which is now aviable
    also there aviable cheats like WH AIM and SH

  4. Actually I haven’t played other games for long…but I wanna taste Age of Wushu recently. Some says it’s featured by Eastern Kongfu, with no class and level. My dish!

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  7. favorit shooter

    -team fortress 2
    -arctic combat
    -mech warrior online
    -blacklight retribution
    -planet side 2

  8. Over the next few days, Trion and Crytek will begin testing item purchases with credits.

    If you have played Warface as of the time this is posted, your account will automatically receive a stipend of 4,000 credits within the next 72 hours.

    Please enjoy the credits and use them to purchase any items, coins, boxes or boosts that you would normally purchase.

    If you play Warface for the first time after this post, then you will get your award within 72 hours of creating your account!

    Enjoy the K!

  9. Warface is a military shooter set in a near future setting that provides gamers with a constantly updated extensive PVE universe full of dramatic multiplayer co-op missions and a full set of class-based PVP. Created using CryEngine 3 technology, Warface is supported by a free-to-play business model.

  10. People, for the love of Christ. No one here can read gibberish. I’m looking at these comments and I can barely make out what they say. I know English isn’t the Native language for many of you, which is fine, but there are many Native English speakers in here, that just blurt things out without thinking before they do.

  11. On my own generation the used to create such a beautiful games with a great story One of the most pupolar and best games of my life Was that 3 which is on my nickname… 1)Fable TLC=The Lost Chapters, 2)Halo CE There 2 different meaning Halo Combat evolved +Halo Custom Edition and the last one 3)Assassins creed I remember fable ….good old days In fable you could so many wonderfull thinks buy an armor screw girls.. 😛 Buying weapons In halo aliens came down to earth ….Assassins creed Templars….

  12. Same bullshit different days…Why and why is look like cod everythink got there own style doesnt copy call of duty LMAO…

  13. Indeed battlefield 3 and bad company 2 is epic doesnt even compare with this…This looks much more with call of duty style why all the games must be like “COD” Dont understand that what the point design games with cod versions…..This is redicules….

  14. Really what craps is that battlefield 3 doesnt beat it that crap…..”Beat all the games” Are you stupid? or deff? both

  15. Lol the game is good as far as i see i havent play it yet like everyone …The beta didnt … But i have seen a lot of videos on youtube Doesnt look so bad i believe is really good…..I dont know if you have different oppinion then me and i dont really care what you believe about the gameplay…I dont think looks like cod beside everygame you think is like cod but it isnt….

  16. stop speak bullsh**t who said the game is bad…

    becouse ask who ever tryd the game he tell you that is the best mmfps of this year…

    greatest game … quality.the gameplay are awsome !!!!!!

    just shut up who say this game is bad

    • I played it. I’ve played it when it first went into beta on Mail.ru. It’s garbage. Even the Russian players thought the same thing.

  17. Its impossible everybody plays the game while we are talking….The game is out how is that possible and we dont have them yet…

  18. I dont any difference ….I agree those days create such a shit games with all the meaning of the word Which look exactly as Call of duty…..This need to be over…..

  19. hehe sorry for interptin you Halo4 but you are out of topic…. We talking about warface LOL…Anyway good point I agree with you 4 About windows 8 Epic! idea

  20. I would realy love if halo 4 could possible come for “PC” Imagine the windows 8 When you put your disc on the pc could possible play any xbox 360 game on pc or any kind of console…That could be fantastic!!!!

  21. I had comfuse at the begging Warface with the warframe Both are games …LOL Anyone got any clue when the game came out?

    • I get it. I’m just saying that comparing Warframe to Warface is like comparing the Mona Lisa to a preschooler’s finger painting.

  22. Omg omg omg Please im beggin can you stop this conversation….Im tired to hear craps all day…..Thumps up if you agree :d

  23. i WANT THE GAME SO BADLy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Excuse me what is going on here ..isnt a chat room to talk about crazy stufss if you know ….The game i agree is redicules….

  25. Cacalips you need to get laid immidiatly those games has blow your mind thats what actually we want to make you slaves keep following you doing just fine you afraid to get out and leave the house for few seconds…. 🙂

  26. Going to the bathroom, being away for 20 sec.
    “You’re being kicked for innactivity ” – these guys can’t be that retarded.
    On the other hand – it’s a browser based shit game, which appears to be a lag fest.
    The need a lot of work to make it decent.

  27. Horrible game.
    The us/eu site is bad. They use “seeds” a google circles like layout. And it is browserbased game. Russia was better full client
    They broke the graphics and hit box registry lags.
    They broke the menu system and made shop P2W. Ru = perm purchase lots of unlocks. US EU = RENTABLE AND REPAIRS AND SUPER GRIND FOR UNLOCKS.
    the clasded not fixed. Still feels like they tried making a bf fps single player, lost funding and patched on a small map twitch based fps. Class skills useless and they programmed a voice in tutorial that confirms, like in RU, sniper has 0 skills (no ob will change this horrible flaw).
    Hoist system just replaces lafders, cant logically hoist off desigmated ladder spots.
    Games stupid and broke. I have tons more fail points but just play it and fail.
    Warframe best

  28. Does anybody knows those guys Cause personaly i dont even know you Underground,Mastergamer,Handrick….You kids find better thinks to do then trolling everyone.. 🙂 Cause as administrator which i am i have the power to expelled you and the 3 of you

  29. Why i cant saw them the proggress from so far Really man? Come on lets saw them some different somethink fresh I Will upload in the next few days some pictures

  30. One question Will you please Stop bullshit everyone here And especially you mister MasterGamer The guy is joking with you he isnt even member The game wont released in few days that was the beta that you saw

  31. Well i wish if you can actually make some games looks exactly as battlefield 3 The sounds ,,,,make it look you know hyperreality

  32. Most games arent available for some countries sorry The game when its released You will be the 1st one who is gonna know Warface Got new gameplay inside i promise you guys The weapons little bit different and the graphics still working out the maps You can Drive vehicles….Isnt gonna take too long to build this…In a few days will be soon here 🙂 Signature By MasterGamer

  33. The game remind me little bit of Cod and little bit of Splinter cell …This game im pretty sure will take many heads 😀

  34. To shed some light on everyone’s complain including my own…

    Basically you get 3 dailies thats co op you can play to get crowns if you score the biggest score per day (meaning that unless u got a super good bought weapon of doom this will be hard) so cash or trash basically…

    Also on the Player vs player stages the maps are small and feal like your back in old CS where the maps fealt like a cage and you spawn as fast as you die basically people will camp ur spawn and just kill you right there.. again if they got uber cash guns they can kill u with one shoot instead of your free to play headshoots that TAKES 3 ffing shoots!

    so unless they fix the game mechanic and actully make the free community have a chance in hell it will stay on the shelf.

  35. I am too lucky too get the closed beta access. I must say this is the benchmarks in MMOFPS . I have seen such graphics but I never expected such graphics in an MMOFPS . Things like climb assisst , select scopes and all are lovely things . This is best of battlefield type MMOFPS .

  36. I’ve played this game for some time including in the Russian beta, which was quite convenient, since I’m Russian, and I have to say, this game blows. It’s pretty bad.

    • No its not its REALLY fun from the 3 days ive played it its very well done and not like any of those other crappy ftp fps’s…

      • This game is nothing new i also played it during the Russian beta and the game is very generic, I played it for a good 10 hours in total and the game doesnt have anything ground breaking going for it. The co-op was alright but theres no communication between players and people dont really use their special abilities. For example: the medic might just go around shooting people instead of healing and reviving his teammates, you also may not have a sniper in your team so its harder to take out enemies in towers. The pvp was pretty much the same. I also tried playing game modes with objectives where you must work as a team and no one really did anything but go for kills. The game itself really isnt awesome at all an there are TONS of other f2p fps game exactly like it.

      • I will admit I suck at it, but I sucked at Tribes Ascend, Planetside 2 and many others, but I still considered those games to be fantastic. This is just another Modern Military FPS, with more lens flare. There is nothing to like about it, you just like it because of the shiny graphics.


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