Warframe is a free to play sci-fi third person hack-slash shooter by Digital Extremes. Players can choose from multiple “warframes” each with their own unique powers and attributes. The gameplay is somewhat similar to Left 4 Dead with players teaming up with friends to complete co-op PvE levels against hordes of challenging AI.

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  1. This is the best si-fi game i have ever played but it lags most of the time but i dont care its flipping awsome i got me beta key and any one wants one beter get it fast

  2. Got my key from here minutes after watching the first look video, have played it over the week-end (already reached level 30 on my starter warframe, the Excalibur, which I also upgraded to pro) and the game thus far has been incredibly good.

    Have particularly liked the RPG elements, the progression system they implemented and before you start pointing fingers at the PRO system and the necessity to pay real money to stay competitive or acquire more warframe and weapon slots (you start out with one additional warframe slot and 5 more weapon slots, for a total of 2 warframe and 8 weapon slots, which, given the actual number of options in the game isnt all that bad), let me just say this: the game is free-to-play, its not free-for-all-intents-and-purposes.

    People spent a lot of time working on this, and. for an actual closed beta (unlike some Asian titles where CBT and OBT are more like ad campaigns), the amounts and severity of the bugs I encountered werent that crippling, so in my own personal opinion, this game deserves the money it asks for if you decide to invest any significant amount of time and effort into it.

  3. This game reminds me of mass effect with out the cover system, Overall it’s a unique game but since it’s still in CBT it has lag\crash issues.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the lack of warframes to choose from at the beginning and the rest is either bought with real cash currency (platinum) or ingame by crafting them.

  4. Just to throw in my two cents. When it says update failed, I unticked 64 bit mode from the little gear at the top right and it worked.

  5. hey guys, this game is awesome, but why cant i invite my friends into a squad?, i always invited them but it failed everytime :/

  6. I’m playing the beta, did you guys noticed a button on the Upgrade Screen called UPGRADE TO PRO? If you purchase it with the Platinum (Premium cash) you unlock a shipload of new upgrades and mod slots.What you guys think about this?Does it matter if the game will be PvE only?

    • It very much matters as you’ll have the same community segregation as SWTOR with subscribers not wanting non-subscribers to play with them as they’ll be underpowered in the later more difficult missions.

      • The issue of going PRO has been addressed on the forums and the mods have stated that they plan to give out login rewards that also give a chance at platinum(what real life currency is called in game) so if you play for a few months or so after release unless you’re really really really unlucky you should have made enough lucky daily plantinum gains to convert everything you own to PRO.

  7. Hey please help me!!!!

    When it have updated in 20 mins or more it just says “Update failed please try again later“ -.- and yes i tryed to wait a day ๐Ÿ˜€
    hope you can help me ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Played it yesterday with the key I got from mmobomb. It was quite enjoyable alas there are some questionable directions they have taken their development. The worst offender in my opinion is the fact that extra respawns are bought with real life money currency (hello war Z) and that in order to unlock the full potential of any weapons or armor you need to spend real life money currency aswell.

    Other than that it ran well on my semi-ancient machine after I configured my settings and it was fun, until I got tired of mashing my E key.

    • There’s an even worse offender. You’re limited to about 1/3 of the upgrades on your frame and weapons as a f2p player. You have to pay for Pro to unlock the full allowed upgrades and you have to pay on an individual item basis. I immediately stopped playing when I found this crap out.

    • Mashing E key gets less often later(Gorgon machinegun being OP and all), but yeah, at best case with the starting 50 plat you will end up getting a pro for your warframe and then you have to choose 1 weapon that you will use 90% of the time fro which you will get pro =P

  9. This whole game. Just reguired 500-600mb update. And that was all. And with this graphic!! It is great. Those developers could teach developers of Battlefield 3. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I did enjoy very much this first look with Magicman and Spunky, but why no mention about the upgrade to pro option? The one that gives DOUBLE tech tree for warframes and weapons? Not the mention the 4th ability of a warframe is included there. I do enjoy warframe a lot, but it’s only downside is the upgrade to pro option.

  11. Not entirely sure.. but isn’t it forbidden to make videos or screenshots of the closed beta? i saw that on the first page of the introduction thread on the forums

    • Hi Grim!
      I think you were reading those posts from the start of Closed beta in October. Back then there was an NDA. From Admin on the official Forums:

      “Posted 21 December 2012 – 01:05 PM
      All videos and screenshots of Warframe taken As of update 5 can be shared with the world. Have fun out there everyone!”

      All clear my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. This is a really fun game, soft of like Global Agenda meets L4D with Diablo style enemy and level generation, I have been following this game since it started back in 2005 as a concept video for Dark Sector, which was later turned into a really mediocre Gears of War clone. I am so glad that the developer saved their designs and music and everything to make this happen. It’s so satisfying to melee kill something in this game. My only problem with the current beta is that the friends list doesn’t work properly yet, often-times it will show your friends as being offline and will not allow you to join each other’s games. I’m sure they will iron that out though.

  13. I dont crash at all with dx11 and 64bit enabled(actually i havent crashed at all yet).The game is pretty good iam just not a fan of co-op with ai opponents,To me it seems very repetitive and the same every mission,but it is in early beta so there will be changes and more content.Still i dont know if this is a game would play regularly

    • Step 1 :- open the client
      step 2 :- click the little gear at the top right
      step 3 :- Untick 64-bit / Direct X11

      64 bit mode along with direct X11 will cause you to crash alot cause its not that well sorted out yet i used to crash every 30 mins to an hour with those on but when it turned them off a couple weeks ago i hardly ever crash now i can play for 5 hours straigh if want 2

        • im running it with 64x and direct x 11 and never crashed and looks and works like a charm ๐Ÿ˜€

          btw.. any1 knows if there’s ever gonna be a pvp mode? i played the hell out of this game and it’s pretty awesome

      • Where is the option to turn these off? I clicked the gear but i can’t find the 64-bit option or the DX11 option it’s not in video,gameplay,audio,or controls and i keep crashing tell me please Q_Q

        • You need to turn on the game launcher, not the game alone. Just go to Warframe site and download the downloader, press on it and the launcher will open, there you have the gear icon and the DX11 and 64bit option.


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