Webzen Community Manager Jonathan Tae chats about C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal and Arctic Combat. See what he’s got to say and then leave us a couple of thoughts in the comments.


  1. I just love it when people accuse other people of calling this game a CoD clone, even though even the Devs accepted the nickname of Free CoD themselves. There’s not one difference between AC and CoD except for the fact that AC is an MMO. Just saying that the 2 games are different tell’s me that you’ve probably never tried CoD or never tried AC.

    • … or simply isn’t capable of conjuring an original thought. Trust me, it just looks like he is saying something, but he really isn’t.

  2. Feel like you’re all CoD fanboys.. Because you guys like cod you compare every fps to CoD.
    CoD is just a spawn camping f*** up game with 12 year old screaming everywhere.

    Even if AC was like CoD, AC is going to be more into the e-sports than CoD.
    CoD hardly has a big competitive scene.
    PC fps > Console.
    + AC will prob get more updates… Obviously

  3. Actually Alex did make a few good points. Average AC player will probably be one who hasn’t come into contact with CoD multiplayer and will actually find it fresh and original-ish. Also average CoD player will have already bought the latest CoD and will probably feel nothing for the F2P version of it and will probably even rather play Arctic Combat since it actually bring at least something new unlike CoD Online.

    I think Alex may be right and Arctic Combat may actually turn out more successful then Call of Duty Online.

    But that will only be the first match. There are many other competitors out there. Ones that will hit a lot harder.

    I also may be biased, i hate CoD and i would never pay for it and wouldn’t play the free version either and I believe that the CoD cow has been milked by Activision far beyond the point of dehydration.

  4. @alex Blacklight was developed by Zombie Studios, who made an indie shooter for Xbox Live Arcade, never made an MMO before and yet look at their new game. It’s amazing. You should definitely try it if you haven’t yet. Same with Tribes Ascend, and with Planetside 2 when it goes into open beta, and Firefall. But please don’t go impatient for a half assed Call of Duty that’s NOT a new Call of Duty. AVA is a million times better then AC, and it came out in 2009, in fact, if it was actually inspired by AVA, it wouldn’t be as terrible. You can tell the minimum effort that was put into that game. It oozes unoriginality. I hate on Combat Arms and CrossFire, but those have an excuse, they’re old, this was made in 2012, when F2P shooter started taking a turn for the better, but the developers of AC obviously didn’t get the f*** memo. If you like it, it’s fine, just know that there’s much better things to go with. And I don’t say it’s a CoD ripoff for no reason. You can show this game to anyone and they will tell you its CoD by just looking at the gameplay. This game will compete with CoD online. Tell me this, what would win, an MMO of a very popular game brought to you by the people that brought you the initial game, or an MMO clone of a very popular game with all the features half assed, developed and published by an obscure company? And I just realized how lucky I am, I’m in the PlanetSide 2 Closed beta, I’m Russian, so I play WarFace very easily, and my name’s Alex too. xD

    • dude sorry I didn’t introduce my mmofps history to you guys I am an AVA vetrin played it for 3 years and the game was and still amazing the comunity and every thing as for blacklight retribution I was in the front line for its close beta but when it went to open beta it became super pay to win I mean come on buying permanent weapons are expensive and the one day weapons are not worth it as for combat arms and crossfire I played them both and I was also in tribes ascend early close beta so what I am saying is from experience not blow off steam and because I live in Canada the russian warface has ping issues so its not much enjoyable but the game as a whole is beautiful

      to tell you the truth the main reason I like Arctic combat is because it seems like an upgrade to AVA and I love an upgrade to me the game started to get rusty so I quit but with AC and Warface well lets just say its a blast

      • Let’s be honest here, AC is not an upgrade to AVA. AVA is one of my favorite shooters of all time next to the ones I have listed previously, hell I like it more then Counter Strike. And Blacklight has a very good free to play model. You’re not really buying upgrades with real money, you’re buying shortcuts to sidegrades. Quite fair for me. AC may end up better then CoD online, it’s tiny, tiny chance. But like Monkee said, AC compared to other F2P shooters that are coming out this year, is terrible. It’s garbage, not even the devs have dedication. The game was financed by some banker who probably doesn’t know the first the about games, what’s more the game economy, he hired some cheap, amateur devs, and what’s an easier way of making a game, putting actual time and care into your game, or just making a half assed F2P of a very popular game. When I started playing it, I didn’t think it would be THAT bad, and seeing as how the devs couldn’t care less about their game, I’m convinced that this is one of the worst shooters I have played in a very long time. Therefore, I cannot see this game being more successful then CoD Online, since CoD is so popular. Come to think of it, the last CoD game I’ve played was World At War, 4 years ago.

  5. Well BO2 is based in a sci fi environment.

    What is this halo copy right?

    They copy the sci fi scene which is the Halo scene.


    • Yes, i also think that all strategies are Starcraft clones, it’s just how simple my mind works, you saw right through me man, good job. Please continue, you are fascinating.

      It’s like you plucked that argument out of the ass of Wisdom it self and then you soaked it’s tip into liquid Originality and then you threw it with blinding speed right into my mind !

      And my mind exploded.

  6. I beta tested Arctic Combat for a short while. It is such a shameless copy of CoD:MW. They only added some asian touches to the UI.

    It’s impressive how he managed to call it a “tactical shooter” without exploding.

    But it is a good copy. People will surely enjoy it and have fun with it. I just won’t be among them.

    • Nobody cares about 1 person. (You)

      AC will probably be more successful than CoD.

      Fact being CoD is the most well known “Modern” fps and mainly all fps are modern style.. Every fanboy and retard says it’s a “CoD Copy”

      So any new sci fi fps we’ll just throw it as a “Halo copy”

      • Nobody cares about me because i think it’s a CoD copy ?

        If i say i was wrong and it’s actually a very original game, will people start caring about me ?

      • Are you kidding me? I personally hate it when I see “CoD and BF ripoff,” but I can easily say that AC is the biggest ripoff ever. There’s not one single original thing about this game, it’s far worse then CoD, and it’s ironic, since Call Of Duty Online is coming out too, which will make this game pretty much pointless. AC will go down the drain, since it’s going to compete with great games like Blacklight: Retribution and Planetside 2, which are significantly both significantly better. If you actually enjoy AC, I won’t bash you for it. I’ll just feel bad for you. And as far as ThcMonkee’s opinion goes, I care and agree with it very much.

        • dude calll of duty online won’t go any where they don’t have the experince in making free to play title go see what happened to battle play4free and that is exactly what will happen to call of duty online because EA didn’t have much experience in making free to play games but Webzen does they made 3 or four title so they know how to handle it and as SunSoil said no one cares if its a cod copy COD HAS NO PLACE IN FREE MMO GAMERS HEARTS its just that I am telling you ARCTIC COMBAT and WARFACE will be the big titles this year not call of duty online

          • I doubt AC will be a big title, but just because you don’t have experience in making f2p games, doesn’t mean you suck at it. With proper weapon balance, the f2p model for CoD could be good. I was talking about AC gameplay itself, and how its a blatant copy of CoD. Just because you’ve made F2P games in the past doesn’t mean you’re next games will be great. Look at Nexon, look at IGG. The big F2P titles this year are Planetside 2, Blacklight, and Tribes. Maybe WarFace, but AC will never make it big.

          • IHateMMOs ok dude first of all its called IJJI and yes I never said Arctic combat is not a cod clone but you have to understand most people who play Arctic combat are coming from mmos like AVA or Crossfire not COD so its new to them just like me I never payid more than 30 bucks for a game and that was for minecraft all other games I had pirated or they where free to play and yes just you wait and see how cod online will fail because of the lack of exprince all the games you mentioned (Blacklight,tribes and warface ) are made buy well known and good free to play companies like prefect world or HIREZ

        • Thank you, i didn’t really go and offer arguments to backup my claims to SunSoil because he didn’t really say anything, it just looks like he did. The truth is Arctic Combat was designed by a banker, not a gamer.

          When a gamer copies a game he does it while improving all the flaws of the original, making essentially a tribute that excels the original. That is how you get League of Legends.

          Arctic Combat copied the very essence of CoD, it all feels exactly the same, the movement speed and turn speed, reloading is identical, the speed it takes to go from standing to crouching… And again i say, this is not necceserally a bad thing. But believing otherwise is just naive and there are certainly better ways of spending time then arguing with someone online over it…

          … like hating the fact that you don’t have a beta key to Planetside 2, like i am doing right now.

          • Go on Facebook for Planetside 2 EU, they’re handing out priority keys. But yeah, Arctic Combat is just Combat Arms with better graphics, meaning it’s not so shitty shit. They were so lazy they didn’t even make iron sights, they gave you default red dot sights stolen straight out of CoD. And people actually think that game is good, ignoring Blacklight, ignoring Planetside 2, games with actual effort and dedication put into them.

          • I know I don’t have beta key for PS2 and I hate it but as you said it is pointless to copy a game and put it to free to play then tell me why the fk do people who made cod just did the exact thing to cod online ? every forum and even on mmobomb I read that they are just getting some features from the latest cod games and putting it together to and calling it call of duty online and

            I got in to warface but its the Russian one so the game was not even playable cuz my ping was higher than the Mileage on a taxi from 1980s so I have nothing else to wait for in the gaming world than Arctic combat

  7. I’m honestly enjoy Archlord more than their other games. I played Archlord when it was run by Codemasters and was pay to play, and I continue to play while it’s with Webzen.


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