I was asked several times during my visit to Aeria Games last week what sort of MMOs I played. “Mostly Western games, not the anime-styled ones,” I responded. That didn’t faze anyone I talked to, and, after playing a few hours of Aura Kingdom, maybe it shouldn’t have.

Developed by MMO house X-Legend, with whom Aeria has worked with before on Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom is at times both like and unlike other MMOs of its ilk. Your typical free-to-play anime-themed MMO has several elements that drive me crazy: saccharin-sweet characters, mediocre-to-bad localization, and an oppressive, soul-crushing grind. Aura Kingdom is certainly “cute,” with whimsical fairy-type enemies and friendly eidolons that surge into battle beside you, but it didn’t quite manage to push me into a diabetic coma with its sugary sweetness.

Localization is “95% done,” as I was told; apart from a couple menu items still in Chinese, the text was well translated and, though we rushed through a few things in our limited time, the game as a whole was easy to navigate. OK, I saw one instance of “it’s” that should have been “its,” but I think I can let that slide. Still, presentation is meaningless if the game doesn’t play well, and in that vein, I think Aura Kingdom well exceeded my modest expectations.

The play’s the thing

Aura Kingdom’s main differentiating gameplay feature is eidolons, a special breed of combat pets that fight alongside your character, advancing in rank as you advance, increasing in power and learning new abilities along the way. Each eidolon has a special combo maneuver that lets you and it work in tandem to unleash the hurt on enemies. At launch there will be 16 eidolons, with more planned in the future – and yes, you’ll probably feel the urge to catch ’em all.

(By the way, if you heard our latest podcast and aren’t sure how to pronounce “eidolon,” I received confirmation that it’s “eye doe lawn.” And knowing is half the battle. Yo, Joe!)

That doesn’t sound incredibly exciting or innovative on its own; fortunately, eidolons do a lot more than just fight. Conversations with your eidolon range from idle chit-chat about your prior adventures to choices that increase your eidolon’s affinity and level to even offering quests. That happened to me during a random (i.e., not part of the guided tour) convo with one of my eidolons, and while I couldn’t yet travel to the indicated location, it opened my eyes to the depth of questing options available in Aura Kingdom.

Which brings me to my last complaint with most games of this style: the leveling grind, which Aura Kingdom does a nice job of alleviating. While I wasn’t able to get a really solid idea of endgame/gear grind, the leveling process seems refreshingly enjoyable and a clear departure from the trite and lazy pattern of “talk to quest giver, kill 10 of something, return to quest giver, and repeat.” There certainly is some of that, but you’ll find lots more to do and plenty of reasons for exploration and veering off the pre-determined path.

Even in my brief play session, I found plenty to do just by wandering out into the world. In addition to the quest bestowed upon me by my eidolon, there were plenty of other NPCs who gave me things to do. You could take out bounty targets and return them, via a cage on a cart that followed you around, to town for a reward. Another quest had me sneaking past pirates to plant bombs. And then there was the time I participated in Robot Fight Club. But I can’t talk about that, owing to the first rule of Robot Fight Club…

Solo adventuring is fun, but there’s also plenty for groups to do, too. In our session, we ran a few five-man dungeons, but they also exist in three-man and solo varieties. With five characters each toting around an eidolon, the battles were very chaotic, and it was hard to really get a sense of much in the way of strategy. Monsters occasionally offered WildStar-esque “tells” to indicate where the hammer was about to fall, but we carved through them nonetheless. To compensate for us media folks being such awful players, we were a bit overpowered, so I’d imagine the battles being a little more challenging for “regular” characters.

Aura Kingdom also boasts of a robust system for guilds, with expansive guild halls and activities, including the ability to summon an eidolon – at very specific times of the day and week – for your guild to do battle with and capture if defeated.

If I had any beef with what I saw – apart from the lack of an invert Y-axis option, an absolute necessity for me and many others – it was that the maps seemed unusually small. I cruised from the end of one to another in about two minutes, and while there were things to do, and cute monsters to kill along the way (really, you haven’t lived until you’ve incinerated a helpless group of fairies), it left me wondering how long it would take to level and how soon it would be before I felt forced into repeating the same dungeons over and over.

Loyalty rewarded

There wasn’t much discussion given over the cash shop, due in part to the finer details still being worked out. One bright side is that you can earn loyalty points, which can be spent for cash-shop items, in game, by listening in on conversations between NPCs, which can be entertaining in and of themselves. You can also acquire cash shop items via in-game events and from your eidolons, so there will definitely be ways to get fat loot even without spending.

Given my predisposition, I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting much from Aura Kingdom, but I was quietly impressed by both the polish and modern gameplay elements. X-Legend and Aeria Games have been down this road before and aren’t just content to pump out the same game over and over and expect different results. That experience, and the refinement of the formula, was brought up several times during our meeting. I don’t know that Aura Kingdom will become a staple of my gaming rotation, but it offers enough for an MMO snob such as myself to at least putter around and have some fun. And if you’re really into the anime-style MMOs, but cognizant of their flaws and wish they could be better, you’ll probably find a lot to like.

Beta and launch dates are still a secret, though eager players can get into a special, Founders Only beta starting Dec. 16 by purchasing one of the Founder’s Packs on the Aura Kingdom site. You can also win a Founder’s Pack from Aeria Games and MMOBomb right here!

By Jason Winter

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. It’s been a while since I played a decent MMORPG and Aura Kingdom sure looks like one, I would love to have the opportunity to try it out, check the amazing pet system and of course every class. I would also enjoy very much to have the founders pack because I believe that alpha/beta testing is VERY important in video games, specially this type of video games, Aeria Games will need people that are there to help them test, check if there are any bugs, give constructive criticism, point out the awesome things, but also point out the bad things so they can try to fix them and make it a better game

  2. Aeria is to greedy for me.Why? Founders pack for 250-300$(that gives what i want to see in founders pack,but for price 40-50$ not 250-300$) gimme a break! And ofc someone will say-They also sale 20$ pack BUT that packs dont anything good at all.Its like a waste of money.

    • Actually if you compare the prices to the original Taiwanese servers, and convert the prices, it’s EXACTLY the same, literally to the same buck.

      • tbh theres not a difference in the 200$ one apart from like a exclusive mount and some cool extra items where as you go for 15$ you get a pet and accsess to the beta,which is still good.

  3. Point and Click, I’m pretty Sure nothing else is needed here…

    While I’m not entirely against point and click style games, I can’t see anything even comparing to Aion, where you could move, and positioning was part of an actual point and click style type of game…

    Mmorpgs which have long cooldowns just make the typical genre boring as hell (my opinion), and if I were to play another point and click game, and had better at least be on par, or better than Aion. I’m no “Fan” of Aion either, but the type of gameplay, skills/combo’s Aion had offered at the time revolutionized the entire “Point and Click” genre, and anything where you can’t even use a single skill while moving, seems to be boring.

    I love the Cell shaded visuals of Aura Kingdom, and how they aimed towards a more “Anime” feel, however, it’s nothing new, nor game breaking by any means, it’s typical… “Normal”….

    If people want to look for games that have changed the normal point and click, look no further then Mabinogi, and Shin Megami Tensei Online”. While point and click, it actually required a vast amount of skill to “Master” those games.

    • You need to play this game 😛

      Positioning is super important. All your skills allow for fluid movement, and transitions between skills are very very smooth. Mobs drop AoE’s keeping parties on their toes!
      This also makes PvP pretty fun~

      Sure this might not sound like something new and intuitive, but when it’s in actual play, you’ll find it to be pretty awesome.

      You can tell by reading the reviews of this game on various websites, everyone goes in with the mentality of all point and click games but comes out very pleased and surprised.

  4. im pretty sure this game will have huge lags for eu players, just like repulse did, i think the only reason why did repulse was shut down is because majority players was from eu and 140+ ping wasn’t what we wanted, loved that fps.

    • I personally left Repulse after 1 day on trying it on Aeriagames. Repulse was hosted by different company before which had great combat system, but then Repulse went to aeriagames and the combat system was changed, a lot of moves, like Punch jump were removed, many skills were very limited. Thats why i left :S. They ruined the game a bit, imo.

    • Yeah I gotta agree, the FPS games AGE has always seems to lag for me as well, but the EU servers for RPG type games don’t lag, partially because of how the game was built, and partially because lag is less noticeable on RPGs unless it’s very very high.

  5. Unlike the other X-Legend games, this game aims to make it easier for the f2p player base. Trust me on this. I have watched the streams and am amazed at the content the game provides. This will be a great game to try out for those who are interested. Don’t worry, everyone will be able to play the game during stress test and afterwards if you fail to get into founder’s beta or closed beta.


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