When Jagex said 2016 was going to be a big year for Runescape, they certainly weren’t kidding. To kick it off, players will finally get to explore the Wushanko Isles! These lands are located far east of Morytania and if you make the trek – you might get attacked by a kraken or two… or three.

Going for two landmasses this year, this is set to be a major expansion to Runescape. Not only huge, but also level neutral. Jagex stated that they are aiming to allow newer players to take part in grander experiences early on – and Wushanko is set to do just that. Alongside Wushanko comes Sliske’s Countdown – a new episodic story quest where each episode will be roughly 2 hours long – filled with player choice. Players will get to take part in an epic storyline where they pick which god wins, creating the opportunity for replay-ability later on if they wish to see both sides. Been wanting a sequel to the popular God Wars Dungeon? Well, you’ll be getting it in March! That’s right, players will get to delve into the multi stage sequel that will be filled with vicious talking demons.


Also, those who have been mining and blacksmithing for years, such as myself – will finally see a rework of both skills. Striving for a player driven crafting system that allows players to brand their own gear – Jagex wishes to focus on specialization. This rework is likely to add onto their recent elite skill Invention, which furthers the customizability of one’s character.

From Runescape’s conception, Jagex has always tried to produce rapid updates. It is no surprise that they still have a large player base because of that. 2016 will be no different, expect a substantial update each week – with a big update each month – including a Gower quest to be released this summer.


Overall, with a new engine on the way that will bring forth better lighting, better textures, and much further draw distance (along with tons of content that will lead players to unexplored lands with reworked skills) there’s tons to be looking forward to if you’re a fan of the game.


  1. people still play this shit tier game? it’s a waste of life tbh. the elitist crowd in it are so proud of spending 400+ days (game time, not even kidding) and force jagex to only update end game content instead of giving mid and low levels gaming content. too bad jagex will never learn before said crowd makes them go bankrupt.

    • the game as such is already massive, so for new players (mid and low levels) there still is a shitload of stuff you can do. New player arrive every day, the game is doing well and that’s not because it is such a shitty game. It has great quest lines, 27 different skills, minigames, massive landmass, history and a large amount of people still playing it. The graphs for some can be an issue but there’s a big graph update coming soon so that’s covered aswell. RS is a fun game and I highly recommend it to anyone that loves playing MORPGs.


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