All of us here at MMOBomb are extremely grateful for all the support you have shown us over the past year. We are excited for the future of MMOBomb and we hope to continue producing quality free to play content that you have come to expect from us.


  1. Not a single one of you can relate how this site dimproves or gives insightful info on a game. I can go to a games website and get more info than these guys share, including a REAL assesment of the state of the game, not a overhyped “spunk running around screaming” version of one. I think they had a REAL good change in the mmorpg cpmmunity when they started challenging the system and calling some developers out, but that quickly changed and they played sell out and quickly changed staff. I personally unsubbed and find cross referncing several personal gaming blogs, game forums and a few cross reviews from several sights more insightful.
    Another good measure of cress referencing is the game list on teh websites. EVERsingle website has a different rank and top 10, so it is hard to make an assessment. No one updates those lists and archives the old ones… That would be a community changing event also and very usefull…

    • Good lord, wasn’t that like a year ago that you “left”? And yet here you are again…and posting on almost every video posted…weird how “un-useful” this site is and yet it seems to make your daily visit list. I’ll tell you what probably happened…someone made an opinion that didn’t line up with yours on some small ass topic so therefore the site must now always be wrong. I”m sure they thank you for the views/hits though each and every day you come to remind everyone you “left”. lmao….lame troll is lame.

  2. Hmm…I remember the days when mmobomb used to be freemmogamer i have been a loyal member since then and i still am i hope you achieve even more subscribers Mmobomb i believe it is possible..

  3. Heh cool video, it’s awesome seeing how you people actually look like. Spunkify looks as goofy as hes voice suggests but i always pictured Magicman sitting in an armchair with a glass of wine next to a fireplace.

    But, you know, sitting in front a computer was probably a more realistic image.

    A very long and hard congratulation for reaching the milestone MMOBomb.


  4. That’s pretty legit you guys actually show personal appreciation to your subscribers and users. I guess that’s why you’re my favorite MMO website. Keep up the awesome work.

  5. Gratz on the 50k+ subs! Also this site could do with more girls like Jessica. No offense to the guys, but she is easy on the eyes and the reason I get my F2P MMO news here on

  6. Does anybody know a free MMO shooter, FPS or TPS, that has not much hack, permanent weapons available for in-game currency, good gameplay, and not in beta stage.

  7. yo Magicman nice case dude lol i have the same one and what all games do you have up there? I see The Secret World, FF, Aion, what looks like RIFT.. WAAAAAA NO GW2 UP THERE??? You need to show that bad boy off. You guys rock!!!

      • So Katakylzm83 had me going back and looking what you did have stacked up there…. am i seeing that right? Shining Force!? Heck yeah man!! I friggin love that series!

        • HAHA! Yes. I am a console collector as well. 33 Working systems and way toooooo many games. That is a complete Sega Genesis Shining Force in the shot there lol.

  8. Love you to MMOBOMB, You should the guys to be thanked not we. You provide us with allways updating news/ content. And you give your opinion about upcoming games or expansions, I really like this site.
    +infinit for MMOBOMB

  9. Nice job guys, to tell you ,ive never tryed yt vids ,think i subscribed to channel ,nut im busy playin all the good games we do up here (plug) how some1 is listening ,i need key for ps2 plz ,lol hopeing to play with spunk ,and yes beed 1 of his peeps sense other place (blackhole ) we wont memtion . but vg jog ,ill take a look soon up there.

  10. for more than a year and some now became my daily base visit web page …
    thanks to you i was able to find some really awesome games … and have a great time in them thanks to your giveaways … for exp i proudly wear mmobomb tag in BlackLight EU

    thanks keep it up to the ends of days and the day after ;p


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