Free to play Weekly

UPDATE: Free To Play Weekly – Hints At Revelation Online’s Payment Model! Ep 236

In the latest episode of Free To Play Weekly, Zach Sharpes made an error in regards to the Revelation Online story. In this video he…

Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly – Hints At Revelation Online’s Payment Model! Ep 236

Ubisoft cleans house, may have revealed Revelation Online’s payment model, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!…

bless feat

Bless Now Selling Russian Founders Packs

Bless Online is headed to Russia. Publisher Neowiz has begun selling Founder’s Packs specifically for the Russian audience that includes access to the beta, head…

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Special Server Merge Coming To TERA September 7

TERA is creating an all new serer for max level PvP. Only, instead of opening an entirely new server, the game’s developer is merging three…

Guardians of Atlas thumb

Hybrid MOBA/RTS Guardians Of Atlas Now Live; Day9 Contributed To Design

Need another MOBA in your life? If so, then Artillery Games Inc. has you covered, with Guardians of Atlas, a MOBA/RTS hybrid game that went…

Ever Jane thumb

Ever, Jane Gets F2P Open Beta

“Hey Mike, I found the next game for our community stream.” Remember Ever, Jane, the Jane Austen-inspired MMO? When we last reported on the game…

FoG Give 219 - 140

Forge of Gods New Steam DLC Giveaway (Team of Justice Pack)

It’s that time again! and Forge of Gods have teamed up to get you, our valued readers, a free Team of Justice pack for…

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Revelation Online Closed Beta Announced, Payment Model Revealed…Maybe

Stick with me MMOBombers, this gets a little weird. Today announced that the closed beta for the upcoming Western release for Revelation Online will…


Ubisoft Cleaning House: Duel of Champions CCG Closing Down As Well

OK, if Thursdays are going to be like this from now on then we need to make a specific article each week on this topic….

fractured space feat

Fractured Space To Leave Early Access Soon

Fractured Space, Edge Case Games’ upcoming free-to-play space MOBA, will officially graduate from Early Access to Open Beta on September 15. The company announced the…

star trek online feat

The Mirror Invasion Returns To Star Trek Online

The Mirror Invasion is back in Perfect World’s free-to-play sci-fi MMO Star Trek Online. The return is part of a limited time event that will…

ava feat

Alliance Of Valiant Arms Enters Open Beta; Releases New Content

En Masse Entertainment announced today that its free-to-play Military FPS Alliance of Valiant Arms has entered open beta. In addition to this, the team has…

winning-putt-8 thumb

Winning Putt Celebrates National Golf Month With Login Rewards

Did you know there was a National Golf Month? I didn’t, but apparently it comes around every August, and that’s more than enough reason for…

fallout shelter feat

Fallout Shelter Update 1.7 Adds Nuka-World’s Bottle And Cappy

Bethesda’s free-to-play Fallout spinoff, Fallout Shelter has been issued an all new update which introduces new quests and Bottle and Cappy, the mascots from Fallout…

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