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Interview: Swordsman’s “Sandbox in a Themepark”

With the launch of Swordsman’s latest expansion “Gilded Wasteland,” I figured it was time to get some more information about this title as I honestly…


The Inquisition: Do You Mind The Leveling Grind?

We touched upon it in the last Free-To-Play Cast, and later Magicman and I discussed grinding in TERA. After I obliquely accused him of just…


Interview: Neverwinter Rogues and Clerics Class Balancing Changes

With the Rise of Tiamat coming, it isn’t all about content updates for Neverwinter. Class balancing changes are also coming for both Clerics and Rogues….


Awful Ideas: The Limited-Time MMO

What I’m about to suggest is a terrible idea and no MMO developer should implement it… probably. Suppose there was an MMO that limited your…


SWTOR’s “Shadow of Revan” Sneak Peek with BioWare

This week, I had the chance to sit in with a group of my media peers and the team at BioWare to get a glimpse…


ArcheAge’s Labor Points Are A Good Idea, With So-So Implementation

ArcheAge has had its share of problems, but while many of them are technical in nature – queues, hackers, botters, DDoSes, etc. – some are…


Does F2P “Kill” Games? Or Is That Just Another Old-Timer Myth?

“I’ve been playing since beta, but I’m going to quit now because the devs killed the game!” We hear that, or something like it, when…


Lore Corner: Interview with Neverwinter’s Loremaster, Randy Mosiondz

With Tyranny of Dragons concluding on the Neverwinter severs soon, the release of the 5th Edition rule set for tabletop D&D players, and the general…


Malice in the Palace: Previewing EverQuest II’s Upcoming Expansion

The EverQuest franchise is moving forward in a big way, with EverQuest Next looming as the Next Big Thing. But that doesn’t mean the older…

STO lockbox key

How To Make Lockboxes More Fair (And Maybe More Profitable)

Could the government really regulate lockboxes effectively? Do we even want them poking around in our MMOs in the first place? Or is there a…


Keep On Truckin’: H1Z1′s New Ride And Some Thoughts On The Early Access Silence

A little vehicular manslaughter is always nice – unless you’re the one stuck to the grill of a speeding 4×4. Yesterday, we got a look…


Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris Talks SMITE World Championship & Map Overhaul

This week I had the chance to chat with Hi-Rez Studios’ Chief Operating Officer (COO) Todd Harris about the current and future state of SMITE…

Ask MMOBomb

Get Your Questions In for Ask MMOBomb

It’s time to bring back “Ask MMOBomb” our weekly Q&A show. If you were an MMO Bomber from a few years ago you may remember…

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