Daybreak Game Company Says It Was Never Owned By Columbus Nova

Remember when Sony Online Entertainment was purchased by Columbus Nova and rebranded Daybreak Game Company? No you don’t, because it never happened. That’s the stunning…


League Of Angels II Introduces Cute New Fairy Battle Pet

Spring has been kicking around in the Northern Hemisphere for about a month now, so League of Angels II‘s latest battle pet seems pretty appropriate….


StarCraft II Introduces A Pair Of Community-Made Maps

StarCraft II went free-to-play a few months back, loudly touting its non-pay-to-win nature. While that’s still intact, Blizzard is going in another direction with the…


Relive 11 Popular Mods From Past Leagues In Path Of Exile’s Flashback Event

In less than two weeks, the May Flashback Event will kick off in Path of Exile. Set to run from May 5th to May 29,…


Interview: H1Z1 Quickens The Pace And Streamlines Gameplay For The PS4 Crowd

Before there was Fortnite: Battle Royale, before there was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there was H1Z1. Despite launching into early access three years ago, its development cycle…


Defiance Event Horizon Now Under Way; 2nd 2050 Closed Beta Test Announced As Well

Between now and May 7th, Defiance players can earn 100% boosts for XP, Rep, and Score. These boosts part of Event Horizon which introduces new…


Champions Online Beats Out City Of Heroes As Longest-Running Superhero MMORPG

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios today announced that Champions Online has surpassed an important milestone, becoming the longest-running superhero MMORPG. It launched on Sept….


Hearthstone’s Executive Producer Stealth-Announces Departure

Remember when we told you about Ben Brode leaving the Hearthstone team to forge his own path with some new company that will be a…

First Look

Defiance 2050 – Gameplay First Look

Trion Worlds is bringing Defiance to the current console generation with an overhaul to the existing game. Dubbed Defiance 2050, the game now sports a…


Tencent Obtains Chinese Market Publishing Rights For Fortnite

If you’re a video game company looking to get your game published in China, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to end up falling…


RIFT Prime Trove Of Mounts Temporarily Disabled To Fix Screwy Loot Table

Trion temporarily pulled the “Trove of Mounts” daily calendar reward from RIFT Prime this weekend due to issues with it giving out duplicate mounts —…


Crossout’s Knight Riders Faction Offers Up Some Haunted Weapons

For most of us, Knight Rider was an awesome TV show with a talking car from the ’80s. In Crossout, the Knight Riders are an…

Free to play Weekly

Free to Play Weekly – The Netherlands Drops The Banhammer On Predatory Loot Boxes! Ep 318

Another Battle Royale game enters the free to play space, the Netherlands classifies three major games’ loot boxes as gambling, all that and more, I’m…


Snowy Battle Royale Game Darwin Project Goes Free-to-Play

Need another free-to-play battle royale game? Who doesn’t! Now you can get your murder on in the frozen north of Scavenger Studios’ Darwin Project for…


ArcheAge Creator Jake Song Talks About His Return In Interview Video

ArcheAge creator Jake Song has been away from the game for a while, taking care of other things that required his attention. But now… he’s…


Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode Leaving Blizzard

After 15 years at Blizzard, Hearthstone’s game director is moving on. Ben Brode announced his departure today in a post on the forums stating…


NEXON Acquires Korean MMO Developer Ngine

NEXON has acquired Ngine, the Korean developer responsible for the PC MMORPG Arpiel. No major details — such as the amount of money spent —…

Fight For Fame And Prizes In Revelation Online’s New Colosseum

Revelation Online PvP fans have a new way to show off their battle skills and earn rewards while doing it. Today marks the launch of…

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