Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly: Kickstarter Game Flip Flops On Promise! (Ep 159)

Skyforge closed beta date announced, Kickstarter strategy game flip flops on payment model, all that and more, this is Free To Play Weekly! Free-To-Play Weekly…


Hearthstone Patch Teases Blackrock Mountain Content Update, Three New Card Backs

The latest patch for Hearthstone contains a few interesting bits about possible future content, if you know where to look. According to Hearthpwn, Intrepid dataminers…


The Repopulation Overhauls Combat in Today’s Patch

The Repopulation’s servers were just taken offline a few moments ago and will be down for anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. Today’s patch is…

Fable Legends

Fable Legends Will Be Free-To-Play

Be the hero or be the villain — whichever role you choose, you’ll soon be able to do it in Fable Legends for free*. Lionhead…


Wham, Bam, Thank You Sir — Brawlhalla BombLive

It’s time to b-b-b-b-b-brawl! OK, so that’s not quite how it goes, but the game isn’t called “Duelhalla.” Join me for some fast-paced smash-’em-up action…

Free to Play Cast

Free to Play Cast: That’s A Lot of Money! Or Is It? Ep. 129

On this week’s show, we’re back from our vacation and taking you through the latest addition to the Nosgoth world, chatting about changes made to…


Skyforge Closed Beta Date Announced: Founder’s Packs Available

Skyforge is gearing up for closed beta and today, has announced that the magic date for those of you waiting to jump into the…


Echo of Soul Class Reveal

Aeria Games’ upcoming beta/release of Echo of Soul is quickly approaching. Today we get a sneak peek at the 5 classes that will be available…

Supernova Maxim

Bandai Namco Announces Supernova, A Futuristic MOBA

Bandai Namco’s getting into the MOBA game, today announcing Supernova. The brainchild of Primal Game Studios, Supernova is an humans vs. aliens free for all…


Star Trek Online Double XP Weekend Starts Today

The galaxy needs more Captains in Delta Quadrant and Star Trek Online will be giving you a boost this weekend to all content that rewards…


Hearthstone Tweaks Spectator Mode In New Patch

If you’re the kind who likes to watch other people do things on the Internet, then you’re in for a treat. If you’re a Hearthstone…


Are E-sports “Legitimate”?

It depends on who you ask and how you define words like “legitimate,” but at least one person thinks so – though he’s got an…


Bard, The Wandering Caretaker Added to LoL Champion Lineup

Riot Games has unveiled Bard, The Wandering Caretaker, today. This support character specializes in movement to edge out his foes. Bard is League’s first support…

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