Fable Legends

Fable Legends Will Be Free-To-Play

Be the hero or be the villain — whichever role you choose, you’ll soon be able to do it in Fable Legends for free*. Lionhead…


Skyforge Closed Beta Date Announced: Founder’s Packs Available

Skyforge is gearing up for closed beta and today, My.com has announced that the magic date for those of you waiting to jump into the…


Echo of Soul Class Reveal

Aeria Games’ upcoming beta/release of Echo of Soul is quickly approaching. Today we get a sneak peek at the 5 classes that will be available…

Supernova Maxim

Bandai Namco Announces Supernova, A Futuristic MOBA

Bandai Namco’s getting into the MOBA game, today announcing Supernova. The brainchild of Primal Game Studios, Supernova is an humans vs. aliens free for all…


Star Trek Online Double XP Weekend Starts Today

The galaxy needs more Captains in Delta Quadrant and Star Trek Online will be giving you a boost this weekend to all content that rewards…


Hearthstone Tweaks Spectator Mode In New Patch

If you’re the kind who likes to watch other people do things on the Internet, then you’re in for a treat. If you’re a Hearthstone…


Bard, The Wandering Caretaker Added to LoL Champion Lineup

Riot Games has unveiled Bard, The Wandering Caretaker, today. This support character specializes in movement to edge out his foes. Bard is League’s first support…


DCUO Shuts Down New Raid to Fix Exploit

Amazon Fury Part II, the latest DLC for Daybreak Game Studio’s DC Universe Online, added a new raid that features Hades as a boss. Late…

Neverwinter green dragon

Neverwinter Hits Xbox One March 31

We first received confirmation that Neverwinter would be heading to Xbox One seven months ago. If you’ve been anxious to try it out, your wait…

Nosgoth Vanguard thumb

Shields Up! Our Preview Of Nosgoth’s New Class, The Vanguard

The humans of Square Enix’s Nosgoth are a grim sort. You’ve got one that fires bullets steeped in the blood of its enemies, another that…

Armored Warfare Tank Destroyer

Armored Warfare Shows Off Tank Classes

We haven’t heard much from Obsidian Entertainment’s Armored Warfare for a while, but they’re making up for that in a big way today, with a…


Kickstarted Strategy Game Duelyst Changes Course, Goes F2P, Upsets Some People

Kickstarter’s taken its lumps recently, with high-profile titles like Peter Molyneux’s Godus and the king of successful Kickstarters, Star Citizen, taking flak for their recent…

H1Z1 logo

H1Z1 Gets Its Own Awards Show

No, it’s not an awards show for H1Z1… I can see how that would go: “And the best survival MMO goes to… H1Z1!” Not much…

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