Nosgoth Pushes Leagues Back To December

Square Enix was planning to start its competitive Nosgoth leagues in October, but, responding to player feedback during their test leagues, the team has decided…

HotS Rexxar

WoW’s Rexxar Joining The Hunt In Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm’s newest warrior is a familiar face to fans of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. The half-orc, half-ogre Rexxar will make an…

Soul Calibur

PS3’s Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Shutting Down In November

Did you play Bandai Namco’s free-to-play Soul Calibur: Lost Swords on the PlayStation 3? If you did, then you’d better hop back in while you…

Marvel Heroes She Hulk

The Reasoning Behind Marvel Heroes’ 201X Yearly Naming Convention

I’ve often poked fun at Marvel Heroes and its now-yearly rename. The game launched in 2013 as simply “Marvel Heroes” but changed in 2014 to…

Warships North Carolina

World of Warships Launches Sept. 17, Adds Ranked Season Play

Wargaming is taking World of Warships out of drydock, dropping the “beta” tag and officially launching its naval battler World of Warships on Sept. 17….

Heroes Generals Xylander

Heroes & Generals Xylander Update Removes Unbalanced War Battles, Tweaks Rewards

The new update for Heroes & Generals sees soldiers strutting down a runway while wearing the latest fashions — wait, it’s Xylander, not Zoolander? Sorry,…

Armored Warfare Fox

Fifth Armored Warfare Early Access Period Adds New PvP Map, Daily PvE Missions, Cute L’il Vehicle of Death

Armored Warfare keeps chugging forward, dashing headlong into its fifth early access testing period, which begins today and lasts until Sept. 20, running 24/7. This…


WildStar Announces Free to Play Date

We recorded the Free to Play Cast last night. It’ll be up on the site in a few hours. With Guild Wars 2 going free…


Games Outside of Games: Tribal Wars Announces Castle Assault Event

Don’t have enough time to sit and play a browser game but want to get your fix of earning rewards when you’re away from your…


Get Those Keys! : Aion’s Shugo Emperor’s Vault Event Returns

From today until September 16th the Shugo Emperor’s Vault event is once again live in NCSoft’s free to play MMORPG, Aion. The Shugos need help…


Skyforge Teases Hostile Territories

The end game of Skyforge is getting some more group content soon in the way of Hostile Territories. These areas, accessible through portals, hold vast…

nexon logo

Former SWTOR Devs Team With Nexon To Produce New Game

Nexon’s dipping its fingers into a lot of pies lately. We already know that it’s publishing Boss Key Productions’ LawBreakers, and now word comes down…

wildstar rune thumb

WildStar Details Loot and Runecrafting Changes as CB2 Starts

WildStar’s free to play beta continues into its second phase tomorrow afternoon as Carbine Studios takes the day today to review data from the first…

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