elsword feat

Elsword’s 3rd Job Path For The Fallen Angel Ain Is Twisted

KOG Games announced today the next job path for Elsword’s fallen angel character Ain today. The new path comes courtesy of Henir, the God of…

anarchy online feat

Funcom Brings Anarchy Online To Steam

MMO developer Funcom has decided to bring its long-running sci-fi MMO Anarchy Online to the Steam platform. The game, which launched in 2001, takes players…

Hearthstone Arena pick thumb

Blizzard’s Changing Hearthstone Arena From Wild To Standard And Players Aren’t Happy

The next update to Hearthstone won’t be introducing a new card set — not yet, at least — but it is going to make major…

Armored Warfare Chemical Plant

Armored Warfare Shows Off Chemical Plant Map

Despite recent news, Armored Warfare isn’t dead yet. In fact, there’s a new map in the works, and it’ll be coming to live servers with…

WoT Blitz BDR G1 B thumb

World of Tanks Blitz Celebrates 80 Million Downloads With French Tanks

World of Tanks Blitz is getting to be as huge as its parent game. Today, Wargaming announced that the 7v7 battler (which you can get…

War Thunder German AF D1 thumb

War Thunder Begins Weekly Pre-Beta Testing For Naval Forces

Naval battles in War Thunder are about to get even wetter and wilder — or at least more frequent — as Gaijin Entertainment has announced…

riders of icarus feat

Riders Of Icarus Offers Rewards To Players Affected By Item Disappearance Issue

Following an unscheduled maintenance designed to fix an item disappearance issue reported by players in Riders of Icarus, Nexon is issuing compensation to players affected….


Hex Drops Gameforge, Will Self-Publish

Hex: Shards of Fate is going solo. Today, Hex Entertainment announced that it would no longer be using Gameforge as a publishing partner for its…

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Neverwinter’s Cloaked Ascendancy Goes Live On PC

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced the official launch of Neverwinter‘s Cloaked Ascendancy on PC today. The update brings with it a new adventure zone,…

path of exile feat

Path Of Exile Legacy Challenge League Launches March 3rd

Path of Exile‘s upcoming update (2.6.0) is set to release on March 3rd and it will bring with it the Legacy Challenge League. The new…

mu legend feat

MU Legend Kicks Off Second Global Beta Test

Today, developer and publisher Webzen announced the second Global Beta test for its free-to-play MMO MU Legend. This new CBT is focusing on localization for…

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Neverwinter’s Updated Spellplague Caverns Will Feature All New Boss Encounters

The Neverwinter devs have dropped another behind-the-scenes blog post regarding the upcoming Spellplague Caverns update. Last week they took a look at the update’s environment…

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Latest Revelation Online Blog Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Wings

I’m sure you’ve all realized by now that Revelation Online uses wings as a mode of transportation. They do have wings on characters in just…

hyper univer

Hyper Universe Introduces New Succubus Playable Character

Nexon Korea and Cwavesoft’s 4v4 side-scroller MOBA Hyper Universe recently had a new character added to the game’s lineup. She’s sexy, has wings, and comes…

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