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need for speed world (2)

Need For Speed World

Need for Speed World is a free MMO game based on the worldwide famous franchise from Electronic Arts. It’s a completely free-to-play game, with the initial restrictions lifted.

86 reviews

Altitude0: Lower & Faster

Altitude0: Lower & Faster is a free-to-play flight racing game developed independantly and published by Gugila. Players race close to the ground while weaving through gates and dodging other players.

3 reviews
Auto Club Revolution (1)

Auto Club Revolution

Auto Club Revolution (ACR) is a free-to-play 3D online racing game and car community built in collaboration with the motor industry. Featuring officially licensed cars from over 50 of the world’s leading motor manufacturers, it delivers a console quality racing experience to the free-to-play market while providing a social platform.

20 reviews
crazy kart (1)

Crazy Kart

Crazy Kart is an extremely fun 3D MMO racing game published by Zapak. Race at exciting speed, collect and use imaginative power-ups to unleash on your opponents. With similarities to the classic Nintendo Mario Kart games, it is a crazy racing game that will leave you glued to the computer screen.

11 reviews
drift city (1)

Drift City

Drift City is a distinctive free MMO driving game that is one half role-playing game and one half racing game. It offers both single player mission modes and multiplayer racing modes with beautiful cell-shaded style visuals.

11 reviews
heat online (1)

HEAT Online

HEAT online is a free-to-play 3D MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game) developed by Hungarian studio Invictus and previously known as Project Torque. The game is available in several versions for over 4 years and the developer is constantly improving it.

38 reviews
tales runner (1)

Tales Runner

Tales Runner is an original free racing MMO game that is inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Kart and sharing the colorful and cheerful look, only with anime style visuals. This game has some important features, such as a unique leveling system.

6 reviews
trackmania nations forever (1)

TrackMania Nations Forever

TrackMania Nations Forever is the critically acclaimed sequel of TrackMania Nations, the successful free online game by French studio Nadeo.

11 reviews

Victory: The Age of Racing

Victory: The Age of Racing is a 3D Fomula-1 racing simulator that forgoes the typical modern day theme for a more old-school approach. The game allows players to race a variety of race-cars straight out of the 1960s. Victory certainly appeals to race fans who wish to have full control over their vehicles handling and performance.

13 reviews

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