Aura Kingdom Closed Beta Key Giveaway and Aeria Games are pleased to present our users with an invite to Aura Kingdom closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Aura Kingdom is a free to play 3d fantasy MMORPG with stunning art, fluid battles, interactive companions and much more!

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Go to the Aura Kingdom site.
4. Login to your Aeria account
5. Enter your key in the box and click ‘Redeem’
6. Download the client
7. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter!
8. Have Fun!

NOTE: If you were experiencing issues validating your key earlier attempt to do so again. Aeria Games servers seemed to have been having some issues.

Aura Kingdom Gameplay Preview:


  1. Thank you :D ! so wanted to get access to this game :D

    1. but Yulgang 2 is better

      1. But Blade and Soul is better

        1. B&S? more like BullShit, please, NCsoft think they are better than anyone that they teased the western gamer and in the end, they cancelled the English released. With that much pride, I don’t think that game deserved to be mentioned, let it died out in the eastern culture. So yeah, you can keep keep your foolish hopes up, or give in to their mockery and play in Korea/China server, throw away your self respect.

          1. I have nothing to say to your blasphemy, but are you retarded?

  2. I’m playing this games for 1-2 months actively because of good commentary from this site ;)

  3. TY MMOBOMB now i finally get a key HUEUHEU.

  4. thanks :D i already got one from facebook but 2 not bad i can help anyone needs :D

    1. Hey, i wasn’t able to get a key, i wonder if i can one of yours?

      1. i only have one u wanna it?

        1. Do you still have it?

        2. i wanna the key

    2. i need beta key

  5. where do i redeen my key? o.o

  6. I cant faind where I can Redeem my code is, can some one help me plz

    1. You start the game then it will say u need a Beta Key and instructions on how to buy one (founderspack) or get one

      Then you will see a Link that sais Redeem code

      well thats how i got it anyways, Hope this help

  7. this game is absolute shit
    terrible asian shit as always.
    Horrible repetitive gameplay.
    Nothing original. (eidelons is just fancy for pets)
    Horrible customization.
    Talent system is a joke.
    Garbage story.
    Waiting for this game to die off.

    1. gotyetto

      im keeping this simpel

      nobody gives a shit about what you think



    2. If you really hate this game or any ‘terrible asian shit’ games then you should consider leaving the page and/or most MMOs out there.

      1. garbage asian companies don’t know how to make proper games or innovate. They all do the same terrible stuff stolen from western developers who innovate.
        This game is a joke.

        1. Don’t forget about 5-10 years later the game will be shut down like DOMO was,after some people pay tons of money for shit.

          1. That’s exactly what will happen as does all asian games that come to the west, they simply cannot sustain.
            Also 5-10 years is waaaay positive, more like 2-4 years for this crap

        2. You people tend to forget that games like Aion, Tera, C9, Vindictus or Dragon Nest were all developed by Asian developers. Sure, not all of them are as popular now as they were back in their prime, but they are still going strong. Especially Dragon Nest.

          Sure, there are crap games occasionally, but that happens in the West as well. Calling all Asian-made games “crap” is rather inaccurate, no?

          1. If you really hate the game, don’t take the CBT Key, a lot of other people wanted to play this game and yet can’t because A*holes like you taking their chances at a Key. Damn I want CBT Key now!!

          2. You say “you people” like it ISN’T just the same idiot agreeing with himself using different names because he’s so full of crap, LOL.

        3. That’s pretty funny, since it’s the other way around. Games usually come from Asia first, then we bastardize the content here.

    3. you either are having a bad day or you didnt get to play the game

      i acknowledge that the game is probably shitty, but i try to enjoy it because it looks better than eden eternal, grand fantasia and all the rest of those games, and somehow looks more immersive

      but it will probably suck :D

    4. Your assessment of the game is pretty far from the truth.

    5. Ok first i have one thing to say to you Nothing original. (eidelons is just fancy for pets) not really they’re not pets they are followers and also I’m not dealing with you saying terrible asian shit as always. the games are almost never Shit. and if you dont like this game you probably dont like most other mmos so the fact that you even came on this website.Is a sad, sad Story

  8. wow thanks mmobomb

  9. Just some info on when the CBT starts:
    They will close the Founder’s Beta and the servers for a maintenance at 5pm pst / 01:00 GMT to prepare for the CB,no estimated time when the servers will go up again, my guess would be at around 7-8pm pst

  10. This is so awesome! Thank you.

  11. I get a message saying Inactive Account everytime I log in

  12. I still didn’t get my key from the Facebook page :/ but I got this once also just in case. Now how do you redeem the key if you already have an (Aeria) account @-@

    1. . Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
      2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
      3. Go to the Aura Kingdom site.
      4. Login to your Aeria account
      5. Enter your key in the box and click ‘Redeem’
      6. Download the client
      7. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter!
      8. Have Fun!

      1. I tried that, no redeem box

      2. My bad, pressed wrong link. Found it lol.

        1. where is it can’t find it

  13. maintenance

    1. that why it says accont in active

  14. AU-NX5G-6FQL-HCM5-3464

  15. i downloaded the game and activated my accont with these beat key but when i log in it sayes accont inactive

  16. I thought about getting a key but, even sense I payed over $500 on item mall things on Dream of Mirror to have it get shut down and nothing back from it, I will never play any game Aeria puts out there. If I knew they would shut it down in my lift time I’d never had touch any of their games to start with.

  17. I punched my code in correctly but it says its invalid, can anyone help?

    1. nvm im dumb but tyvm mmo bomb im soooo happy

  18. Every key i’ve Tried Always says (Invalid key) im simply copy and pasting i check for spaces and everything tried 3 different keys from 3 different give away sites can anyone help ?

    1. I believe servers were down.

  19. doesnt work get eror tryed on 3 diffent browsers

  20. it’s the second kay dat fails

  21. wow i am nopt able to get a key damn thing gives me error have tryed multiple browsers but i wont let me get one WTF

  22. WOW this not cool -__-

  23. omg didnt work -.-’

  24. my key validation failed T_T someone please give me 1 key please

  25. Thankyou!

  26. Doesn’t work wont give a key gives error instead

  27. I just signed up and logged in… anything else I need to do to get my key?

  28. Dang! Missed my chance at getting a key…*sigh* :(

  29. i logged out an didnt get it down ,how do i get it bac??

    1. They usually send an backup email, so check your email?

  30. NOOOO!! i lost my key :(

  31. doesnt matter if u missed doesnt give keys anyway gives you error

  32. Damn! All keys gone, thats freaking fast. Will there be anymore keys cuz I want one really really bad

    1. You and me both man..I surely hope more keys’ll be given out before the cbt phase ends, but.. :( All I can do now though, is wait for the one from liking on Facebook.

  33. Awesome game! :D

    -Aela :3

  34. I want a key :(

  35. I have 1 key if any1 want grab it – AU-4XFM-SFCL-PDCF-TFMX

  36. anyone have key? pls send me

  37. Anyone need a key? I got two -.-

    1. Yes can i have 1 please?

    2. Yep . it would be nice

  38. Here’s my key if anyone wants it AU-FX5H-44E7-CAEW-7HWN


  40. cuando daran nuevas keys para el juego? tengo muchas ganas de jugarlo :(

  41. i need a key ;[

  42. here is my facebook key
    I got one from this site and I got one from facebook.
    got my char to lvl 48 :D
    so fun

    1. AU-9XCX-FTVX-JWAG-UD7A <oops

      1. AU-9XCX-FTVX-JWAG-UD7A <working key

  43. I need a key, can u help me ? i want to play :l

  44. anyone got a key they are not planning to use ?:$ pm me pls :)

  45. You guys i want to give you mine unused close beta key since i already activated one but the prob is if i give you mine you can be banned cause you used mine and thats against the rules according to aeriagames in my opinion its BS but hey nothing i can do about it soooo yeah my advice wait till the stress test that comes after the closed beta in that phase everyone can enter even the peeps who didnt compete in Closed beta so yeah see you until then

    1. Well. They can’t know if it’s your beta key . And they can’t know if it’s a beta key from a contest or something like that. I don’t see why they would ban us for using an other beta key.

  46. anyone else have a key there not going to use i want one

  47. another terrible copy/paste asian grind game with anime graphics that will be closed in 2 years or less.

    koreans and chinese couldn’t make a good game if their life depended on it.

    1. Games that have been developed by Asians – Dragon Nest, Tera Rising , Aion , C9 , Elsword , Vindictus, and Blade and Soul. – Final Fantasy reborn.

      I am sure most Nintendo games are made by Asians…

      Most exclusives of PS4 are made by Asians….

  48. this is my second key, if it will make someone happy, use it


    1. They will ban you the key youre getting is IP binded thats how aeriagames bans people

  49. to all fanboys that bought founders pack and especially that are from EU region, you got ripped off the most, you can forget any pvp from this game (delay) dont expect eu region servers, and if you are for pve you’ll get disappointed even more, it dont have anything special, go from point a to b, kill that, come back and repeat, there is nothing action in this game simple 1 2 3 spam, but if you love that kind of gameplay without any story kudos to you.

  50. Thank you for the beta key, you guys rock! Spunkify rules!


  52. This game is pretty bad. Everything is cash shop based. You can get to level 40 in 2 days if you really wanted to. Everyone looks the same, there is no armor or weapon appearance change except for “costumes” which you can rent from the cash shop. There is no change in weapon or armor appearance as you upgrade them. Skill system is terrible with very little skill combination, active and passive, or usefulness of a skill, ultimate skill +1% damage to defense. Overall this game is meant for kids whom have nothing to do over the holiday. There are so much mmorpg that are way better and this is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Ariea Game. Thank goodness I did not spend 300 dollars on a game like this, even that 20 dollar spent for founder access is regrettable. Maybe the game will take a complete turn around and add some amazing content but at this point I would not waste my time with this terrible game.

    1. Then don’t waste your time writing how bad the game is. To some people, they might like it.

      1. If people only voiced positive opinions, things would never change. There is intrinsic value in a negative opinion from a product development standpoint. The fact that you would attempt to silence him shows the problem with many nowadays. You cannot improve if people don’t point out what is wrong.

        In the future, try not to oppress people. The internet is not run by the gestapo.

  53. Thanks for the free key. You are the best

  54. WTF I already got the key and its inactive i dunno where else to redeem it my account is still inactive

  55. my key didn’t work ;__; could someone give me new one? D:

  56. Thanks for the key i really appreciate it!

  57. ouh… i the key… some one pliss help mee :’(

  58. give me some key pls?? :(

  59. More keys please :/

  60. Keys please cause i want to play


  62. Give more keys please :’)

  63. I need 1 key please

  64. need key

  65. Ok.
    Already level 20 and bored. I just can see: Click mouse, automatic npc/travel/kill x mobs,press 1 2 3, jump,kill>npc.
    Nothing was new, another one Aeria game prob dead in few months by cash

  66. here 1 key for you ppl have fun

  67. Yahoo i did it XD thanks alot

  68. I want a key please!

  69. give me key please :’(

  70. I Want a key, pls help me :’(

  71. I dreamed of a game like this, but I had a problem and I did not get to take any key, please someone gave me plsssss

  72. will someone kindly gave me a key. Let’s beg someone will kindly dreamed of playing time yes I had a disaster recently when codes were many crazy and I started to have none .. please let it’s about nn holidays .. even as I received Christmas misfortune. At least one key would satisfy

    1. don’t worry about not getting in, this game is boring, if you want tab targeting, play aion, lineage2 you’ll get much more fun out of these games

      1. It might be boring for you, but not other people. Note that the game is still developing.

  73. Key please :( (((((((((

  74. one key please T^T please


  76. Give me key please T_________T

  77. give me key pleaseeeeeee…

  78. Anyone has any code? I couldn’t take my :(

  79. AU-7XRR-KD3Q-739Y-HLS6

    Heres a key ^^ Whoever gets it first, gets it. (You have about 10h before it doesn’t work)

    Happy New Years =^~^=

  80. gimmie one please….

  81. No need in key guys. OBT starts 6 January.

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