Blacklight Retribution: MMOBomb Tag Giveaway

Blacklight Retribution: Exclusive MMOBomb Branded Item Giveaway and Perfect World Entertainment have teamed up to give our users a code key which will grant you a super exclusive MMOBomb weapon tag for Blacklight Retribution. To get your key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Go to
4. Log in with your PWE account
5. Enter the code, select the server you’re on, and select a character that you want to receive the package.
6. Submit and the item will be sent to your in-game mailbox.
7. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook or Twitter!
8. Have Fun

The Key Includes:

MMOBomb Weapon Tag – In Blacklight: Retribution, players can unlock gun tags to customize their weapons. These ornamental trinkets come with small statistical bonuses. This special tag, created exclusively for will give the user a small bonus to accuracy when equipped.

Blacklight Retribution: MMOBomb Tag Video Preview


  1. literally this

  2. Thank you … and love the little MMOBomb gun tag.

  3. i already have the weapon tag but i love the helmet and the promotion :;D


  5. i got the key but idk where to do those settings to get the items
    help pls :/

    1. Go to customization and if u got a hero equiped go to hero and select ur char, then go to equipment click on the helmet icon and search between them :)

      1. oh cool…. ty :)

  6. mmobomb forever :)

  7. Thanks MMOBomb :)

  8. Thank you!

  9. I tired to get a key, registered and all, but when I clicked it, it said “I can only have one key”. I never got my first key?

    1. Disregard this. The key was copy/mailed to me. Thanks for the swag. Will fav the site.

  10. good to see mmobomb grow

  11. 1000 dollars event is not exlusive for asain countries? AM I RIGHT? coz i cant join but i activated the helmet and weapon tag..

    1. The 1000 dollar event is not MMOBomb based, it’s the 30 days of fight event by the publishers. It doesn’t work in Asian countries, unfortunately, since the game is US/AU only.

  12. Hell yea I want I wanna represent MMOBOMB for life.

  13. Nice thanks!

  14. THANKS!

  15. This is nice but I’m not really that much of a Blacklight fan. Now if you did this for Tribes: Ascend… that’s another story. :)

  16. how do i redeem this for my steam acc?

  17. is the helmet perm?

  18. Ty MMOBomb

  19. Keeps giving me an error sending me my items..?

  20. I like how I can’t come back to this page and get the key I was already given. Such luck when there was an error sending me my items right as I copied another code I was also about to redeem.

    This should really change as every other gaming-related website that dispenses codes allow you to find them again by logging in and being on the same page, replacing the button to retrieve a new key/code.

  21. Meh. Apparently I live in “Disabled Region”. Screw this, at least I can already play Warface. :P

  22. There was an error sending your items. That always puts a smile on my face.

  23. Games such crap they are now giving crap away to attract more crap. This game smells like my upper lip

    1. Actually, Blacklight is rather fun (after the first few levels). Once you get the hang of the game, and figure out exactly what it is that you do to customize weapons, it gets a lot more fun. Frustrating at times, yes. But overall Id say 9/10 for a shooter.

  24. Thank you MMOBOMB!!!

  25. cool thanks

  26. But what do i have to do if i already have an account?

  27. i already had the tag from the closed beta but thanks for the helmet :)

  28. Dropped the bomb!

  29. Just so you guys know as soon as 30 days came up loads of people started reporting hackers for some odd reason( next bit is completely sarcastic ) as pwe have great anti hacking systems that always work some people report hackers with hundreds of kills in a single match (true but uncomnon)

    but this game can run on almost any pc and is great fun thanks mmobomb for the tag but also curse have a tag giveaway with the same helmet.

  30. Fudge!
    I got a key and browser crashed?
    Now i can’t get one?
    Help guys!

    1. check your email

  31. hey mmobomb i have this code and when i enter it to the B.L website i can’t select my server and character can u guys help me?

  32. check your emails, they send you the same key

  33. The Helmet says the same name but it doesnt show what it’s showing in the video..
    Help anyone?

  34. Anyone got 2 spares? Even more would be nice. I will trade SMITE keys if REALLY needed. Really want these codes for me and my mates. :)

  35. Can we have more keys i didnt get the chance to get the key PLZZ

  36. Hi, that game is soo cool i am 7 lvl and i play pro style20 kills and 5 deads, almost every tame team warlord, that game gots cool grap,interesting gameplay and soo many combinations you can chose

  37. Nice Game

  38. To bad its over =\

  39. I love this game :) )))

  40. didn’t get a key

  41. Now that gifting is active I can gift away this second tag.

  42. didn’t work for me O_O

  43. Btw Thanks MMoBoMB

  44. MMoBomb rocks
    thx for the key love it ^^

  45. i find myself coming to this site every day now i love it!!!!

  46. it doesn’t give me the helmet.

  47. Guys please help i only get the weapon tag but not the helmet.
    Btw i live in South-East Asia but i am not sure whether that effects this
    thanks for the help

  48. Guys please help i only get the weapon tag but not the helmet.
    Btw i live in South-East Asia but i am not sure whether that effects this
    thanks for the help.

    1. This giveaway is just the weapon tag, the helmet was another giveaway.

  49. I want the helmet to be in the giveaway again! I really want it!

  50. I just got the weapon tag not the helmet :/

  51. thanks now i can show in black light mmobomb is in town

  52. It shows a Helmet as well But All I Got was the Weapon Tag

    1. This giveaway is just for the weapon tag, the extra helmet was another giveaway.

  53. accuracy +,I love it.

  54. i only got the tag! help!

  55. yay got the tag :D but how do you get the helmet?

  56. take it P91H84L

  57. please send me a key too :(

  58. Aww dammit, it is over

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