Dragons Prophet EU Merchandise (and More) Giveaway

Dragons Prophet EU Merchandise Giveaway
MMOBomb.com and Infernum Productions have teamed up to give our users exclusive Dragon’s Prophet (Europe) prizes, including merchandise, founder packs, beta keys, and more! To win a prize you just need to follow the instructions below.


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How to get a Prize:

1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and follow us on social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (if you don´t have an account for example on Twitter, it’s ok).

2. Visit the The Dragon´s Prophet EU official site and create an account.

3. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “I am a MMOBomber and I want the Dragons Prophet prize”. In the email please include your Dragon´s Prophet username, MMOBomb username and your street address (because we need to send the T-Shirts and the Art Book).

We’ll select the 10 lucky winners at random on April 30 , we’ll be notifying the winners via email, so please check your accounts.

Dragon´s Prophet EU Exclusive interview:


- First Place: Dragon Seeker Founder’s pack (€29.99) + 1 Art Book + 1 T-shirt (L)

- Second Place: Dragon Master Founder’s pack (€15.99) + 1 T-Shirt (L)

- Third Place: Closed Beta Key + 1 T-Shirt (L)

- Runners up: #7 Closed Beta Keys

Lucky Winners:

- Xwaste
- Kriust
- Skyee
- lordhi
- ZauceMMOBomb
- Neko Sama
- diddy912
- Kalyba
- TerrorSmile


  1. awesome giveaway again MMOBomb

    1. awesome love mmobomb

  2. I never win anything, but why not. I ll give it a go. This game looks pretty good. and that Shirt is awsome.

  3. Erm i believe you got the prices mixed up master founder pack is worth more then the seekers XD
    also first/mounted w.e. you want :D

    1. dammit almost!! lol

  4. Hell yeah!

  5. awesome guys nice one woop woop

  6. wow thats awesome ! Thanks for this (:

  7. I want to be excited for this game but for some reason I just cant……..maybe its the fact that the combat looks like generic boring combat, where you stand in front of the monster trading blows maybe throwing in a few flashy skills until the monster is dead…The quests are probably going to be generic kill or item quests that you see anywhere……….Im pretty sure this game is being over hyped because of the dragon taming…….that’s it………

  8. Just fix us some keys pls.

    1. Already got a key of the Dragon’s Prophet stream. MMOBOMB you are late!

  9. the mail have been send just all i can do now is cross miy fingers

  10. Awesome :o but I cant join I live in Egypt :(

  11. I’m waiting for respond from DP support for one week and still nothing. This game is Chinese crap and it’s a waste of time.

  12. Hope I win despite the fact that is live in holland

  13. I want to win this please :D

  14. ”I am a MMOBomber and I want the Dragons Prophet prize” xD


  15. I just want a key. Bring a few hundreds keys for the mmobomb readers. Keep your shirt or trade it for a few keys.

  16. so…. North America can’t apply?

  17. i want t shirt i like free stuf

  18. I would like to win some game @_@

  19. PLEASEEE MMOBOMB!!!! Give out some beata keys for the NA version!! <3

  20. nice MMObomb!

  21. nice giveaway

  22. I <3 MMOBOMB

  23. Love you guys big fun.

  24. I hope I’ll just get the beta-key :)

  25. i want win

  26. Lets get it on!

  27. Y U NO HAVE SEA? I’m in Singapore and I want to play :( Singapore=Europe=NA have international keys or sth, this days if you have region-specific keys for a MMO, you gonna have a bad time. Btw, does it mean the key itself only can be used in the Europe, or can you activate in Europe or sth and then play from like somewhere else? Region-specific keys are just stupid…

  28. 1% chance to get 1 key :O
    so nice!

    1. some times 1% is al you need
      you already have no it can only turn in a yes from now on:P

  29. *Crossed finger even on the foot*

  30. i want 2 try but there’s no way i can win.. im from the philippines..

  31. Must win this, first time something good happends for Europe

  32. Hey guys i have been looking at the game alot, and i would realy like to try it out so i can recommend it to people. It looks realy great nice done. the player houses realy sounds interesting. So yerh plz send me a giveaway. ty

  33. blah blah blah, i wont win anyways i never do! lol

  34. How could I turn this away ?! D:

    Thanks a lot for the awesome giveaway guys !

  35. Just heard of this game today. Looks fairly decent and a well designed shirt. Cant wait to play :)

  36. i wish to get this game.I just dont want to get my hopes up too high

  37. I am a MMOBomber and I want the Dragons Prophet prize plz xd

  38. Latin American server pleaseeeeee

  39. this game will become free in a few months dont stress … it’s not a rly a ultra pro graphics game:)) and the gameplay is the same as most of games ..

  40. I would enter this competition if I just didn’t want to play a game that might be buggy… I will just play it at Open beta or release.

  41. Go Ireland \o

  42. Finally a prize for a game I’m interested in!

    Oh wait, it’s for EU…


  43. Let’s try this giveaway :)
    Key would be awesome the game looks good

  44. mmm nice prizes.. hope i will win something this time;]

  45. Are the prizes Europe exclusive or can anyone get them?

  46. Nice giveaway, good luck to everyone

  47. Another great giveaway.
    Thanks, MMOBomb.

  48. Vindictus, C9, Raiderz,….. but no, u have pet here WOW thats so inovative, WOW im amazed, im bonner, i like mom…. inspirative

  49. I’ve signed up and stuff but still not luck with winning but I do play Alphas and Betas of games.

  50. usa not getting shit from giveaways :/

    1. lol feel sorry 4 u but i got a stress test key from dragons prophet

  51. thanks!

  52. Love mobaBomb AW ALLWAYS FTW GIVEAWAY <3

  53. ilove this game this is turkish :) )

  54. Keyyss :D !!!

  55. 1 to million chance to get the Prize. dont be so Expecting to earn it unless ;d they will just pick kids to win the game the needless are gaining and the needfull are losing . :d Balance is crappy in crowd fight for the prize. :d no luck 101%

  56. They should add an participants counter XD
    Just for fun so people know how high their chance of winning is ^^

  57. i’d be happy as hell if i have a beta key lol

  58. i’d be happy when i have it)

  59. I have a question:
    If we win the shipping will be free or we we’ll have to pay it of our own?

  60. Looks like it may be pretty cool with all they are putting into it. Cant wait to try it out.

  61. Awesome giveaway MMOBOMB :D

  62. Realy nice! :)

  63. Can’t wait :)

  64. Awsome! I hope I get picked.

  65. awesome give away mmobomb :D

  66. I can not wait :)

  67. Can`t wait! !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  68. Have they sent them yet?

  69. Oh yeah, by the way, you got the prizes wrong. the €29.99 one is Dragon Master and the €15.99 is Dragon Seeker. Just wanted you to know :)

  70. <3 you MMOBomb and happy birthday

  71. When is it coming? And habby birthday MMOBomb! :)

  72. Happy bday :D

  73. and the winer is ???

  74. guys why is no winner yet?? Happy Birthday MMOBomb! have a nice time

  75. What time is it Winners is announced ??? Today 02/05 ? :S

  76. Happy Birthday MMOBOMB!
    i know you guys busy and all with the birthday party wink wink but yeah were his the announced winners

  77. When we will know who is winner ?

  78. Yay I won!

  79. Oh you, Bob, =|

  80. Why aren’t the results coming? It’s already May 3 and it had to come on April 30.

  81. if anyone wants to join my clan to get more chances to play the beta here I leave the code


    go to Guild Registration and put this code in Activate Guild Code

  82. Where winners ?? We can’t wait ! Let’s give it we !..

  83. Oh Man ! Where winners 5/5 today :S We can’t wait ! Let’s !

  84. is this for NA version only or EU aswell ?

    1. EU version

  85. yay i live in the eu i hope i can get this awesome game plz mmobomb

  86. Huh ! I never win a present ! :(

  87. Damn, didn’t get one! :’( Anyways, stress test III today! have fun!

  88. Congrats guys .. -_- make sure you do not waste the gift or i’ll hunt you down… u.u

  89. Ahahahahahahs i won so lucky, love you mmobomb

  90. I won too. We should start a guild ;)

    1. Yea, let’s do it ;)

  91. By the way, why am I ZauceMMOBomb? When my registered account is just zauce..

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