Ecol Tactics Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Ecol Tactics Closed Beta Key Giveaway and GamesCampus are pleased to present our users with an invite to Ecol Tactics closed Beta test (March 7th). To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Ecol Tactics Online is a turn-based browser strategy mmorpg where players recruits mercenaries and defeat evil monsters.

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2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Visit the official Ecol Tactics Online website
4. click on “Register for Closed Beta”.
5. After logging into your current GamesCampus account you will be prompted to enter your key.
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7. Have Fun!

Ecol Tactics Gameplay Trailer:


  1. MOUNTED!^^

  2. remains me of the good old PS1 rpg games i miss the old days

  3. That ***** game doesn’t work, or at least not for me.

    1. no duh cbt doenst start till the 7th

      1. I don’t think you should “No duh” people when your grammar is like that.

  4. I try to log in and enter my key but all it tells me is that I’m registered for the beta it doesn’t give me a place to enter my key.

  5. looks terible dont wana waste me time D0D2500342F1

    1. That’s probably because you don’t appreciate turn-based tactical games like the people who want to play this game do. I know that I am very interested in this game because Final Fantasy Tactics got me addicted to these types of game. So don’t go calling a game terrible just because you don’t like the genre.

    2. everyone is entitled to their opinion but what I don’t understand is if a person has no plans on playing a game why bother getting a key for it just to post it in the comments? just leave it be and move along

    3. Then why the hell did you grab a key?

  6. Hell yea graphically not all that least by vid, but then again I still play FFT on ps1 emu. So who cares? Been waiting for another fun game like FFT for years. Wonder if this game can fulfill my wish? I’ll try it. I don’t expect kids these days to be able to get into this sorta stuff. But maybe they can prove me wrong?

    1. Try playing Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis on GBA emulator. It’s by far the best game of the genre, and FFT can’t even compare to how good TO-KoL is.

      1. all I remember from that awesome game is”Encounter!” and “Fight it out!”

  7. This game feels like a single player game…
    I mean really, where’s the intereaction with other players if it’s basically you and your mercenaries…

    If only everyone could control a single person…
    And I hate the fact they have ranked mercenaries… such as normal or high.

  8. Is CBT not open yet i used my key but there is no play button

  9. I have ALREADY lost confidence in this game for how they are handling this closed beta.

    They are giving away beta keys here, but, guess what?.. THE BETA DOESN’T EVEN START UNTIL MARCH 7th! This is such a shortsighted move. Don’t bother clicking around on the website, no one can play the game before then.

    They also publicly announced the closed beta back in December with no ETA until the end of February. They just kept telling us, “Soon!” for two months on their forums WITH TEXT ALMOST TOO SMALL TO READ. I have to zoom in text only on my browser to even read it. This forum is the only Gamescampus forum with this problem and the people running the site won’t even acknowledge how unreadable their forum is. They seem like typical hardheaded GMs that just smile and stand behind their decisions no matter how bad they are or how much the players don’t like them.

    I hope this game is good, but, there are several red flags and it hasn’t even officially entered closed beta yet.

    (If you signed up for the closed beta test before February 28th, you don’t need this key.. which should be somewhere on this page, but I don’t think the people in charge know what they are doing.)

    1. Having a closed beta set a week after giving keys isn’t a crime against nature.
      Have some god damn patience, yeah?

      It’ll be open when it’s open.

  10. This game me remind Disgaea , PS1 and PS2 game xD

    1. There has never been a PSX disgaea…

  11. Its a very very small version of disgaea -.-

  12. definitely excited, i love games liek these, somewhat reminds me of fire emblem ((:

  13. ahh damn realy wanted a key for this game :( reminds me of that gba final fantasy

  14. Wooooooooooyeaaaaaaah!!! ~end~

  15. Oh that explains why the massive play button wasnt working seems kinda misleading unlike some sites where you log in and click the “sign up for close beta button” then enter the key.

  16. Let me play this game already!!!

  17. cant find a reason y not to try

  18. reminds me of final fantasy tactics game look 99% the same nice :D

  19. Always liked final fantasy tactics and shining force. Hope this does the genre justice.

  20. I already entered the code or the key .. But what just happened ? … I don’t know … o,o I still can’t play the game … o,o Why …?

    1. The game is not yet playable

  21. I will win the warframe master package because, I love me some fps games, plus cause i have ninja moves and there can only be ONEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This is Ecol Tactics page, not Warframe… Epic fail dude.

  22. 100% Pay to win. You can NOT level up your mercenaries without using real world money. Ask about it on the forum and the developer will just insult you and tell you to fire your mercenaries and hire new ones.

    Also, the game plays super slow and crappy. This is a POORLY coded browser game that doesn’t have a client.

    I can not recommend this game at all.

  23. never asked me about the beta code (i had already an account) and also i click play, goes to character creation normally (choose a name that is available) but when i click create it just pops an error “Failed to update character(-99)”

  24. reminds me of disgaea i love the game got all the games am gona try this game sooooo hard

  25. i tried to play the game but it said the CTB has concluded as of 3/4 or did i do something wrong?

  26. damn :( I’m late.

  27. It’s interesting and I believe will be another sandbox hit like Age of Wushu, which many people are following now.

  28. I really enjoy the process from designing a game to its birth. Just like Age of Wushu, its beautiful scenery and various Kongfu moves astonished me!

  29. It looks familiar to the Disgaea Series.
    It makes feeler 2 years younger when I used to play it on my PSP and PS2.

  30. 0:10 what is shee doing…….

  31. ogplanet ?? hhahaah my comment is awaiting aproval ahahahah because i say something whrong about ogplanet ….i think this site has comment filter …i say : why this game is not avaible on : europe and asia continent ??? huh ??? why ?? you are real team buider game fu##### ??? fa##### , this builders from this game is racist ???? or id#### ??

  32. ops i whrong posted in other game page , ops omg omg lol lol omg , this game is good but i posted in another section omg , sory

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