Free W Coin & High-Leveled Characters Giveaway has teamed up with Webzen to give away, for a limited time only, rare code keys which will grant you free 1000 w coins and amazing High-Leveled Characters to help make your journey of adventure as easy as possible! We only have 50 Keys to offer so to get a code key you have to be a true MMOBomber.


How to get your Key:

So what you need to do to be a true MMOBomber and get a key? Easy just follow the instructions.

1. A true MMOBomber is registered in the site and follow us via newsletter.
2. A true MMOBomber follows us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (if you don´t have an account for example on Twitter, it’s ok but you win extra chances if you are following us)
3. If you use iTunes subscribe for free to our “Free To Play Cast” show and submit a review (this is optional but you get even much more chances!!!).

So if you are a true MMOBomber send a email to [email protected] with the subject line “I am a true MMOBomber and I want to be powerful”. In the email please include your MMOBomb username, and your social usernames that you use to follow us on social networks. If you also subscribed to us via iTunes and submited a review don´t forget to add the review in your email.

We’ll select 50 lucky MMOBombers during the next 30 days. We’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email.

Giveaway Info

Free W Coin Giveaway Benefit (All Webzen Games)
- Amount
1,000 W Coins
- redemption Available
February 15, 2012. 14 ~ March 15, 2012 (GST)
- Expiration Date
Within 30days of your redemption

MU Character Giveaway Benefit
- Level 220 from Start
- Fully Geared with Free +9 Excellent Items
- Free Cash Items for All

SUN Character Giveaway Benefit
- Level 90 from Start
- Fully Geared with Incomplete Elite Items
- Supportive Gifts including Free Cash Items
- Additional Gifts from the new LevelUp Box
- Abundant Experiences! Bonus EXP 400 %

Archlord Character Giveaway Benefit
- Level 60 from Start
- Fully Geared with Realm Armors & Unique Weapon
- FREE Unique Shuta Ring & Karkaen Necklace


  1. FIRST, and hell yeah, I love your incentive

  2. Im 2nd :) done all you want and hell yeah im a mmobomber !!! :)
    But so far no key :(

  3. I hate FB. so iam half ture MMOBOMBER :D

  4. i hope i get one 2 :) good luck to youy all !!

  5. Yeah, it will be 50 keys in the next 30 days, so expect 2 keys on a day, 1 on other.

  6. Plz I need 1 Key PLZ :) im a 6th plz

  7. i am a true mmobomber but havent used no social networks for months but i still want the key as i am a follower on twitter,fb and youtube

  8. ahahahah idk howmuch… i’m…

  9. God, I really want to win this, it would be the first contest I would win. Seriously, I have never won any kind of contest, my friends know me as unlucky lol. :( But yeah, its not that fun…

  10. Wait for my key…

  11. I ‘m not sure about the “get leveled with no effort” thing, so it usually makes great noobs… But let’s try. Aye, I am ready to be a noob xD

  12. So HardCore and nice give away ;) i’m a true mmobomber cause i’m waiting daily to get my newsletter from you guys :D

  13. i love this kind of giveaway i like big big giveaway like this one i cant wait for next giveaway to be like this one

  14. I am and always will be ^^ a true mmobomber i’m here since begin :P and i love it ^^

    already registered for all news, and latest updates ^^ thnx mmobomb :D
    Thanks to mmobomb i have been able to test more games then i normally would do ^^ it helps with seeing variety in games, i’m a gamedesigner from grafisch lyceum ^^

  15. we all want the keys, right???

  16. Thank god i found this site. always nice giveaways!

  17. Oh lol I would love one of these…hope I will be one of the lucky guys :D <3 MMOBOM! Keep us on fire.

  18. HELL YEAH!!!! GONNA PVP ALL NIGHT!! (IF i win…it would be the first thing i won EVER)

  19. aha, this is a nice contest to get mmobomb out there. (:

  20. lol you get characters at the level where the grind ACTUALLY starts rofl xD
    nice try :D

  21. Hope to win :D

  22. >.< I hope i win !!!

  23. hey I want this key xD

  24. me me me, i want!

  25. the games are getting empty
    @all shut down mwhahahaha

  26. Okey.Facebook ok,YouTube ok, Twitter ok.Send one key for me PLSPLSPLS. Thank You :)

  27. i want a key i has make all things twitter facebook youtube i wait of my key ^^

  28. omg what lol i wish i get one i never got key like this lol maybe not that lucky but i will try please give me a key

    1. i have no itune i have subscribed in every thing else and in youtube also love your mmo cast bcos some time i get noticed

      1. i got email from webzen means what i didnt get key just email

  29. Hope I get.

  30. I’m not so lucky :( , i hope i win this Time. good luck all

  31. I wish i can get it ~ !!
    MMOBomb Rocks ~!!!

  32. I AM A TRUE MMOBOMBER. I love this website, better than this givaway… just if Justin Bieber died

  33. Great giveaway! Hope everyone, including me, is chosen :)

  34. Why should we give you all that personal information for a game key? Are we going crazy, people give their data to everyone without worring about it, and then they get a lot of ads and spam in their accounts and say. Why are thy sending me so much trush? ¬¬

    1. Hi Karont3, i agree with you, today the users must have caution. We are asking for the usernames just because we need to confirm if you are folowing us. We don´t send any spam, we just send a newsletter If you follow us via newsletter, and you can always unsubscribe.

  35. Woohooo!!! I need one so mutch :D

  36. hope im the lucky one!

  37. I need luck to win and i have luck!

  38. If a rainbow appears in the sky today, then im getting one key for myself, but if it dosent, HERE I COME, UNICORNS!Oh gawd, im way too random

  39. Wow, Full leveled characters? THANKS, Do you guys want to play all my games for me? So I can not play…

    What’s the point of playing an MMO if you’re not going to level up a character?

  40. Epic Good luck Guys =)

  41. Good luck everyone, This contest is awesome.

  42. can i just laught?

  43. I really hope i’ll get a key

  44. signed up for everything this would be awesome

  45. Just check Webzen website, don’t need to win this giveaway, just create an account on they site…

    1. yes but we are offering more 1000 w coins :) for free!

  46. i dont belive it they did it again.. lolz jus ask ppl to follow u guys jus fair and square … you guys are jus forcing ppl to follow you guys by force… if someone is happy with the work n help off mmobomb then i dont c any problem ppl following you guys… i do follow u guys in every thing which makes it easy to get the update but forcing ppl like this is jus 2 low lolz

  47. Iam a true mmobomber and i would be so happy if i would win an Sun Charakter ^^

  48. i am a true MMOBomber im always on youtube facebook n twitter and ready on newletter lol ps:twitter only wen school or sumtihng fun

  49. can i have a key ??
    thx ^_^
    i love all your vid. !

  50. um… guys if you want a high level character just signup for one of those games download client then create new character you get the high lvl and items (its a special offer there doing from feb 14th to march the 14th)

  51. woo nice one!! good luck all! :]

  52. I hope i win! Good luck to all!

  53. Good luck everyone! Congrats to those who already got their key!

  54. wooo! I hope I win,goodluck to all of us..

  55. Pls send me one key!!!!! Very need :D

  56. epic giveaway, never seen b4 stuff..

  57. I would like to win!

  58. NObody needs to win :P

    evrybody just want it :O

    Sow yes pls pick me i want it :P

  59. im a true mmogamer!! :D greetings from latinoamerica

  60. i just wrote it down now, i am a true mmo bomber! :)

  61. nice ,giveaway. dont play any of those game ,did do beta,s though ,solid games ,but i dont play ,g.l. all who want them ,nice strating package. but some of those games are hard to play, so yes you will still be a nubby high lvl . but who doesnt want to get nice gear ,lvl and play with a good lvl in any game , but xp to get there will make a better player ,who knows how to play . g.l all….

  62. oooooomg i neeeeeeed to get one!!!! :D DDDD i hope i get it :) ))))

  63. I want that key!!!

  64. i want to win nice giveway

  65. I am a true MMObomber for life, :D Huzzah free to play army!

  66. This is a really cool prize, I hope I win!

  67. i want the key plz

  68. thanks a lot for choosing me, i appreciate having gotten this opportunity to try out the end game of 3 games that have been in my radar for a while, I know I’ll have a great time in these, sleepless nights :P Thanks again, hope to see someone from this competition in-game!

  69. Hell Yeah i got a key !! THX MMOBOMB ure the best !

  70. I need Key for play…THX MMOBOMB u are the best!!

  71. KEYS for every MMOBAMBER! YEAH :D

  72. i have a Question Is: Who send More messages Win the key ????

      1. so every body must wait until the next 15,march to get the key ???
        and how 10 keys is out and its only 14 days away still 16 days left for the keys ,right ??


  74. win lose its all goo i really enjoy the heck out of the site keep up the good work bros

  75. you don’t even need a key you just need to create a new character on a webzen account and you will get all the benefits except for the 1000 wcoins :D

  76. hopefully i get a key to one of these guys it would be awesome

  77. Hope I can win good luck to all.

  78. Still haven’t got a key after two weeks((

  79. Me likey it giveawaaaay!

  80. MMOBomb rocks super awesome my daily news for online games !!

  81. Elow i love this give away, you guys awesome!

  82. I tried playing Age of Conan but it kept niyasg my DirectX was out of date. So I updated it and it kept niyasg the same thing. Prehaps its a bug? hope it gets fixed

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