Loadout Closed Beta Key Giveaway (More Steam Codes)

Loadout Closed Beta Key Giveaway
MMOBomb.com and Edge of Reality are pleased to present our users with a invite to Loadout closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Loadout is a new third person shooter published by Edge of Reality. In Loadout players can completely customize their weapons for unique and often hilarious results.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Go here and follow the instructions.
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5. Have Fun!

Loadout First Impressions Video


  1. Locked and loaded. Ready to test this shit out.

    1. WHY PEOPLE GETS THIS KEYS AND STILL THEY DONT PLAY THE GAME>???? I HAVE TO LIKE W8 1 hr for someone to go in the god damn game
      there is barely like 8 people everyday

      1. i would love to play with you, but i don’t have a beta key! Please send me one!

        1. there it freakin’ 12 000 left whatya’ sain’ bro?.. (and yes, i know that i did not use proper grammar so.. )

          1. Dumbass, look at the dates.

      2. because its a steam game….some f2p steam players want it just to add friends….
        Now you know why.

      3. because the game goes black screen

    2. WTF??? THERE A LOT MANY BUGS IN THIS GAME THEY TAKE LIKE at least one month to update the shit, but i wont drop out, ill give them another CHANCE and IF THEY DONT FIX at least one of their BUGS at the end of OCT i WIL RAGE QUIT. STILL I LOVE THIS GMAE I LIKE THE IDEA OF CREATING WEAPONS

      1. Rextirant, who are you even talking to?? no one cares!! QQ on their forums..

      2. CLOSED. BE-TA. Do you know what that means?

        1. Seriously could you play the game im whaiting for hours on eurpoe, so i have to play on the laggy America -.-

          If you wont play the game dont take the key

      3. If you like the idea of Creating Weapons then you have to try blacklight retribution ;) Its the same and its free what i know

        1. i feel like blacklight retribution is a P2W game. this game is not that. the only thing you can by in this game for real money is outfits i think.

    3. some1 would give a loadout key,im heree :D

    4. Downloading now looks out and original

    5. to register. not sent me the key!!!

    6. I really want a beta key for this game! I can’t buy games and i need to wait for the free version :(


  3. Awesome game! O.o

  4. WOO yeah, claimed and ready >:)

  5. Thank you, kind sirs!

  6. wondering how to confirm beta key x.x

    1. i dont think they have it
      save it into your email, or youll lose it like antonio

    2. Go to steam clikc add game then clikc add a product to steam and enter your code and its pretty easy from there on

  7. I lost my key how do i get it back?

    1. I think u get a key also in your inbox

  8. Spunk likes to say Tesla.

  9. I cant find the actual Download button on the Loadout website :/

    1. Its on steam

  10. how the hell do i get my key?

  11. To activate beta code you need Steam.
    Go to Activate a product on steam under the Games tab.
    Enter the code.
    Itll say Loadout Retail, just click activate and itll download it.

  12. How exactly do we use the keys once we’ve gotten them?

  13. So where Exactly does it give you the key? I have steam and all, but I checked my e-mail after registering and no key.

  14. thats pretty awesome i need a key lol

  15. LOadout beta key plz… :D

  16. If anyone has a key up for trade i have Game Globe keys to trade.

  17. pls send me beta key

  18. send me a beta key pls :D

  19. hey MMoBomb i would love a beta key to this game ive recently got bored of every single shooter there is out there thats right ever single one ive been tracking em all down i had a love for blacklight becouse of the costumization and this!!! is like way more costumization gotta love it!

  20. seems really cool the game might turn big :D looks really special aswell no game’s like it out there atm i guess cant wait for beta key’s

  21. I like how the uploader of the video said more keys would be available “Today” and it’s now technically “Tomorrow” D:

  22. WOW! This game is so Cool i can t wait to get my key :)

  23. I played for a couple of hours. And I have to say that this game is kickass. I like how the game play is…even if you plan to snipe you still have to play somewhat of a fast paced style. Butttttttt I choose to blow shit up. I can’t get over how you can make your own combination of weapons. The only bad thing about the game is….that there are actually only a few gun combinations that are worth playing with.

    Even though it’s just beta. I give it a score of:

  24. lol where can i get a key? i cannot wait. had a bad day on league today sigh. need something new. Firefall isn’t too fun what with all the glitches right now either.


  26. when next keys?

  27. damn i missed it 2 :(

  28. Finally i’ve found a nice F2P, it looks nice and fun, makes me remember something similiar to TF2 and other game maybe Monday Night Combat ahah :)

  29. Waiting for a key :(

  30. OMG i have a key and then tried to play and it sad u have a invaded key help me!!!!! plzzz :(

  31. pleeeease key ^_^

  32. no more keys? please send me one ^^

  33. Need a key, Badly ^..^ <3

  34. Love the weapons and gameplay, totally hate the game modes/maps.

    1. hi can u give me your account to try the game? thx

  35. I’ll give a Dota 2 key for a Load out key or smite :l)

  36. you’ve got a dota 2 key? i’ve got a smite key!

  37. Hey i have a key and if you have a planetside 2 key then ill gladly trade if interested then pm me on youtube my username is Blowkewl

    1. I am ready to trade

  38. Phantastik lets trade >:O??

    1. Kstyle, whats your email? I’ll email you.

  39. need more key

  40. Keys Please!

  41. I hate to sound like one of these guys, but… we really could use more keys.

  42. kekekekekekekekekekekeke it’s going to take god knows how long, the company probably is not going to send more out until a big patch…

  43. MOAR KEYZ!!!1!

  44. mech warrior

    1. wops, lol.. I am willing to trade a bunch of smite keys if someone give me a planetsiders 2 key, or a loadout key, or a Hawken key.

  45. loadout key and firefall invites for planetside 2

    PM me

    1. ill do that what is your steam?

    2. hey send me beta key for planet side 2 plz i rlly want to play it ty

      1. you do know planetside 2 is in open beta and anyone can play

    3. Hwo do i PM ?

  46. BOY i can´t wait for more keys. If anyone has one spare key, i beg of you :D pm me please. I´ve always gifted all my keys, so i hope karma is on my side this time.

  47. man i hope i can get a key ;(

  48. When Are New Key’s Comming Can’t wait everyday im checking the website i hope i wont miss it out :D DDDDD

  49. Can I receive a key please? :)

  50. Looks awesome!!! WAITING FOR MORE KEYS!!!

  51. im selling Planetside 2 username for loadout beta key

    1. ok ill trade :D

      1. pm me on youtube my username is Blowkewl

        1. i guess i pm you mine is MrKoriza

  52. im willing to trade my firefall account with beta acces for a loadout key :D PM me plox


      1. i have found youre profile on MMobomb and sended you a message my email is in it (i know my email might be in the comment i made before this but im not sure if its going to be posted becouse it is awaiting moderation)

  53. i wanna a key *-*

  54. Willing to trade a firefall key or BF3 game or steam account full of games for a load out key.
    add me on Steam: solemnchunk2

  55. I’ll trade a Firefall beta key for Loadout or Planetside 2 keys. PM me, 3 Firefall keys left.

  56. anyone wanna trade with me

    1. I can do planetside 2 for loadout beta key

  57. Planetside 2, Firefall, and Dota 2 keys for Loadout key PM me

  58. Planetside 2, Firefall, and Dota 2 keys for Loadout key PM me in Steam name: BOT Troll I have a pitch black picture if you can’t find me also the one above is me.

  59. I seriously hate that there are so many players willing to play this game and you scumbag rats took all the keys just to trade for other games. Shame on you

  60. I need a key!!!!!! pretty please~ XD

  61. key pls =)))

  62. i wish i had a key :(

  63. hi guys, I have 2 Loadout keys….Trading for Planetside 2 key or firefall key…write me if interested…:))

    1. your inbox is full

    2. your message inbox is full…

    3. im trying to send the ps2 key but i canttttttttttttt

      1. send me key pls

  64. hi send me now, you can.. i deleted all of my messages …send again please

  65. well im just going to hold onto the key for now when your inbox isnt full just message me and i’ll send it over, dont want to be called a scammer

  66. okay its done

  67. hi i reedemed it thx, how can download the game?

  68. can anyone send me a beta key plz to this email:[email protected]

  69. Can someone send me a key?

  70. hi guys, how can i save my crafted weapon in Loadout? :D

  71. first, who send me in PM the answer and it works, get a BETA key for LOADOUT :D D hurry guys, just 1 key left :D

  72. I have 2 Loadout keys….Trading for firefall key my email:[email protected]

    1. i got firefall key

  73. hi guys I have one LOADOUT key, trading for FIREFALL key…if u have write to me. :)

    1. i have a firfall key:)

    2. Do y ou still have a loadout beta key?

      i want to trade, i’m searching a key for my show.

  74. key redeemed, so I havent got any :D

  75. Damn im too late

  76. I’m trading my firefall beta key for a loadout beta key.

    Pm me if you want to trade

  77. Have planetside 2 account, ready to trade on loadout

  78. Want to trade Firefall, Mechwarrior Online or World of Warplanes key for Planetside 2. PM me for trade.

  79. How can I get a key (sorry I’m new at this forum)

    1. Click GET MY KEY NOW

  80. hello i trade 2 keys for planet side 2 1 is mecha warroir and second key is war of planes contact me asap to this email:[email protected] i will trade 2 keys for planet side 2

    1. hey in my steam account i have the loadout game ill trade it for somethinga?

  81. When are you guys posting more keys? I want to play this game, it seems awesome.

  82. when are keys coming?

  83. Hi Guys!!

    I have some FIREFALL BETA KEYS! If interested offer me :D D I have Loadout account, this not needed. :) )

  84. this game lags too much how can i reduce this lag

  85. please more beta keys for sunday I’m freaken waiting to play this awsome game!!!

  86. I got 2 firefall beta invites, i’ll trade for loadout keys !

  87. Natural Selection 2 trade for a key please? Want Loadout bad. Add me pal670 on steam

  88. need to try this one look fun KEY PLS

  89. when will new keys come . i adore this game :)

  90. I need a key :D

  91. Anyone knows when the new beta keys comes out

  92. oddam konto z gra Loadout za konto do gry planetside 2 … jak ktoś chce moje gg 4003900

    1. I will give an account of the game Loadout for an account to play Planetside 2 … someone wants my gg 4003900

      1. I WANT TO PLAY LOADOUT !! i’ll give u an account to play planet side2 tiGer

  93. yes new beta keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Thank you guys


  95. MMOBOMB could do a giveaway for Dota2

  96. Hehe i got one too :D Let’s get ready to the RUMBLEEE !

  97. Free key P867Y-6042A-XJ07I


  98. Thank you MMOBomb :)

  99. Hell yea :D sry for those who didnt make it

  100. HAVE THREE FIREFALL BETA KEYS for trading, offer me in PM if u want :D D

    1. How does one PM on this site? I can’t find it. Anyway, I’ll trade you a Loadout key for one of those Firefall keys.

  101. i have loadout :D :D

  102. CEWestManX just copy the name and write message :D :D

  103. submitted 22 min ago and it allready says “the giveaway is over” seriously what the crap

  104. AWWWW NO MORE LEFT !!!!!!

  105. Aww…seriously?

  106. Game Offline ?

  107. What? does anyone have another key for this? i missed the last one too! O:< i am dissapointed, must have been like five keys for it to have gone by so fast. i'm sorely disappointed, MMOBomb.

    1. I have a key, PM me if you want to trade it for Planetside 2 key.

      1. I have a firefall key i think, and gameglobe keys. no planetside two though.

        1. Ok, I’ll trade it for GameGlobe key. PM me for more information please.

          1. alright i pmd ya.

  108. Aw man i missed the giveaway :( anyone have a spare?

  109. 1 thing that this game will need is MORE CHARACTERS. other things are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Hi guys!

    I have key for Loadout!!!! PM me for trading!! Cheers

  111. Hola!

    Have beta keys!! Pm me and offer for trade. Ciao


  113. So how teh giveaway is over. Why so little keys. After 6 hours and the giveaway is over

    1. Yes sorry.

  114. I wanna trade my Loadout beta keys… Offer me in PM! First write first get!!!!:))))

  115. i got loadout key i wanna trade with firefall or planetside 2 key.

  116. fk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. I willing 2 trade DOTA 2 beta key for loadout beta key..

    1. i have 2 keys pm :[email protected] free

  118. well if someone is THAT interested in this beta, i can trade mine vs a copy of CSGO

  119. Free keys!!! nice gaming :D





  120. Its a really great game for closed beta. They did a great job on Details as far as the gun customization went. and the fast paced action was terrific. Great game to check out :)

    Thank you Eo. Out

  121. i got two loadout key or firefall i wanna trade planetside 2 keys.

  122. Amazing how all keys gone in a few hours…. and some people just get them to trade for others.

    Those who wanna tryout the game can’t because some stupid people get them when they just want other games

  123. Trading loadout key for planetside 2 key you give me key first :) steam name: BOT Troll

  124. Trading A End of nations Beta key for a loadout key!!!
    pm me if wanted

  125. Trading a End of Nations Beta key for a Loadout key!

    Pm me

  126. I have a Loadout key that i don’t need, send me a message to offer me a game/beta key or something.

    1. 100$ bucks on paypal

    2. Can also trade for team fortress 2 items.

    3. end of nations key

      1. Im sorry, but i have a end of nations key :S

  127. Is the giveaway over? I can’t get a code nowhere, and it says that there are new codes available :$
    Help please….

    1. Im sorry, but the giveaway is over.


  129. i trade end of nations key for loadout key



  131. I love you!

  132. I knew if I lurked the giveaway page would bring me some luck ;D thanks mmobomb! +

  133. Can I run this on i3 2.1ghz 4gb ram HD 3000 laptop on the lowest settings?

  134. Thanks for the key! =)

  135. Thank you so much

  136. Thank you soooooo much!!!!
    Love you guys <3 :D

  137. Thanks mmobomb you guys are awesome

  138. Hi mmobomb i can’t get my Key it tells me ” You can only get one key for each game. ” & i never got one. okease u need help.

    1. Please*

      1. okay

  139. Awesome gonna test this out!

  140. LOL thx i missed on the first 2 giveaways, was busy, now got 1 and downloading !

  141. LOL Minimum sys is 4GB RAM :) I run it on 1GB RAM

  142. Почему я не могу активировать код в Стиме?

  143. Does this only run on window 7? I’m using window xp , and Whenever I launch it from Steam , nothing comes up , my name just turn green and goes back to blue.

  144. ‘ve Got a few days until the closed beta period??


  145. i have a dual will i be able to play this game atleast on low or something please answer fast

  146. Thanks guys, downloadin’ :)

  147. heres my steam account if any of yous dont have a beta key for loadout and want to play it.
    username: shafy9m
    password: ben10

  148. Wtf I logged in no key

  149. Mi sono registrato ora come faccio ad avere la mia beta key?

  150. plz send me a beta key i want play :D

  151. Trading Loadout beta key for Firefall beta key

  152. I want a key. please :)

  153. GIVE ME A KEY PLEASE!!!1111

  154. KEY!!!!!!!!!1111111111111 :( (((

  155. Key please

  156. Out of keys?

  157. give beta key please …..

  158. I need loadout key ! PLEASE ! PLEASE ! PLEASE !

  159. the game was fun but so low playerbase that you need to w8 so long for a game….. thats bad…

    the game it self looks good, i like the customize options with the guns that make the game so cool:D

    hope more people play the game in the future :)


  161. Thx !!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. I love MMOBOMB

  163. 99H43-F33RB-DDZP5

  164. This was added 4 hours ago and no keys left? WTH?

  165. people just make multiple accounts and grab as many as they can. i’m not sure what they’re going to do with all of them but it does prevent a lot of people from participating.

  166. So they added like a 100 keys? Because that was fking fast.

  167. Anyone interested in trading Loadout for Dota 2?

    1. I need a Loadout beta key :D

  168. Like it!

  169. Still no key for me :(

  170. any 1 wanna trade keys

  171. i already played it, there was barely any players at all

  172. desperate for a key willing to buy
    add me skype live:rave091

  173. i need a key please

  174. i need the beta key plz !!

  175. need 1 key pls

  176. need 2 key pls

  177. mmobomb beta key for my plis this is mi favorite game =)

    the game is fantastic

  178. If anyone has a spare key I would love to play this game.

  179. throw me a Pm with one of the spare KEYI

  180. throw me a Pm with one of the spare KEY please

  181. guys if u dont want this game give me ur accounTs :D

  182. a key prease!!!!!

  183. the game is fun but than i couldnt aim for some reason but its fun get ur key fast

  184. Final i got my key,i hope i can actually run this

  185. i wanna get a key!Would you get me one?

  186. I want a key!

  187. I need loadout beta key,any1 interesed trading it for dota 2 or world of warplanes beta key

  188. Where is key???

  189. Is there a way to get key ? I want one !

  190. where is key?? i want plz :D

  191. Cant get a key.. tryed everywhere! please… im so hipped!!!!!!!
    Want dat game!!!

  192. Spare me a key and I will get you a cookie

  193. This is like the 3rd time I missed the giveaway.
    Hopefully more keys will come in soon!

  194. I want loadout 1 beta key please

  195. damn i late to check this news for 3 days, can someone please give me 1 key ? i wanna try this game so much, thank you.

  196. I got a key, downloaded the game.. enter the europe lobby.. 5 players online.. oO
    Ok this is a closed beta but only 5 online during holidays? I think i’ll have to wait.. :/

  197. please, give me a key.

  198. pls send me pls send me beta keybeta key

  199. please, give me a key.

  200. thanks guys for the key i have been waiting for such a long time no thanks guys….

  201. Played this for a little bit on steam it was not bad.


  203. More keys pls!

  204. anybody have a key to give me !!?

  205. I had this game on my steam acc, but it was stolen :(
    Send me one!
    On YouTube my name NewGameViewer

  206. Another great shooter,so far i like this and hawken and i have never been a big fan of shooters. They keep getting better. I would call this similar to team fortress 2 with some innovative features that make it stand out. The customization is the name of the game and there is some crazy stuff to try out.

  207. Hey please send me a beta key for loadout no keys left pleasee send me

  208. Hey please send me a beta key for loadout no keys left pleasee send me

  209. MMObomb can u put out another loadout beta key plzz

  210. eu quero chave por favor me mande

  211. Magnificent site. Plenty of helpful info here. I am sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks on your effort!

  212. pls give me a key ç_ç

  213. PLS give me key !

  214. I buy a key with tf2 items just add me L3gEnDaRy™ | HARDCORE

  215. CDP3M-ZK0N7-PT9BC

    here ya go I got the key from sapphire and I dont need it xD.
    congratz to anyone who will use the key first

  216. take it

    Your Key is: E3WYD-7XP2Y-JMFHJ

  217. i have been trying to get a beta key for over 4 weeks now and just don’t have any luck. could somebody give me a beta key :(

  218. MMOBOMB is given keys ,why are u peeps asking for them ,hope u arent taken more then 1 key ea . and sellin them or trying to get trades for like steam keys , hurts every1 on this site if u are taken 3 or 4 keys ea. hopeing some1 will ask for 1 and sell,trade something else for it ,if your not going to play ,becouse i know thats what happen to neverwinter ,logged in everyday to get something and the keys were all gone 2 or 3 hours after they posted ,i know there isnt that many peeps on here in 1 day., so im goin to ask ,but MMOBOMB how many neverwinter keys did u guys get 1st time around ,i got the 3rd weekend key ,but u guys got some be4 that ,i dodnt see coumnt ,i looged on mid afternoon and there were all gone then, (EST) BTW, i,d say 500+ , and we dont even have that many reg> peeps up here . so that means every1 that took keys have 3 or 4 accts up here ,(F) ing shame ,u guys are maken $ or tradeing for ,lets say steam game accts for good keys.

  219. remind me the weird version of team fortress 2 xD

  220. WHAT THE ? I didn’t take a key and it tells me you can take one key for each game $R@!

  221. Quke + TF2 ?

  222. 4HYBJ-QMYWM-A00TH here is mine :) enjoy


  224. Last time i checked there was only one server with one person staying in it. On the other hand, the game is still bad and i don’t see any big progress made, like 3 weapon combinations are viable, imo.

  225. Thank you :)

  226. When i click on launcher i got some error report .. can anyone help me?

  227. Game is terrible, just more mediocre trash thrown out in to the shooter market. Only good thing is the gun customization which is fun, but no place near as expansive as they act like it is, won’t be long before the “best” combination of parts come out due to the small pool. The actual gameplay just is bad, frankly. No reason to play this with a game like warface coming out soon. Even less so if you’re in its beta.

  228. Why does it say that i can only get 1 key for each giveaway when i havent collected it???

  229. Seriously guys you sucks :| THERE IS MORE THAN 12k key .. and yet you are still asking for a key .. stupid humans :| register at mmobomb then get yourself a …. key :|
    Damn .. :|
    IT IS MENTIONED BY THE WAY If you need a key

  230. I got my key last night when there was like 19,000 keys left, and now barely 10,000 keys is left.

    Why isn’t this on the most anticipated list?

  231. the are 9931 KEYS LEFT!
    why pepole ask for keys..

  232. YEAH works now i can play 1vs1 with my Great noob friend :D :D:D:D

  233. Great! Thanks!

  234. shit why didnt u make a giveaway before 3 months when i wanted to play now i have 2 keys and im playing damn

  235. I have my key but I keep creating to offer to my brother he’s birthdays in 3 weeks, at which time the chavde activation will still work?

    1. Yes. The key does not expire.

  236. Just played a continous 3 hours of this game, the graphics are good, I get no lag, weapon customization is awesome, for a closed-beta this is nuts!

    1. yup,the game looks simple nothing special in it but still C00L!!!

  237. Okay, so I tried this out for a short time, I can’t say i’m a fan of it. I seen heat seeking missles that just went straight to the enemy. That’s ridiculous. I’d rather play a game that takes skill, thanks for the key, but not worth playing in my opinion.

    1. There are no heat seaking missiles in the game.

  238. Thanks a bunch for the Key :D

  239. Ho can give me orginal download of this game ?

  240. One of the best F2P games i ever played :D

  241. anyone plays the game say if it’s good or not ? :D

  242. this game is really good although they should really add coop to this game

  243. goddddddddd

  244. I really enjoy the process from designing a game to its birth. Just like Age of Wushu, its beautiful scenery and various Kongfu moves astonished me!

  245. OMG! It’s my most expected game this year. I like it just like Age of Wushu.

  246. Who wont trade ? Loadout for any other game :)

  247. The weapon crafting and gameplay is great! Wish they could let us make our own character…It’s kinda boring all people looks the same..

  248. This is not my type at all, guess I will stick in Age of Wushu and Neverwinter for the whole month.

  249. ahhhh there’s so much new title out now, thunder kings, age of wushu, tera. i cant decide which one to start first.

  250. i dont hav a key for loadout :(

  251. So, how do we get a key?

  252. I’m from Russia. I want play this game. I not have key, please send me key

    1. This my skype: alex.lanin71

  253. Hello, someone can give me a key? Thx

  254. someone can give me a key? plzzz

  255. someone can give me a key? plzzzzzz

    1. yo u still want tht key?

  256. Why do so many people who play these games have keys??

  257. me mandaram e-mail da chave mais não tinha botão para clicar alguem tem 1 chave sobrando por favor vai ser bom ter uma mulher no time ♥

  258. beta key please ^_^

    1. tell me ur email address, and ill send you a key

  259. I give a key of LoadOut if someone give my a Key of KillingFloor

  260. Someone have key for me please???

  261. Any keys left?


  263. keen to see a lot more people hopefully.

  264. was expecting the game to be dead by now..

  265. Haha Downloading Right Now Lets Just Hope its Good ;D

  266. this game is awesome!

  267. Rated 10 plus +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++REP amazing cartoon >.<

  268. THANKS!
    I love this page^^
    THANKS! :D

  269. This is So coollllllll Big like work soo coool


  270. Does this work?? sory but i dunno waht means CLOSED BETA

    1. It’s restricted to players w/o a BETA KEY so you need a beta key.

  271. Cant get a key , tells me onnly one key for each game yet i never got a key !

    1. i will sell my key for tf2 stuff :P

  272. thanx this is good game for free

  273. I haven been waiting for this ty :)

  274. Awesome Game!! :D thx for the closed beta key :D

  275. AWSOME GAME ive been waiting for this!

  276. quiero consegir el juego beta

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