MU Season 8 Free Items Giveaway (Worth $150)

MU Season 8 Free Items Giveaway
To celebrate MU Online’s latest Update, MU Season 8, MMOBomb have teamed up with WEBZEN to give away a $150 worth of items including newly updated items. Returning Players who haven’t logged in to MU Online since Feb 6, 2013 (GST) and New Players who started playing MU Online since Mar 6, 2013 (GST) will be qualified for this promotion. To get your key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Visit Item Code Promotion page.
4. Login in to the website, redeem your Item Code (16 digits) on Item Code Redemption page (If you are new on Webzen, please create new account).
5. Free items will be immediately given if the players get approved to receive them.
6 This promotion will be disabled after March 20, 2013 17:00 (GST).
7. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter!
8. Have fun!


- Event Period: March 7 ~ March 20, 2013(GST)

The Key Includes:

$150 worth of items including newly updated items

-For Returning Players-

Divine Wings [3 Days] (a New Item)
Great Heavenly Mage Transformation Ring [3 Days] (a New Item)
Pandora’s Pickaxe [1] (a New Item)
Gold Channel [15 Days]
Seal of Wealth [15 Days]
Master Seal of Wealth [15 Days]
Skeleton Pet [15 Days]
Seal of Healing [15 Days]
Excellent Scroll Package [15 Days]
AG Boost Aura [15 Days]
Rage Fighter Card [1]
Summoner Card [1]
Shiny Jewel Box [1]
2nd Lucky Armor Set [1]
Jewel of Extension [1]
Acheron [New Map] Ticket [1]
Character Name Change Coupon [1]
Sealed Scroll of Oblivion

-For New Players-
Divine Wings [15 Days] (a New Item)
Robot Knight Transformation Ring [15 Days] (a New Item)
Gold Channel [15 Days]
Seal of Wealth [15 Days]
Panda Pet [15 Days]
Seal of Healing [15 Days]
Excellent Scroll Package [15 Days]
AG Boost Aura [15 Days]
SD Boost Aura [15 Days]
Sapphire Ring [15 Days]
Sapphire Necklace [15 Days]
Rage Fighter Card [1]
Summoner Card [1]
1st Lucky Armor Set [1]
Kalima Ticket [5]

MU Season 8 Trailer:


  1. MOUNTED !!!

  2. i get a message that im not eligible to recieve event items :/ please help

  3. same here this is the second time i got a key and did not work

    1. Check now

    2. take this boy 9HADII3OR4UZYPYK he is already work

  4. Okay why is this key not working not sure if they are a scam just to get people to play there game.
    well thanks anyways mmobomb i know you guys dont have control over this i hate webzen

    1. It’s not a scam, we will check with Webzen, probably just a bug.

    2. The new MU keys are up! :)

    3. =S!! Noobs or what? you can`t read? this event its only for New members and Returner that didn`t play since long time ago… if you are not elegible its for some reasson………… =S !

  5. Okay Thank you i am sure it is but if not thanks for looking into it and thanks for the giveaway ;)

  6. Mounted for about 15 days :) )

    P.S. if the key doesn’t work , make a new account …. that is what i did :P GL & HF

  7. well i overall like mu gameplay – no stupid runing from quest to quest, no silly predefined maps and etc. but the graphics, the resolution

    it just makes your eyes bleed.

    game has perfercet an overall grinding point. it’s ok, there is a point to grind and there are variuos options to make that grind somewhat fun.

    but the graphics… god, it’s time for mu2, not for seasons 1xn+1

  8. I am not going to play MU… it was a fun game but it is just too old now, too many good games to miss. I hope MU 2 has the same ‘yeah!’ feeling that this game gave you.

    here you go guys not gonna use it

  10. MU? is MU still around? O_O
    such an old game :D
    used to love it,how is it doing now?

    1. It’s going good and strong.Classes are somewhat balanced but for some reason SM and MG are pretty bad in PvP compared to the others.Also in order to get into a guild you have to be pretty high level unless you make your own.:/ but apart from all that it is fun and still enjoyable.The in game bot made it easier to play also xD

  11. i haven’t play MU in like a year i get a key and try to activated it but the Webzen tells me im not eligible lol, it says you can receive the items if you haven’t logged in to MU Online since Feb 6, 2013.

  12. Doesn’t work for me either, it says that I’m not eligible

      1. Unfortunately I get the same error :( I will try again in the morning with a new account :( Thank you for the reply and for the giveaway. I just hope I can redeem it :D

  13. actually, I’d like to get this but the game doesn’t look as good :|

  14. Doesn’t work for me any solution?

  15. Ahhh, I remember playing MU way back when. Now that this has reminded me of it, what better time for a trip down Nostalgia Lane?

  16. hello? mmobomb powers, need help

  17. yeah this guy realy need help whit your key

  18. heh the same problem as others… not eligible :( code dosn’t work.

  19. where can i download this game?

  20. I did’t receive the items.

  21. It’s a conspiracy guys, webzen doesn’t want to give you guys anything but want you to play their game again. :P

  22. its a fun game but it looks way to pay to win

  23. My key: N7CYXKTDN7JTMDN3 I wont use it

  24. Mu online:x my first online game i would like to play it a lot

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