RaiderZ Closed Beta Key Giveaway (US Only)

RaiderZ Beta Key Giveaway and Perfect World Entertainment are pleased to present our users with a invite to RaiderZ Closed Beta (US only). To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

RaiderZ is a free to play action MMORPG based on a non-targeting system, where players will have direct control over their characters. Players can look forward to battling and hunting a myriad of huge monsters that require strategy, skill, and in most cases teamwork.

How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Visit the RaiderZ official website at
4. Register for a free account or log in, if you already have a Perfect World account.
5. Enter your Beta Key code and hit submit!
6. You will receive a confirmation email and instructions for downloading the client once Closed Beta
testing begins.
7. Visit the official website for the latest game updates
8. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter or sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
9. Have Fun!

The Beta key Includes:

Starter Gauntlet Pack: functional and costume items (x3 Beycium, Corium Gauntlets, x3 Resurrection scroll)

RaiderZ Video Preview


  1. FIRST!

    1. tssssss

      1. Is this game available in Germany?

        1. Yes, it is…

          But you’ll need a beta key.

          1. need Beta key can anyone send me one ?? please

          2. Are you for real? There is 16k beta keys left and u still need one? Just freaking take one.

          3. i had taken one but now iv lost it lol. says i cant get another.

          4. Just make another account

          5. Here are two free keys if any of you need one or don’t have one two are listed and here are they KMB26-Y9H-61JE,XHH25-P1T-19TT

          6. Thank you very much Kanasuki! :D

    2. thanks mmobomb
      this is a great website

  2. Woo thanks!!! i got 4 beta keys now.!!!

    1. Gratz nerd.

    2. Way to go ruining it for 3 other people.

      1. @owen7896 you know there still more keys right? there are like 9000 left still.

    3. can i have 1 beta key plz…

    4. can i have one mine does not work

    5. Hey !! give me one please I really want to play this game

  3. Lots of keys, nice work mmobomb :)

    1. As we promised :)

  4. ADC89-R3Y-97EH

  5. Thank you mmobomb team you guys are the best!

  6. This is going to be so beastly! Thanks guys!

  7. I got a beta key but when I went to the site I found out I was already accepted :P PPP

    1. HAHAH so its not only me xD lol i got the key and went to their site to use it but i saw that there is download button so i pressed it to see whats that and there it is! the game was downloading and i didnt even use the key

  8. thank you, got one :D

  9. Got mine. Cya all in game.

  10. thank you mmobomb for dropping a bomb of keys =)


  12. Waiting for the game now :) ..

  13. Thank you mmobomb!!!! You guys are the best:)

  14. Oh
    God Thanks u so much u guys <3

  15. when the beta test starts????

    1. August 8th
      by that i mean TODAY!!!!!!!
      Ty mmobomb

      1. 5PM PST – Client Download should be up 12PM PST

  16. Ty for this mmobomb ;) )

  17. u rock mmobomb. can’t w8 to play this game.

  18. Thank you very much !
    See you all on the 8th of August in the Raiderz servers!


  19. Whoooo Got A Key MMOBOMB your the best!

  20. WOO HOO! Got my beta key! Can’t wait to get playing this game! :D

  21. … Got my betakey and when registering, WHAT? already used ¬¬ and I can’t get anotherone -.-

  22. Good luck to everyone, PWE banned me after resetting my password (got a message that the accounts banned to contact customer support) and i bearly played Star Trek Online. :/

  23. thank you so much mmobomb :) So i have a question How long do these beta keys last.(sorry for the noob question im new to beta testing)

    1. The beta key lasts for the whole closed beta test and when the game starts open beta testing you can still play the game up until release. (closed beta = only people with keys) (open beta = everyone). Hope this helped. ;)

  24. BOOM! GOT GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Thanks MMOBOMB see you all in the game



  28. I type In ti rigth im sorry But The -_ Confuses me pLEASE HELP ME I WANT TO PLAY BROS!

  29. I got one finely !! thx guys ure the best !

  30. wow alot of keys gone already. this game gona be live

  31. ok i got the key when this beta open i can’t down load the game?

    1. August 8th, 5PM PST – Client Download should be up 12PM PST

  32. How do i redeem it? i click the key does it things..i follow the ling and NO WHERE do i ever! see a key!


  34. Thank you

  35. Ty for the key mmobomb

  36. thank you for the key mmobomb :)

  37. nagy a gépigénye :(

  38. Hey mmobomb i pressed refresh byy mistake and i cant get a key now please help :( !!!!

  39. Thnx mmobomb -)

  40. owwww yeaaaaah thx mmobomb you al Rock

  41. thx so much mmobomb i finaly got a RaiderZ beta key thx so much again =D

  42. And this is how all beta keys should be distributed. I dont really like the way u did on smite or on tribes.

    Gratefully, me :)

  43. Thx for the keys MMOBOMB, i play all my mmo from Perfectworld… i have play Blacklight Retribution and i can’t wait for the Raiderz… this gonna beat Dragon Nest For Sure :3

  44. I registered but didn’t got any key?

  45. Thanks for the key’s guyZ :D

  46. I hope game servers are super powerful to resist possibly 10k players at minimun

  47. THX 4 the KEY!!!! :D

  48. my key didnt work o.O

  49. my didnt work why not?

  50. Recommended Requirements

    Operating SystemWindows 7® (64-bit)
    Quad-Core CPU 3Ghz or faster
    4-8GB or more
    Hard Disk
    6-12GB of Free Hard Drive Space. 20GB or more of free space preferred
    Graphic Display
    DirectX 11 level GPU with 1GB of Video RAM or more
    Sound Drivers
    DirectX 9.0c level compatible sound card. DirectX 10 or 11 preferred
    Best online experience will be on a non-throttled, wired, fast, and stable broadband Internet connection

  51. thkz big time !!!! ;-)

  52. i played this game before don’t know how but i think it was a alpha. anyway the reason why they have all 4 skills sets there is for pvp. to know and study the spells of the other classes. this can really help out in pvp.funny that the cooking master is a fish.

  53. gift from me:) KLH34-D7X-73CK

  54. I got sent a couple of extra keys in an E-mail, And yet I have no one to share them with, no sense letting them go to waste, so enjoy!


  55. this is my key (LAX26-L3K-99PZ) i cant regist in the game they blocked my country ip gl in the game guys

  56. hi
    magicman u siad during this first look , that u saw better mmo in graphics … which ones … maybe do some top list 1-10 … which F2P mmos looks amazing by graphics ..

  57. LOVE YOU MMOBOMB!!!!!!!!!

  58. Thanks for the keys guys and love your show

  59. just a awsome game that you have to play :P

  60. i am live in Egypt so can i play this game ?????

  61. And thx for the key MMOBomb. One more key to go to my friend, which means that now me and all of my friends are able to play Raiderz closed beta. Thx for everything

  62. MLT35-P1D-29LJ

  63. omg thank you so much mmobomb you guys rule

  64. The Alpha was a lot of fun, can’t wait for the beta :)

  65. I cant wait to play RaiderZ this game is going to change my life!!!! xD

  66. Yay, thanks MMOBOMB ^~^ ! I got a key, but there are still so many more left O_O I thought I was done for when I noticed on FB on Monday that you posted about the Giveaway on Friday. I was like “Awww Damn! There are probably no more left T^T” Well it seems I got lucky. And all the other 3819 people as well :D

  67. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaah i gooot it

  68. Damn, I love The Cloud Looking character the biserker(not sure how to spell it)

  69. Thanks for the key MMOBomb, peace :)

  70. Thanks, downloading…

    1. Can you download it already?

    2. did u download already??

  71. Hi..plz help me..i need Beta Key

  72. arg my region its not allow

  73. beta key doesn’t work for me…

  74. hope this monster hunter clone is better than hunter blade… nvm tera all over aagain lol

  75. Awesome stuff guys, thanks!

  76. thank you sir

  77. Woot! Thank you so much for the beta key!

  78. I registered and got a key, but my browser closed itself and now the key wont appear again. what do to no?

  79. Ugh did my best to get to the site with the key but ofc lost it and it wont even tell me what it was…

    1. Found it :P (WKB65-L8T-89ZS)

  80. WHOOO!!!! i got 5 imaginary beta keys D: in my imagination baby WHOOOOOOO!!!! go me FKKK YEA

  81. ty cant wait

  82. Agust 8th dont 4get

  83. Omg thanks guys i have been wanting to test this game can’t wait till they open closed beta testing :)

  84. IS this game avilable in egypt !! i really hope so i hv been waiting for it for loooooong time :(

  85. Sweet you da bomb mmobomb.

  86. so when will i get this game??

  87. So many keys! Thanks so much! Can’t wait till August 8th :)

  88. Hell fking yeah i got my fliping beta jey!!!! >:D



  89. Thank you very much Mmobomb for this beta key, I look forward to playing this game!

  90. wow less then 1000 keys left . better hurry up guys get your keys . hey we should all play togther
    msg my fourm acount jdrew2000

  91. alot of people waiting for this nice.

  92. There is gonna be so many people in the starting zones when closed beta starts.

  93. Tx Mmobomb

  94. i cant enter my key : The beta key you entered does not exist. Please check the key. If the key you entered matches the one given to you why?

  95. Very nice Thanks. :D

  96. omg wath now i reedem code but i dont save it and when i want do it again i cant :( (

  97. Great video magic man thanks!!!

  98. Heres my key I dont need it because TERA is so much better :

    1. ye but Tera isnt F2P

  99. It didnt work for me…

  100. I need a beta key badly =(( Please send me one.

  101. Thx for the key, guys!!!

  102. i like the way how it looks but the style looks like tera

  103. my key doesnt work ~~ thx …

  104. wow this is awesome! thnks mmobom :D

  105. If I combine my Alpha key and my Beta key, would I make a Gamma key?

  106. Thanks for the key!(: ive been wanting to play this game!

  107. “You can only get one key for each game.”

    Why does it say that when I’ve never gotten a key from this giveaway???
    Someone please help, I want dat key :S

  108. finally i ve been expceting this game a looooooonnng time thanks mmobomb M.os

  109. Whene We Can Download The Game Please ?

  110. thank you MMOBOMB-s

  111. and now im in the bump…

    i got beta for RaiderZ Perfect World
    i got beta for RaiderZ Frogster

    i live in poland so europe .. so what i should download … and play ???

    dose Perfect World will have EU servers ???
    cause Frogster tells me to use some login like Beta098776 …

  112. Thank ya! :)

    1. Double post DX
      Sorry for that :S

  113. so any1 got message bout download client?

  114. Does anyone has beta key to European CBT of Raiderz ??
    I would trade it for beta key to US CBT pls :)
    or does anybody know where can I get beta key to EU beta test ? thnx :)

  115. i want the key plees

  116. alguem tem uma chave beta?obrigado

  117. If anybody had no luck with this giveaway; here you go:

    Keys for the NA version (PWE):


    Haph phun!!!

  118. can i have a beta key too…or how get it ?

  119. Thank you so much! I wanted to play this game for a long time, you are definetly my favorite website of mmorpg reviews.

  120. i i i i i am soo happy now

  121. my doesnt work … -.-

  122. Omg what a fake -.- the keys dosnt work !

  123. Dang. More beta keys? The servers are overloading because they’ve already got too many people trying to log on…haha. :/ Or perhaps I’m mistaken. :P

  124. Hello mmobomb can you please giveaway some EU keys?
    Couse well i cant play the game with theese ones…

  125. i got key, but ————-

    The key you entered could not be found.

  126. key not work :-`(

  127. Key dont work :( ((((

  128. i got key but on site it says it is not found so basicly it wont work now i cant get more keys …

  129. Got mine but ,after i put in the beta key place it says error and has been use -.-

  130. Pls give me a key

  131. Thanks ! I have looked about for 1 week for good MMO because im superbored sometimes :/
    Thanks guys i let my friends notice this game so they could play beta too :)

  132. are there any beta key for european raider z ??

  133. my key doesnt work need help

  134. didnt work….. “Key could not be found” :( ((

  135. thanks mmobomb. just joined the site and i think you’re the best F2P site on the web!

  136. Hey i got the key but it said `The key you entered could not be found.` I need a key please :(

  137. I’ce got a problem attempting to log in to the game, I check my status on the perfect world site, it says my account is in fact accepted, but when I try to log in it says invalid ID or Password what do i do?

  138. Hey my beta key isnt working.. help please

  139. can i have 1 beta key plz…

  140. Thanks hope it’s better then Tera Lol

  141. people are so noob lol asking for beta keys aha it’s funny stuff :)

  142. My key doesnt work how do I get one that does work?

  143. Here is one beta key my gift for you and add me KutuPiilu

  144. My girft for you guys and add me on raiderz not fleetfoot server


  145. My key isn’t working

  146. mine doesnt work .???

  147. can I have one key plsss :D

  148. Hmm, my key doesnt seem to wrok -.-’
    It says: “The key you entered could not be found.”

  149. Okay wtf i didnt even use the beta key and i am downloading the game lol this is weird

  150. Perfectworld is bullshit you can only play from 7pm to 5am here in GMT+1 its such a bullshit now I cant play with my 28 Berserker anymore

  151. got one but lost it.this just sux

  152. my key does not work they sad my key cant found…..

  153. damn i am from europe so i think i will have some lags on the pwe version od raiderz so i decided to download eu version but this beta key dont work with eu version

  154. Why this doesn’t work for Europe version ?

    1. cuz this is PWE version of beta key ? -.-


  156. add me in game i want as much freinds as posible my dilplay name is cocainninja i tryed cownipples that didnt work

  157. Thank you soooo much!!!!

  158. the keys dont work. i ve typed it into the key field in my raiderz account and he says that they cant find this beta key

  159. Quero uma chave Por Favor

  160. thank you mmobomb! cant wait to play

  161. will the mmobomb ap thingy thats powered by overwolf be updarwd for this game cuz i want to record this but it dont let me p(

  162. HOLY CRAP THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALOT!!

  163. -Sluggish Combat
    +Open world, with combat similar to many instanced based games
    -Lack of content (this is still closed beta much will change)
    +Very nice graphics
    +Minimum requirements are pretty easily met
    -Framerate problems when you are near too many people (too many in this game is alot less than in many other games before i start to have framerate problems)

    OVERALL RATING: 8/10 (Keep in mind its still a beta)

  164. so i got in the beta with the key from here and i am from EU :P smth i have a little bit a lag but not a big deal..i just played like 3 hours xD is aswome and is going to be free..what more u want


  166. Where can I get a key for ?

    1. no i dont think use the american there might be some lag but its fine i live in the middle east and its fine

  167. i get to the character select screen, and every time it crashes, the error message goes away too fast to see what it says tho. help meeeeee

  168. i been fighting this all day… every time i get to the character select screen (already made a character) the game crashes on me, im missing out on serious game time here guys, help me please

  169. hey guys, i have my key but i have no idea on how to use it. i have downloaded the game will someone please help me out

  170. Great Beta, but you will hate looking for salt and pepper :P

  171. my beta key isn’t working .

  172. Every time your redeem a key, an e-mail with that key is sent to the email address linked to your mmobomb account. So stop asking for keys once you already redeemed one, just check your email account.

  173. hey… what’s up with “US ONLY” ???

  174. I have 3 beta keys for europe if anyone wants them :O

    1. is there a special site i should go to when im from europe???

    2. ill take on plz send me on

    3. pls send me one thx

    4. Yes please !

  175. i got a problem… I got the beta key and i downloaded the game. But when it was done it just dissappeared and nothing else happend. Can anybody help me???

  176. thanks for key

  177. The key could not be redeemed… lol..

  178. I did redeem Beta Key, but I only get the “Thank you for redeeming and 2 more Beta Keys” I did not get any account details to login…. =(

  179. BLE27-C9M-61MD Heres spare one i got. I got 1 in email and I took my beta key here

    1. and its for eu

  180. hello can someone pleae send me a key for closed beta EU please !

  181. my beta key dont work i have tried other codes too but it says: The key you entered could not be found.

  182. give me beta keys plssssss Y_Y

  183. just wanted to say this is the best website for just about everything gaming related. Easy to use, get the results you want, awesome reviews. Keep up the good work MMOBomb!

  184. I think they dont need open beta..:D closed beta -stress test :D

  185. send me a key for EU,please

  186. Pls someone send me a beta key i want to play this game so much thank you very much ! :) :D

  187. Send me a key for EU RaiderZ please… would be awesome.

  188. Me envie uma chave nuss 2 dias baixando pra nao conseguir jogar e tenso, pfpf

  189. Send Me A key please

  190. Send me a key please i would really want to play raiderz <3

  191. Can I have a key too? Please, I realy wanna play this game :D

  192. Send me 1 please :( its over,send me 1 send me 1 please!

  193. if im from argentina wich version should i play ? europe(for spanish language) or north america ? :S

  194. Sned me Beta Key Please Give me :D

  195. i need beta key D: email me

  196. Beta its over!! no more needs for the keys now we wait for open beta but they dont say wich day will start.

  197. Give me beta key RaiderZ EU please!!!

  198. Guys Please Give me Beta Key.. T_T

  199. Can someone send me a key? Thank you!…

  200. Give me please beta key…=( Downloaded the game, and here is a closed beta test.

  201. Give me beta key RaiderZ EU please


  203. Can i please have beta key

  204. Please one key. Please!

  205. Can some1 send me a beta key?

  206. Pls send beta key if possible

  207. Can I have a beta key please? MMOBOMB IS THE BOMB!

  208. can give me 1 beta key… plz…

  209. mogł by mi ktos pomoc bardzo wazne o to moje gg 41246961

  210. send me a betakey plsss :D

  211. hey Magic man add me in the game soon in the proper game and I can help you

  212. Please send me a betakey. Please

  213. can i get a betakey please?

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