SMITE Closed Beta Key Giveaway (More Keys)

This is incredible but the demand is still really high, we keep receiving emails asking for keys every day, so Hi-Rez nicely sent us again even more SMITE beta keys just to our members! So don’t miss out this new opportunity to get your beta key.

SMITE is an online battleground between mythical gods. SMITE is a Moba similar to DotA games but with a few significant changes including a third-person perspective and WASD movement.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. To create an Hi-Rez account go here (You don´t need to do this if you already have an Hi-Rez account for Tribes: Agenda or Global Agenda)
4. To activate the beta code please visit
5. You can download the client on the SMITE website.
6. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter or sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
7. Have Fun!

SMITE Gameplay Preview


  1. Good Luck to all

    Thanks for giveaway !!)

    1. why 50 i want more ;(

      1. Keys for MMOBomber’s.


        Who got it comment as “reply” is funny.
        Speed Racer…

        1. Remember use just 1 key please.
          ill share more keys later.
          thanks, and keep with your good work mmobomb…

          1. can you give me a key please? HannibalGames prefer in Private msg :)

          2. Pass a key my way HannibalGames!!! :D

          3. Mind if i ask for one more key ? :D Thanks for your time and work to help us .

          4. Can I get 1 key ? I just wanna try this out ! Love !

          5. hey bro can i have a key :D

          6. hey bro can i have a key

          7. send key to email

          8. I would love a key. :)

          9. Could I please got a key, my friend has one and I would like to play with him.

          10. and you send me a key plzzzz to my hotmail
            can i get one plzzz

          11. Please give me one key in private message?

          12. Can I get a key? Thanks.

          13. hi i would love the have a betakey i have been trying so many things to get a betakey and still with no luck please send me a key thnx alot

          14. When will you be getting more?

          15. 1 key 4 me :P

          16. can u give me beta key please

          17. email me one please, i am really into this type of game. PM please.

          18. I’d also like a key :) Pleaseee :d

          19. BETA key pls :) )

          20. give me a key pleaseee. private msg.
            I want to play SMITE

          21. can i have 1 key pls

          22. Hey my friend says that it is better them League of legends and i want at key to se about it is better then LOL

          23. i would like a key please

          24. can u give me a key pls? i want to play smite…
            came on xD

          25. I’d really love it if you can email me a key.

            Thanks ;)

          26. Many thanks would you obtain, if you could supply me with a code *Yoda Voice*

          27. may you plz send me a beta key :) private msg me brainkilla151

          28. Hey,can you please give me a key? Thank you so much :D

          29. Can you send me a key plz through PM

          30. gv me one key,. :) maybe we can play together

          31. Hey bro can u sand me smite beta key pls
            i really appreciate if u gimme beta key pls
            I hope u message me :D

          32. Please send me a beta key pls:) I really want to try the game. thank you.
            e-mail:[email protected]

          33. can you please send me a key?

          34. 1 key, please :)

          35. Can u pm me a key plz i would really want it ill even like ur pages on fb or subscribe to u on youtube

          36. I know its been over 2 months, but the word just got out to me,, I like dowloaded and installed and everything and it says I need a key, and that really sucks, cas like all my friends got the game from keys adn buying it and stuff, so if someone, anyone can i pleasseeeee get a key from themmmm i wanna play this game so bad,,,,,,, !@!!!!!
            email : [email protected]

            PLease can i have one also PLEASE

          37. got more smite beta keys right here i you get one give me a beat key for another game if not its ok:)

          38. send me a beta key please..

          39. dude send 1 key here

          40. Hannibalgames can you give me one key pls pls pls

          41. hey man!!!!!
            i am a fan of heroes of newerth and dota
            and i want to check this out
            might i please have a key ???

          42. Please i want to try this game !!!! Is awsome !!! Can you give me 1 beta key ? :)

          43. Send me and key please :)

          44. man plz i need one i waited 3 moths now on or bit less man please sent me one in my email

          45. send me a working key please

          46. Please sent me 1 beta key please

        2. Thank you so much. My freind just got one and I was wanting to play with him :D

        3. Thanks but they are all taken ;)

        4. NEED ONE i will give u anything

        5. Heyy do u have more keys? i just cant w8 how i wanna play smite!!:SS

        6. can gv me a key pls?

        7. please send the key to my email because i don’t know how to get a key from this website

        8. Hannibalgames plz can u write an last key plz?

        9. Omg where did you get them ? I really want one ! :)

        10. hey mate can i have 1 key sent on my mail :[email protected] thanks a lot

        11. can i haz a key plsss

        12. Hey, it’s such a great thing you share all these keys with the community.
          I’m looking forward to the next wave of keys :D

        13. can u give me 1 key? i want to play this game! :3

        14. please send me a key

        15. Can i get a key ? :) if there still is more left, thanks :)

        16. Give me one key plis..

          1. If you can send me a Key I would be happy as hell. This game looks awesome so if you can ty.

        17. ill share more keys day 19/06 (6:00PM) time of chicago.

          1. please send me one in private please…im still waiting for your email for almost 10days but still dont have 1 key…please

          2. what time is it in this site’s time cause my pcs very slow and I wont be able to get in time without PREPRATION XD

          3. if u could send me a key in private that would be awesome…ty in advance =)

          4. Sorry i got problem, tomorrow ill share 60 keys via mmobomb, and 6 keys by email.

            No send a email now, just tomorrow (6:00PM) time of chicago.

          5. Its exactly 5:00pm Chicago time, can i please have a key been wanting one for a long time, it would be very much appreciated :)

          6. hi hannibalgames i would love one so if you could send me one through mmobomb that would be awsome

          7. If u send me a key i will for every be ur slave

        18. hey HannibalGames!
          dont forget to send me a key too =D

        19. Yo man, please let me have a key. you would be the best. thanks. [;

        20. when will i get mine?
          i already follow the steps but still dont got an email from you…it would be nice if you email me a beta key please…

          ramyher21 @

        21. hey hannibal i have been trying to get this game for a week! can i please have a key? send at lil_azn_wesley2@hotmail(dot)com thanks :)

        22. can I have a key that not used.PLEASE


        23. i would like a beta key plz private message i come on here everyday

        24. can i have 1 key? i do all the steps :) plz…

        25. key please

        26. Could i please get a key, my friends has one and i would really like to play with him..

        27. I am a true TRUE TRUUUUEEEE!!!!! MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE PLZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!

        28. hey pleazz iam trying like 2 mothns to get it can u msg me one key i really wanna play this game!

          1. a smite key please, thanks.

        29. pls give a key pls,thank you so much :X

        30. key pleasee!

        31. Hey can I have a key if theres any left? Thanks!!!! :) !

        32. Can i get a key plz :D


          1. still need one? i have one spare just tell me if u still need it :)

          2. Hey @rodnis98 mate, if you still have that key could you email it to me at battlefield.manic[at] please?
            Thanks so much in advance, would love it in a PM or email.

            Cheers mate, Todd.

        34. Bardzo chciałbym keya proszę

        35. pls take me 1 key

        36. can i get a beta key

        37. can i get 1 beta key

        38. Give me beta key for smite :3

        39. Can I have one

        40. Give me a key please! I want to play with this great game:)

        41. I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE! sent me a key plz!!!=)

        42. sent me a keyyyy

        43. can i please get a beta key? can you send it to my e-mail please. Thanks

        44. can i have a beta key sent to my e-mail please :)

        45. HannibalGames , please give me 1 of your smite beta key’s thanks

        46. i would like to have a key please give me one

        47. i want a key D=

        48. Pls send me one beta key i m dying to play this awesome game :D

        49. plz send me a beta key i would love to try this awesome game

        50. plz i need a beta key plz

        51. Heya there :) !

          I’ve beta tested dota 2, HoN, LoL, most of the world of warcraft games, and even down to the first game ever made of dota, i was one of the few thousand beta testers of the first ever made dota game in warcraft 3 :)

          I really want to beta test this, it looks awesome, seen some gameplay videos, and total buiscut review it, which just made me want it more!

          Hopefully i will aquire a key so i can begin the fun ;)

          have a nice day, and gl to all ! :)

        52. can i please have a beta key so i can play with immortalhd and slyfoxhound?

        53. Is there still a betakey that isn´t used? :)
          Would rly love to get 1!

        54. One key please SMITEEE :d

        55. i want 1 too please privat message if u can send me 1 or 2 i will be soo happy please4me

        56. hey dude you have a smite beta key

        57. please send me one

        58. Can i get one key please? Have to try this game

        59. give me 1 pls, really want!!

        60. Could you send me a free beta key =) ?

        61. Could you send me a Closed beta key =) ?!

        62. please give me a beta key please please :) thanks

        63. please give me a beta key please i want to try this game i try this all over 3 days but i cant so please give me a beta key please:) thanks

        64. plz can u send me a key

        65. Yo can i get beta key plz? send me email at plz and thank you

        66. can i have a key pretty pretty please?
          i really love this game and I am a true MMObomber and i want SMITE :)
          if you have a key for me could you send it to my email?


        67. tem como voces me arruma uma key beta meu nick e BussHunter

        68. can i have one

        69. can i have a activation key sent in a message plss

        70. Please send me a key for beta in a message. Please please please ^_^

        71. hey can I have one key i like smite

        72. D= There all taken D=

        73. please please dude send me key please i want to try smite

        74. pls give me 1 beta key code

        75. Hey it would be really awesome of you could send me a key!
          Thanks bud!

        76. CAN YOU GIVE ME A NEW CD KEY ?

        77. One key please the)

        78. send me an activation key pppplease?!

        79. can u send me a key HannibalGames plz i want to play this game ill be grateful.

        80. plz send me a key HannibalGames i will be grateful to u and thank you

        81. I want 1 key to play send to me , please.

        82. to everyone: I can give away as much keys as I want,
          I only need to have your e-mail and I give it to ya

        83. please can you give me another key

        84. Dude PLZ can i have beta key? Email me PLZ!

        85. can you give me a key please?

        86. can i get a key till or no more this game looks really fuun

        87. i’m a great player at dota and HoN and i want to try this game cn i have a smite beta key?

        88. Did you get a key for me to smite?

        89. Hey,can you please give me a key? Thank you so much :D

        90. hey can u give me a cote that work please im so crazy about it

        91. can you pls send me a key?

        92. please give me one key
          :) )

        93. Can you give me a key please?HannibalGames prefer in Private msg :)

        94. can you give me a code pliz

        95. can i get Smite beta key pls i really want it to play! :(

        96. Please give me one key :(

        97. hey i was wondering if u can send me a working beta key :D ive been looking for so long . thx alot :D

        98. Hey can you email me a Beta key? my friend has been asking me to join SMITE for a while and i cant find a beta key anywhere that will work, please help me!

        99. need 1 key plz

        100. I would like to have a key please. This game sounds so amazing to play. :D

        101. Remember use just 1 key please.
          ill share more keys later.

        102. cho minh xin 1 key voi!

        103. hi man can i have a key plzz????????

        104. please give me 1 key in this email

        105. Could I please get a key aswell? :D

        106. Hi man, can you send me a key too pleaseeee!

          Thank youu mate!

      2. I know its been over 2 months, but the word just got out to me,, I like dowloaded and installed and everything and it says I need a key, and that really sucks, cas like all my friends got the game from keys adn buying it and stuff, so if someone, anyone can i pleasseeeee get a key from themmmm i wanna play this game so bad,,,,,,, !@!!!!!
        email :

      3. please send me a key

      4. i need 1 key

      5. Please I want to play this game… Can you give me beta key? please.

    2. I’m so anxious to play this game…just didn’t realize there is so much competition.

    3. You’re fast enought?


      Please comment who got it :)

      1. Dude thanks so much :D .

      2. do u have more keys?

      3. can you give me one key please? :)

      4. dude can u give one of the 2 extras keys that they will give u?? :D e-mail me if u want pleaz (

      5. dude is there any way you could send me a key in private? i have been dying to play this game!

      6. Send a key to pleasee thanks :)

    4. Man i need a beta key to smite so please man help me

    5. Omg they have 290 keys but can’t give anyone cause they ar trying to quit the reply system, I want my key and I will spend more than a week here if it’s necessary but give me a key

    6. hey i need key plz!!! i like you facebook

    7. Send me a beta key to i really love this game im watching all the gameplays and others kind of videos and its incredible

    8. I really Want a smite beta key send me one at PLZ

    9. hey can you give me 1 key plizz i played many games like this jstu 1 code plizz i always wanned to play game liek Smite game is awsome my e-mail is dude ^^

    10. Please give a beta key i’ve make all three step ;)

    11. F1645-27CC3-22D04-373AE-C9B5B
      here 3 keys

    12. F1645-27CC3-22D04-373AE-C9B5B

    13. Please a key , i whant so bad to play SMITE ……………………….

    14. Heres a beta key HAVE FUN and subscribe to MMOBOMB

    15. give me 1 pls

    16. nesse video os caras dao as Keys Grátis (:

    17. pls send me a key)

    18. key for me plz?

    19. can u give me a beta key?i really want to play that game thx u a lot bro

    20. pls send me a key if you can…i want to play this game so much T.T

  2. Good luck

    Hope we get in so we can play :)

  3. email sent :D

  4. Ohh I can’t wait for a key to this awesome game!


  6. good luck to every one and i hope to get it

    thnx for the giveaway

  7. not worth all that .sounds to much ,just put them up

  8. YEAH !!!! what else i can say ;)

  9. I will sign up! Have been lookign forward to this for a long time :)

  10. Whooo!

    Been waiting for a giveaway for ages! Hope I get a key xD Sent the e-mail with everything that was needed.

    1. Waiting for this from first announcement on Hi-Rez website ;)

      1. Same here, mate! And same was with Tribes: Ascend. Luckily I got into that closed beta… let’s hope I’ll get into this one as well.

  11. I can tell this game is going to be so awesome if a lot of people pay money for it, if it becomes big it will deffo stomp LoL :D

  12. Just waiiting for my key =D

  13. I hope i get the key :)

    And good luck to everyone ;)

  14. good lucky everyone!

  15. I hope i’ll get that key !

  16. Please please GODS give me one key! Loki, Thor, Zeus, Ra hear my voice!

    Send gift to your fellow disciple!

    1. and i’m your partner so GODS respond to our request

  17. Hope i win sent the email

  18. they sent me the weirdest mail ever, some quotes:

    ‘Unfortunately we only have 50 Beta Keys to offer, they’re quite valuable and limited at the moment, but with a little luck maybe more will come in the future.’

    then theyre like but we have a lot of other free stuff, bla bla…. it sais 47keys left lol

  19. Sent them the email, hope i get in, I’ve been waiting for SMITE for ages.

  20. i want the key and i already sent you the e-mail so plz give the beta key i’ve been waiting for this for a long time

  21. I hope i get a Key i have sent a e-mail i like Dota 2 and LoL

  22. I want key!, snälla Oden jag ber till dig, ge mig en kod!

  23. so who got the 3 keys ? :)

  24. and i want a key pls XD

  25. How happy I am… How sad I’ll be… If I don’t find a SMITE beta key… :)

  26. aww lol im not doing this again

  27. game looks SICK!

  28. Aww Yeaaah!

  29. lol goodluck

  30. Thanks for the opportunity, MMOBomb team.

    – Delsus

  31. Lets hope!, thanks

  32. bro this key would be awesome if it was in my hands. this games looks pretty awesome :)

  33. I hope I get a beta key…

  34. Good luck to everyone!

  35. I neeeeed this game :S

  36. Good luck to all I sent them an email, hope I can get this, I’ve been waiting forever to play this game!

  37. Game looks crazy fun, I’m excited to try and get a beta key.
    Love the different gameplay not the same. Keep things different.

  38. good luck all i hope i get a key

  39. Lmao I got my key via e-mail from hi-rez studios already.

    1. Did you do anything on the forums like you have to do for Firefall to get a beta key or just waited?

      1. Just waited.

  40. plop other LOCO, no ty

  41. oh man i hope i wiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE

  43. wow, I will be sitting here waiting til I either get one or they are all gone!!!!! Plz pick me!!!!

  44. I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE ..
    =D … follow u in all that i could .. wannntt so much this key !! =D

  45. Good Luck Everyone. [^_^]

  46. i have done registered at facebook if i am lucky i get beta key

  47. Get the keys people! The game is worth it. I got my key 2-3 weeks ago and haven’t stopped playing it (i’m not a zombie or anything but i play this game only)!

  48. Thank you followed all and wrote email!

  49. Awesomeee Was waiting for this ^^

  50. HOPE To Be one of the Lucky chosen cause i LOVE MOBA (LOL,HON,DOTA(1,2))

  51. Please Give Me Key Im Need Please :( :(

  52. Please give me key :D Im must play

  53. this game looks pretty good, wish i get a beta key ^^

  54. Thx for beat key

  55. Sent. Hopefully I’ll get it :D

  56. i want a beta key so much xd

  57. i Hope i win a beta key.

    And yeah Im True MmoBomber xDD

  58. Really want to play it :D

  59. Doesn’t have to bribe for social media followers:P

  60. COME ON !

    let us play :)

  61. Done !!

  62. OMG!!! MMOBOMB is the best!

  63. i have send message pleas fast

  64. Did it.

    hope that i will be one of the winners

  65. we will not get any key we numbers 50+ T_T

  66. pls give my a key

  67. i send too ^^

    1. then send me one plox!! XD

    2. please send me one key

  68. i want the key more than everyone here!!!!!!!!!! so gimme gimme gimme i want to play this awesome game

  69. Wish I got the key. :(

  70. am need key i want play a game

  71. pls give me free key very very need

  72. I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE

  73. TY for doing this giveaway CANT WAIT TO GET IT !!! U ARE AWESOME!!!

  74. I sent the email hope i get it.

  75. only 50 keys :(
    like win 1 key
    good luck for all

    1. how to like it?please give me

  76. i sent the email ;) hope to get a key this game will be awesome!

  77. Good luck everyone :)

  78. I hope to get a key too. Good luck to all!

  79. Hope i’ll get key :D Mythology addiction :) I instaled Age of Mythology cuz of this game :D

  80. I WANT IT!

  81. I sent mail with mine users yesterday but i still didn’t got mine key :(

  82. 47 left :S… i sure hope i’ll be lucky but if i won’t be…well i wish a warm “have fun in-game!” to those that get a key

  83. each of these is that my 50 * – *

    2B46 J58Q XSCS D0AL
    C9 beta key for anyone who want i got 3 used one anylike to have can use

  85. judging by the comments 80+ ppl sent a email and just 3 got keys…pff…

    1. 10, sorry

  86. i want a key please! :) ty

  87. i help i win ohoh yea good luck everone.

  88. I really want to paly SMITE. Plizzz give a key!!!

  89. Goodluck everyone!

  90. i already have 2 a key who wan the key ill change the key for a firefall key

  91. plizzz give me the second. Plizzzz!!!!

  92. i have to give you a The Secret World key. Plizz i need one for smite plizzz.

  93. let’s see if God is with me !

    xD joking

    Gratz all that will get a key.

  94. I Wanna This! :D

  95. choose me!!

  96. I hope i have the luck to get a beta key :D

    I send the mail when this came up

  97. i wants the beta key and gl to everyone else

  98. i what a beta key i want to tri this game

  99. someone have a raiderz beta key

  100. seriously MMoBomb i sent you the E-mail like two days ago and repeated another one plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz give me a key :’(

  101. I really want to play this, because im huge fan of moba games.
    Plz Give me a key

  102. Hey Guys,
    I wrote this in my email, but incase you don’t read it, I have a lot of beta testing experience (MoP for World of Warcraft, Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and Realm of the Titans) so I think I would be ideal for this. I’m also a huge Moba fan. Thanks!
    -MMOBomber Vijay Para

  103. 10 givealway everday

  104. wow really? when r u guys gonna give away the keys? Ur milking the free advertisement to death!!! MMORPG gave away there 2nd set of 100 keys alrdy. Anyways take me of the list I got mine from MMORPG…thanks anyways……..

  105. I have an activate account that some1 can have my comp broke gonna get a new 1 in 2 months QQ

    username:bucuthao (veit for suck my D)

  106. Good luck everyone,hope to win :D

  107. Yeah, good luck guys.

  108. goof luck everyone but first to me :P .

  109. Need key !! :D

  110. i hope i get key and i did every thing

  111. “I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE”

  112. Need a key…

  113. I need a key. I love MOBA games, and i play many MOBA games. I love MMOBOMB!

  114. i need a key pls…tnx

  115. mail sent :p hope i’ll get a key

  116. so many people and only 40 key

  117. key key key key
    GIve 1 plzzzzzz
    and i say : Спаааасииииибки ^____^

  118. iwillgetthiskey!!!!

  119. email sent haha, good luck for everyone, i hope i will win one =p

  120. please sent my key i want it so much! this game will be awesome! i will play it 24/7. just sent my one key ;)

    1. i don’t think that’s healthy but i admire your dedication to smite :)

  121. Can’t wait to get the key

  122. Looks bad… litereally a 3rd person cam? get caught from behind you’re f****, and looks like it will happen alot in a team fight. cant tell much just seeing the video, it looks like a dungeon game, such like grand chase , dragon nest etc

  123. hope i win! thanks for the opportunity

  124. Already been a long time sub and follower on everything. Just sayin

  125. Mother of God…. i want this so bad!

  126. Email sent!! I hope I get a key :)

  127. Good luck everyone!

  128. Dang i hope i win, this game is gonna be soo good!!!

    PS: Gratz to all the winners :)

  129. Whooo! Got my key a while ago in the mail.

    Thank you MMOBomb! I already won my first match with Ymir. xD


  131. I want a key to play i want it

  132. Sent mail!!!! =| :3

  133. I sent the mail and for the last 2 days checking my mail every 5min that’s too much plz send me a key or get more keys.

  134. I am a true MMOBomber and I already play SMITE. So good luck everyone, this game is really worth try.

  135. Good Luck And Who Ever Wins Have Fun ^ ^

    MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE

  136. I really need to play this awesome game
    I hope i get the key :)

  137. Awesome Giveaway!

  138. i hope i’m lucky between this 38 keys left :D

  139. Not going to lie but mmorpg just gave out their 300-th key…and i was lucky enough to get the 294-th key:P

    1. Hey kalamees ^^ I saw you in… Cads stream 2 days ago? What do you mean by mmorpg? Since mmorpg is a genre.

  140. i have one key left, if anyone want it mail me, and be my friend ingame hehe lets play together

    1. give it to me pls

    2. I can play with you at the weekend :) And then all the week because f**** school xd

    3. Hi im back, i got more keys if you want send me an email with basic infos:
      Real name:
      Real email:

      And after add me ingame nick: HannibalGames, thanks.

      1. Sorry, miss any informations

        How old,

        and my email is


  141. Good Luck to everyone that entered

    Thanks for giveaway !!! :D

  142. Awesome game! :)
    Good luck all, I know we all wanna play it so much!

  143. This is so different from other MOBAs I want to try it so badly E-mail SENT! Good Luck all

  144. Good Luck everyone :)

  145. done and done :)

  146. I got a key from the forums. Take me off the list. also, I have a friend invite key I can give away to the first person who PMs me in the forums. the second person may get my second depending on whether one of my real life friends wants in or not.

    1. pls give it to me :3

    2. please give me one key someone i cant buy one because im not from USA

  147. Hope i get one :) ty.

  148. Good luck all! Can’t wait till I get my hands on this game!

  149. The Game looks very nice… E-Mail is sent, i hope, that i get one… :D

    But if not, i can wait, because there are many other Games to play in next Time:

    Warface, Bullet Run, and so on… :D

  150. still waiting for key darn where get my luck i need go buy some luck anyone sell me some by giveing your beta key ?

  151. Thanks for this opportunity !

  152. Yes, more keys, i need one and GL to everyone

  153. Omg the giveaways increased by 350 ! Hope i win one.
    Thanks a lot :)

  154. when can get few keys

  155. More keys :D
    I really hope to get one. This game looks really good and I would love to try it out.

  156. thank you for giveaways, mmobomb

  157. OMG i cant w8 im a BIG FAN of MOBAS i really cant w8 2 try out SMITE ITS gonna be so awesome Thks so much MMOBOMB :D

  158. This is my favorite mmorpg searching site in this site i see game smite and its awesome game so can u give me beta key to try this game

  159. come on man i really want to play this game :)

    and i hope i get in so that i can play with some friends :D

  160. When wil they be givenaway? And did you guys got my email?

  161. Good luck to hf.i hope il get one

  162. I really want to play this game I am waiting since the first game ads.

  163. i actually got in :D

  164. i really want to play this game.
    Please i want a key .

  165. plzzzz beta key i love this game

  166. i was wondering how long it takes to give a key! lol i hope i get it iv been waiting since the giveaway started LOVE U MMOBOMB

  167. I am true MMOBomber and I wont to play SMITE

  168. Man, you have 350 extra beta keys and still not giving away more than 10 each day? My god…

    1. We are sending much more today :)

      1. Thank You! Love you guys :P Time to own some people :)

  169. i want a key T_T

  170. YAY, i just got a key. good luck people.

  171. This is like hell… w8thing for key you cant get…. I gues i wont get any key :( and thats kinda sad….
    Well i gona keep my fingers crost and hope for the best…

    Keep good job: mmbomb

  172. OMG more keys, mmobomb you are the BEST <3

    1. settings -> homepage ->


  173. Hi There,

    Congratulations, you are a true MMOBomber and you got a beta key for SMITE.

    Your Beta Key is: TNX SO MUCH FOR THE KEY MMOBOMB.. Your the best

  174. oh well i guess no key for me today…

  175. Congratulations, you are a true MMOBomber and you got a beta key for SMITE.


  176. Come on smite key!

  177. so…mmobomb…id like some keys…and quick

  178. Omg thanks!!!!! gonna play right now

    “Hi There,

    Congratulations, you are a true MMOBomber and you got a beta key for SMITE.

    Your Beta Key is:****”

    Thank you very much MMOBOMBER, guys this is for Real!! wish u Luck everybody, see u in the battlefield thx to mmobomber.

  179. I really want this key

  180. Woot, sent my email :)

  181. For the love of god send me a key XD

    or ”gods” what ever suits them .


  183. Plz send me a key :)

  184. I will be so happy if i get one. ;D
    It would make my day. :D

  185. i hope i get a key i really want to play this game

  186. i got an extra key send a mail to

  187. Plzzzzz give ME a key! I need to play this game! xD

  188. this is getting huge, i would like to have one too ;)

  189. Ooooh u guys this game is so freaking awesome!

  190. I`m the whole time reloading my email page!

  191. give me key please I NEED IT NEED IT NEED IT

  192. I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE Realy bad :)

  193. Just got mine :)
    Good luck getting your own keys guys.

    1. This game must be mine o.o its like league of legends but better lol

  194. pls give me a key i love moba games

  195. Hope i get a key anyways goodluck everyone! :)

  196. Please give me a beta key!

  197. Omg so many more keys, sent e-mail and subscribed in all 3 social networks :D ,

    With the amount of keys now im sure to get one , thank you so much <3 :D

  198. OMG! 340 left
    i really need one :)

  199. Hi There,

    Congratulations, you are a true MMOBomber and you got a beta key for SMITE.


  200. Email sended ^^^^^^

    1. sent*

  201. Thank you very much for the chance to win this giveaway

  202. ty for the key and i’m looking forward in playing it with you guys :)

  203. this chance is awesome,i sent and email not long ago,hope i get a key:S

  204. Hey guys , I really like that forum and all videos what is that TEAM done (Y) Soo good luck and work on :)

    Really like to get SMITE Beta key :)

  205. cant wait to get a key so i can play that game


  207. i hope i get a key!!!

  208. eu quero a keeeeeey

  209. If i get a key, l’ll NEVER stop playing smite!:D

  210. I really hope I get a key…No one is as FRUSTRATED as I am when it comes to not getting a key for 6 weeks from >:( .. I really hope that yesterday was the lucky day when I did everything I could here to get a key

    Well..good luck all….probably more luck out there then what I’m getting….. :(

    1. Really hope I get a key :)

  211. Zero thank you so much!!!!! Cheers mate!!!

  212. Good luck to all!

  213. i want to play this pls send me a key

  214. plz want the key. did everything u requested…

  215. I am confident that I will get the key * – *

  216. I cant wait to play this game, I have watched all the videos and feedback and it looks amazing!!!!

  217. Got teh key thx so much :D
    luck too everyone

  218. Damn come on plz just 1 key i will be dying if not get 1 key damn come on guys Make my day :)

  219. Wow 10x more keys! Hope to get one! :D

  220. Good luck to everyone, hope i will get one :)


  222. I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE.

  223. i love moba games, but a 3D moba like SMITE!? Mind Blown!

  224. i send email. plz give me key!

  225. Thank you SO much for the beta key for SMITE.!!!!!

  226. Good stuff hope i get one! :)

  227. I’m down on my knees
    and im asking you…
    give me a key please
    ’cause I wanna play too…

    1. do you want key i haw 1 left ?call me and i will tel you//

      1. ofc I want a key..if u still have it heres myemail so send it if u havent given it to some1 else already =)…

  228. I wish i could get a beta key now and I really wanna try to play this game

  229. thnk u mmo bomb for the key i started 3 hours ago and i’m already lvl 7

  230. i did everything. I would please like a beta code. Thanks :)

  231. This game looks so tight, I want to play it, if i get it ill play the hell out of it LOL

  232. this game looks awesome! :D

  233. Plx give ma key Smite i need it

  234. Good Luck to all

    Thanks for giveaway :)

  235. Email sent ! :)

    Cant wait to get my hands on this game ! :)

  236. Email sent, i really want it please!

  237. I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE!!!!! please :D

  238. Me To Im so like that Game and I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE@

  239. I hope to get an key (I think we all).

  240. I hope to get an key (I think we all)

  241. awh man i send a email yesterday still no key :(

  242. So guys, MMObomb sent me the key, and I’m so glad for it, but the deal is, the game is hella of fun, but ever since LoL, i saw that I didnt knew exaclty how to play it, I dont know why, just everyone else seemed better than me. So, if any of u are really good Moba gamers, with some experience, and could give me some advices and stuff, I have 2 referral keys with me, so just reply. Thanks!

    1. Hey Ero I played alot of mobas. so if u want to I could help help you out here ;)

      1. Ok so sent me an email so I can mail you:

      2. So if ya need a key send me an email to rafinhawc @ hotmail com

        1. yo I’m a experienced player of wow ,dota hope i can help u if i got a beta key :p

    2. hey, i could try to help you, idk how smite meta works, but i played LoL for about 2 years.


  244. F1145-3E44F-BF124-D798D-F0731

    1. I love you man ^_^

    2. Thanks dude for that

  245. Your Welcome
    my name in game is Excalibur cy in game

    1. can you please give me one key ?my email is
      please i really want to try this game


  247. I want to play :(

  248. no Buy Hades its need pro tank magic

    if u want kill and no one cant kill you buy oden

    if you new in game play with Ra

  249. pls send me in his email key very need

  250. anyone still have beta key ?

    1. Already get key from other site :D they have maybe alot more keys then mmobomb :D

  251. pls need key very send me to

  252. REBELLARE i will be back in 2-3 hours so if you dont get key till then i will give you 1 k ?

    1. ok thnx =) still didnt get it..still hopin…

      1. if u need an email to send it to its up in another comment but here it is again XD

  253. Omgomgom i want this keey :D

  254. Куплю ключ на збт Smite
    For the key to the closed beta Smite
    Skype: helloskype1994

  255. i really want to taste the other type of moba

  256. I would like to be with Magicman in the 5v5 team :) )

  257. I have 2 keys, first 2 who send me email on get it

    1. Still have 1. who want send mail.

      1. Thank You Very Much.

  258. HELL YEAH !!! THANKS !!!

  259. F1B01-AE2BB-1C834-D269E-43F0E

  260. Let it be KEYS :D

  261. More Keys!? Thank you finally i can get a chance to win one fourth contest entry :P

    1. Really want to win one Good Luck all

  262. Please, no more than 320 comments, please please please… :)
    Good luck everybody!

  263. I hope I get a beta key…

  264. Good luck guys ! I Hope I Get It :)

  265. I hope to get a key! This looks so awesome and I wanna try it. I’ve played a lot of League of Legends but this looks way better.

  266. i have two keys from refral system : F113A-EE782-E5AB4-EDB95-59024
    F10DB-A5BDA-C7794-F84AA-257F5 comment if used plz so no one else try.

    1. thx xavis for the bete key


  268. I really hope that I win one! Email sent and all set!

  269. Give me the key, please, I want to try smite so badly :D

  270. Smite key for trade for diablo 3 IGG —drummcycle gmail com—

  271. Hello
    Pls Give me one key, i want test this game because i very like game moba and this game i think very interesting

  272. Please give me a Beta Key because I’m a real player Smite even have the game downloaded and updated just need to play a Beta Key, Thank you.

    1. My Email is and my Skype imjustakid.18

  273. done everything to get one. man i want this key so bad! :)
    good luck to everyone

  274. thx to HannibalGames he gave me a beta key !!!

  275. I really want this key ‘-’

  276. Please give me a key, the game download is complete, but missing a key. Ty

  277. OMGGGGGG i need one key if someone has one of me plsssssssss my email is thnxxxxxx ^^

  278. I would love to get my hands on a beta key. Looking to play with anyone in game if I ever get the chance.

  279. My life isnt complete withou a Smite Key ! :(

  280. I was searching this type of moba since 2010 year.

  281. i really wanna smite beta key..plz
    plz send

  282. please give me one also…please please please

  283. Can some one hook me up with a key please i’ve been dying to play this!

  284. I have 3 Friend Referral KEYS available -.- 1st 3 Replys with their emails gets it ~.~ WHILE STOCK LASTTT.

    1. meee

      1. mmmeee

      2. Reply WITH YOUR EMAIL ~ i will sent when i get your email ~

        1. I will be grateful to you if you send me 1 key

        2. hi do u have any more keys left? if yes pls send me one :)

        3. plz give me a key i want to play bad

    2. mnmmeee

      1. I mean Email inside this Chat box ~~

  285. >> F1639-75387-F1AD4-E27BD-ACF1C <<
    2 MORE KEYS LEFT ~.~
    Reply who got it :)

    1. You’re awesome thanks for the key!!

    2. Got More? pliz send i want one :P

    3. Can you pliz send one more?

    4. ooi i asked you you never gave it

    5. can you send me beta key

    6. Please give me one


    7. Hey if you have any can i have one please?

    8. man can you send me one

    9. Hi,
      I want to play smite :D
      please can i get a key ty ^^

    10. plz can you give me your second key

    11. Hey, can u send my 1 key please, thank you or

  286. i love you sologunner thanks for the key!!!!!!!!

  287. Heres another key ~
    :) still have 1 more ~~
    Reply if you got it :)



    3. Hey, could u gimme one key ? ;3

    4. pls give key i must play smite

    5. hi you have more key for me plz i need 1 me mail is

  288. plsss send me a key thx u guys!!! :)

  289. nope

  290. Last key remaining ~ :) get ready !!! in 1 MINUTES TIMEEE >> REFRESH :D

  291. >> F1A71-9291B-6AF24-6C8B5-5B82A <<
    My last KEY :) Gratz to everybody who got my 3 friend referral keys :) HAVE FUN!

    1. ahhhh i just late 1s i copy it and push accept it was ok but my internet stuck and then ;//// someone get it :D

      1. same

  292. sry i get it:) im soooo happy ty to u sologunner im going to play it all day long ty!!!!

  293. oh okay np but this is bs lol he told me to put my email in thougth he was goign to send it

  294. I wanted people to put their email inside this box -.- not that box on top ^ so that i can sent to them.. but nobody did it so i just gave to people randomly ~ sorry if you did not understand what i meant.

    1. oh okay but is there a chance i can get another key before i hang my self?

      1. Go hang self first on cam, then i’ll give you a key.

        ;) lol!

        1. can I have 1 key pls :D :D:D:D

    2. still have more?this my email

    3. Hey thanks man zarce-bj[at]hotmail[dot].com

    4. batleonas@yahoo com send me plz plz plz

      Change my life dude…

    6. I would love to have 1 key please!
      email –

    7. please send me a key please please please

    8. Here my e-mail :

      Please, send me a key, I really wanna play Smite. *-*

    9. if u have more keys plz send me one here luv ya :D

    10. Hey dude, can i have a key? would make my year :D


    11. Please give me a key carman.gasper @ hotmail . com

    12. mail


    13. mail



      thz bro!
      reli wanna try this game :)

  295. pls i need key !! send me one !

  296. give please one beta key:(

  297. Send me one key please. Thanks in advance.

    1. it has been deleted : /

      1. man i really got an key from this THANKS!!!!

      2. I got the file but all keys are used?

      3. yeah but they refresh with 10 new keys every day

    2. i need A KEY ASPAP

    3. cool i got an key from this THANKS!!!!

      1. can I have 1 key pls pls pls :D :D :D

        1. pls I need it pls pls pls man email :

        2. May i have 1 key please. I tried with paypal and it wont work. my email is please and thank you.

        3. Can I please Have a beta key? my email is

        4. me too,I need very much a beta key(i do all steps)and i dont recive answer

          1. Can any1 give me one smite beta key my email is .. Thanks

        5. hey can you guys give me 2 beta keys pls , for me and my bro , my email adress is pls pls pls pls

          1. hello there, i’d love so much if you could give me 1 beta key, i really wanna try smite, my email is

          2. Can i have 1 beta key pls, my email adress is thx

          3. Hey my children are starving and they only way to get it out of my head is if I could get a beta key <3 ;) My email is