The Aurora World Closed Beta Key Giveaway

The Aurora World Closed Beta Key Giveaway and GBE Games are pleased to present our users with an invite to The Aurora World closed Beta test (March 7th). To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

The Aurora World is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG. The game features eight professions with their own unique specializations, a robust PvP system that includes large scale Nation Wars (up to 300 players), a unique hybrid pet/mount system known as Majinns, and much more.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Register an account at The Aurora World.
4. Click redeem key button
5. Enter the key in the window
6. Now you can login the game. (March 7th)
7. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook or Twitter!
8. Have Fun!


You can now download the game in preparation for the March 7th CBT launch.

The Aurora World Trailer:


  1. Nope.avi


      1. Nope.mp3

        1. Yes.iso

          1. Nope.gif

      1. Nope.mp4

        1. Yes.rar

          1. nope.exe

  2. nah, won’t even try any mmorpgs with those shiny armors and white tigers, they always suck


      1. Thats right “Tiger Girl ” looked rather sexy on her’s !

  3. Why did they even bother making this game?
    At a time like this where all upcoming games are Next-Gen, this game seems mainstream and too plain .

    1. #1 rule of gaming: Don’t knock it till you try it. It may not look appealing, but you’ll never know if it really is any good or any fun until YOU play it.

      1. This. But of course unless the publisher is Nexon, EA, PWE, or AG. Their games have never amazed nor at the least, satisfy me.

        1. well thats your opinion :L

  4. Thanks MMOBomb. Doesn’t look to great, but who knows… I’ll give it a try.

  5. Thanks for the offer but nah..

    1. ditto

  6. Bring all ye outdated graphics and overly outdated gaming mechanincs, for innovation is for the weak. mass produced WoW clones shall make us rich!

  7. Looks dated but well. since people still play wow..

  8. I played Alpha and not too bad as WOW clone. Will give it a try.

    1. BTW, you can read a review on OnRPG.

  9. It’s worth a try to beta test to see where it’s going too ,as well as the looks it may just look different than what it’s first look tape is too. Found that to be true in some cases .

  10. another mmorpg comon bring out something new and stop copying other people shit

  11. Take this it’s good for you: AW-7555930 :)

  12. maybe it looks awful, like metin clone or something. maybe it don’t meet 2013. but I tried alpha tests and it made me addicted to this game even if i was playing tera/swtor/wow for long time. just stop hating and try this game, it’s awesome

  13. wow close one 50 keys left lucky me thanks for the key i’ll try this

  14. Anyone have a spare key?

  15. if you care for the MMO industry MMOBomb, stop advertising these crap MMOs that you know yourself, is not gonna survive nor adapt on the current MMO environment

    1. Mmobomb is advertising and informing players of EVERYTHING f2p related and u sir are just an idiot who judges a game before trying it play first then speak judging a game by his graphics like most of u unexperienced kids did is really idiotic

      1. >u sir are just an idiot who judges a game before trying it play first then speak judging a game by his graphics like most of u unexperienced kids did is really idiotic
        >implying you know me ^_^
        >implying I am implying I judge the game
        just saying base on information, noting is really new and…
        f2p mmo are a bit of demanding nowadays
        anyway sir, I hope that calms your raging sense of humour

  16. Just keep hating going. The keys are almost gone again…

  17. well damn. i get this email notifying me of the key giveaway for this game. i click it and all the keys are gone. and i was already in my email for 30 min b4 it was sent so i knew exactly when they sent me this notification….. fail….. notify someone b4 all the keys are gone plz

  18. mmm…seeing this game its obiously, people get the keys just for bother

  19. where the KEYYYYYYSSSSSS

  20. I want a key :-s :( Can someone give me a extra key ?

  21. looks like another generic mmorpg,but we will se.

  22. thank god. Been lookin for beta keys. and these are almost done in one day.

  23. PW was one of my favorite game long ago and this one looks on it so ill give it a trie

  24. really cant judge from advertising clip.
    Waiting for first look.

  25. looks like wow clone, i think this game going shutdown.

    1. from preview every second rpg `looks like wow clone`
      from other hand any game going 2 shutdown sooner or later

  26. CBT just started and the web site is allready down! Goood Luck with your game

  27. This game makes me laugh, website went down, random d/cs, deleveling on events, the list just goes on and on.

  28. bye game i can’t even install

  29. thanks for the key. I will submit a review after I play it.

  30. I want to give this one game a try, let’s see what it brings, may be worth my while

  31. Saw the item shop. Has enhancement stones. Therefore pay to win. Therefore not worth my money or time.


  32. this game looks generatic, shit game

  33. hi this is rubbish

  34. I’m expecting to see more interesting games launching in April just like Age of Wushu.

  35. this type of game dont interest me, i like ones that are more action oriented, wow is getting a little old, but age of wushu is catching on, amazing what its engine can crank out, i recommend you guys go check it out.

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