World of Warplanes Beta Key Giveaway (More keys)

World of Warplanes Closed Beta Key Giveaway and are pleased to present our users with a invite to World of Warplanes closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

World of Warplanes is a free to play 3D action flight combat MMO game set in the Golden Age of military aviation.

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How to get and use your Key:

US. Server:
1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. If you are not registered in World of Warplanes, do it at
4. Log in with your account and go to
5: Click on “Have an invite code” hyperlink to enter the invite code.
6. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter or sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
7. Start your battle! Have Fun!

EU. Server:
1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. If you are not registered in World of Warplanes, do it at
4. Log in with your account and go to
5: Click on “Have an invite code” hyperlink to enter the invite code.
6. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter or sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
7. Start your battle! Have Fun!

World of Warplanes Video Preview:


  1. Thanks MMOBomb. I already had one, but one more it’s always welcome. Thanks.

    1. You’re the one who got one of the 10 Hawken beta keys aren’t ya :P i mean from that giveaway 2 weeks ago…

      1. yep :D actually im just installing it atm. i should be able to play in a few minutes ;D

        1. I already playing it :D but for own robot you need 1.800.000 money -_-
          and you get with trial 36.000 every match. So you need do 50 battles >_<

      2. Hawkens Is Free To Play Now :)

    2. I just signed up, and couldn’t find my beta key for World of Warplanes. Where do I get it?

      1. Click the big GET YOUR KEY HERE! button

    3. I’m sorry that the?

  2. Thanks MMOBomb. Also, why take one if you already got one? Even though I doubt they will run out quickly, people may want one and not get one.

    1. Well… when i applied for beta i didn’t look at the region and got an invite for US beta. But since im from EU im gonna use the second one in case i will lag to much or have any other problem. So i took it as a back up. If i wont need it i’ll share it on forum anyway.

      P.S.: after choosing your region you can’t change to a different region so chose careful… or get more keys :) )

      1. When I checked there was only 1 region. I’m from EU too but I joined the NA one. It doesn’t lag that much, and I’m using my old pc so with my new one it should be completely fine.

        1. nvm found eu website.

  3. LOL THIRD!!!… but thanx mmobomb

  4. I been waiting like four months a beta key, thx mmobomb

    take mine
    from russia with love

  6. ty mmobom i really was waiting for this game!!! cheers =)

  7. Thnx very much i really like wargaming so this is awesome!

  8. RU region Work?

    1. No

  9. Finally ! THANK YOU :D

  10. There is no link on site whih is talking about “Have an Invite Code?” ! That event on mmobomb is FAKE.

    1. Nothing here is fake my friend

  11. I login and no stite :( EU

  12. Thanks!!!


  13. YES! I have been waiting to play this.

  14. the system don’t told to me my key =_=” sigh ;;;

  15. where to download guys ???

  16. This game is a laggy piece of shit and the flying is awful, i wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, good job war gaming you suck at making games.

  17. Thanks mmobomb, since im joining the airforce in a few months, i really love planes, and to play a game where i can fight with other people in old warbirds, it just makes my day even better ^_^

  18. Dam it, i get the key and closed the bowser by accident and now its not showing up :/

    1. You will get it in your email

  19. THANK YOU!!!! : >

  20. Just Awesome!
    I love world of tanks and could not wait to get into the beta of world of warplanes.
    When will the game air officially?

    1. Wargaming must be pretty confident in game’s state of development to offer thousands of beta keys. So I suppose it’s going to enter open beta-testing relatively soon. No one can give you the exact date though, since even developers don’t know when the game is going to be ready for OBT. I’d say it’s going to enter the open beta some time this year.

  21. Holly crap it worked i can’t believe it actually worked thank you so much MMO bomb!

  22. thank you for the invite code, I have been waiting for one for months now and thought I’d have to wait for the open beta

  23. Send me someone realties invite code for WORLD Of Warplanes because I gape and akteviroval invite code in the north American region and wanted to activate an invite code in Russian!

  24. You have to write a check in order to REGISTER to MMOBomb?

  25. Ru region not work(((

  26. yes finally Red Tails ftw

  27. MMobomb is best

  28. Man I love mmobomb so much! thanks so much for the beta key been waiting to play this game for so long!!!!

  29. thank you so much MMO bomb!:) Its unbelievable!! But If the RU- region will be, it was the best.
    PS: Sorry for my poor English

  30. What is the answer when registering

  31. Pleas key for Russia

  32. помагите пожалуйста я непонел где встовлять ключ в каком ещё HAVE

  33. Did i get my key? :’(

  34. Thanks MMOBomb,you are great!

  35. Where is this “have an invite code?”

  36. поменяю ключ на ключ из зоны РУ

  37. блин не тот регион ну епть

  38. i take key, and close site, when open no key? and can`t take one more

  39. need key from ru zone, give you key from this place

  40. Thank you

  41. YES! Thank you soooooooo much!

  42. Controls are wack, gameplay was semi fun. Didn’t see many bugs at least.

  43. I can fly!

  44. а где поменять ключь на рус

  45. и кто поможет я дам один ключь всёравно у меня их два

    1. дай ключ пажа

  46. TYVM!

  47. ru region please

  48. RU региона пожалуйста ключ вел пишет Неверный регион.

  49. RU region please clue led writes invalid region.

  50. Акция только для UA и EU серверов.
    Обломайтесь русские.

    1. give up ussr

  51. Well thank you

  52. I am selling the keys to the game World of Warplanes Closed Beta.
    Продам ключи к закрытому тесте World of Warplanes.
    Skype – energyboy9
    name- AnImAtOrY-СЯВА

    1. there is a key writes an invalid region.

    2. Pusi ga bre pedercino!!!

  53. Now merge WoT with WoP and Battleships and then create a FPS all in the same map and I Will never leave the cave.

  54. Hi! Shit

  55. Please key for beta.

  56. Pleas key for Russia

  57. Люди или админы выручайте, я здесь получил ключ ну и скопировал его в документ и сохранил, но я переустановил систему потомучто так надобыло, и ключ вместе с документом удалился при переустановке, я ступил серьезно и не сохранил его в другой папке. Пожалуйста вышлите мне ключ на почту мой пожалуйста.

  58. People or administrators to help out, here I got the key well and copied it into a document and save, but I reinstalled so because that hath need, and the key with the document is deleted when you reinstall, I stepped seriously and does not save it in another folder. Please send me the key to my email please.

  59. Для России и Российского аккаунтов ключи будут доступны с 29 сентября.
    Раздача ключей начнётся 29.09.2012.

  60. Где на этом сайте?

  61. Hello, im willing to trade a World of Warplanes/Smite beta key for a Hawken, Loadout or Planetside 2 beta key.

  62. can i have an beta key for that game world of warplanes?..kindly send it to my e-add tnx in advance..

  63. а где ключь получить

  64. Where can you get the code or where can you see it?

  65. пишет что не верный регион что это значит?

  66. Hello! site thanks for the keys.

  67. А для России будут?

  68. Ru region work????

  69. the controls so hard so control but i like the flying

  70. КТО даст ключь из зоны РУ? а то только Европейский поподается ? =(

  71. thx for the key mmobomb

  72. War Thunder: World of Planes is so sooo much better then WoWP I’ve invested many hours in both games and War Thunder: World of Planes does it so much better.

  73. Я ввел ключь и у меня пишет Неверній регион.Скиньте другой ключь плиз

  74. where do i put my key

  75. thx mmobomb <3

  76. Ты к кому???

  77. please note that, it’s ONLY US!

  78. Пишет неверный регион.Что делать?

  79. thanks for the key

  80. I lost the key! I accidentally closed the window! How do I get it back?

    1. They should have sent you a back-up email.

  81. тут есть русские а ?

  82. Продам инвайт-коды на доступ к ЗБТ World of Warplanes

    Для российского сервера: 100 рублей/шт

    Согласен на сделку через гаранта или деньги-товар.

    Skype: alex0005.98
    ICQ: 601-008-378

  83. it says “You can only get one key for each game.” i didnt used it but i entered the giveaway so where do i get it

  84. Hallo, i just registeres, but i dont know where i have my key? where can i find it? if its not fake.. :D

  85. Have an Invite Code?

  86. как получить ключ

  87. World of Warplanes где взять ключ или код как его там правильно

  88. its awsome world of airplanes

  89. is this key for us cluster sever ?

  90. Пишет не верный регион…при втычке кода!!!

  91. Пишет неверный регион.Что делать?

    1. нужно регаться на евро серверах!!!!

  92. Damn it I hate myself, I copied the key then I lost it, PLEASE MMOBOMB can u give me my key again or another one :(

    1. You should’ve got a backup email

  93. Merci, merci!! Après des mois d’attente j’ai enfin eu ma clé!!!!

  94. What an extremely boring video.

    Wow…what a waste of time.

  95. how to get the beta key?i logged in but nothing

  96. How To Get Beta Key:
    1)Get Your Beta Key
    2)Go To Your Email Or Yahoo
    3)Go To Inbox Or In Spam To Check Beta Key
    4)Open Beta Key
    5)Find Have An Invite Code? Or Key?
    6)Put Beta Key In The Slot
    7)Have Fun And Play Well!

  97. Wow MMObomb you are great.

  98. Verry thanks for the beta key :)

  99. это хуйня!

  100. yeah bete key accepted best key giveaway ever :D

  101. мне пиишет не тот регион

    1. и у меня так же шняга!

  102. thanks man, I’ve got one

    1. можно и мне ключ от warplanes?игру загрузил а не поиграешь)буду благодарен если дадите ключ)на email усли можно)

    2. I’m sorry that the?

  103. please give me beta key. Thanks Frend’s

  104. please clave beta

  105. Please let me have a key please

  106. I have been waiting on invite code…would like to play, but no go without the code…

  107. дайте плиз код , а то у меня он не высвечивается

  108. мне не дали инвайт код,где я могу его получить? куда мне его должны прислать?

  109. дай ключ я не вижу кнопки ключи

  110. мне ктото прислал но не валидный ключ(((

  111. como consigo o codigo

  112. Please send to me a code please: (by mail

  113. Give the key I do not see the button keys) pliz
    дай ключ я не вижу кнопки ключи)плиз

  114. Give the key I do not see the button keys) pliz
    дай ключ я не вижу кнопки ключи)плиp

  115. Noooooo the codes are finished ;( Nooooooooooooooooooo

  116. Please key :)

  117. Please key for Czech rep. THX

  118. What i must press to take me key?

    1. Дайте ключ плиззззззззз вот суда киньте плиззз ключ

  119. Please key!!!!

  120. thanks mmobomb i just subbed today

  121. hey, do you have some key to world of warplanes? please.

    1. Please Key!!!

  122. gdzie jest przycisk aby zweryfikować klucz ?

  123. There are still some beta keys please ??

  124. please, throw the key here “[email protected]

  125. please, throw the key here “[email protected]

  126. please, throw the key here ‘[email protected]

  127. Please code, thx


  129. need key pls :C

  130. this hasn’t even hit open beta yet?
    don’t even remember needing a key to play last year, gameplay for me is horrible (which I wouldn’t have expected following world of tanks), it yeilds a pure feeling of who can get a tighter flight circle and hit more whereas war thunder has better terrain which engages more diverse flight patterns for fights

  131. Didn’t like this game,no thank you

  132. I can’t wait till Warships come out XD

  133. sight, that game s*cks/

    if u wanna get fun with planes play WAR THUNDER is on open beta and is gonnna ad planes tanks and ships (like the 3 game from WG but with the option of play them all together or only one kind, planes vs planes, tanks vs tanks and ships vs ships.

  134. thank you very much for the key :)

  135. invalid key :( ((

  136. may key for RU?

  137. I played the alpha for this, I do agree the flying within the game is a little odd, this is the reason I stopped playing, the flying is mainly the part that throws me off, I was going to come back to it seeing you guys have a video up tho hearing you talk about the flying still being odd as it is, makes me re-think.

    Tho if I was to play it again, I was thinking of trying to setup my PS3 controller for the game, tho might work better with a 360 controller but I don’t have one, might try to pick one up for cheap if able, well if it might be a better option.

  138. THX YOU MMOBOMB.COM for the key

  139. This game is getting worse with every update..

    You have to try War Thunder which is way better than WoW

  140. i want key , pls send me 1 , ty

  141. i want key , please send me 1 , ty

  142. dont bother the game is not worth it if your looking for world fo war plays go play warthunder trust me this is the worst fly sim i have ever played

    1. Ever thought that maybe that’s why WoWp is in closed beta and War Thunder is open for everyone? Developers of WoWp are still experimenting with core gameplay mechanics exactly because they are not satisfied with what they have. And I’m sure they are going to get it right eventually. Wargaming always does.

  143. я получил ключ инвайт но в игре его не приняли говорят не ваш регион=что делать?!

    1. Что делать? Не искать ключи к российской бете в раздаче для западной беты. Достаточно было посмотреть выше на всех дегенератов вроде тебя, у которых были такие же проблемы, и молча уйти. Но нет, мы же не только тупые, мы еще и считаем, что нам все должны. Из-за таких недоумков стыдно признаваться, что я тоже из россии.

      1. сам дебил проблему решил проще и с этими ключами а вот догадывайся сам умник как

  144. опять не тот регион вы дали ключ пишет при вводе инвайта- я отношусь к россия или украина

  145. thank you sooooooooo mucccccchhhhhhhh!

  146. yeahaaaa lets rock ‘n roll ………thanks for the key


  147. please give me code for world of warplanes colsed beta i want to play game they are soo cool

    :) please ….. thanx

  148. where is the key?

  149. where is the key?

  150. we are out no more left

    1. please key :D

  151. please give me code for world of warplanes colsed beta i want to play game

  152. Another PAY TO WIN shet from greedy russian bums!

  153. I would like a key for wolrd of warplaes, because the wot are great, and i want to try this wargaming product.

  154. I would like the beta key to play the World of Warplanes sto spend a full game! I love it thanks

  155. dostal jsem email že mám klíč k WoP beta a nemůžu ho najít. PORADTE DÍK

  156. I need keyyyyyyy ???????

  157. World of Warplanes Please key

  158. плиззз ключ))))))))))))

  159. i need key…..plz

  160. I need key too, please

  161. I need a key too,plz

  162. world of warplanes super!!!

  163. Key plsssss :/ Server EU ????

  164. would you give an invite code for world of warplanes?thanks a lot

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