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About the game:
Title: Atlantica Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Ndoors
Publisher: Ndoors

Explosive Features:

  • Competitive Player Vs. Player Combat
  • Guild System, Player Mounts and Auction House
  • Difficulty Modes

Atlantica Online travels back to the roots of traditional RPGs and blends classic turn-based combat with gripping strategy elements. The tactical combat present in this free MMORPG is a major attribute and one that is captivating players from all over the world!

Enlist up to 18 mercenaries to travel with you and discover the secrets of Atlantis. 8 mercenaries will fight at your side, and it’s up to you to select the lineup that is most efficient at each battle. All mercenaries, just like the player’s hero, advance in level and rank, becoming stronger characters. A PvP component allows for frantic battles against fellow players. If you’re feeling confident, you can put your money where your mouth is by posting a Challenge.

Players are able to operate guilds that can take control of a town. Once you gain power, you’ll manage several aspects such as security, culture, commerce, health and construction. Create your own nation, become a king and transform yourself into a character of immense power. Guilds are another possibility here, providing some company for an enhanced gameplay experience, with other perks along the way such as easier crafting and access to rare items.

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System requirements

Atlantica Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium 4 1GHz or higher
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2.5GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce4 TI4200, 64MB or better

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14 User Reviews

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  1. ugurano on April 23, 2013

    pay to win game

  2. VirusBlade on September 6, 2014

    Today is an awesome day in Atlantica Online, it’s Atlantica day! Getting incredible exp and special gifts, and sooo many legendary weapons popping up!

    If you haven’t tried Atlantica yet, you must check it out! It’s a strategic turn-based MMORPG similar to most of the final fantasy series (Tactics included, with Tactical battle system). The game is free to play, with a cash shop you can use to accelerate your rise to greatness!

    Set in the real world and the search for the lost land of Atlantis, you will travel to the world’s mysterious ancient sites like Stonehenge, Mohenjodaro, Ankgor Wat, The Tower of Babel and many more!

    The game is so deep that it’s difficult to name all the features, but here’s a few: Turn-Based and Tactical Strategic Combat, various PvP modes, 13 classes and 50+ mercenaries to build your team, Guilds, Nations (groups of 10 guilds) and Guild Town Control, various chat modes and whisper windows for a very social atmosphere, Home and Mansion decoration (with buffs and bonuses), a wide selection of mounts, costumes and accesories to customize your looks, a simple and rewarding crafting system, lots of fun in-game events (nonstop events usually)…

    Start a character on Macedon server and /t VirusBlade and i’ll help you out with some gifts and guidance to get started!

  3. Michael on April 15, 2014

    One of the few game I played for over 2 years. Its definitely a good game. As its own unique genre. I don’t know why im still not playing this. Probably due to my time being limited and aeria just keep being greedy. But in all honesty,this game is like a one of its kind. In a good way. I might give it another shot someday.

    Yes it give an advantage to people paying don’t need to pvp at all. You can do fine without cashshop. Yes people that paid will rape you up by a big time. Once you hit high end levels..if you manipulate the market a bit you can actually get pretty rich and don’t need to spend anything at all. But yes,it will take you more time to achieve something as a non paying player. Id also like to point out that most of the thing in cash shop are you might spend 200$ and still get no mount or costume.

    Gonna give this another try I guess…writing about it made me want to play it.

  4. LongMustache on December 9, 2013

    The community is nice, ill give AO that, but beware:

    -100% pay-to win.
    While you can theoretically make enough in game to have decent equipment, but other people just pay 100$ and get stuff that you would otherwise spend months to get, even at high levels. All of in game stuff are available for purchaise, while the best stuff is ONLY available for paying players.

    -Highly imbalanced.
    PvP is dead. While there are some ‘events’ besed on pvp, barely anyone go into most of them.

    -Player support is literally non-existent.
    Dont expect any help, if you have any kind of problem in game or even dont receive the items you paid for (yeah, i paid 100$ which didnt give me any NX (item mall currency), spent over a month writing emails to support. Never received anything (not even a refund)).

    -Very repetitive.
    While there are various dungeons, that are accesible only once or twice a week, after a few times you get extremely bored with them, leading to non-stop grinding.

    A lot of grinding

  5. Clone8765 on November 22, 2013

    Seems like a good MMORPG game for a noob to MMORPGs…

    I’ll check it out when I’m on my PC ( I’m not using my PC while typing this comment )

    Looks really fun, I also have read your guys comments, I’m glad it’s noob-friendly to. Also even more glad it has a good crafting system, and lots of stuff to do. I’ll defintely check this out when I get on my PC in about 6 hours and I’m more awake…

  6. Dragon on September 4, 2013

    I don’t have an account but the game is not letting me create one…

  7. Dan on July 10, 2013

    Three more things you should know if you’re considering Atlantica: the people, the items, and crafting.

    1) The people playing Atlantica are generally the best people I’ve seen in any MMO, ever. There are very few griefers and (until a recent change) there were many ways to be rewarded for helping out other players. This means that people got into a habit of helping people, and they haven’t really stopped. There’s an advantage to being in a “party” (up to 3 players) even if you’re nowhere near each other and not the same level range, so you almost always are. That leads to more good relationships than you find in other games.

    2) Regarding equipable items:
    There are 8 types of weapons. Each character can use one type.
    There are 3 types of armor, times 5 or 6 slots. Each character can use one type.
    A new tier of equipment opens up every 10 or 15 levels (closer together at high levels, but those high levels are further apart timewise).
    You’re level 25 and you have a level 25 sword. Want something better? No problem! Take two identical level 25 swords, add a special stone, and combine them into a single +1 level 25 sword. Need something stronger? Get two +1s and now you have a +2. Two of those gives you a +3 … you get the picture. Go for +10 if you’re rich enough, because then you won’t need to swap to a level 35 weapon or even a level 50.

    3) Crafting is “get the ingredients, hit craft, they disappear, earn crafting points, and then you get your guaranteed result.” What you can craft is limited by your skill. There are ~50 crafting skills, and you can raise any to any level. But the big thing is how you earn crafting points. You fight. Crafting points are a byproduct of combat. Earn 1 per 25 exp (or 50 exp or something) that you get during combat. Straight forward, simple, and it happens while you work on your other objectives.

    3b) If you’re not going to stay poor all your life, and you find a way to make money off of crafting, most of your crafting points will actually come from reading books. Play the game, ask someone (see point 1), and you’ll learn what I mean.

    Superb game! (Even though I don’t like TBS either.)

    Dimth, Thebes server.

  8. Caddy on June 13, 2013

    playing AO right now..played before also but i’m back after an brake and everything its so fun and alot of stuff to do
    yes it has boxes and stuff in his ItemMall BUT you can afford everything its there if you play enough and get enough gold you can buy it in game from people who sell stuff from ItemMall
    so if you don’t wanna spend money or you don’t have money to spend YOU DON’T HAVE TO
    as someone above said, get into a active guild which is in an active nation and you will have tones of fun…game its interactive
    as pvp…you have alot of leagues and tournaments to show off your PVP Stategist skills and you can win nice stuff by wining it not to mention some inter-server pvp its available also…
    try it if you like an game similar to HeroesAndMightAnd Magic…well without town development …

  9. roberth on April 23, 2013


  10. Val on May 7, 2012

    Ao its a original MMORPG really well done. Haves a fun pvp sistem and a quest/grind base pve progresion. Sadly its a P2Win game cuz u actually need to spend a lot of cash to get a decent mount/ wings/ armor (how haves status) or be a really hardcore player. Also the faster way to get ingame money its to spend a lot of $ (haves a radom boxes cash sys)

  11. gamejunkie on September 13, 2011

    AO is definitely worth checking out. The graphics are decent and there’s alot to do with good variety of classes. It reminds me alot of the later final fantasies as far as turn based combat goes it’s one of the best F2P MMOs out there. As far as specs go it should raise the minimum requirements – Because I played on a lower end PC with a little better than minimum and I still had to turn everything down to play without lag. Other than that no complaints here

  12. Golinda Notyomama on April 25, 2011

    As a longtime AO player, I have some observations that prospective players might find useful:

    1. The system requirements listed are bare minimums — the game is really not playable with those specs. The game has a lot of nice-looking graphics, but it works out your system accordingly. I use a dual-core Pentium D setup with 2 MB RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 3870 video card with GDDR3, and I would not care to play on a slower rig than that (and I have tried, believe me). You will want a pretty brisk internet connection as well – the faster the better.

    2. The game is strongly oriented toward co-op play. Being a member of an active guild in an active nation has many notable rewards. If you don’t happen to feel like hunting mobs today, you can while away your time chatting and crafting. This social orientation is my favorite aspect of the game, by far.

    3. The game strictly limits PvP – the only mechanism for attacking other players without their consent is limited to the most powerful guild leaders (perhaps 50-60 players a server). If you are focused on raiding and PK, I suggest you try other games first.

    Hope this helps you make a decision on whether to try Atlantica Online…

    Golinda (Thebes/HellsBells)

  13. MamaKi on July 1, 2013

    This game is fun, really fun. Lots of things to do. I would say there is 2 different game modes: TBS (its like final fantasy tactics) and the normal fighting mode (like normal FF, were mercs can be active if they have enough AP in that turn). The crafting system is really good, were you have to fight to complete the craft (exp from battles = to same amount of crafting points). Lots of different options for formations (you have a squad of 8 mercs and your main char), you get to choose from over 40 mercs (some available through item mall). You can have a house were you can gather crafting materials from mine, farm, etc, and have feasts (referrer feast, guild feast, after noon feast) for some boosts, and you can try to have the most “famous” house in the game, since you can place furniture and stuff, and people can give hearts if they like it for you to increase its popularity. The community is friendly, and you can chat a lot, with people from all over the world, and i never regret talking to people in this game, because they are really helpful and nice.
    Mounts don’t fight, they only give you some stats boosts and faster movement in the maps, and most of them are epicly (lol) beautiful.

    The bad things in my opinion:
    Pay to win (pvp).
    Really expensive stuff in the market (that will force you to do the TBS missions alot, in solo mode, and if you don’t like the TBS that much like i do, this makes the game boring and even frustrating).
    Some players i have talked to, say that they are playing the game for years (4 or more) without reaching the level cap, because there is simply too much to do (this is good actually), and the char progression simply slows down at a certain point (being at the same lvl for over a month, and have a really lower gear equipped because the gear you want is simply to hard to get).
    Stupid story. If you take your time to read the npcs, you will regret it. It simply doesn’t make any sense.
    And the in game help doesn’t help that much (lol). You will have to ask a lot of things to other players and search a lot of info in web sites (for example atlantica online data base).

    All in all, its a really good game.

  14. ao fan on June 11, 2013

    after the last update ao is on fire again people playing like crazy.
    okay people are high level yes.
    but if people help you level up the higher level get rewards for doing that so yeah people are very helpfull.
    i playd allot off mmorpgs and this one has the most fun social nice people not only for chatting but because you need another player to finish the game i make allot off friend overthe year.

    and if you are a final fantasy fan like me dont walk by this game.
    you will love it


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