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Title: Aura Kingdom
Status: Open Beta
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Anime
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 6 GB
Publisher: Aeria Games
Developer: X-Legend
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Interactive Companions
Fast, Fluid Battles
Beautiful Anime Art Style

Aura Kingdom, is an Anime MMORPG set in the wildly alive world of Azuria. In Azuria the power of Gaia remains ever-present. In times of crisis, this power awakens spiritual gifts in certain individuals. Those people become Envoys of Gaia, and their actions will shape the fate of the world. When the power awakens within the Envoy, a spirit of the Aura Kingdom is drawn to them.

This spirit takes its shape and its personality from the hopes and fears of the Envoy. In this way, the spirit becomes an Eidolon, an outward image of the best of what’s inside the Envoy’s heart. Together, Envoy and Eidolon stand against those who would destroy Azuria.

Players take the role of these Envoys, hoping to save Azuria from the oncoming darkness. Currently players can choose from one of eight classes; The Guardian, The Duelist, The Ravager, The Wizard, The Sorcerer, The Bard, The Grenadier, and The Gunslinger. Players then choose from one of the four starting Eidolon companions to team up with during battles to create spectacular combos.

Outside of combat these summoned spirits are more than lifeless drones. The Eidolons retain memories of players’ past accomplishments including boss kills, and will converse with the player about these experiences. As players journey forward they will have the opportunity to recruit additional Eidolons to join them.

Aura Kingdom system requirements:

OS: Windows XP/7/8 RAM: 4 GB of RAM
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.66 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 9500 or ATI Radeon HD2600
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48 Aura Kingdom Reviews

  1. hope it will be very soon.

    1. stupid game takes all my gold on craft Eidolon accesory quest around lvl 43+ & takes away the item i craft!

      buggy trash toon game

      1. unfortunately it does not get any better altho many ppl make excuses it does after lvl 40…then they said 50…then there is no content…pvp is trash with no lvl caps to join & no gearscore matchmaking & terrible balance even on the classes…..stay far far away from this game folks, i gave u fair warning ~_~

        1. the game is on BETA mate O.o tey have bugs to fix, if u wanna a full game don’t play betas =D

      2. Dont play this game, it will suck up all your $$$
        A game that is very demanding in terms of $$$ and time
        If you will not spend $$$ it’ll take you years to compete with other strong players.
        I tried this game, and I spent alot shit on this game.
        There is also a class favoritism
        Ravagers get the least attention in terms of parties, they don’t accept ravagers.

  2. i hope this game is very well played, and got many players involved into this game very soon, i cant wait to play…….. :D

  3. quit dragon nest…..gonna play this game XD

  4. @Dafaq I already quit Dragon Nest long time ago because of bp system I hope we wont get the same on Aera.

  5. But its still for founder beta, the closed beta is still waiting T.T , waiting again

  6. everyone download now!!!!finally can play

    1. do you have founder pack to play?

  7. Such an amazing game! Definitely worth buying a founder pack.

    1. yeah, can’t waiting this game is closed beta !

  8. The player base is actually quiet high even for a Founder only beta, sad is just that the lvl 40 to 50 content is non existant and propably wont be unlocked before OB. The game itself is awesome , i never was into anime moo but this here is great , i like the classes and stuff just the companions (Eidolons) are by far to strong , they litterally one hit enemys !

    1. dont worry u can turn OFF the eidolons and play normaly U DO NOT NEED HAVE THEM THEY ARE MORE LIKE PETS U ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE MORE POWEFULL THEN THEM

  9. good news, closed beta is start in 23 December!

  10. If I have 4GB RAM + 2.5 ghz cpu, will i be able to run this? (dont wanna waste time downloading…)

    1. yes you will be able to run aura kingdom

  11. I wouldn’t really call this game bad….. Since I love dragons….. But I already downloaded too many other games…..

  12. Lol, for some reason the Char creation looks like a rip off from Dragon Nest, but I think that’s just by coincidence though. Generally this game Can equally match DN, but I still personally think DN is better :D

  13. Oh yeah, and when it came to the class selection, kinda reminded me a little of Log Horizon(anime)

  14. bugged craft Eidolon Accesory Quest at around 43+ that makes u spend all your gold to craft item then takes the item away


  15. Personally, this would have been perfect if it were non targeting based

    1. YES VERY TRUE! i like my non targeting based games.
      Combat feels alot better when its non targeting based oh well!! they cant change it now haha

  16. To bad it’s by aeria games. Worst money grabbing company ever.

  17. Its a good game so far but which sucks I can’t record it on MMObomb client :P boo

  18. In my opinion, I think Aura kingdom has good graphics and an interesting story , you’ll enjoy at first , even if you have to endure the constant maintenance that last for hours , then from level 50 you ‘ll get bored because everything becomes repetitive, even you have to keep in mind that during the maintenance you can lose your eidolons (which are the companions that help you during the game – dragons, fairies – etc ) , your clan, team or even your own character, so they will say that , you should send a ticket with your complaints and the evidence of your lost things (that means that think that you should take pictures of your staff all the time) , but at the end they will do nothing at all and if in case, they do anything, they will send you things that do not serve anything all to your account and noted: “Our apologies for the inconvenient this is Causing you .
    Best regards,
    Team Aura Kingdom
    Which not only happens to one person, it happen thousands of players in Aura Kingdom . So, in a nutshell, if you want to play Aura kingdom is up to you, because if during the game you have any problem, they will not fix it and only just get you bored faster.
    ” Best regards”
    Ex player of Aura Kingdom

  19. the game is GREAT crafting materials can be found on the auction shop the community is great PVP uhm you can do pvp in lvl 1 and you can even beat lvl 5 players lol in my opinion and i hope in the coming updates they will fix the controls it is not really accurate especially in PVP when your enemy is moving especially if you are a melee class.

    when it comes to questing i guess lvl 1 to 40 is the basic or tutorial LOL yep 1 to 40 you can lvl your character playing for atleast 10 hours or 12 lol.

    well after that when you reach 41 the grinding will eventually start im not saying that in the first lvl (1 to 40) there are no grindings but when you reach 41 and above the grinding is terrible killing the same monster for atleast 3 times already and take note they come from a different quest but the good side of it you will eventually unlock new eidolons(pets) and the second class system and you can actually feel that your character is getting stronger and strnger because of the additional class /sub class

    the case shop i think it is mostly for vanity you can be strong WITHOUT paying real money all you have to do is to explore the crafting be friendly to others and most important is PATIENT

    and warning for those who are lvl 43 please dont take the quest for eidolon accesory you will have to buy a particular item for that quest and lost a lots of gold for it. please dont take that stupid quest i think that is not a bug i think it is programmed to be that way LOL for the DEVS


    if you like a game sometihing like EDEN ETERNAL RO2 or CABAL or simply an old fashion MMORPG and very patient in lvling or can handle grinding = getting stronger well this is the game for you

    but if you love DN or graphics intesive games please don’t download this this game is a crap for your taste.

    for me i’ll give it 3.5/5

  20. having already reached max level to the game it was very fun and interesting but i have to admit that is was getting really repetitive and boring around level 50 or so but to the extent the game was a blast if the non targeting was implemented i think this game would be even better also the the auto questing thing where they bring you to the quest is very simple and easy which most veteran or mediocre mmo/rpgs players would say is very easy compared to other games but if you just started to play mom/rpgs this a good game to start and so is wow but a membership fee is pretty stupid in my opinion

  21. This game is really nice and fun to play with.. there are lots of quests and pvp events that you can do to level up and acquire an Eidolon and it only slows down when you reach lvl 55 or so.. The problem with this game is the price or cash shop which sells so high, so don’t even dare to load or else you’ll just be wasting money, all things can be acquired through farming.. Another problem with this game is it is running rampant with bots, you’ll see a group of bots in a spot killing monsters which sometimes gives me a hard time to quest because they are getting all the monsters.

    Sadly, my aeriah game account got banned without any prior notice or any reason at all.. I was just leveling up like normal people do, load money on my aeriah game account when suddenly I can’t log in my account anymore. I tried to use the forgot password but it shows that my account was blocked due to violation of terms and agreement or whatsoever it is.. I tried to contact them to ask for the reason why and it’s been 4 days and I haven’t gotten any response from the support team at all.. It’s really dangerous to play with aeriah games because you can get banned without any reason at all which looks like they are banning random people! just search aura kingdom reviews and you’ll see other people who experienced the same way I did..

  22. Totally recommended! it is an easy Anime can level up very easily in one day! I have 2 level 40 characters and leveled them up in one day but becareful as soon as your account got targeted by any hackers will have your ip address and look up into your webcam.Many problems like these showed up and only someone revealed the truth! I got banned for 3 days.Hahaha turns out I really messed things up a bit.This game not messed up hehe without the bugs I guess.I accused someone had actually had my account back there…Gave me a hard time to tell the staff or whatever it is called to convince I was innocent.

    Whateves now lets go back to my game! You will surely love it! Might aswell try it urself! I don’t know whyI love it too! But the truth is the thing I don’t like about the company cause they will never ever reply your problems or whatever you send to them.Surely I hope u will really love this Anime mmo cause I love it very much! Many people hate it cause…I don’t know why too! They’ve got their own problems >.< I read some reviews and someone said about walking straightly bug..Oh yes I really experienced that AHAHAHA probably like never they fixed it yet…Oh lemme tell u somethings that I experienced in the game.Ya know eidolons? You will know it if u played that game earlier than I wrote this reply..its those flying thingies you can pick and they will give…You pick before creating,you get after questing.You may really reply to me and ask some questions I have a level 65 too ya know! Spam dungeons ^.~ to receive much goldies and silvies!
    Thank you for Reading!!!

  23. Twin pistols and a grenade launcher in an anime style mmo? So not original. Both were done ages ago in the Phantasy Star series which is way better than this game in my opinion (which is usually sorm sort of fact)

  24. UI is the buggiest thing, i can’t get past the tutorial with any new characters because the UI bugs out and vanishes at the end, ever since it went into open beta the game has been broken and filled with bugs. i was in the closed beta and i have to say the game was better in closed beta which is very sad.

  25. So many bugs, and lots and LOTSSSS of delay during combat and movement. Game has lots of potential, but DO NOT play it until it is out of beta, because it is garbage right now.

    1. TBH I haven’t experienced any bugs on my acc. No movement or animation lag on any of my characters. Maybe you have a low spec pc or bad internet… The server had lag after the crash the other day and a few days later but now there is virtually no lag at all for me so I don’t understand what the crying is about? Its a good game and one of the things they can do to make it better is to get rid of the targeting system and make it free aim imho.

      1. I use a high spec computer, every mmo i play is on max settings with no lag at all what so ever and my internet is downloading 30mb/s.

        I didn’t have any frame lag ingame, it was literally just I would press a skill and it wouldnt happen until a second or 2 after i pressed it, and jumping happens like 5 seconds after i press space bar, and i am not the only one who has this issue, its all over the game’s forum.

  26. Is this playable already?

  27. Aeria’s definately going into my black list after trying this game, I like spending money on games when I get satisfaction in exchange, in Aerias case you wont get not even a single bit of it

  28. Dont play this game, it will suck up all your $$$
    A game that is very demanding in terms of $$$ and time
    If you will not spend $$$ it’ll take you years to compete with other strong players.
    I tried this game, and I spent alot shit on this game.
    There is also a class favoritism
    Ravagers get the least attention in terms of parties, they don’t accept ravagers.

  29. You don’t mind throwing 1,200 $ per month in a F2P game;
    You have so much free time that you play at least 14~16 h/day, every day;
    You don’t mind having frequent lag issues/server crashes,

    this game was made for you.

    Else, stay far from that.

    1. LMAO why is this kid so butthurt? Why would you need money for ANYTHING in this game? All money offers are costumes, xp boosts, pets, mounts. Hell this game has literally 2 I repeat 2 pvp sessions every day which last 30 minutes.

      14-16hrs? I’ve been playing for 2 weeks, 1-2 hours a day I hit max level within the first week. It isn’t hard. Through the 2 weeks I haven’t experienced any crashing, zero lag and I’m playing from the UK. ‘grouchy’ that name really does suit this butthurt kid.

  30. Pretty epic game. can’t wait to play.

  31. where i can download?? share link pls

  32. Don’t listen to all these kids complaining about spending money on this game. I will happily screenshot the in game store for anyone. It offers 20% xp boosts, costumes, pets, mounts that’s it.

    Hardly pay to win since there is virtually no pvp other than dueling or the battlefield/arena hosted twice a day lasting 30 minutes each.

    Obviously the game is a grindfest, no doubt but it’s fun to play on the side. Hell I play this on the side of counterstrike letting the autowalk deal with shit.

  33. Best game ever *-*
    Im now lvl 43 in Siren, if you wanna add me.

  34. Game is fun but yes, it’s grindy as hell. The largest problem with this game is that aeria isn’t receiving content fast enough. It is way too easy to burn through it and be left grinding for levels with no
    quests–and that’s where the game quickly becomes hideous.

    1. Very true.Game is very grindy and easy. It can be fun if played here and there rather than every day for countless hours. Only at 40 myself but it was very easy to reach!

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