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About the game:
Title: Digimon Masters
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Digitalic Co
Publisher: Joymax

Explosive Features:

  • Popular Digimon franchise
  • Digi-soul system
  • Digital-Trans Card System

Digimon Masters is a free to play 3D MMORPG featuring the popular Digimon franchise. The conflict has spilled once again from the Digital World into the Real World and the fate of both worlds will rest on the hands on a new generation of Tamers. This long-awaited game will feature a deeper RPG experience, enhanced graphics and adrenaline pumping real-time combat – a departure from the turn-based action found previously in Digimon Battle. Both new and long-time Digimon fans will soon be able to immerse themselves in this epic adventure. The game will be available across the world in English for the first time.

Hundreds of Digimon stretching from the first 5 anime series will be available for capture, including PawnChessmon (White), Gabumon, Veemon, Guilmon, and Piyomon alongside many others. Each Digimon will benefit from their DATS member’s strengths and weaknesses, so a Digimon trained by Marcus will differ from one raised by Yoshino.

Digimon Masters provides a simple interface coupled with an intuitive control scheme that is completely hassle-free. With more than 1,000 characters featured from seasons 1 through 5 of the Digimon anime, not only is it faithful to the series’ art design, Digimon Masters closely follows a story that will satisfy both loyal fans of the series as well as welcoming new gamers to the Digital World.

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System requirements

Digimon Masters Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 / OS X 10.5 or 10.6
Processor: Pentium 4 or higher
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce FX5200 or higher

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24 User Reviews

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  1. MetalEnergy on June 1, 2013

    i like didgimon, but 2 tell u the truth,I rarely play the games.i dont download a lot of things, so I rarely play “downloading” games at all.i like anime really bad and I enjoy the cute creatures in the game (even though I can’t play it)!!!!I enjoy fantasy 2.

  2. Joe on November 29, 2014

    Don’t even waste your time playing this game, its a complete scam. You are NEVER able to get any other Digimon apart from your starter unless you spend actual money, and even then, the Digimon you get will hardly ever be above phase 3 (in other words, it will be crap). I spent over a week and around £30 playing this game, trying desperately to hatch/increase size a Digimon that was relatively good, and it was a complete and total waste of money. There are far better games out there you can play in which you don’t go around in circles and you feel as though you actually achieve something. (I achieved nothing in this game). I am very disappointed as I am a big Digimon fan and I wont be playing this game again.

  3. josh on April 7, 2014

    Ive been playing this game fora long time maybe 4 years almost from the actual global server of Joymax and the Aeria Games as of now. Joymax has the worst customer support in the world ive ever had to experience with stay away! Aeria on other hand has great customer support lil slow but its there!. games graphics are those of a playstation 2 game not much talking about but good thing on that note older computer systems can handle this game. concept to do quests hatch digimon train them. there is no PVP!! game is very repetitive cause of this your raising digimons to a max lvl as of 99 but you can pretty much handle anything anywhere in the game at around lvl 75 if you know what your doing!! game becomes about hatching digimon which isnt bad but gets very boring after your 15th hatch there are over 60 different digis. another bad thing about game is that its been out for 4 years now and only about 30% of the game is actually out other then an at kdmo which is the korean servers where there is also PVP. to obtain your strongest form youll have to use real cash!!! obtaining money is a pain in the game you can go about 2-4 weeks to make enough grinding to get 1 thing to buy. battling you get 2 moves some have 3 and 4 maybe 5 outta 70 digis in the game are this way!! to do battle in other then that you click to battle watch it attack you do more clicking to heal then anything in this game! later maps in game youll find yourself spending 1-2 days on just 1 quest: reason u get maybe 1 quest item in 15-30 kills for a total of getting 30 items. actual game play statistics are not posted by actual game makers so finding accurate info on this game is very hard to find 100% truths somewhat good things on this game. you can upgrade your digimon partners to a certain extent actually able to hatch all digimons in the game. player community (CAN BE NICE AND HELPFUL) theirs always rude ppl every game you play. guild system’s most become dead within 2-5 months:( daily prizes/events for logging in (later on they wont seem as special)!! i would recommend any1 to try any game every made especially if your a true gamer. for the people looking for a challenge stay away ppl who dont like to grind stay away people that don’t like repetitive game play be AWARE

    • treos on April 20, 2014

      no offense dude but learn how to use commas and break up a text wall



      its a wonder anyone can read such a thick wall.

  4. derindel on October 13, 2011

    okay since there were no reviews for this yet i took the liberty of trying it out and i have to say, it was pretty awful.

    gameplay- though its still in closed beta, i don’t see many changes happening between now and later. first thing you notice is the game is only point and click to move, there is no wsad like most mmos which is very annoying trying to click on npcs with a bunch of people standing by it and running all over the place. as you would imagine, your digimon does all the fighting, and what does your actual character do, he just stands there, no attack animations, nothing. the view distance is strange, when you run you can only see about 10 yards in front of you, but when you stand still it goes out to much farther.
    [[pros]]-the music is very good, id have to say the best aspect of the game is the background music. the art style, while at first looks really bad, if you zoom in actually is very good, the cell shading is very well done, unfortunatly zoomed out it still looks terrible.
    [[cons]]-the game is just really boring, your character doesn’t actually do anything. no character customization at all, everyone plays the same one of the people, and everyone starts off with one of 3 digimon, which means there was a few hundred blond haired boys running around with the little orange raptor [augumon(spelling?)] i saw some people using different digimon, but to be honest i couldn’t stay enthused long enough to figure out how to get one, i think monsters will randomly drop a digimon egg that you have to unhatch or something. very, very small bag space, at level 6 i found myself running into issues with having all these data things that im told are important, along with your standard quest items, and different color eggs that don’t stack in inventory. There is no real direction, i got lost many times, keep in mind i only got my digimon up to level 11 and my character was 6 or something, your digimon and character level at different speeds for some reason. after doing the starter quests at level 5, i somehow ended up at a place with level 13-15 monsters, so i had to backtrack to figure out where the heck i was intended to be at.
    [[overall]]- i would not play it, it’s intended for the young audiance for sure, but even a young audiance deserves a decent game, this one is not, and me being 21 years old and have been playing mmo’s for the past 6 years, still got lost numerous times. i can only imagine where 10 year old me would accidently stumble into

    • Xfiniti on March 7, 2014


      Its been over 3 years since this review. Although I can agree it wasn’t GREAT at the beginning, I have to say it has definitely made some big improvements.

      However, this review is no longer reflective of the game-play as many of the problems addressed here isn’t really a “problem” (at least not anymore).

      This game is pretty self explanatory in my opinion and similar to most MMORPG games (except you control your character with your mouse instead).


    • MissLovelyLadyLumps on November 12, 2013

      Thank you for that through review.

  5. Anderson on October 8, 2014

    Just installed my game but it wont start, after clickin on “Game Start” on the Digimon Launcher, all I get is a white little screen -_-

    • jesus on November 3, 2014

      i know me too ive been looking for a fix but cant find one… i hate it too i want to play the game looks fun

    • jesus on November 3, 2014

      i know me too ive been looking for a fix but cant find one… i hate it too i want to play the game looks fun

  6. Jacob Peter on March 23, 2014

    It’s pretty hard to imagine myself in the digital world while playing such a poorly designed game.

  7. Foxaniaaa on August 28, 2013

    wtf cool but i like digimon xross wars

  8. choky666 on August 12, 2013

    play it on aeriagames :D

  9. DeidaraWolf on February 20, 2013

    o.o aeria got hold of this oh noes jk maybe i wont be kicked out every 5 secs :P

  10. SuperDarke on October 27, 2012

    looks good! hope it is

  11. Candice on October 25, 2012

    Is there girls in this?

  12. ishade on May 17, 2012

    are there only 3 digimons?

  13. Janzen on May 17, 2012

    I saw some decent reviews and two really bad reviews so I will set the record strait. When I first played digimon masters I didn’t like it but after I got to know the game better I began to love it! Compared to most mmorpgs it has less player interaction until you get your digimon to level 25+.

    Gameplay: At first the gameplay makes you think of WOW but after you get through the first ten to twenty minutes you realize that this game makes WOWs look horrible. Instead of having one person to level you in fact have two your tamer and your digimon and you can get multiple digimon with a unique hatching system that will either have you jumping for joy or screaming with rage. However that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its flaws. One of the most hated things in DMO is the fact that your digimon will dedigivolve if you run low on tamer points. Another hated thing is the hatching system because I’ve seen people hatch every digimon on their first try and others who have tried over twenty and failed. So overall gameplay 92/100

    Graphics- The graphics on this game are amazing if you look up pictures of the digimon you have in DMO on google you will see how amazing the 3d models look and they get right down to the details of the face and nose. It’s a little glitchy with the graphics because sometimes your digimon may disappear then reappear three seconds later with no explanation but overall some of the best graphics I’ve seen on an mmo so 96/100

    Sound- Unfortunately I’v don’t listen to the sound because I play music while i play so it doesn’t count to the main score

    Overall Score………………….. 95/100 because this game is addicting and will have you spending days just trying to get a certain digimon or level. I would’ve given it a 100/100 but unfortunately the hatching system sucks and so does the digivolution system along with the fact that you’ll experience glitches at least once a week if you play daily but other then that its a great game that will have you entertained for months before you even start to get bored.

  14. Jarlaxle on February 21, 2012

    Unfortunately for me, the installer gives me an error from the joymax site, so I won’t be joining the online sensation of Digimon Masters anytime soon.

  15. Zyromkiru on October 19, 2011

    I have always loved Digimon games and I grew up with them. I have played this and it first came across as something odd untill I kept playing and it became addicting.

    Graphics: The graphics are in my view Medium and could be improved but they still look pretty good. The game was made for directx 9 and is incredibly easy to play on a crumby video card such as mine and that is a relief for someone that is in a situation such as mine. This game strongly lacks customization of the characters since there is no customization what so ever in the beginning although it is slightly made up for with clothes that your character can wear with different colors, etc.
    Rating: 9/10

    Sound: I love the music in the game but it doesn’t come close to drawing me into the game more such as other games have. The quality is pretty good non the less and still kept the digimon feel to it.
    Rating: 8/10

    Gameplay: The gameplay seems fairly odd at first but then you will definitively understand the game more as you go further. It has a lot of quests to keep one busy and it’s convenient that they allow you to locate NPC’s since finding them by yourself may take more time. It’s a bonus that they don’t have auto-run for quests since that lacks any effort of playing at all. They did a great job with merging the original gameplay feel of training digimon and leveling them with the gameplay of an MMO. I myself love trying to transform the digimon to the next, stronger form as well as catching as many as I can so I have options of all kinds. Overall the gameplay isn’t amazing but still has an addictive feel to it.
    Rating: 8/10

    Overall Rating: 8.5/10)

    – Fun gameplay
    – Lots of digimon to capture and keep you entertained
    – Using Digimon as mounts
    – Good graphics
    – Balanced gameplay

    – 3 hour limit of gameplay every 10 hours. (talked about being removed: Update October 25th)
    – to be a hardcore gamer on this you will most definitely have to pay real money to catch all the digimon
    – could have some more dramatic music in areas

    Note: To catch multiple digimon you will have to keep killing the same digimon untill you get a Mercenary DigiEgg. You will know when you get one because there will be a beam of light coming from the egg on the ground after killing the digimon.

  16. Frost on October 19, 2011

    My review of Digimon Masters Online. I played through CBT up til Oct 11, once i got to mega digivolution.

    Graphics: The graphics in this game are good, especially for a Free to Play. There were a few glitches here and there, but not too many, and nothing too noticeable. Graphics get a 9/10.

    Sound: The music in the game is good, but it’s not something I personally wanted to listen to as I played. The sound effects, such as interacting with an NPC, hitting a Wild Digimon, or competing a quest sounded nice and smooth, I liked em. Sound gets a 7.5/10

    Gameplay: There’s a lot to say about the gameplay. If you only play MMORPGs where you can move with WASD, stay away. This game can only be played by mouse. Other than that, after getting used to the controls, it’s fairly easy to use. If you don’t feel like getting used to them, though, you can always change them. The fighting system has you controlling a Digimon that fights for you. 1-8 is for commands and potions, whatever you need, while F1-F8 is the currently controlled Digimon’s skills. Above that is a little bar in which you can Digivolve and return to your rookie form. When you defeat a wild digi, they will usually drop a scannable egg, a cracked egg, or both, which contain items like clothes, potions, etc. If you’re very lucky, you will get a Mercenary Digiegg. With data chips, which you get from scannable eggs, you can hatch it and have another Digimon that you can train. Although, at the moment, the chances of hatching one are VERY low, and the hatches of getting a Mercenary egg are almost just as low. It IS still CBT, so it may hopefully be changed later on, we can only hope. At the moment, there is also a timer. Because there is only one server, they want everyone who can play to actually be able to play, so everyone only gets 3 hours a day. This should be taken off once another server or 2 are added. Gameplay gets a 8/10

    I give Digimon Masters Online an 8.5/10. The game has a few flaws right now, but it will surely get better in the future. I hope this game gets as popular as it is in Korea.

  17. Griffihn on October 13, 2011

    u’re missing out 2 points on the overall: the time limit (if it’s still on) and the fact that u never bothered to open up the quest window (which btw, can be customized like all keys in the game) and click on the digimon or NPC where u need to go to get the arrow that points you that way.

    this game, unlike what most think, isn’t for the overall player base but for digimon fans alone. the game is far from finished and some of the early decisions when they went into OB made them loose about 50-60% of their player base. they went into OB really unprepared, with only 4 mercenaries besides the 3 starters, no actual events of any kind (to either make players come and work together or item events or anything).
    the game overall is quite fun to play since the main point of a digimon game is to see digimon act and react with each other, not humanoid character act and react between themselves. too bad the game is so far from completion and that the GMs and devs barely give a rats’ ass about their players. at least the community is quite large and somewhat helpful (if you meet the right people).

  18. Kirky on February 25, 2012

    Gameplay: Okay well, the game has many flaws but most of these are because you become accustomed to the regular MMORPG style, this game use ONLY the mouse to move and also to move the camera which I hated at first and still do to this day.

    Secondly The actually in-game game play with quests and leveling system I find next to flawless it works surprisingly well having a different leveling system for skills compared to their actual level as well as a leveling system for your character.
    But the Digivolution doesn’t work for me at all, the fact that once digivolved you can just run out after 1 or 2 minutes since your tamer level is low, is horrible especially since your character levels so much slower then your partners.
    Gameplay: 84/100

    Sound: The sound quality is great its catchy but also the lack of changes in music is bad it just doesn’t work in the way it should, a few more tunes in and around would make the game even more enjoyable.
    Sound: 86/100

    Graphics: The games graphics run fairly smoothly even on a 1.12GHZ Processor, I can imagine on my proper computer I’d be running completely lag free. The graphics also look great especially for free to play game.
    Graphics: 92/100

    Overall average: 87.33/100
    Very enjoyable after all the rage and with very little penalty for failing things its great, prepare to lose several hour to this game without realising.

    • EchoWish on December 27, 2012

      If you’re still wondering why your tamer levels so slowly, it’s because they’ll be getting gratuitous amounts of exp, due to the fact that you’ll be training multiple digimon. If you leveled a lot faster, then you could be in the Starter Area with a Champion Level Digimon, blasting through everything. Leveling a bit faster may be nice, though…. o:


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