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Title: Dota 2
Status: Open Beta
Genre: Moba | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 4 GB
Publisher: Valve
Developer: Valve
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Over 100 heroes
All heroes available right away
Tradeable cosmetic items

Dota 2 is a 3D MOBA published by Valve. The official remake of the original Dota mod, Dota 2 brings over 100 original heroes from the original. Each game of Dota 2 pits 5 players versus 5 other players in head to head PvP action! Players can choose participate in practice matches versus bots, engage in friendly matches with friends, or form a clan and compete against other teams.

In Dota 2 players choose a hero to enter battle with. Once in game, players must work together to level up and defeat the enemy teams base by destroying it. To do this players must kill the enemy teams “minions” which spawn in waves throughout the entire game. These minions drop gold which players can then use to purchase items in order to become stronger.

At the end of each match whether your team wins or looses, random players are awarded items which they can use to customize the appearance of their favorite heroes!

Dota 2 system requirements:

OS: Windows® 7 / Vista / Vista64 / XP
RAM: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista | HDD: At least 2.5 GB of free space
CPU: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
Graphics Card: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 128 MB, Shader model 2.0. ATI X800, NVidia 6600 or better
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54 Dota 2 Reviews

  1. wow Real ? : | :)

  2. what dota2 goes free to play ?

    1. Yes free to play on release. For now you either pay to get in beta or get a key from someone that is in beta, or get a key from a giveaway on a site.

  3. I need a beta key! please send me one

  4. plz can u give me key for DOTA 2

  5. one key plz dota 2 beta

  6. Played this game for hours and hours and just dont like these moba games,but it is a great quality game

  7. I played Dota 2, it’s a pretty good game i like the game just a bit laggy, but still playable

  8. i have 5 dota 2
    who wants one ?
    reply with your steam name

    1. i have 5 steam gifts
      its all dota 2

      1. i want free dora key please give me one user name ivo1593

      2. i would also like a key my steam name is adamkhatab

      3. if possible to send me 1 dota2?? :) it is for a holy reason

    2. I would like one my steam name is dearhbyninja

    3. steam id – vasukiller
      plz i want to dota 2

    4. need key pliz

  9. How to play it?it’s free?

    1. go to the free to play category in steam. u know that already right?:P

  10. I have 4 beta keys for dota2. Reply me with your steam acc name. Would be great if you can exchange with other game’s keys.

    1. my steam acc is 0arias i don’t have any other keys atm but id be very great full for a key

      1. can’t find your acc. my acc is speed9x. it will probably show speed3x. it is me. add me. then I will send you key.

        1. kk i sent u an invite

    2. My steam acc is killaj97 plz i want to play dota so bad i dont have any keys atm but plz i need dota

      1. when I type your name, there are 3 results. Don’t know who is you. Please, give me accurate profile.

        1. or add me. speed9x or speed3x

      2. painfulchaos add me :)

    3. Could i get a key? like keyplox i don’t have a key to give but i would also be grateful if you could give me a key..and in future if i ever come across a key for another game you’ll be the first person i send one to

      1. Sorry forgot to tell you my steam account it’s Skyclaw726. If that doesn’t work try adamwilkes3

        1. you also. there were 2 results. give me accurate name. or add me friend with msg. ok?

  11. Could i get a key please?

    Steam account is Skyclaw726

    1. also send me your steam name in my email as well so i can just send it :)

      1. painfulchaos is my steam add me and message me that you want a key :)

  12. Who ever wants a dota 2 key add me on steam my id is:flash7862003 it will say joker on the pr0file

  13. This is THE BEST MOBA available to play!And it’s free to play!What more can you ask for?

  14. I got physiological defect on RTS games and Fighting games.I cant even defeat the easy AI.

  15. I know im super lat ebut if there are any leftover keys out there and you want to be a good person please send JUST 1 key and I would be forever grateful my steam is zuees101 and thank you

  16. Awesome tower deff:D

  17. im sealling a copy f some one want add me to steam we will find a price :)

  18. can someone please give me a dota 2 key or gift for me on steam my steam is jabbowakee

    1. On the DotA2 site u can register for a free invite. I have played DotA2 and I have about 15 invites but it laggs a lot and cash shop is quite op because it gives u bonuses in game. League of Legends is a lot of better. You really should try LoL.

      1. @Mati2001,
        cash shop in dota 2? Did you typed wrongly? It should be LOL, try harder, you loltard.

        1. all CS in dota is cosmetics :D D

  19. horrible graphics

  20. how to dondload dis?

  21. Just goto steam store . there select free 2 play category and search the game there and download

  22. I´ve love this game now is Dota 2 free to play so try it !. but for old players is this so bad beacuse this game play so many Russians players what means Russian language so you can hear sh**. I leave this game R.I.P this good game.

  23. Hi everyone I downlowd the game but it ask me for KEY .. can if you pls guys if any have key for that game send it to me and will be so happy ………..

  24. I praised Dota 2 for the beautiful graphics with the Source engine. Although it can be confusing when it comes to managing your account, it remains its Zero-sum genre and offers wide range of customization (Store) . Well too bad, it is not recommended for low-end PCs as it requires heavy resources. I played it 3 times daily.

    Verdict: 8.5/10

  25. I personally hate this game and I believe that idiots play this creepy game lol, I just played tutorial that’s all, I’ll recommend to play ‘smite’ or wait and try upcoming ‘Total War: Arena’.

  26. dota 2 is the best in the world moba game is the best game in the world like that lol looollll not very pleasant game the graphics and gameplay STYLE is VERY

  27. Hey, if anyone is interested in a Dota 2 key for the beta I got 15 when I activated mine (cause Valve is like that), if anyone wants one I will email them my steam account.

  28. rly nice game

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