Drakensang Online

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Title: Drakensang Online
Status: Open Beta
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Bigpoint
Developer: Bigpoint
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Extraordinary 3D graphics and effects
Epic story with countless quests
Triple-A browser game

Drakensang Online is a free to play 3D action RPG game that features extraordinary 3D graphics and effects and heralds the next generation of free-to-play online browser games. With the ability to customize your character, skills and magic powers like never before, join your comrades to wage a brutal war against evil.

The visually stunning game world, featuring picturesque medieval towns, green forests, murky swamps and dark caves, was developed by Bigpoint using their in-house “Nebula3″ engine, impressing players with a level of 3D graphics and effects that have not been seen in browser games before. In addition to its two selectable character classes, Drankensang Online has impressed fans with a variety of different character skills, exciting and challenging quests, an impressive armoury of weapons and magic, and over 100 hours of gaming content.

The game invites players to take up arms as fearless Dragonknight freedom fighters or wise and magical Spellweavers to wage a brutal war against the terrifying dragons and savage monsters of the Anderworld.

Gamers will have to fight as one if they wish to survive Drakensang Online’s treacherous dungeons. Players can meet up in public gathering sites such as cities or military camps to get to know each other, take on challenges together and hatch plans to march into battle united. In addition to cooperative gameplay, gamers can also test their mettle against each other in the PvP arena located in the capital of Kingshill and find out who is the mightiest hero in Drankensang Online.

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140 Drakensang Online Reviews

  1. this game is actually pretty good, i played in cb.

    1. It looks great but when I downloaded it around last november the screen went completley black so I couldn’t even play is it fixed yet?

      1. You need to update your java. :)
        But mine loads faster when I played through browser.

  2. Looks good but i heard its browser based.. big turn off. (rune scape should still watch out though)

    1. yeah and 90% of those players are loot and spam bots. He didn’t fail, you did by using a bad defense stance.

    2. It’s crap because it’s laggy, hard to control, lots of rude people and hackers, and when you get killed, your lost all your stuff. I could go on all day long if I want to

      1. Lies all lies. It’s a good game, really good for a browser game and you DON’T lose your stuff when you die

        1. Game suxs, to many bots and spammer. Not worth playing. Low playerbase. Can’t argue with that.

      2. You are best ever idiot and a hell good liar! First, it’s not laggy on my computer. Second, maybe you are the rude one because I’m playing this game for a year now and I didn’t encounter a single one. Third, when you get killed, you don’t lost all your stuff.

        1. You just called him an idiot while saying the game’s userbase isn’t rude

        2. you don’t LOSE all your stuff lol js

          1. Keep in mind that the whole world uses the internet – and not only native english speakers. So please don’t frown or laugh when some posts contain clumsy phrases or wrong spelling. I am from Germany for examole, so be glad that the online community decided on English as a means of communication.

    3. Actually there is two options to play the game, either you download it or play it through browser.

    4. Worse yet, it’s browser base limited only to Windows… WTF!!

      1. It will be available for Apple Mac this year. 2013.

        1. An OS-specific browser-based game defeats the point of being browser-based.

    5. Runescape will ALWAYS fail!! ALWAYS!

  3. If it wsant browser based it would be a lot like Diablo and it still kind of is except there is only 2 classes

    1. it is pretty good but i wish it wasn’t browser based and it had more blood

      1. lol, just buy health stone. I started 1 month ago and now I have about 3000 health points.

  4. it only needs java standard :/

  5. Becoming less and less free to play. if your not paying geting harder to progres.

  6. I play Drakensang Online too, and it is a money driven game. It’s fun until you realize you need to spend alot of money to survive, upgrade your gear, increase inventory slots….etc., it’s actually obscenely expensive for what you get. Andermant is the game currency and it runs out fast. You need to constantly buy essence if you want to level up and fight. And it’s 4 kinds of essence you run out of.
    Max level is 40, I’m almost there and then I guess I’ll look for a new game. They are adding what the game dev’s call improvements, but until they fix the money problem, alot of people won’t stay and play it.

    1. I’m F2P in drakensang. Believe me most P2P players are not that strong, you can farm all the things you need in this game. It’s not a driven money game. The problem in most people are, they are very very lazy to farm. Level max will be level 45 soon.

      1. All games that are based from bigpoint are money based games. These guys are ones who try to take anything they can get. If you have 24 hours to farm you heart away by all means go right on ahead and do so. As for most of us only get to play for 2 or 3 hours max and don’t get much of anything done. The big issue is this bigpoint is a very imbalanced company where they like people who spend while those who play for free basically have to make a job out of it to make up for It, it turned me away from bigpoint, because of this imbalance. When someone can spend $50 or even $100 they just about get anything they want at the point and don’t have to farm like those who play for free. Then you also get those others who just spend like no other and become gods which I feel is unfair to those who are less fortunate.

        1. I agree with someone, I played a lot for over 1 year, and it was ok at the beginning, but it got very money driven when they introduced the perfect gems. Yes you can farm everything as a F2P, even 24/7/365 will not get you anywhere near someone who can put in $20 a month into the game. Even $20 into the game every month will not make you anywhere close to maxing out your gears either. Not to mention those who spend thousands to make a God character. Do the math if you don’t believe me. If you just PVE then it’s not real bad, it will just take more time to kill everything but if you PVP it’s just pointless. To me Drakensang is one of the biggest P2Win that’s why I stopped playing it shortly after Perfect Gems came out. Don’t get me wrong, I loved just about everything else about the game. I’m not asking for completely free game to play, I understand that the dev’s need to make money too. But you have to understand that P2 have an advantage is not the same as P2 be a GOD.

  7. I just tried it about 5 minutes ago. Mage has a slow firing rate, but other than that, it looked ok in the beginning.

    It was until I reached the first town and wanted to identify my loot, that I noticed a LOT of items, including items to ID your loot, costs in game money.

    Oh hell no……might as well cost in game money each time you attack. So I say good bye to Drakensang Online forever. :)

    1. To be honest mate, the items to identify do drop regularly off MOBs but I tale your point to an extend. That said most of the good MMORGS are fascist when it comes to giving money out. A lesson learned over the years… do not let players have lots of money or the game is ruined.

      The problem is the extent to which they expect yo to use adamant more than the in game money… I would much rather pay a $20 monthly subscription than $1:99 to just enter a dungeon a few times and that’s before you start on twinking to level and win in PvP.

      1. Idiot! I’m play drakensang since May 2012. And I didn’t spend a single dime on this game. You can farm andermants minimum of 600 per HOUR and maximum of 7000 per day depends on your strategy and your level. It’s a very good game but some people don’t really appreciate it because they have no patience, no common sense and lack of strategy.

  8. i have been tying to play this game for over two weeks on four different systems, but i continue to get a 3d3dx error dealing with the graphics renderer, so i think its not very cool, i would give this game a 3 out of 10, mainly due to the fact it is buggy beyond reason, and i have updated all drivers it refers to.

    1. And I have played it over year in three different systems, all works with Windows. But if you try to use Wine, it don’t work very well…

  9. i really hate this stuff because i put in the regular code and the bonus code and the stupid system said that it was unsuccessful so it really ticked me off and i almost decided to bash my computer hard drive into 20 pieces.

  10. This game is terrible if your playing on pvp server. You will not be able to level and it consist of you at lvl 3 running away from scumbag lvl 20′s who are constantly trying to kill you to make there score better. I was having fun with it until i tried the pvp. Completely ruined the game for me as well as 4 of my friends. Do not play this game unless boring pve is all you want.

    1. Dont waste your time man, the game is hardly worth playing. A better choice would be to buy diablo 3 when it comes because its a 1000x better version of this god awful game. ive gotten the same error before multiple times when im trying to play and it just restarts my client. Plus the servers are dumb and full of stuck up fanboys. especially the pvp servers which basically will shut your character down completely anytime you enter a pvp area becuase you will find yourself spawning in front of a group of lvl 20+ people who will proceed to either kill you or chase you donwn until the monsters do. Pick a different game bud, i gauranteee you will have a better time.

      1. I can feel you’re pain bud, but I like Open PvP, I am however a ex Sullon Zek Fanatic and know that many people don’t like it, I hate it though when as a high level character I cannot hit a lowbie because the rules say not, its stupid and unrealistic, ganking is part of the game, however you shouldn’t be rewarded for it of course.

      2. I play this game regularly, u must just suck at it…it’s lags a bit at times but it isn’t nearly as bad as you guys are making it seem.

    2. Playing in pvp server is really bad idea… PvE servers are good and if you want, you can toggle PvP on or play in arenas.

      I suggest not trying level up ehen playing PvP, it reaally slow.

  11. Runescape will always be on top

  12. hey i made a account and when i entered it it does not need bonus code :)

    1. Same here man!

  13. This game is pretty good for a browser based game in my opinion. There is work needed to it, like the Aderment currency. I believe it is better than a lot of hack and slash games. Hopefully the full and actual game is better. I think the PvP is kinda cool how they did it.

    1. It’s not wholly browser based, it’s a jar and you can also download a loader and play from your desktop without opening a browser.

  14. If you want to level and get the best gear without paying it’s fine, really not too bad. You’ll pick up almost all of the equipment you’ll need. Just quest till 18-20 and grind the catacombs for tons of blue gear, don’t waste on identifying. Combine magic gear into extraordinary into legendary, save all your Andermant and crystals of truth. If your a ranger or SW then you’ll need atleast 200 defense before going into the next area, 400+ for a DK. This should be easy just farming magic gear, if you’ve gone the extra step to get good extraordinary or legendary then 20-28 should be a breeze. If you’re going to spend money then don’t buy the special armors, only buy the defense accessories and weapon, you pick up better armors. Item drops are specific to your class and you get so many item drops you’ll be able to build any way you want. I like full hp/atk ranger and full defense/atk speed DK. Higher attack speed on a DK gives you faster rage and more hits in skills.
    It’s a good game, but a small game, so of course they offer even experience potions to those who pay to help support and maintain their servers. I’m grinding to reach 40, it gets slow around 20, but if someone might spend $50 on the game, don’t buy low level gear to grind with, the game store gear gets better as you go to newer towns and you’ll kick yourself because the gear that costs 2200 Andermant per piece, and is only good till lvl 15 and sells for only 9 copper. Save your Andermant for level 15+, 25 if you can, 35 if you want to save it all for current endgame gear.

  15. i’m starting the game and is a window in mi broswer and is all black … no loading no nothing …what can i do?

  16. I get the same as “bijux”. Black screen no loading.

  17. the stupid thing keeps saying i put in the code wrong-.- even though i’m pretty damn sure i didnt


  18. drakensang online have got 4 classes in summer

  19. I like this game very much, ok pvp isn’t the best but pve and quest are really funny, i’ve spend houres playing without getting bored, some things look like wow, ok wow is 1000000x better but it got some flows of it, i think it is the best brower game cause runescape totaly sucks and drakensang rocks!

  20. This game looks fun im gonna try it out!

  21. hmmm? im 21 i’ve read all yuor comms i still say WoW is the bast game on PC ! i’ve played u pay to play but its cheep and no in game cash needed! 29.99 US cash is Perice 30 really but it beets paying evey week for in game cash! In WoW u fight and loot for in game money or mine like me then u sell it simple someone fine me a realy game thats is really free no hidded bills and i will back u but u must prov it !

  22. The game is going to have more classes it’s still a beta.

  23. i used to play runescape i was level 56 and my name was soundfive5 and ever since i found this new MMORPG

    1. hello go.go.go mmorpg

  24. Yes, it is a good game. I played till level 30. As per the usual “Level 25″ rule – you start grinding your levels and at 30 you get three quests and are left to grind the dungeons. I definitely like the music and really like how you can manage many mobs in one go. Some end-game bosses require 4 players and are quite tough. You need lots of crystals to unseal items. So, lots of grind but with some nice extra elements to keep you coming for short playing sessions until you get bored.

  25. Well my friend ejoys this game but i really cant say i do myself.
    1st of all the game has only a few people ever.
    Secondly the game is so quiet that I get bored really easily.
    Finally the game has no places where you can do what you want kinda all you do is a quest or just buying somthing.

  26. this is the best game ever

  27. If you’re playing this game because it looks like Diablo, then STOP, it gets kinda expencive as you level up, you can get full access to Diablo for only $60. But if you play this because… idk.. because you’re trying to find a new MMO to no-life at, then this is the perfect MMO, thoh, still it’s expencive.

  28. should i play this game????????

    1. it’s definitely free to try…and i haven’t spent a penny yet, level 26 and i don’t play all day every day either…the people complaining on here are just upset that their iconic game is becoming outdated and stale…and this game is still in it’s beta version.

  29. This game has really great potential, yes the mechanics we’re directly copied from Diablo. That gives it enough familiarity to make it easy to pick up. But the constant disconnections, nonloading characters, and lag deaths, make it frustrating to say the least.. They say there’s a server update sometime to day. Hopefully, that’s the problems.

  30. i really like this game so far but im killing time with this game til i get my Path of Exile beta key

  31. this is not browser based.

    1. Yes it is. But you have the choice to play it in a client but it’s not necassary .. there is no difference between them

  32. This game is awsome,and realy everybody should play it

    1. no they shouldn’t, because then the game would begin to lag like Evony and the rest of those over crowded mmorpgs

  33. Diablo’s more better than this cause it’s hard to level up
    in here,so technically this game sucks.
    P.S.World of Wacraft is a million times better
    than this piece of crap.

    1. of course their better games, they are pay for rather than freeware. (nominally). However WoW is still not a great game. In comparison to EverQuest (original) in its day, before PoP and to a degree before SoL, WoW just doesn’t come close I’m afraid. Its Everquest for Kids. Yes its dated now I agree, but it was properly hard and it was harsh when you messed up, it didn’t hold your hand in any way, you had to work to achieve things… and what’s more because of the downtime you actually interacted with other players when you grouped with them and yes you did have to group. You couldn’t play it as a single player game… I got to level 50 in WoW, second time of playing, without grouping once, mainly because I couldn’t guarantee how long I was going to be on at any given session, but it made a mockery of the concept of it being multi-player. Sure I didn’t have the best equipment but you didn’t need it… it didn’t matter unless you were doing PvP. I hate easy games, expecially when you pay a significant quantity of money out for them. Of course any MMORG is better value for money than the average single player game of course.

  34. I haven’t got very far in this game, but it seems okay.

    However, as soon as Path of Exile hits open Beta, I’ll be playing that instead. :P

  35. Drakensang rules..I have been a level 40 for a while, skills can beat stats, if a good fighter. You can find, and craft better gear than the purchased gear. Farming will get you full legendary gear..for free, if your not in a hurry to whip every one. AWESOME GAME!

  36. BigPoint does the same shit that they did with battlestar galactica, no goddamn background story, turns a free 2 play, to a pay 2 play, aww man these guys sunk the same ship, TWICE!!! xD

  37. Drakensang is a great game, but since they closed the beta, farming isn’t possible anymore and that sucks. Now the drops of Andermants, crystals of truth and even of improved gear is very rare, magical gear is very, very rare and extraordinary gear i haven’t found one yet. Gems are the most difficult ones to find, but there is an easy way to get them. I have 2 accounts now, the first one is at level 37 and the second is only to login, if you login in every day, you will get 1 chest that contains normally a weapon or gear of your level and 1 pouch of gems, after 30 days you will have 30 chest’s and gem’s.
    That is what i’m doing right now, let’s hope that they don’t remove that too….

  38. Drakensang is a joke. Endgame is nothing but grinding thousands of hours in Parallel Worlds-normal game areas turned massively hard- for fragments that barely drop and you’ll need a few thousand of them to get this “special” endgame gear set, which by the way has alot less armor value than regular lvl 40 armor. But then they added 2 new levels of gems to BUY that you can upgrade the endgame gear to make it better. But these new gems cost alot of andermant-REAL MONEY-…omg it’s such a huge money pit.
    I have 3 lvl 40 characters so I know what I’m talking about. The game is pure grinding…over and over again, the same areas to get enough xp to get to the next area for constant repetitive grinding. Drops are seriously crappy now for gear, CoT’s, ander and essence since the new area was installed.
    Chat is constantly broken, if it works for a month, something happens to it and it’s screwed up again for who knows how long. Currently whisper is out again, it’s been about a week or more lol.
    PvP is seriously unbalanced, it’s designed for the pay to play player solely. The free to play people who claim they are excelling at it are liars and are payers. Forum is a joke, controlled by ban happy moderators who do nothing but look for a reason to give you an infraction while avoiding answering game related questions-referring to the standard “The game is a work in progress, devs are aware of it” answer.
    Play DSO, it’s fun for a while, but after you hit the lvl 30′s walk away from it before you put real money into it. Don’t fall for the PvP scam unless you need a virtual woody proving your prowess at beating up toons lol.
    Things not to buy…The Pet Dragon in store. $20.00 for this thing, gives you +20% xp boost, but you level up so fast it’s a waste of money. Useless emotes unless you’re rich and stupid and like having a toon that lifts a barbell that cost you $4. Surprise Chests..LOL at 40 ander a pop most times you get crap from them so good luck if you do buy them.
    OH and NO TRADE SYSTEM. LOL. Yeah, BigPoint decided player controlled/manipulated markets will never be put into game. So grind Baby grind!! For gear and unique items.
    Okay, done now, all i have written is the truth. I still play it once in awhile, waiting for the 4th class and will play it to lvl 40, but after putting a couple hundred onto an account I started when open beta did, I have learned that BigPoint/DSO could care less about the payers or free to play equally.
    So I will never again put real money into it.

    1. for someone to sound so negative about it, it sure sounds like you’ve spent some change on this game…personally, i don’t have money to spend on a game. i think that’s just retarded to spend real money on a fake game. really, that’s just stupid. i’m level 26, and although you have to grind, it’s apart of the game – KILLING CHIT, that’s why you play, meet a few people, and have fun. Only people with lack of patience and a need to over do it spend money on games. i played evony and did well and never coined, there are plenty of games that you can pay to play to excel faster, but ultimately if you’re actually good and got patience can still do well without a dime. it’s a decent game and you have 3 players with lvl 40 so, you’ve been on the thing too much to start complaining now.

  39. This game is a total waste of time if you don’t invest money into it. But if you do, it’s a waste of money.

    Lags, flawed spells mechanic, unbalanced pvp, lack of end game, repetitive, small, money dependent. No fun at all.

    If you are looking for f2p action RPG, wait for PoE.
    If you can spend some money on a game, buy a real game, like GW2.

    1. PoE is already on open beta

  40. it’s a free rpg diablo clone that’s actually done right, the best pvp i have ever enjoyed :) a game for the more hardcore gamers. nothing requires real $, though i would suggest investing andermants/cot’s ONLY in the most useful directions. (and dont rez)

  41. i’ve played this game last year,i got bored playing it but since its gotten cooler,i wanna give drakensang a second chance…

  42. OK my actual review, after leaving comments on others:

    The allure of Free to Play is irressitable, especially when the bank balance is tight, but if you think any such game is going to be as good as a pay for one, then you are deluding yourself. Of course this isn’t really free to play any more than Forge of Empires, Grepolis, Shards of the Dreams etc. The reality is that at some point they are going to try and force you into giving them money as in all walks of life and unless you are willing to say no, or are really unable to pay then you’ll probably end up investing money. So lets ignore the monetary aspect of this and look at the game itself

    For a Browser Based Game (and yes I know you can download the client), it looks very good. 3rd person only unfortunately which ruins it somewhat for me. I can’t get immersed in a 3rd person world to the same extent but it is graphically acceptable, unless you’re looking for the latest SOTA graphics in which case you will of course be disappointed. In fact graphically it looks kind of like WoW in general feel.

    However gameplay and HUD wise its very much like Diablo in many respects, i.e. get ready for RSI in your fingers ;) , the lack of Auto attack is a little disappointing from my point of view, but be that as it may. During the low levels at least the game is pretty enjoyable, questing is very like other MMORGs. The game system is a little confusing to be honest though. However it siffers from the many of the symptoms of the modern MMORG disease. That of system intervention to keep the whiners and babies quiet, still this is pretty much the case for all new games now and I’ve learned to live with it for all it galls and actually damages the game to a great extent 90% of the time for the vast majority of players.

    * Choice of character classes is pitiful, there really is no excuse for this.

    * Idenfication of Items is annoying and the this is compounded by the fact that it uses the modern MMORG stupidity of not allowing you to drop items and then hope to come back and find them later, therefore meaning you have to destroy the items in order to pick something else up to find out what it is, or worse complete a quest.

    * too much holding your hand, for instance giving you DPS. This is something for the player to figure out… sorry if you can’t roughly divide 42 by 8 for instance there really is no hope and anyway you have a calculator on your computer. Its a minor point I know, but its all part of the spoon feeding make the game very easy for people rot which spreads to all elements of the game, just like the symbols over NPCs heads (I really hate that, its horribly unrealistic and means you don;t even look at NPCs you look for symbols which is very damaging to the overall immersivity of the virtual world ).In the good old days (sic) we had to work out that it was even DPS that was important rather than total damage etc, Verant/Sony didn’t tell you, we had to go and talk to NPCs and see if there was a quest. i.e. being alert and actually thinking things out and doing leg work gave you an advantage in the game as is darn well should.

    * Charging adament for each visit to a dungeon is outrageous, in fact I see it as criminal. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    * monster variety seems a little low, but I guess this is to be expected

    technical wise
    It seems that the connection problems highlighted above have been sorted not had any of them. The chat window is annoying

    1. I like your review Malaidas. Other than your comment about the DPS, which I found a bit nit-picky, the rest of your comments were fair and reasonable.

      I’ve noticed, now that I am level 25, that it is getting harder and harder to solo without buying the Andermant and buying uber stuff. This is to be expected so I am not crying about it. This is standard for a lot of the “free” MMOs out there.

      The only connection prob I’ve had per se is that the browser sometimes gives me a “not responding” and refreshes itself. It doesn’t happen all the time and it only happens once before continuing on, but given my PC and connection at home this probably means that it is on their end, not mine. It’d be nice if they up the juice on their login system. I’ve gotten a couple of laggy moments in the game too, but nothing overly horrible.

      It is what it is, a free game that is made easier when you spend real money…

      1. nit picking, yes. But smething which kind of stuck in my head when I first saw it. Its not a biggy its the kind of thing it represents which I object to in general. As I said though its there in every modern MMO now. The make it easy mentality rather than make it challenging and leave it to the player’s to figure stuff out and then talk to each other when they do, and sort out their own problems for the most part.

        In gneral though I like this game, just prefer some others more.

  43. i like the game in tell thay chang it oll up, you span oll that time geting the hours and naw you cant do any thing whit it like the video sas. and it sems that whin thay make a good game thay mas it up and chag avery thing up and oll thay are doing is making the game suck,,,,you cant do any thing whit the hours,,, you cant run whit the flag any mor,,, and and whin you kill sumthing you dont get nuthing but junk any more,,, gous to sho you that chang is not owes batter..

  44. hi my name is sotiris and i play drakensang i think this is the best game in internet :)
    my character is archer and he’s name is sotirissonic.
    I love it and i hope you will love it too see ya.

  45. I was an ex Bigpoint fan but like all their games they became pay 2 play… and the more you continue you more you realize that and the more you hate them…
    So take my suggestion and leave ALL bigpoint games cause they are not worth it…

  46. I’m on Drakensang now, I’m only Level 3, and I have no clue how to get to the levels with monsters I can fight. Right now, I’m fighting Level-18-and-up monsters with Level-2-and-3 equiptment. Anyone have any tips on how to get to an easier level?

  47. Definitely the best MMORPG for browser… i played it till lvl 30, such a great game!
    Too bad it became pay 2 win.

    1. its not a pay to win, you can save up the andermants and shit like that, people needs to realize what IS pay to win and whats not, and believe me this isnt a pay to win game.

  48. Yeah I tend to agree with most people here. I have been playing for awhile and the longer you go the more you realize that is more f2p. So far I have not lagged a lot, but I just play a couple hours a day. Also the best way I find to get some of the stuff is just check your toons daily for the bonus and do the daily quests too.

  49. it takes forever 2 load

  50. I played this heavily for almost 2 months last year, but stopped because games progress was pretty much locked onto paying to win, and well the game play got repetitive/boring. Go check out something else on the lines of City of Steam for a browser game and see how they handle their game and cash shop. Way better than Drakensang, which basically wants to rape you for your money.

  51. I can’t Download it man…i think this is an interesting Game.


  52. jesus… why do you people waste time with crap like this??? games like this from no name developers… get swtor… or aion…. both free to play and don’t absolutely require you to spend money to progress… Plus… both were once subscription based games… Aion has a few expansions already released and starwars is coming with one very soon. I would NEVER waste time with crap like this. In fact… I really don’t know how I ended up on this site in the first place, but i HAD to comment.

  53. This game is free but is very expensive to really progress at a nice pace of just questing. Gear drops tend to be woeful on stats although you can combine unidentified gear to form better ones but the better the gear you make the more costly to identify them.
    Farming enough in game money is near impossible when starting your first character unless you got a lot of time or cash to buy it from the developer.
    Great game though, but make sure you keep a tight reign on your wallet as spending real world money on this game can really cost you if left unchecked. As an example 128k Andemant (in-game money) from the developer will cost you $US129.00 and that’s supposed to be 42 percent discounted which probably won’t last long when just dealing with gear items.
    As temptation would have it you may have started this game on the free basis and end up forking out a lot more than you anticipated.

  54. wtf?this game is for browser?

  55. only for richer, you will never wont with those who had bought many anderment, if you like to pvp dont choose this game

  56. The game is unique!
    Playing nearly one year without having spent a dime!
    I’m level 40 and have a lot more tasks to accomplish!

  57. I started this game 1 week after it came out as open beta. After almost 2 years of playing I m here to share my thoughts.
    First a few things about my gaming preferences:
    I love diablo style hack and slash games, I always chose western fantasy/medieval themed games, I instantly reject asian/anime styled games, I always play the spellcaster class, I instantly reject games which force me to play a female character for the class I prefer (gender locked-bye bye P.oE.), I instantly reject games with gunpowder based weapons, I dislike games that focus too much on ridiculously looking pets and mounts, I dislike games with ridiculously looking armors and weapons, I m always willing to pay a f2p game (no more than 1 year subscription would cost) ONLY if the game deserves my money.
    Drakensang online seems to cover most of my preferences.. yet.. After being on and off in this game for 2 years hoping they will make it better only to witness it getting worse with each update I m finally here to find something else.
    I have a lvl 40q5 wizard and well equipped for anyone wondering.
    This game is not made to entertain players and make them willingly invest their money on something that they enjoy. Its made to milk money out of players while trying to keep them with the promise it will be entertaining at some point in the future.
    3 classes, no character customization, no skills variation/customization, only 1 armor design for each class (plus 1-2 uniques), 12 skills for each class (most are useless).
    All the above simply mean that you cant build a unique character and you will meet your twin all the time.
    Small repetitive and uninteresting maps, 0 endgame content, 0 guild functionality, repetitive quests (especially endgame), very low drop rates and generally bad drops, unbalanced classes, unbalanced pve (there is even a pay to kill endgame boss, part of a quest), unbalanced pvp (p2w), ridiculously limited inventory space (you need much of the inventory for quest items) which you have to pay real cash to expand, extremely expensive (real money) gems which are decisive on pvp/pve, you need to pay an extreme amount of real money to identify equipment (extraordinary, legendary) or farm for days to identify 1 item.
    Ressurection, health/mana potions, identify crystals, shop weapons and armor, gems, buffs (not all), inventory space, guild creation, emotes, and many other things (almost everything) need real money.
    What the developers did so far? Changing the gameplay every once in a while and changing the skills every second update to make the high level players weaker and weaker in pve. Make the endgame npc’s even harder to kill. And always creating unequality between players favoring those who have loads of time or money (or both) to spent and forcing casual players out of the game.
    Play it but dont pay a single euro/dollar for this game… and when you hit lvl 40 search for something else.

  58. i’m a level 20 spellweaver…heres my take on this game.

    it IS indeed a browser game, one of the finest i must say, you have a knight,ranger,spellweaver. you can do quests to get andermants and coins, to the ones that says theres no farming in this game…how wrong you are, i been farming in cattacombs, CoT’s drop like crazy there and copper.

    you can sell your white or green or blue gears to a merchent to build up your gold coins faster, you DONT need to buy andermants, you can farm it…does it take time? YES! who says any game is easy? if your not welling to take the time than by all means, dont play mmo’s.

    all this bitching about lag and shit, really? funny, all mmos has lag if you dont have a good pc, even my pc isnt godly but still enjoy myself.

    i’m glad they added the andermants Option, after all its a MONEY sink….know the dif please.

    I recommand this game to anyone, the PvP and the arena is the best i had seen, and gives you a choice if you want to OPEN pvp or not…unlike many games who force you by a certine level.

    the graphics *for a browser* is a beast, better than runescape shit, if you wanna play the OLD runescape go play Entrnal lands.

    this game has so much more, its balanced and the devs do care about their players unlike WoW and some other games.

    1. Thumbup :D

  59. the game is pay to win and pay for lvl up and pay to have some decent gear :( game is nice but money system sucks

    1. -_- Not this game dude, here is many event for you to win, i’m Lv 29 and still enjoy

  60. I think this game is pretty nice :)

  61. Italiano
    Gioco a questa porcheria di gioco da circa un anno ……. quest noiose e brutte pvp indecenti ……… vince solo chi compra ……….. grafica a livello di playstation2 ……….. lasciate perdere molto meglio diablo 3 …….. non vale la pena di giocare a questa cavolata di gioco
    I play this shit game for about a year ……. quest boring and ugly pvp indecent ……… wins only those who buy ……….. graphic level playstation2 ……….. let go of a lot better diablo 3 …….. not worth it to play this bullshit game

  62. this game here full on pay to win.

    1. Not this one dude

  63. Y do we ALWAYS have to download some games when it said “browser” games?!?!

    1. NO. This game does not.

  64. It was one of the BEST free mmo games i had played yet it is very fun when you are playing with other peaple there is a lot of stuff to do play it NOW

  65. Guise, how to play this? . Please Reply ASAP.

    1. lmao, it easy. any kid can play this game..

      To attack : Just use your mouse (right and left button ) and number keypad ( number 1-6). Aim at the monsters.

      Click on the ground to move around, keep a sharp eye for chests, anderment ( yes, they do give it free, 6-10 anderment sometimes) , weapon, clothes, stones and etc.

    2. It’s so easy just click and lot of reading.

  66. It’s not nice -_-\

  67. Best game ever :D

    I’m Lv.29 and still playing.

    1. Lol, same here. Tell me ur username , so that maybe we can play together sometime c:

  68. i dont know what all you lot are complaining about. if you was to play it for longer than 5 mins you would see that most of the stuff you have to pay for in this game you can come by yourself, with a bit of time and effort on your time part of course. eg. crystal of truth you can farm from dungeons all over the game, more or less of it in certain areas. and andermant you can also get by doing the same thing and by also doing the quests. the game game does lag sometimes but not enough to say, right this is crap an then tell everyone on here that they shouldn’t play it because of your low patience to carry on playing past the first downfall in the game. so all you people that are thinking of giving the game a go then i say give it a chance and let yourself decide. dont listen to everyone putting it downbecause they haven’t got the capabilities to play the game without everything being free and literally handed to them.

  69. This game is really worth playing but it is hard to find 3v3 challengers

  70. this game is good play it

  71. Bigpoin, oh yes i love your cash, better play path of exil or kingsroad

  72. i repeat ………. this game is orrible shit all time ………….. if yuo pay …… you have all ………….. if you no pay you no have nothing for compete in game …………. arena PVP only shop player is impoissible ……….. repeat ultra shit game only for noob player shop ^_^

    1. your loss for not paying, nobody forced you.. your loss for being unlucky, and finally your loss for not opening chests o_0

      1. You have to pay for those too.

  73. I give it 5 stars. It is just right, and the weapons and monsters and classes, are not over-powered. Keep up the good work DrakenSang Online.

  74. I played a lot for over 1 year, and it was ok at the beginning, but it got very money driven when they introduced the perfect gems. Yes you can farm everything as a F2P, but even 24/7/365 will not get you anywhere near someone who can put in $20 a month into the game. Even $20 into the game every month will not make you anywhere close to maxing out your gears either. Not to mention those who spend thousands to make a God character. Do the math if you don’t believe me. If you plan to play F2P and just PVE then it’s not real bad, it will just take about 3X times longer to kill everything but if you plan to PVP it’s just pointless. To me Drakensang is one of the biggest P2Win that’s why I stopped playing it shortly after Perfect Gems came out. Don’t get me wrong, I loved just about everything else about the game. I’m not asking for completely free game to play, I understand that the dev’s need to make money too. But you have to understand that P2 have an advantage is not the same as P2 be a GOD.

  75. I have played this game for a pretty long time and in my opinion if you don’t have the money for Diablo or for any other reason, this game is a good clone.

  76. this game is boring!

  77. this is a good game…I love it…but sometimes I’ve get tolerated by those quest…=(
    hope that there well be a new character which is healer…

  78. It’s very laggy I couldnt even really play.

    1. try to download the game

  79. It’s a very nice game, but in my opinion, have some major problems:

    1st – There are very few missions on higher levels, witch doesn’t help a level 40 player to reach level 41 (for example);

    2nd – The game was designed to make people spend money if they want to get trough.

    3rd – If we unveil 4 extraordinary items with crystals of truth and then combine them on a work bench, we receive a locked legendary item!! It’s not fair because we’ve already unlocked those 4 items…

    But still a very good game that I strongly recommend.

  80. The game is actually pretty good from what I have tested in the game (I think I will return cuz of the new class)

  81. This game sucks it refused to load and registerin took me like 10 minutes!

    1. try to register again

  82. This game suck, because it is a pay to win/to level/to gear up kind of game. It is not really free unless you have a cred card.

  83. nice game I was very shock I thought its boring but its very cool.

  84. The game is really, really good! I started playing last August and I already have a level 45 Ranger. There are some specific places inside the world that you’ll experience lag but all of it has been fixed already, the problem with avast antivirus has been fixed as well. If you experience a black screen while loading the game or an error message you just need to clear your cookies and cache. If there’s an error message regarding java you just need to update yours. Also try closing other tabs if you are experiencing loading problems. Andermants and crystal of truth can be farmed but if you’re too lazy for it then that’s the time that you can purchase. All in all this is the best game that I ever played since Diablo 2.

  85. Hey, guys is it worth playin?

  86. low drop rates, can’t trade other people, heavily restricts non-payers…. Decent graphics and gameplay, especially for a top-down, but i cant get over the fact of how limiting it is.

  87. guys this game is awesome… if u haven’t play it yet give it a try..!

  88. its already 2014 and it hasn’t come out for mac yet :L meh I can wait

  89. credo ke in 33 anni ke gioco ai videogiochi questo sia il piu orrendo giocabilita 2 grafica calcolando ke siamo nel 2014 e a dirla tutta al massimo 0 fa pena nemmeno il primo diablo era cosi brutto poi gestione account una truffa dall inizio un gioco d ruolo con 8 slot liberi x portarsi gli oggetti x qualsiasi cosa servono altergemme…e una vergogna era piu onesto kiedere un abbonamento d 10 euro al mese e basta non (rubare) le persone stupide che comprano in euro una cosa banale come lo zaino o il magazzino x tenere gli item con sto gioco i videogiochi sono ritornati agli anni 90 RIDICOLO

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