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Title: Forge of Empires
Status: Final
Genre: MMORTS | Theme: Historical
Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: InnoGames
Developer: InnoGames
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Ability to rearrange city planning
Intuitive tutorial
Single player campaign mode

Forge of Empires is a browser-based MMORTS by InnoGames. Relive history as you rule over your empire through the stages of early human civilizations.

Starting from the Stone Age and advancing to the Late Middle Ages, watch your empire progress through the ages. Manage your city, produce resources, and build an army to conquer surrounding providences.

Features a single player campaign as well as PvP action.

Forge of Empires system requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Mac OS X v10.6 or later
RAM: 1 GB | HDD: 100 MB HD space
CPU: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Graphics Card: ?
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39 Forge of Empires Reviews

  1. I thought this game was pretty innovative and fun..

    -for about a week-

    Once you leave one age, like the bronze age, and go into the next age, all of your troops that you spent hours and hours building become totally useless and do 0-1 damage to the enemy units. To make your army viable with the current age you either pay real life money or sit at the game all day for a week or more, collecting resources (and collecting resources is the ONLY thing you can do if your army is useless.)

    What’s more, this game has a PVP tournament set up, but your units actually die in the tournament. Then, it takes hours and hours (or real life money) to create new units.. and you can’t do the single player battles or more PVP until you build your army back.

    This game is fun for the first few days with designing and building your city and piddling around the single player battles in the first age.. but, then you see how poorly designed it is and how little fun there is to be had.

    To sum it up:

    This game is the most BORING PAY TO PLAY game I have played all year. They call it free to play but it’s just free to stare at your screen and collect a small amount of resources all day. You MIGHT get to play for about five minutes a day, if you’re lucky.

    1. About all your troops being useless no NOT TRUE i’m in the high middle ages and I still use spear fighters from the bronze age because it destracts the emeny and gives me time to get hits on them and somes times i’ll form a defensive line in the middle of the map and then let the longer ranged units attack while the melee men defend them so they are not totaly unless I think what you are say is if you have them attack straight on NO thats usless

  2. This game is a Beta version and for good reason. They have to see what works and what doesn’t with this game.
    The waiting time for certain items could be shortened. The only things that should spoil are the farm or textile items. And finally, some of the in-game content should be made more available to those that cannot get diamonds.
    The game has good graphics and are detailed. I really like the way it takes you through the stone age to the colonial ages. And it gives a player something to look forward to the next time he or she is online. There is also a substantial amount of in-game content like resources and living accommodations for the people of your village. It allows for a little diversity in the way you want your village to look. This is a free game and you have the option of buying diamonds with real money. Although, diamonds are not required, it does however, make the game a little easier to move ahead. We just have to remember that this is a beta version and the guys a innogames are still working out the kinks.
    I have played a few online games and this is the best one that I have played thus far. I would encourage anyone to give it a try. I give this a 9/10 rating with 1 being the worst and 10 the best.

  3. Found the game cumbersome and frustrating … Never did figure out how to play the game without diamonds … Not going to waste money buying diamonds … Tried to “EARN” diamonds and found that to be a waste of time … The sites never did give diamonds and one site “” screwed up my computer … Took 2 hours to get it cleaned up and back on line … Art, graphics and concept are great but certainly a long way to go to make it playable …

  4. I think the game is the best free on line strategy game. The only downside is the waiting time for the goods. Im sure its to get us to buy diamonds, so I get that. However, I am at a point where I might stop playing because of the wait.
    I really do like the game though. Good job people at innoGames

  5. No confíe en este juego, sus diamantes comprar y cuando llegan a una prohibición dado gran catidad, y no vuelva a la cuenta tampoco devolver su dinero
    Do not trust this game, its buy diamonds and when they reach a given large catidad ban, and do not return the account also not returning your money

  6. The game plays ok if you have patience and are not willing to pay for upgrades. Those who do pay, leap ahead in technology but their domination is strictly curtailed by the program. You can raid others, but only take a little of their stock and money, there’s no slash and burn here! Which leaves you wondering what is the point? The point is to make the game company some dosh. Fair enough. I can understand that, but can’t understand why my troops get slaughtered by trebuchets which were there to hit fortifications, not mobile units. But hey, I didn’t program this did I?

  7. I stared playing this game one day ago and after a looooooooong second day, I decided to go online for instruction and to see if I could get some help with the diamonds. I am a Civ 5 player and saw this advertised on TV one night my internet was down. Seemed like fun at first until you figure out there is really no point to the game. I won every battle I was in but I got little to no rewards. I think that even if i defeated every player in the game I would still not get any diamonds and would not advance any further on the tech tree and faster….that was a mouthful. In Civ, I got use to spending hours and hours playing with the sole purpose of conquering the world, which I did a lot. But this game has long wait times that have nuthing to do with play and a lot to do with pay. If you pay for diamonds then you can go a little faster. I want to apologize to Sid Merier’s and the people at steam…can I come back….ill never leave again! Well maybe if they clean this thing up….

    1. You can get diamonds in quest like on it gave me 100 I was able to instanly train units,heal them and build premium buildings.

  8. you got lucky to do a quest that gave u diamonds however u should know that everyone dont get the same quest and i have never seen a quest that gave me any diamonds. Now they are adding a new age to the game (industrial),which is alreadly long which means this will get even longer. I refuse to buy any more diamonds in any game especially one thats still in beta for over 2 years…wtf! Will they erase all your achievements once the happens? And whats the purpose of the pvp wars. I won one but didnt get anything except my name shows up as winner. This game is good for those down times I have between real life jobs but civ and tomb raider and Halo dont cost me diamonds and the joy in conquering is alive and well in those games. I need my money for ice cream…

  9. I like the game. The game is something you check on everyday not sit and play for hours.

    1. I assume you payed a lot of money to this game. Also if you aren’t paying lots of money what game are you playing?

  10. This game seems to look like Age of Empires, Any Connection?

  11. This game sucks. I bought diamonds worth 20 pounds and it took them 48 hours to credit the diamonds I paid for into my online account. Because I complained to Paypal due to the delay they reversed the diamonds which had been paid for and yet didn’t refund me the money. Don’t play it. They are a con, pathetic, vindictive, unprofessional, do not have good business acumen and good customer service. Spend your time and money somewhere else.

  12. I’d rather play somthing like tribal wars or

  13. i am already a gamer on here but it wont accept my screen name when i register any suggestion would be greatly helpful

  14. but the game and EMPIRE OF FORGE FORGE OF PUSHING or by accident? and especially ’cause it does not support’ anything? I reported 2 people and no action has been taken as an example of sheba cirgad that only GE with all levels consist PLAYERS REMOVED, the staff does not protect the players, do not play

  15. Worst game ever. Should have never came out of Beta testing. So many bugs, force to buy diamonds, and so many bully players the game is no longer enjoyable. If you are looking for a game to socialize with friends and build a city, this is not your game.

  16. i sent an invite and i should of got 200 dimonds when thay got to iron age have not got them how do i git them

  17. This PAY TO PLAY game is certainly NOT FREE TO PLAY and this game is ridiculous

    1. Why is it that eveyrtime a bonehead dont like something they tell everyone something is bad about the game. Its just you dont like the game so say that. Dont say its ridiculous. For some people its a very enjoyable game but there are many others out there to play.

  18. Decent game, bad company, sad story. -__-

  19. This game is a complete rip-off. It sucks you in, and then after a certain point becomes unplayable without spending significant amounts of real cash money once you get to the late middle ages. By this point in the game, all players are required to spend massive amounts of specific resources to move forward in expansion, quests, and acquisition of any new technology. While the game is designed to allow players to trade resources, in reality every player needs massive amounts of the same resources to move forward, so there are rarely any of the necessary resources actually available for trade. The only way to move forward is to purchase ‘diamond’ tokens for ridiculous amounts of real cash in order to continue to progress in the game. I would not recommend playing this game to anyone. It is a complete rip-off.

  20. Great game, but maybe not for people with very limited time. I’ve reached the Colonial age in five worlds and I’ve never bought diamonds. This game is very challenging, but with patience you’ll do well. And you most certainly do not need diamonds to enjoy it.

  21. I just started playing this for a few weeks and I like it. It’s a totally different mind set. If you like short 15 minutes burst of war fare like Age of Empires or even say War craft, well his isn’t it.

    You got to have patience and building for it. The PvP is lame but the economics makes sense and to a certain even the battles of ages. As you advance, your precious generation military lacks bite against the newer technology military.

    And this game is time consuming and resources are valuable as it should be. Most games at some point becomes a pointless because of the abundance of coins that you have.

  22. Este jogo é uma bosta! Expulsa jogadores que são amigos

  23. I reached Colonial Age in this game then they start saying “Buy diamond cost only 50€.. “then…” In order to advance buy diamonds with 100€”..then.. “We would offer you 2,000 diamonds for Unknown€ buy to advance”


  24. I have played this game for over a year, but I’m about to give up. Every time you build an effective city the developers change the parameters of the game, upset loads of players, and alienate dedicated players. If you’re lucky you can see the dissatisfaction on the game forum – if you’re quick enough before they delete it.

    My advice – play it, but don’t spend any money on it – it will be wasted.

  25. I agree and I have sent my dissatisfaction to the support. This new era is just plain wrong. Im still confused on how to get goods now. It would be better to stay in the progressive era. The tanks are still overpowered. I kill all modern era fighters and barely take any damage. I wont ever pay anything for this game again.

  26. this game is a great deal of fun to play, and you literally do NOT need to spend ANY money to advance rather quickly. you just need to be of above minimal intelligence. HOWEVER, don’t play if there’s anyone else in your house that plays … if they see matching IP addresses, they will ban all of them due to paranoid “rules” meant to block people from taking advantage of the game … meanwhile they take advantage of many of those who play it … not worth the time, really

  27. Worse game ever , spend two weeks time in game, after pull me to 10 levels higher players group , it is same like attack tank with stone . After write to support was banned .
    Lads it is really expensive puzzle , but not forge of empires . Biggest cheat is brilliants , biggest hackers ,support .

  28. Disappointing.
    A strategy game should depend on strategy. While the beginning runs fairly smooth, the later stages are increasingly illogical and don’t follow any linear patterns.
    Anyone with patience can play for quite some time without paying, but the fun decreases.
    When they suddenly changed the rules and I would have had to cough up significant amounts of money to compensate for my lacking strength or toil for weeks playing the game non-stop to achieve any kind of advance I quit.
    In addition, higher level players constantly attack lower levels – unfair in my eyes.

  29. I’m noobish to all online games, but since I wanted to play a nice new city-building/strategy game for free, I decided to give it a try.
    First impressions are very positive – graphics are nice and look professional, detailed and Ui is informative, turn based combat is reminiscent of HOMM’s combat and could have great potential, tech tree is VAST with many branches and different inventions. Only after playing for a while I realized how much it depends on micro-transactions. After a first few game sessions you hit a steep wall and are forced to wait for a loong long time to get your refills of scientific points and production tools which are churned in specific sort of buildings where you can order either short timed products which produce tiny amount of tools, or order them to churn something grander which lasts for a whole real time day, but giver lots of tools. Thing is, you’re forced to click on all the finished products time-management style after they’re done and before they become “spoiled” (how the f**k can flint spears and clay pottery get spoiled over time, those are the only SURVIVING items to our time?!) which forces you to have the game either open all day and frantically click every now and then, or to wait for days till you’re out of the first era, stone age. I didn’t have the patience so I gave up after a few days.
    Free to play this is not!

    1. Are you still playing (06/16/13). If so, how do you like the game now. If you do NOT play, what made you stop playing?

      I have been playing the game for a few months and I love it! I’ve founds a few things to be annoying (Such as 1 forge point per hour) but this stretches the game out and I do enjoy that. I joined as the game turned 1 year old, left Beta and is now full functional. I hope you’re still playing.

      Add me as a friend, if you are!

      MyLittlePony (On FOE)

    2. “Free to play” is just another way of saying “pay to play”.

      1. Lolosaurus, if you have no self control to play for free, whine at yourself. The game works great without spending a penny. Only weak minded people who feel they somehow have to be the best on every game would whine about the fact that programmers need to be receive pay for their work or we will not have all these games. Let the people who wish pay for the extras, because when they do the rest of us get to Play for Free.

        1. Coming from an erra where you buy the game to support the publisher and you realize when pay to win enters a game like ooh tf2 or wow or whatever they make it more expensive for I game money so you almost have to pay and that’s so there game revinue goes up a lot for minimal support actually pay to win games are a lot like Vegas… No matter what the house wins plz boycott games like this so game companies will stop! And if you like those options go back to FarmVille and mafia wars with the rest of the ignorant nieve blind populace.

          1. Two points:

            1) If you’re going to deride people for being “ignorant” and “nieve” [sic], you might want to use punctuation and spell check.

            2) You live in a different world now. The internet changed a lot, including how we pay for things like games, music, and other media. If you don’t like it, you’re free to go back to your N64.


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