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Title: Phantasy Star Online 2
Status: Closed Beta
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Sci-Fi
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ?
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Incredibly detailed character creator
Wide range of ability customization
Combo oriented action combat

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free to play 3D MMORPG published by SEGA. Based on the original Dreamcast and Gamecube series, Phantasy Star Online 2 offers players the chance to visit detailed worlds and fight hundreds of interesting enemies. PSO2 boasts large scale PvE battles with dozens of players and intricate customization options.

In Phantasy Star Online 2 players can choose between three races each with their own distinct style and attributes. Players can choose to become a fierce Hunter who uses melee weapons to slice and dice their foes, a cunning Force user who supports their allies with heals and buffs while dishing out magical damage from afar, or a Ranger who uses an assortment of guns and FPS style aiming to deal massive damage to their enemies.

On top of this players will have access to their own pets called MAGs which provide supportive abilities and can transform into giant creatures to perform astonishing abilities!

Phantasy Star Online 2 system requirements:

OS: Windows® 7 / Vista / Vista64 / XP
RAM: 2 GB or more | HDD: More than 8GB
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 or higher
Graphics Card: GeForce 7800GT graphics card or better
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64 Phantasy Star Online 2 Reviews

  1. Four months to go to see this title in english, don’t mind doing everything I did in JP version again, Hopefully voice acting for this version is good. Finally I will understand what the navigator and partners say.

  2. I’ve always liked Phantasy Star. I am looking forward to giving this a go. It’s style has always been unique enough to separate it from other games in my mind.

  3. only us?

    1. no Eu too

  4. I used to play an English Phantasy Star Online MMO for PC but I don’t remember what happened to it. That was ages ago..

  5. Awesome!!!!:)

  6. I still dont know how PSO runs the game. first play at PSO 1 i was confused my friend was leveling so hard i dont even know how he does it.
    But im giving this a go. because there’s still that mystery in my mind to play back and figure how to do that.

  7. When I check email I saw this one, named Phantasy Star Online 2
    My first thinking was —— Planet Side Online 2
    But unfortunately it is not.

  8. So is this game already availble for EU players? or still have to wait? cause I dont seem to be able to get anything but information from the “Play Free Now” guides me to their site with no download option o0

  9. Personally, I can wait,…but it’ll be waiting eagerly. Until then I’ll continue playing PSO 1 on the existing private servers – Just hope they haven’t made it too much like all the other mmo’s out there and killed it’s uniqueness….

  10. I have played the psp versions but i can’t wait to try this one

  11. What about @ the PH is it will be also available here????

  12. does anyone know when does the game come out

  13. they will have ip block for other regions? like Brazil?

  14. PSO2 Is a 25GB+ Download lol took me almost 12hours to download i got to play for a little while then i got disconnected couldnt sign back in so checked my email it said region blocked or some shit gonna wait for NA version

  15. so is this going to be in english?

  16. this game is fun love it but got it in jap

  17. the game has yet to be released in NA.And Sega drops the ball again.

  18. Looks kinda worth playing I mean it’s good still waiting for English here.

    1. same

  19. where can i press for download the game?

    1. You can’t yet.from What I’ve seen it’s not available in NA or EU.And sega isn’t really saying much so ods are it never will.

  20. from where can i download this

    1. You can’t it’s still not available outside of japan.

  21. everyday im waitig on this game

    1. You can play the japanese version of game with the english patch, I believe 100% of the story is patched, all the quests is english patched, and the items are translated too. only thing not translated are just some dialouge, like dialouge a random npc sys over and over again.

      1. With all the patches you might wonder if the EU/US version is really coming. The programmer/translaters have done a really good job thus far… also kind of makes you wonder just what the hell the people getting paid to do it are also doing.

  22. cant wait its still being transfered in us

  23. for those who need help making a account I don’t mind doing it for you as long as you add me as a friend on pso2 :P I have learned how to make it and can eazly set it up for people if you need help jest look up GRAF1CS on the mmobomb forum ( that’s me ) and pm me ill help you set up a japan account and download the game all I ask is when your done to add me to your friends list so I wont be lonely on the game lol ^^.

    1. Hey, hows that working out anyway?

    2. I’ve been waiting to get into this game for a while now, you think you can help me out?

      1. never mind… I’ve got in, but feel free to add me if you’re ever here to read this.
        just ask for my nickname. ^ w^

        1. I haven’t played this game in a few months but I am actually about to play about now. If anyone wants a new friend just give me your ign and I will add you. Or I will post mines up in a few, I forgot my ign >.< lmao

          1. Did you have a Steam? :0

          2. yea yumiechan

          3. also don’t forget telling which server(ship) your in~
            I think I’m on ship 6… not sure but so feel free to check around,
            my IGN is VividNeko#2 in Ship 6 or somewhat in one of the ships I made VividNeko
            F.Y.I. it’s the JP version
            p.s. I’m lonely here… not sure if I could last any longer alone.
            (besides the NPCs)

          4. oh forgot which B.(?) (channel I think…) B-003, but I can move to a different one if someone request’s it.

          5. im in ship02 and sometimes in b006

          6. alright, ship 2 it is, we can meet when I finish my tutorial(again).

          7. last post for my part~
            my IGN is always VividNeko so keep your eyes open, and I’m on B-006.
            well I’ll be waiting till someone talks to me,
            p.s. I found Hatsune Miku, but turns out to be a cos”player”.
            no joke intended… also note to the admins just an idea, you could make a “First Look” Video from the JP version while we’re waiting for the NA version. if not, it’s was only an idea. lots of luck to you guys when it comes out to NA. just remember to look out for VividNeko~(sorry for not posting it in forums :P)

          8. I’m kotomi

          9. XD seems someone got to be cookie monster instead of you huh?
            well I’ll be up all day….or rather 24 hours(again)[I basically played it that long without sleep :( ].
            I’ll be there at the weapon shop in a few minutes so I’ll wait as long as it takes~ somegoes for anyone else looking for us :D

          10. typo at the end XD

          11. sigh, should of said this a long time ago XD
            find me on Facebook, name is Lily Mist.
            I’m feeling like I have taken too much time on here instead, sorry people :(
            to Cookie; I’m on B-006

          12. I work through out the day and I was in the lobby but im getting on right now just to add you, you can add my steam

          13. May I add you?

          14. Yes you may

  24. how to download :(

    1. look up Phantasy Star Online 2 Client or PSO2 free Download

  25. Send name of character or location to meet

  26. I play this game. Even though it is in JP there is a program made by a player and it translate almost the whole game to english called “PSO Tweaker”. Very fun game, even though i am in the US i still am able to buy curreny to this game but this for some other time, especially if you are addicted

  27. I remember the very first Phantasy Star on the 8-bit Sega Master System, even though I liked Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star was much better in many ways. Later FF would become the better franchise, but I have had an itch to return to the Sci-Fi Fantasy series.

  28. hi ~ im new in this game .. looking for english player .. lets meet :)
    IGN : Extalia
    Class : Brazer

    -Extalia Ship 02

  29. I play this on the Japanese server, and I can say that this is probably my favorite combat system in any MMO, with Mabinogi coming in second.

    I really like that you can switch between third person camera and an(almost) first person camera.
    They’ve also made a change that lets everyone have their own room for free now, instead of paying. It’s small, but still fun to decorate and hang out in.

    The gameplay is mostly mission-based, but it’s pretty unique. Even if you repeat the same mission, it keeps it interesting by randomly spawning “trials” throughout, where special events or monster spawns might happen, and you can go through a sort of optional mini-mission for extra points. Some maps of a mission may be a “party area”, where you might run into other parties besides your own, and you ALL cooperate to defeat stronger monsters/bosses. It’s really fun and a good way to meet players while in a mission.

    Each planet/area of missions has its own big boss as well, which is very fun. If you like boss fights in console games, you will love these. Some require strategy, timing, and weak points to take down efficiently. For example, there is one boss which you have to wait for it to go into a specific stance, then shoot it with a turret to weaken it. There’s also a tank boss that is my personal favorite, where you destroy its’ smaller guns and turrets to weaken it, then go for the weak spot.

    The auto-word system is extremely useful, and you can set it up to do neat things like announce your coordinates for event spawns, to quickly notify your allies to come help. It’s a god-send since boss fights are so action-packed, and you will need your hands to keep moving/dodging/attacking.

    Buying cash for the game can be extremely costly due to the marked up prices of Japanese pre-paid cards online, but you can actually buy most of the cash shop items(like clothes) with money you earn in the game. Girl clothing obviously costs a lot more, since the majority of players(both male and female irl) choose female characters. There are some pretty cool and affordable male outfits, though.

    It’s a shame that it’s likely never coming out officially in English, but there is an English patch for the Japanese server which translates the in-game text into English. As long as you are courteous and polite to other players, you’re pretty much welcome to play on the JP server, and they will be nice to you in return. Of course, if you are going to talk to people, it’s best to learn at least basic Japanese, or speak in very simple English. You can actually copy-paste to/from the game, so you can use a translator if you need to.

    Really, I think the only thing an English server would benefit me for, is the increased English support and affordable cash shop currency.

    1. just to add to Fran’s opinion from the JP version, you could go into certain event missions, also known as Emergency Quests(EQ)(could also call these Raid Missions), that you would encounter players doing roles like: defeating hoards of enemies that would be attacking specific targets. attacking a boss that would take strategy to defeat them(just like Fran says). finding and attack certain enemies that gives off points to finish their mission. and many more specific missions to come in the future for the JP version as well as the upcoming to the NA version.

      also to add to Fran’s comment about the camera, the first would be called Free-Style Camera, while the second would be Third-Person Camera. both will give you the feel of how your character moves, as well as gives you the option to fight just like you want to hit specific spots.

      the added jump ability gives you a feel that you aren’t just going to be walking around and figuring out how to hit something that is in a higher place(example, being a Hunter wanting to hit the Rockbear’s head) which may lead to having a gun or bow or maybe some force skills in just like other phantasy star games(but no hard feelings for them, ok?)

      along with making your character in you want them to look, you could redo them by going to a place called: the beauty salon, where you could even buy items called Tickets that would give your character some style. as well as you could make an assist character called Support Partner where they can help you in mission, take on requests of your current missions, and also make themselves at home with certain Room Goods.

      not only you can use your computer’s keyboard, you can as well make it where it’s compatible with a controller, so go nuts if you such a controller :)

      and it’s wise to go in-game with low-resolution so that you wouldn’t get any problems if you would be having them with your computer, may work better for those that has even gone pass the requirements.

      whenever you log in-game, in the lobby or shop district, you get a log in stamp, along with it you get some points called FUN. the more you keep playing, the more FUN points you get.
      (Obvious isn’t it?)

      well I hope you’ll have fun, best to take your own opinions about this game, so don’t let other’s bring you down if they said something that would be hurtful about any game you wanted to try out.

  30. GUYSSSSS go to play a park to download this game aaaaand beta already started 10-12 april now waiting for CBT and the filesize is 14 GB

  31. LOL, i found this game by a anime Called nanana’s buried treasure XD

  32. The Sea Version was out for Phantasy Star Online 2, but unfortunately it has ip block to the other countries except the SEA continent.

    1. That is true, but the JP server does not IP block most other countries yet… but they recently did block SEA IPs, so if we ever get it for other countries, they might start to IP block those countries too, who knows.

      Until then, JP PSO2 with English patch is as close as you can get without using VPN or other such tools. I also hear the SEA version changed some things for the worse, such as adding in a “bind-on-equip” system to the costumes, when the JP server never has such a thing.

      I also noticed a lot of my team members who lived in SEA region continue to play on the JP server even after being IP blocked.

      1. What I recalled is, JP server also Binds-on-Equip, meaning register as that item owner. Though SEA server is very outdated in fact, it just makes all rares quite cheap. Because everybody grinding everyday haha, due to only Hard difficulty as the highest.

        If you talking about costumes like we had right now, a White Tuxedo for example, nope there is no Binds-on-Equip for that, you can wear and sell it later.(In a Player Shop, not City Shop)
        They only Binds-on-Equip for Weapons and Armors. Well the PSO2 SEA server is gonna have a major patch soon, let see what changes till then.

  33. if anyone could help it would be much appreciated

    1. If you’re trying to access SEA server, it IP bans anyone outside of South East Asia.
      If you’re trying to access JP server, it’s being DDOSed, so they have been offline for about a week or so, and need to fix it. >_<

      1. JP server got DOS? well I can imagine most ppl from SEA region spend money on that game and then got IP ban and wanted revenge haha. So they spam packets.


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