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Title: Roblox
Status: Final
Genre: Social | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ?
Publisher: Roblox Corporation
Developer: Roblox Corporation
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
User generated content
Thousands of games
Open-ended game builder

Roblox is a massively multiplayer 3D game environment with of thousands of games that use physics to simulate the real world, and a virtual economy with millions of highly customized characters. Players on Roblox demonstrate incredible creativity limited only by their imagination, using core building components to create their own elaborate online games, social hangouts, and custom virtual items.

Roblox is a virtual playground and brings the popular building-blocks style of play into a MMO. Players can design and create their own worlds and items while interacting with other players. Different games have different goals and elements of fun. Most of them have a little player vs player action while you complete your other goals. Roblox is a browser game type but players must download and install a special Roblox browser.

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ROBLOX: Be Anything, Build Anything!
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64 Roblox Reviews

  1. I you have a laggy computer, this games isn’t the best… but other wise, i would recommended it to any one!

  2. this game has every video game genere sci-fi fps tps rpg every so i would recommend this to any gamer

  3. Good game if you want to spend time with 6-12 year old community

  4. it reminds me of minecraft and legos put together in order to make a huge peice of crap.By the way,i am 12 and i hate the game.

  5. brb lwish l had obc l think this game is boring if builder club was free no credit cards that’t be cool

    1. No way! ROBLOX was created to make money. Who hosts a game that brings no money? Hosting costs.

  6. Um, actually this is download only game, i already tried, it asks for download if you press [Play]…

    Thank you.
    With love – DontJudgeMe

    1. you don’t have to download every game. you just have to download their specific browser that is used for the games. i used to play c: but it gets really boring really fast

      1. Not if you join a war group.

  7. This is a very good game and I hope you to play this !

    1. you licke it but me i hate it
      it s cheat The only thing that gave me him is the virus
      my notes is “0″
      builder club hhhhhhhh is a cheat

  8. This is a very good game and I hope you want to play this !

  9. This is a very well developed game, your character is very customizable, as well as there is also user created content, such as different levels (Called places) and clothing items. Yet, also this game has some major weak points, like how you HAVE to launch the game from a browser (Which I don’t find annoying but some others might), the chat filtering (They have improved though), the moderators (Some of them can be quite annoying), and their constant shoving down your throat that you MUST buy their version of premium account “Builders Club”, which can get very expensive overtime.
    Overall, in my opinion, this game is really fun, yet, there are some things that can be improved.

  10. GREAT GAME I WOULD RECCOMEND PLAYING IT except if you have a laggy computer i suggest you dont

  11. Man, I’ve played this game 5 years ago. It was sooooo awesome. I would have a ton of laughs and a ton of fun, but now… The updates are crap.
    My name is Ringo117

    1. I could swear I knew yo…remember anyone named Linkdrg?

    2. You’re lying, your comment was posted 2012… and you joined 2009… you are no ’07er… -_-

  12. roblox is only fun if you look cool T-T

  13. I’ve played ROBLOX since 2008, and there’s never been a moment in doubt when playing.
    I absolutely love this game, it’s never empty, it’s always filled with other players to explore and socialize with. It has a lot of content, ( User-Created content) An easy gaming system to adapt to, and the majority of the games to play are all different because it’s made by the users. (Some are made by developers.)

  14. Now that minecraft is out, this game is like.. :P

  15. Decent game. Quite fun and addictive. If i had to rate it out of 10 i would give it 9 (Due to the Blocky bodys you have to have unless you buy Builders Club). Great fun to play whenever. Gj Roblox.

  16. Provides excellent entertainment for a grand amount of time, many game play types.

    Basically, an enjoyable freemium game.

  17. Fun for anyone, but after a while starts to get a bit boring. I love the creative aspect of creating your own worlds, but I feel roblox deliverd this poorly.

  18. You all should play this game!
    this is the coolest game yo!
    cuz u can play any type of you want! (it blocky -.-)
    and my name there are Costantly
    you should play SCP: lockdown there..
    cuz it horror :L

  19. ahhh roblox i remember playing this when i was in grade 5. that was 5 years ago. BUT 5 years ago when i was playing this it was really awesome and cool me and my friends would always talk about our new maps at lunch time its really fun and alot of customizing. roblox to me right now is .. OK. id recommend anyone to try it out.

  20. on roblox you have very many difrent types of game genres so you practicly never get board

  21. AAAHH…I Can’t Buy Robux Because My Country don’t have any robux

  22. I would Recommend this game to Everyone, very fun, safe, FREE.

    1. im not aloud to play this because its not browser and its virus-infested in any place in the game

      i recommend NOT playing it and go to something better

      1. First of all if you downloaded it from another website other that that’s probably why you have a virus, and second of all Roblox is very fun, safe, FREE.

    2. Roblox is correct and i really like this game. I love the way you can build any thing you want! :)

  23. I’ve been playing since 08 and I find this game highly addictive. Though I don’t really play any games because most of the games are unoriginal or just plain boring, I do enjoy scripting and exspirimenting through the LUA programming system. The community, (usually players who are under 13) are VERY annoying and the chat filter doesn’t give you as much “freedom of speech” as you want but other then that it’s a pretty fun game. So I’d have to say, go for it!

    1. **experiment

  24. Best game ever i really like how you can make your own games and they lowered the bc price to 6$!
    Very fun and addictive would recommend to anyone.

  25. Would be a great game if the entire community was not comprised of children that shouldn’t even be on the computer.

  26. Children that don’t know what are they talking about or very small children by the way I think I am going to try these game out many people recommend it very high

  27. There are so many annoying brats with bad attitude now T_T
    Now they have the NBC packages…
    I went on so many games and they kept bragging, which is why I quit playing (along with my friends).

  28. i have roblox aud i am proud 2 have it HATERS !!!!!!!!!!!!! >: [

  29. ergh i hate! minecraft

  30. I have played it. It’s fun!

  31. Great game, I was a player from 2007 to 2011. Roblox was an awesome game, but it’s one of those games, that you eventually stop playing because you end up maturing =D.

  32. It’s a decent game, but the community is pretty bad.

  33. Community = Worst I’ve ever seen. Mostly demented 5 year olds.
    Gameplay = Depends on the game. Generally, absolutely amazing.
    Devs = Horrible. No community interaction unless you’ve risen to insane popularity or built something better than the devs can.
    Game Building Aspect = Great, assuming you’re good at programming Lua. Lua’s pretty easy to learn, and Roblox has a built-in debugger, so it’s not that hard to get used to.
    Cash System = Pretty bad. While technically free to play, you can only have one place unless you pay monthly. Also, a lot of items are Builder’s Club (the membership) only. Finally, it’s hard for non-BCers to gain a place in the virtual economy, which uses a cash-currency called Robux, which you get daily if you’re BC, or can buy for absurd prices. The only way to get a lot of Robux is to be an economic genius, or have a HUGE wallet.
    Overall = It’s fun, but I wouldn’t pay to play it. Btw, this is coming from a guy who Roblox somehow convinced to pay 30 bucks a month for the game. I completely regret that now.

  34. I like this game but the community… well there are alot of hackers,scammers,spammers,ODers,etc but other than that its good though im not saying all are that

  35. there are also some good/cool guys too but like skylette22 said some are demented 5 year olds which i also agree on

    -ROBLOX has much better graphics than Mine Craft
    -U could build more stuff in ROBLOX than mineshit
    -MORE players play ROBLOX YES ITS TRUE
    -More stuff 2 do in ROBLOX
    -Dumb people play Minecraft
    -AWESOME dudes play ROBLOX

    1. Yeahdemented 5 year olds are totally not awesome dudes their annoying little shit wagons.

  37. Overall 3.5 / 5

    Price / It is completely free, it is easy for anyone to get money in its economy if you atleast log in once a day, report the brats in the comunity, etc If you want more out of the game, like anyother MMORPG you can buy a membership and get more out of your playtime.

    Community / Overall atleast 6 / 10 are rage brats that arent even 12 years old and talk a ton of shit all the time. If you buy the membership all these brats worship you. The other side of the community is generally nice and help you and are socialble. 99/100 times if you talk shit people will get angry and false report eachother. It is a nice community if you ignore the annoying people and report them.

    Gameplay / In roblox you can create anything imaginable. Also there are ton of games that people have created from zombie survival to racing to PVP. I myself like the sci-fi games and building games. It is simple to learn the controls and adapt to the game. It is really fun if you are open to what games you play.

    Pros / Great gameplay, massively multiplayer, infinitesimal games to choose from and easy to adapt to.

    Cons / Bad community, sometimes glitchy, spammers, hackers, etc.

  38. This game is completely free, and you can make you own worlds and log on to others.

  39. my note “0″
    thx XD

  40. Ive played for a long time. And if member ships were free, how would they make money?

  41. its ok, but you do have to pay to be a good player. and its a stupid amount. also if you play lots you need to pay, then when you stop paying the sites rubbish. so go on if your either prepared to pay OR not going to play lots. also the roblox staff arn’t great either!

  42. Roblox is a very broken game, I even have a state of the art gaming PC and fast connection and it’s glitchy.

  43. ATTENTION >>>this game is now slow , i have a good computer but i don’t know why is lag and slow game , i have a message for boss from roblox > ” please make the game faster , i played before and was faster and now is slow and a lot of lag / slow / low , why ? you update the game ? or is something else ?

  44. and i have a safe computer , i don’t have viruses on my computer , i have a clean computer , why is slow game ??? because i played before and was fast

  45. Honestly as a person who has been a member of the Roblox community for about 5 years the game has gone to complete crap. The staff is extremely greedy, the community is full of whiny 5-year-olds, and pretty much everything cost money. You’re lucky to come across anyone half decent. The games themselves are good I guess, the older ones more than the new, though most are just mimics of FPS and anything relating to killing and zombies. The whole idea of the game is great and really allows a lot of freedom with building but its just the people who run and play it are not so hot. All-in-all the game is just eh now and probably wont be seeing any quality beyond that.

  46. Most of the talk of “greed” is absolute bullshit. ROBLOX is a great game to invest in with or without the monthly membership. Of course like all communities there will be haters, scammers, and hackers but it makes up for it when you see them fall back down for remaining the nobodies they are.
    Climbing up the ladder with membership or not is difficult either way, seeing as how a lot of work and effort has to be put into the games players build. Constantly updating your game is something you’ll have to get used to. Moving that out of the way, there are sales that go on several times during the year, along with special holiday events like: Egg Hunts, Halloween event, Thanksgiving event and Christmas event.

    Customization is far, but requires you to stack up some game currency. Graphics are constantly improving, and the performance is also being updated.

    ROBLOX is definitely a good game to play, add me on ROBLOX if you see this post.

    username: xXZerzavyXx

  47. is it a online game or do u hv to download it

  48. ROBLOX sucks now because every things price boosted up by either 100 300 200 or 400 tix it
    used to be fun but the updates are crap now i look cool its just that i can’t buy anything new any

  49. ROBLOX sucks. Gave my laptop a virus. Not entertaining. Uneducated twerps play it. Ridiculously overpriced to buy hair. Don’t play it!

  50. i want this game to be better optimized and fast or ultrafast


  52. WONT LET ME PLAY ROBLOX NO MORE it keeps saying update for hours and hours….

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