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About the game:
Title: Second Life
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Social
Developer: Linden Labs
Publisher: Linden Labs

Explosive Features:

  • Vast Game World
  • Immense Playerbase
  • Extreme Customization

Second Life is one of the most famous, if not the most famous free online virtual world games ever created. From the moment you step into the world designed by Linden Lab, you’ll find a place where there are opportunities to do everything you want to. Meet new people, entertain yourself, explore the vast world, participate in several activities, find or create a job and trade virtual items and services with the other residents. Second Life is aimed at players above eighteen, since there is a lot of freedom.

Since launching in 2003, Second Life has seen its population grow explosively and reach over 20 million registered accounts as of 2011. A huge number of real-life franchises have locations in the game, and some events have a strong connection with our everyday life.

There is a deep customization system so that no avatar looks the same, and the world is constantly evolving, always full of life thanks to the immense player base that inhabits it. The Second Life marketplace moves millions of dollars monthly, with a lot of players making a living out of Linden dollars, that can be converted to US dollars.

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System requirements

Second Life Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / 2000 / Vista / 7
Processor: P3 800 MHz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 900MB of free Space
Video Card: Nvidia 6600+ / ATI Radeon 9250+

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  1. Nickmbb on January 15, 2013

    First of all SL is not a game – it is a simulation. Everything you see is made by other accounts – Linden Labs only make the land-water and air and they give you the tools to be able to make almost any 3D object you can imagine. If you are expecting to make a character and level them, this isn’t what happens (although player made games within the simulation can achieve leveling if thats what you want to do).

    Secondly – SL is EXTEMELY adult. I would not have my 12 year old – or even my 16 year old – partake in SL. Linden Labs gives eveyone the tools to flag their areas as adult preventing underaged accounts – but their are may ways around this.

    Third – inn SL you can make a lot of real life money. I use to pull in about $400 US bucks a month selling avatar tatoos. Other make a lot more with land sales. Its what you put into the simulation with your creativity where the rewards come from. SL is an artist dream when it comes to making amazing 3D designs. The tools are very easy to understand – and if you get stuck you can search for the very many player made TUTORIALS to learn.

    • Toni on June 5, 2015

      for someone not interested in building/creating, SL is a P2W game that is a bad simulation in any area but RP and standing around chatting. combat and drive/fly vehicles are unplayable due to lag spikes, the graphics are years old. the adult simulations are interesting, but most of the females are men who gender bend. In order to have have a half decent avatar, you have to spend real money. to get a place to have some privacy, you have to pay rent. Not worth the time.

    • Weebles wobbles on April 16, 2015

      its a game idiot, its advertized as a game, its downloaded like a game and its playing like a game. if it was a simulation than it would have parts like a robot. obviously you lack social skills irl to differentiate between a game and real life.

      • Little Man on May 29, 2015

        Right… because social skills are required classify computer programs…. and because people who insult strangers online are leading experts in the area of social skills. Great job.

      • mike destiny on July 11, 2015

        Was a member here for 8 years, spent over £2500 since 2007. Its a very expensive place, but it has many sophistication’s put in place since then. Actually in the beginning, Second life wasn’t advertised as a game, it was advertized as a place to make Real £££ or $$$. Linden labs only calls it a game so they can enforce there strict terms of service, which I wont even sign any more, even your content you make or sell, still becomes Lindens property, when in reality it is not. Mesh models using expensive software are the creators work, and should be licensed as being Their work. Its never been a game, real company’s used to have offices within second life, and I myself have operated a British Airways fully operational Airport, but Lindens got greedy, and hiked up buying a piece of land to nearly £700, that’s the cost of 4 weeks real life rent. second life these days is a dinosaur using outdated mainframes, when, now the likes of SWTOR offer own homes within the game, its not surprising people are fed up with the many old bugs and lag, that has never been fixed since 2006. theres a new SL platform supposed to be in the works for 2016, but since most of peoples inventory built up over 7 years wont be backwards compatible, I dont think there’s much life left for either, the old or the new platform.

  2. K9 on May 9, 2013

    I love the idea of SL. I love how you can practically do anything without limits. However, the graphics arent as good as they could be and the server always crashes. The people on there don’t seem to be friendly towards new people either which seems a bit odd as they were also new once..

    • Kurenai Jun on May 11, 2013

      Those ‚people’ are most likely regular users who are stucked in the game too long, and forgetting that they are still newbies every time they log in. You have these types of users in every game. for example, the screaming choirboys on their xbox headsets while you play a shootergame, the annoying 12 year old in your party doing instances and claiming he has played the game since beta, or in real life, the all-knowing-intelligent but not smart classmate who drowns you, your classmates and himself in the sh*tload of bullcr*p useless information and facts he or she likes to share.

      More motivating i would say is to use the search option and find places where you want to be instead of being engulfed with the bad aura that radiates from these ‚regulars’

  3. GameMaxter33 on November 1, 2015

    Okay first of all let’s get one thing straight here, Second Life is not a game or MMO. It’s a 3D chat world simulator, you make what you want to experience in SL. Don’t listen to all of the haters and critics say about Second Life, I have been on SL for 5+ years and not once did I have to spend thousands of dollars to to get every thing out of SL. Yes there are other ways to earn Lindens (second life currency/money), work as a DJ or host/hostess at clubs, design clothes, create furniture or houses and sell them in the marketplace or at your own store, ext. And no Second Life is not all about adult content, sims or reigns are in categories of Adult, Moderate and General/PG, any one with any since would know the difference between the three. If you don’t like the adult aspect of SL then it’s best not to go to adult sims. The name it’s self explanatory, you create your world and you decide what you want to experience, just like having a Second Life. I highly recommend Second Life for any one who is looking for a 3D chat world or if your looking for place to get away from the real world for a while and make your own.

  4. Keira on June 26, 2015

    I love second life! I have played it since 2008! It is confusing at first but it has THE most customization I have ever seen EVER in a game. You can be anything you want/look anyway you want. Only downfall is in order to have the perfect look you end up spending money.

  5. WaffenSS on November 3, 2014

    I learned about SL from a tv show called Forbes,who,like their magazine,reviews high end companies and their worth,etc.They said it was one of the top ten money making corporations in the world.So,I had to find out what it was all about. For combat and RP,I go to Elder Scrolls Online,but it is still second to SL.

  6. WaffenSS on November 3, 2014

    Second Life isnt actually a game.There’s places within the world that does have RP content,but it isnt controlled by any engine or combat system,etc. It’s an amazing insane 3D World that you can do anything,make anything,or be anything you can think of.I have been a member since 2004,and made a ton of stuff. Other people make things,and you can buy them.However,there is huge amounts of free great stuff all over.Hundreds of outfits,avatars,cars,etc.Just tons of it.You can also creat things,and sell them yourself.The money can be converted into real money and deposited into your bank. There is so much to it that it would be impossible to tell even 1/3rd of it! You pay nothing to join,and you can have as many accounts for more avatars as you wish.
    (sorry,I love SL)

    • mike destiny on July 11, 2015

      Its the freebies which is killing of Second life economy. back in 2011, I made countless jewelry items, that sold well at the old Shemale club malls. My Birthstone necklaces for 200L were popular until almost the same item can be picked for 10L now, yet to have them on show in a clubs mall, i have to pay overheads of weekly rents. its just anfair practice, and yes, theres incredibly evil people in Second life, much more grief, racial and gender bashing & stalking, than goes on in Facebook. I dont believe lands with allow bestiality with dogs and horses, should be even be legal. In fact its illegal to watch these acts in some countries, even if its only virtual. Its no longer a place I want to part of.:(

  7. jezZ on October 22, 2014

    is this game nice actuallyyy
    the people and game seem soo scary
    you say we can play it free and is askin for all m disk space
    not so catchy
    think itz a fish888

  8. eythan on May 13, 2014

    that “game” is recommended for designers, musicians, djs, art lovers, smart people, drama people, adults, role players etc. Its a 3d editor, chat room, user created, has events, schools, environments, you can create your personal place, has many free items, u can meet people easy…

  9. what on January 6, 2014

    must you be a girl

  10. Photoliv on December 4, 2013

    Lady Lenzie, I have played SL for over 6 yrs. If you’re able to log in, contact me in-world & I’d be happy to help you when I’m online. My SL name is Spritelee Resident. I used to own both a photography business and an image consulting business, so maybe I can help you.

    • Gabbagool on December 4, 2013

      Photo….Your full of shit. Having the last name “Resident” tells me you’ve been on SL for less than 2 years…

      • WaffenSS on November 3, 2014

        Actually,photo might just have an alt to their first avatar,ya know. You can create a lot of accounts for alts.

  11. Prince on August 24, 2013

    Is Second Life like the Second Life in 1/2 Prince or Royal Road in LMS at all?

  12. Lady Lenzie on August 4, 2013

    So far its activating my account and taking forever!

  13. Freak on August 4, 2013

    @Lady Lenzie, Cant help ya. Im a newbie too. :/

  14. Lady Lenzie on August 4, 2013

    Well can anyone give me any tips on this game? Im new to SL and i need/want tips. (Help) I hear good things and bad things about it

    • WaffenSS on November 3, 2014

      First off,get yourself an AO,(animation overrider)to get rid of that funny walk.You can get a free one by doing a search for Freebies.Go to the different sites and pick up all the things you want.Many have hundreds of things to pick from.Sweety,SL is like RL in that there will always be assholes and rough moments. Take your time,lesrn the ropes(which isnt as hard as some of these people try to tell you.) Rent a home,and NO , IS NOT that expensive to get land.It al ldepends on ther size of plot you want.You find yourself a plot of land to rent,get a freebie house,and stuff to set around and you’re off!

  15. ugurano on August 3, 2013

    Pedo game

  16. Angel on July 30, 2013

    nice game love it

  17. Assunta Draggoo on July 25, 2013

    Vertel me alsjeblieft dat je gaat dit houden! Het is zo uitstekend en zo belangrijk. Ik kan niet wachten om te lezen extra van je. Ik heb gewoon het gevoel dat je zo wezenlijk kennen en weten hoe je mensen luisteren naar wat je hebt te zeggen. Deze blog is gewoon te cool om te worden gemist. Geweldig spul, serieus. Alsjeblieft, alsjeblieft ga zo door!

  18. Reych on June 9, 2013

    Hmmmm ?

  19. Bender Ender on April 21, 2013

    All I can say, is read all of these reviews and decide for yourself if it is the type of experience for you. Also you will want to browse YouTube for player made videos. The official videos show dated, default character models and objects. I have had an account for over 6 1/2 years, and I can say that it is not a game, and it is not for everyone. It can be moving, shocking, inspirational, Fun, agrovating, educational, heartbreaking, elating and powerful. Just like your first life, It’s what you make it.

  20. gamesisboss on January 27, 2013

    i dont want to download this game im realy scary from the ppl say:stupid game

  21. vikutaa on December 17, 2012

    this game sucks, really. first of all, the object in the game just take so long to load. worst social game i ever played. player so less,no1 to chat to meet. god dam. felt like a ghost running around doing nothing. close-uninstall hpm 😀

  22. darkspartan665 on November 2, 2012

    Why do people play these kind of games, is it for people that failed in the first life or something?!

    • mike destiny on July 11, 2015

      Thats missing the point some what. Second life is the right name for this platform, because activities you would either not be able to afford, or be able to do due to, maybe your mobility or chronic illness, or lifestyle. I own 37,000 items, my favourite is a Boeing 737-800, and a Cigar cruiser, which is staggering in its looks, its rather like the lady Moira, seen at Monaco, but that cost 200million. mine, with beds , champagne on ice, TV, sunbeds, 30 knots speed, and closing shaded doors, lighting, and even a place to input your name for the yacht, mines called the “Disco Volante”, it cost me just about 4 to 5,000 Linden$ thats a whole lot of yacht to sail for about £10-£15 quid!

  23. thesimp on October 22, 2012

    Terrible game, try Vside instead.

  24. Gonzo B on September 3, 2012

    not my cup of tea. you might like it but buggy graphics and lack of online players turned me away from this somewhat promising title. and i can say i tried SL

  25. jazzy on September 2, 2012

    is it weird if my mom plays this game XD

    • Fly on April 4, 2013

      VERY! I hope u don’t play or you might accidentally hook up with her…blurrr weird!!!

  26. Kate J on September 1, 2012

    I try it, it’s really boring and just confusing, Who ever paid for these virtual world game doesn’t really have a real life. Better to stick with reality than a fake one!

  27. ILL Nick on April 8, 2012


  28. Chantel Hammer on April 2, 2012

    Second Life is for people who can not get a partner in real life, let it be because they are insecure, or just too ugly to find a partner in real life. I mean really, having cybersex with an animated man/women. Really, what are these low life people thinking. Oh yea, I would rather use my hand then be with someone in real life. Like Jeannie Burke from Louisiana. She get into Second Life. It is a joke, the people are not real lol

    • Glanecia Varriale on April 6, 2013

      I agree that a lot of people use Second Life for cybersex, but I’d like to say that’s not what brought me to Second Life (I’m happily married and with real life friends too, ty very much lol). I was listening to Live Ireland (a radio station broadcasting from Ireland) and they advertised their sim with live DJs. I was really interested, so I logged on and was completely hooked on the idea of being able to talk to the DJ, request songs, and hang out in a place totally Irish themed. Then, what kept me there, was discovering that Second Life is filled with role play sims (and not necessarily for cybersex lol – in fact on many sims, you’d get banned for doing that). I was (and still am) into Harry Potter and Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan). I spent hours on SL after discovering the sims there with those themes (and of course joined the role play — Mischeif Managed is the latest HP sim there, and the Hogwarts Express, Hogwarts itself, the entire sim is completely beautiful). After a while, I decided I’d like to try my hand at DJing. My friends (yes online friends) and I started a club, I learned how to use the software (SAM) for DJing, and I started making money on tips — which is a good thing considering how much I want to buy on Second Life — there are some great designers on SL — and a lot of crappy ones too lol …. what else, I also really enjoy the breedable animals — basically because they’re cute and adorable and I’m a girl who likes that sort of thing … PLUS … after my cats, horses, meeroos, bunnies, etc mate and have a baby … I can sell them too …. and if you didn’t know, you can take the money you earn in SL and transfer it into real money. One more bit of info about SL, and this may not be of interest to many people …. but they have tons of religious sims. I’m the first to admit that I love it when Atheists and Christians get into a debate … not to mention the Wiccans, Satanists, Buddhists, etc … the most popular Christian sim there is House of Prayer …. they think I’m a troll …. I’m not …. honest … mostly honest …. but it’s fascinating visiting their sim … they have worship service, bible study, etc … and a pastoral staff … they’re quite serious about saving souls for Jesus …. so if you’re into watching that sort of thing, I think you’d love it.

  29. KillerX on September 8, 2011

    Stupid game, and a waste of money get a real life instead of a second one -_-

  30. CraZyKiDzzz on August 2, 2011

    Tried It and Hated It Laggy Boring And Takes Forever To load I Say Its A Really Bad Game H8 It

  31. Critic on May 25, 2011

    Never, have I ever decided to see what is with all the hub bub, of any Virtual Social World game. I play all kinds off MMO’s from RPG’s to FPS’s to Browser RPG’s, and FPS’s. From pay to play MMO’s to free to play MMO’s, for many years. I BETA tested just about every MMORPG/FPS out their. It never once crossed my mind of Social games. Doesn’t these Virtual Worlds get boring after awhile?

    Me and the ole been togeather for 10+ years now. I moved to the state she lived in her whole life for about that time, and all my friends are still left behind in my old state that I lived in, We been thinking about a Social game like this for some time, to meet new friends my and my ole ladies age, All’s her and I do is work sleep, work sleep.

    Are these Social game more like a singles mingle? If not, is second Life the “IT” game to jump in to meet some friends? I know their are a few of these games, like Socialtrain, red Light center, and untropia universe, to name a few. Is SL the best out of the others?

  32. HYPER Stevie on March 19, 2011

    In second life you can meet people and hang out and more! But theres more too it then that u can be anything u want to be in sl! they have ANIME AVATARS,ANIMAL AVATARS,MONSTER AVATARS, RAVER AVATARS AND MORE! They have all types of places of all things u can think off! u can shoot ,fight, fly have Powers and more!

    They have Clubs with real music and live music! They have movie base places and anime worlds! You can even Make items and skins and avatars or clothing and more! what ever items u make in sl u can sell for money! so u can earn money for selling items u make!



    • Mike on January 21, 2012

      I use to love it but WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ?! Graphics suck…the music shuts off. I signed up fall of 2010 and everything was seamless. Then 3 months later problems? I researched it and two items came up: Graphics card was one and the other was Linden Labs was developing a newer version of its viewer. Today I learn that top management left 12-18 months ago and “not-for-profits” ie. educatioal institutions left because they had to pay higher fees?! AND …some marketing whiz decided to allow a person’s AVATARS to move from other virtual worlds to SL and back without changing. They may have just moved off. Loss of revenue means loss of servers means PROBLEMS. Clouds on the horizon!

  33. Shu on March 17, 2011

    I been on SL for 5 years and love it!! Have lots friends in SL as for RL worlds. xD creative, build, own store, and so many thing is awesome. Right now I am doing my own studio artist since, I love doing art works for peoples. o/ Not hurt to try this trust me, hehe. Yes, you can have gf or bf in sl ever in rl too if meet. I have 2 friends who met on SL end up met in RL and got marrieds. Can be anything!! Best of luck, *hugs*

  34. Mez on June 24, 2015

    They are all completely nuts in this game. Avoid it if you can.

  35. Anonymous on January 24, 2015

    SL is all about the (1)money. And (2)virtual sex. And (3)being ripped off. That’s what they don’t tell you. Yes it’s free, but all of the free stuff is really lame, and if you want a good looking avatar, you’ll have to spend money, lots of money. I’d recommend attending Caledon University – Avatar safety class to be warned of the hazards. There are many old time avatars who prey on the noobs, as new people are called. All the major corporations have left 2nd Life, and for good reason. There are griefers and lots of trolls. If that’s the kind of game you like, have a good time.

  36. Lilly65 on April 27, 2014

    Its still downloading but im so excited..and i know its fun LOL :)

  37. Fran on April 3, 2014

    This is by far the most advanced metaverse in existence. If you’re looking for a game where you can make friends easily, play dress up, or start a business(game artist, real estate, etc), this is it.

    It started off simple, and has grown so much since the first release, adding many new things like rigged mesh uploading support, bump-mapping, and other advanced graphics options for creators to make much nicer-looking clothes and stuff.
    Back when SL first started, you would see really ugly stuff, but now, you can find things that are on par to realistic video game cutscene models’ quality.

    There’s countless communities within SL, so it doesn’t matter what you are into, you will likely find others who feel the same. Like anime? Video games? There’s growing communities specifically for fans of that, and avatars created in those graphic styles(great if you don’t like the realistic human avatars). Want to be an animal? A ghost? A titan? A tree? There are avatars of those too.
    Pretty much everything you can think of exists, and what doesn’t, you can easily create yourself.

    Gestures may be one of my favorite things in SL. You can upload sound clips, animations, text, and combine them to trigger upon a keyword or command, and share them with friends.
    You could fart rainbows if you wanted to.

    • WaffenSS on November 3, 2014

      I love the “fart rainbows”!! LOL!

  38. khatlyn on February 26, 2014


  39. Jumpman Lane on January 14, 2014

    Im famous or infamous in Second Life. I nearly drove a pervert sex bed maker (Stroker Serpentine) to a messy suicide in real life. My lawyers suggested I lay low for a time. Im coming back though…SOON! Hehehehe

  40. on January 10, 2014

    This game is 50000 Gb

    WHAT THE F***

    I MEAN REALLY it takes 50 bandwidth per month…someone said it hes folder is 900Gb and hes runing out of space…. while playing..

    damm this cache bandwidth sucking game!!


    • Igwarr on February 26, 2015

      Lmao I don’t even have 900gb storage in total on my device.
      The client itself is only a few hundred Mb. You can manually set your cahe file size on all viewers including the third party user created ones.
      Most people would of cleared there cache way before it got anywhere near that extreme.
      I generally set my cache around between 1 and 2 GB depending on what I have it installed on. It works fine and is nothing to the 30+ GB of games like Wow .
      Bandwidth usage can build up over the month if your on for long periods and are constantly switching regions.

  41. fasf on August 30, 2013

    gruesome game

  42. Kurenai Jun on May 11, 2013

    A) Curious why idiotic people play this game and state it is not a game
    B) Curious to see people who fail in socializing in the real life but act as a big shot online
    C) Perverted, mentally ill, disturbed, socially handicapped in real life or etc

    Other than that, perhaps this

    D) In need to understand the mentality of how people are in a business (commerce, estates, sales, money etc)
    E) In need to extend your network of artistic expression (Photography, Video and 3D Modelling) by a bit.
    F) In need to have a visualisation of a meeting in real life and applying it online.
    G) Curious to try out something a little bit limited and at the same time expanding then your usual MMO

    I love this game and i hate it. Do not try to correct me that this is not a game. It is a game. It is entertaining and sometimes educational at the same time. You see I’m using my in-world name with last name.
    Perhaps for new users this type of game is not the right game you expect it to be, or maybe it is.
    The tip i would give to new users is: Do not read the reviews or comments on different forums of people stating that this is a virtual world rather then a game. That info doesn’t work out well because they are not helping you as a new user out and rather drown in their own pride of disability ending up that you probably still don’t understand what the game is about. As matter of fact, there is no need to read even my advises written above.

    just download the game (program or how they like to call, viewer) and look for yourself what you think of it.

  43. Doktor Wirefly on January 27, 2013

    After reading the above reviews I decided there is a need here for some inteligent and positive input so with that in mind the first thing I would like to point ot is that you need a (way above average) computer and internet connection to run SecondLife if you want a high quality experience. They both will put you back a pretty penny. Secondly. Allthough it is free to open an account and enter the virtual word. If you want to own or rent land and look awesome, then you will need to invest more money. Land in Seconlife is very expensive to buy or rent. Objects like property, clothes, avatar accessories and general items will very in price and not allways reflect quality. Assumeing you are comfortable with all the above and you want to explore SeconLife. The first problem you will have will be finding your way around the viewer controls. There are a lot of controls and settings to master and just to get used to the basics is going to take weeks or even months of your time. There are 2 kinds of viewers mostly in use at the moment. They are generally refered to as version 1 and version 2. The default Lindon Labs viewer is a version 2 viewer and heavier on computer resources than version 1. There are a few third party viewers to be had but they all have the same problem when it comes to learning your way around the controls and settings. There seems to be some confusion about wether Secondlife is a game or not? I would say that primarily it is not a game as it has more in common with a social network than a game. You can however take part in RPG’s and other games like Greedy and slot machines that you will find dotted about on the sims. Every single avatar has a real person sat at the controls with home you may interact with directly just as in real life so from that point of view it is not a game either. I could go on for ever about the details of Secondlife but I think you will find that most of what I have said is not only true but also critical. I have had a couple of accounts (avatars) for about 5 years so I hope I have some idea of what it is about.

    • Glanecia Varriale on April 6, 2013

      I agree with just about everything you said … but wanted to add that if you know someone who knows which stores have the best Lucky Boards (free outfits … like at Delirium) … and someone who can hook you up with some GOOD freebies … and if you visit a few clubs and win some L (some places, all you have to do is wear the right tag and you’ll win random L) … then you could manage to rent a small bit of space, and look good without spending any real life money … but if you’re new to SL … you’re not gonna know that.

  44. themannliche on May 22, 2011

    if u wanna blow tons of money this is ur game lmao i been on sl 5 yrs

    • Tori on December 15, 2013

      yes, to do anything fun in this game you have to use real money, i played for a year and i quit. i just don’t have that kind of cash just laying around …

      • Maddi on March 13, 2014

        I’ve done tons of fun stuff on SL and have never used real cash for anything, there are far too many easy ways to make Linden and turn around and spend it, but really the only thing that costs is buying stuff for your avatar, going around and doing stuff is free o.O

        • Fran on April 3, 2014

          Same here. I have never spent a single penny into Second Life, but I make plenty of money in return, because I make and sell things. Of course, it definitely helps to have friends who can help you out. I started selling things only because a friend offered me a free shop space in their mall. XD
          SL is where I have met most of my closest friends. I just can’t meet people in other online games who I end up bonding with as well as in SL, because people in MMOs rush all the time and aren’t as interested in friendship, I guess.

          • Nathan on July 19, 2014

            Not true, there’s a game called spiral knights that’s extremely friendly. At the beginning it’s kinda rough, but you make more friends as you go along and thats what keeps most of the players playing.

  45. N8(Evolution) on May 13, 2011

    Ive never played,But does this game come up in Window?

  46. Mez on June 24, 2015

    I have had an awful experience on Second Life and would NEVER EVER recommend to anyone. The adult sims are full of horrible people who enjoy playing stupid mind games and want to cause harm emotionally to good people. I suggest if you are going to even want to be in that place is to explore. DO NOT go to any club as they are full of these mind gamers and immature idiots who get a kick out of destroying you mentally and emotionally. Go to sims where people have created awesome places and areas which are more for education. The adult sex sims are also horrific and I would not advise anyone to get involved in those neither. If you suffer with depression be very careful going into this game as it can escalate your depression.

    Unfortunately there are too many long term players in this game who basically do not have a real life and are permanently wanting to cause hurt to good ordinary people who actually do have a life. They get so engrossed with this that they create a million accounts (avatars) and they pursue you throughout SL. Its not a good safe place for anyone personally only if you want to build or explore. I would NOT talk to many people because they are all in there to be hurtful.

    If you are going to use SL just do what you want and forget everyone else its not a social network game at all .

  47. Wandy on December 22, 2013

    I found there was too much drama there…..
    If you avoid it, it chases you!
    I liked to build and make clothing, small items just for the fun of it, but I was hounded by someone merely for talking to her ‘partner’…. banned from large areas… it was insane!
    There are too many emotional retards in there…. no, not all of you.
    But it is not the place to get yourself immersed in.
    I still go now and again to explore, build and listen to music, but rarely interact with anyone.
    I have 4 friends on my list now after over 6 years there in total.
    My real life is just fine and I don’t need a substitute.
    Having said that, this is down to the people and not the virtual world which is pretty cool.
    If you can avoid the people, you can enjoy it there!

  48. TheUnion on August 30, 2011

    SL is without competition in a number of aspects, & it is laggy if your computer is not set up for gaming….but what games will allow an ‘intel graphics chipset’ to play any online MMORPG? Probably not many…maybe tetris..or pac-man plus…
    SL is what the people have created it to be. It can be anything you want. If you enter with an “i hate it already’ attitude cause the first thing you see is someone who looks 10 times cooler & badder than your default avatar, then you probably hate it. However, you can either decide at the point of entry: do i want to log off & say i hate that game, do i want to do all I can to look that that guy/girl & starting getting into the game, or do i want to make that guy/girl look like a scrub & start figuring out how things work so it can happen….
    I too was at the delima at one point in time & I chose the last of the mentioned options. Few ‘games’ online offer the individual the ability to get rich if they put their minds to it. Second Life is filled with opportunity & it can be miserable if that is what you are looking for, or it can be a poweful & adventure filled event that can pretty much shock you on a daily basis with the ability to do about anything you ever dreamed of doing in an online game.
    I would suggest this MMORPG to anyone who has an open mind & is looking for the worlds biggest & best online free roam MMORPG that has NO LIMITS….
    With anything in life, know your own limits & these stories about losing all you own to SL or some other game is a choice you make as an idividual. Anything in excess can be damaging. The only way I could see losing everything would be if you lost your account & all creations in it. Few games have an economy of 60Million Plus a year in the creations sold/built by the players, & If i am going to get to pick between playing GTA for 50 hours & maybe solving a mission some guy made up somewhere, that really many others have solved before me, or playing 50 hours at a game that I can learn things from & might possibly even come up with a million dollar idea that turns into a ‘have to have’ item for all the other players; you can probably tell which one I would choose. I am not into ‘wasting time’ in my life & unless my activities can not somehow increase my real life, then I am not much interested. I have learned a ton of stuff in SL from 3D modeling, teture mapping, scipting codes, & even world culture. I would suggest this game to anyone looking for something more than what 99.9% of online MMORPGs can offer a person, but as the reviews show proof, results will vary & it will be exactly what you make it. (in more than one way).
    *any spelling error is intentional as i do not care. thank you.

  49. xTheLostKINGx on May 6, 2011

    Nice Game
    But it is hard for newbies to learn everything in it fast
    I would appreciate seeing tutorials here for this game :)

    • Errick Jupiter on June 14, 2014

      There are tons of tutorials on YouTube .. .and many welcome centers all over SL.
      The best thing to remember is: NOT everyone loves you to start with … so …
      Keep your ears open – mouth shut .. .and .. only ask intelligent questions.
      (& look out for griefers)

      • mike destiny on July 11, 2015

        I used to be a Mentor at the welcome centre and the OLD urban combat sims Called “Kingdom of legend”. I was also an admin and a Mentor there, its damn hard work trying to explain to a Chinese player just how you use the huds and weapons, (true I did that)…………Welcome Mentors were disposed of years ago now, leaving newbies in a glass holding place with no one to talk them though the basics, no wonder 3-5 people only stay there for a week or so and give it up. Lindens in CA have only ever thought of $$$$$$$$$$, much like Origin and EA games plus the dreaded DRM called Steam. if you want to tell Steam what you eat for breakfast you sign up for it, me, I keep to Flight sim x and Star wars the Old republic, i pay £8.99 a month, great graphics and social guilds, all aspects of the game, and your own home on Tatooine if you wish…. You Tube videos of SL are antique now, and since Google dont allow Virgin customers to like, comment. or post a video on Utube, the whole digital worlds going steadily down the drain hole.


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