TERA Rising

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Title: TERA Rising
Status: Release
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 50 GB
Publisher: EN Masse / GameForge
Developer: BlueHole Studio

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Spectacular Visuals
Real-time combat
Huge Boss Monsters

TERA Rising is a free to play 3D action MMORPG based on a non-targeting system, where players will have direct control over their character’s combat. Unlike traditional MMORPGS which use auto-attacks and tab targeting, TERA allows a player to aim their spells and attacks manually. This allows for greater flexibility and much more dynamic combat.

The game features some impressive visuals, with towering detailed beasts to fight and a fantastic spell variety. Beyond the typical MMORPG questing (which the game features quite a lot of), players can engage in 5 man dungeons and participate in Guild PvP.

TERA also features a very unique and intricate political system, which allows a whole zone to vote on a player to become matriarch. This player is able to access rare patterns and set tax prices on vendors throughout the zone. Players can choose to also fight for control over a zone through PvP arenas.

TERA system requirements:

OS: Windows XP (32 Bit Only)*, Vista, 7, or 8
(Latest Service Pack)
RAM: 4GB Free | HDD: 50 GB Free
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ or,
INTEL Core2 Duo E6750
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or,
NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
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168 TERA Rising Reviews

    1. it means 50 gbs free so your pc isnt too slow to run it. i only have 65 gbs left on my hdd gona wait until I get a terobyte to get this game lmao

      1. I have ~7TB and 100gb left :D I’m a “hoarder”

    2. Lie,only 28gb~. i’ve download this game and i’m lvl 46. epic game btw

    3. We already DL this baby and it’s perfect! The only thing is you’ll be mingling with french people. :D btw I’m from the Phils. :D

      1. I have been trying to get this game to work from the Philippines, but I keep getting this staement “not available in your country” so am now trying to download the eu client, but it never completes, how to I get to play on the EU servers from the Philippines, oh I am British living in the PH.

        1. starting from may tera eu blocks creation of new ph accounts and only allows old players from before may so i suggest get a retail copy or copy from someone(i believe ppl sell copies in the ph) and use a proxy to register a new account

      2. is this game is available in philipines?

        1. @jeffrey Hi mate! Just downloaded this game and good to know there is a filipino player on this game. :)

  1. 50GB? HOLY ****! Wtf? thats too much for this kind of game…Wow…

    1. will this be available in the philippines??

      1. yes, although it wihile awhile..

    2. The game is only 26GB.

  2. is this game will be available if you are not from EU and America? im from philippines, we are dying to play this game here

    1. Cee, filipinos aren’t allowed to play this game becuase u guys are bunch of scamers and hackers piece of shit!!

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        4. Well the chinese shouldn’t play this game because they can’t speak english properly and never could! XD

          1. Without the chinese you all wouldn’t be playing games

          2. Chinese and Japanese companies make more the 50% of the mmo games today. if they wanna play let them and its not cuase anyone is to stupid its harder to set up servers in different areas around the world, so whats with the hostility from everyone?

        5. R.I.P. English…

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        1. i agree that insulting people from other countries are bad. but i have to say that i have my fair shares of meeting rude filipino’s. it’s not that im racist. it’s good and all being proud of your country and origin.but some take it to the extreme as well and insult other people from other countries as well. sorry if there is any words that might insult you in my reply, no offense.

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  3. the reason they don’t have them in the Philippines and a couple other areas is the fact that yes, there are a lot of gold farming and account stealing behavior coming from those areas. until they get servers specifically for those areas they won’t allow it as it will keep the ones who do from doing anything to those who will potentially pay to play better. (in other words cut the competition for real money from the game).

  4. What do you mean with 4Gbs of RAM free? So this game requires over 4GBs of RAM installed, so you can have at least 4GBs free when playing it? I only have 4 Gbs in my PC…

    1. That’s overall. :) You are still fine.

  5. I cannot even sign up for an account, so this one is off my list of games to play, they cannot even answer emails or facebook posts. Crappy Customer service, so sorry this product went through En Masse Entertainment, its a horrible company.

  6. They have had server and website issues on the 6th. There customer support has always been very good. They are dealing with alot right now.

    Your the one losing out, because this game blows other MMO’s away. make sure you have a good enough PC (core i3-7, 4+GB RAM, and modern video card) Your toaster that has been running WoW for the last 8 years wont cut it lol.

    1. How big is the client (download) because i’m very interested in this game but i dont want to break my monthly limit.

      1. full game 27770.7MB to be exact….

    2. hahaha i’ve got a toaster wit 16 GB RAM , i7 4th Gen. 4960HQ processor & AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics… quite a toaster huh… :v

  7. Played this game months back leveling a sorc to level cap and picked up again a few weeks ago before f2p model and I really loved this game. I’m a big fan of a more skill orientated combat system. Of course some classes will always be stronger situationally but Tera really shines in a lot of ways. Leveling is kind of grindy from my experience of mmos but nothing crazy. Just a lot of killing monsters over and over exe. The game is heavy on fighting BAMS which means big ass monters. You will always have oportunities to group and take down these monstrosities which can be quite large. Also, just about any class can solo them too but it will take a while. I just wish that the combat was a bit more fluid like Dragons Nest for say. I feel it was a bit clunky, especially for the casters. Regardless, this is probably one of the best if not the best f2p game on the market now. Very low restrictions, just download and play if you want something new, graphically beautiful (game is kind of heavy on the PC) and action orientated. It’s free, nothing to lose.

  8. This is my review of the first 20 levels of f2p TERA.

    Right off the bat, the graphics are beautiful. It’s highly recommended by players to play TERA on a computer with as good of a graphics card as you can get, so you can put the settings to their maximum. Everything is bright and smooth and even the details in the clouds are breath-taking. The sentiment of beauty is certainly not lost here.

    There is no racelocked or genderlocked classes, and you can mix up any combo you desire. Some people might advice a certain race to one class, due to a specific racial skill, but nothing is absolutely necessary. I chose to be an Aman berserker, which is a brilliant combo on the field as I’ve learned.

    The game offers two options upon character creation: Island of Dawn and prologue. The prologue is the tutorial, and is very helpful for new players of the game needing to learn the key bindings. You can choose to play through that to learn the backstory, or you can jump right into the Island of Dawn, or as it’s fondly referred to as, newbie island.

    Gameplay is hack-and-slash, which surprised me since I was expecting the standard point-and-click targeting dynamics. The combat flows wonderfully, though you do have to make sure to watch your skills, otherwise it might appear that they aren’t functioning, when in reality you’re spamming them while you’re using a basic attack (they cannot be done at the same time). It’s very easy to get the hang of all this, though, and mowing through mobs becomes second-nature very quickly.

    Quests are well-coordinated, for the most part, and the progression moves from outpost to outpost, or town to town, with every set of quests finished. There is no running back and forth long distances to turn in quests, if they’re done in the order they’re presented. The quest log is helpful, and needed items or mobs can be easily highlighted on the minimap. Quest mobs will also have an exclamation point by their name if they’re involved in a current quest (yellow for basic and red for story, respectively).

    The community of the game would require an entirely different review, from what I’ve seen, but they don’t bite. It’s very easy to make parties while playing, and this is often done to save a lot of time and frustration if a large group all needs the same boss mob or escort mission.

    All and all, TERA is absolutely fantastic. I enjoy playing it and would recommend everyone try it out. The f2p model they have going is fantastic and I look forward to the updates and cash shop items the mods will bring later.

    1. Nice detailed and well-structured review!

  9. I can’t even get Pass the Launcher o.0 WDF….. i have Installed and Re installed 3 times :/ My Rig more than Exceeds the requirements. ANYONE else have this problem?

  10. guyzz when do you think it will be available in the Philippines?

    1. It IS available in the ph, BUT! You need and older account to play as the newer account made in ph IP are somewhat banned. I’m from the ph too and have been playing this game since early f2p launch (I have 2 accounts lol). Sorry to say that any account made by ph IPs after the (sort-of) cutoff can’t play the game. I mean, you can register but can’t play. But I have a hunch, that if you can register for the game and download it using a VPN(proxy server, preferably in EU), I think~ you can play. And after you register and download it you won’t be needing a VPN anymore cause they just check for your account to see if you can play (Cuz I can play! Aha!). Try it out, if it does not work then try to remember that it was just a hunch of mine, but it’s still worth the try. Good luck.

    2. Nah, you guys are too dumb for that shit.

      1. Nigga please !! if i know.. youre just scared as shit !! Filipinos if not always, usually tops everything even in MMORPG’s and that’s a FACT bro.. Deal with it !

  11. If they know what’s good for them (and it seems like they do), then they will NEVER allow the game to be accessed by Flips.

    1. Yeah, it would be best for everyone if they didn’t let a single Filipino play.

      1. Filipinos Are Dumb As Shit Like Me

  12. Just wanted to point this out to you guys. It says that 50 GB of HDD space is required, but that only means that the game is half of that. It needs to be able to download and install, which takes double the amount of space it will take up after installation. Basically, after it is installed, the client will then delete itself and give you back the free space the installation required.

  13. i play this game and its not free to play

    1. the 3.0 patch makes the game free to play. enjoy.

  14. Oh man I real ywant to know wich is more fun and fair Aion or Tera ? Thanks

    1. Both game is nice TERA and AION both have good graphics and stuff :3 well TERA have manual targeting system and AION have wing flight system :3 which one u like your opinion and i think TERA and AION is almost same rated 10/10 xD

  15. Hey… this game work on Eu?? or not?

    1. Yes, it works fine in EU.

  16. free my asss only free till level 28 and max lvl is like 60 ….. shyt lol

    1. It’s free all the way, I have 2 Lv 30 characters. You are free to pay for some fancy stuff, but you can reach the level cap without paying a dime.

      1. oh xD thanks very much

  17. Which server has the most players, US or Europe?

  18. Is this game available in PH

  19. No it isnt availble in PH and it WONT ! deal with it u ph have enough games already

    1. Y? u treating the filipinos like small fry?

      1. Because they are so dumb.

        1. You’re really racist and a prejudice you should really shut the hell up I’m sick of you racist piece crap I’m part Filipino and of many other nationalities including American and I find you as an a offensive jerk who is probably a loser and still lives with his mom. You can keep your filthy mouth shut.

  20. Its simple bro,i’m a Filipino,u can use VPN to play it,simple as that,,Anyway i’m currently in Middle East( Saudi Arabia ),and i can play it right here ,so it means Middle East Countries are not included on the I.P. restrictions

    1. Bro, I’m a Filipino too. I also wanna play this game and it seems to me that you can help me. can you explain furthere the “VPN” thing. I would really apreaciate it. you can mail me or just post it here thanks

  21. Hello i just found out about this game and have watched a couple of videos and i still have a few questions. Sorry if some of this is answered i just want to make sure. Please answer and thank you!

    1. When you are a free player what is limited? I mean like level wise and areas.
    2. I want to try the game for a while and see if it is a game that can keep me interested. But later on would i be able to upgrade i guess you could call it and pay (only if i get serious of course). Would i be able to keep my characters and equipment?

    1. answer 1 : idk about lvls they never said anything about f2p lvl limit
      answer 2 : yes u get to keep your chara and equipments and if u lose ur chara u better send a ticket

  22. Does this work in the middle east?

  23. Is this game available in Srilanka ?? ( South Asia )

    1. seems not

  24. Here is a random code probably only useful for starters N7P6KMRWT6K35J7JDEGNKNPK4

  25. This game blocks IP’s outside of NA.. Great so people who lived in north america but moved to a different country cant play. Awesome.

    1. Only if you went to a country that is in the banned list.

  26. I do really love tera’s graphics and non-target system. But i love it more for its non-pay-to-win – a rare exception from f2p-system.

    Goinna try it out.

  27. Kinda boring, easy at startup, nothingtodo at cap- game. It must have more activities. But main impression is that game is cool because of combats. My silly review gives it 8/10.

  28. Its nice game but GameForge (version EU) ruined it. If You can play EN Masse ( version US). GameForge worst game publisher ;/

  29. Stupidly high system requires :,(

  30. do you have to buy the game itself to play it? I have downloaded it but when I try to launch it tells me there is no game associated with my account. I press add a game and it takes me to the store where there is no game for purchase. If I click on one of the links, it tells me there is no game associated with my account and I’m back in the same stupid circle…

  31. Umm, shouldn’t you be looking for “Tera: Rising” Instead of the regular game?

  32. On the good side you get a great combat system, nice graphics and best of all you really can play for free without any harsh restrictions and I certainly wouldn’t call it pay to win. On the down side virtually every single quest involves either killing so many monsters or collecting items which is in my opinion a great shame as Tera questing is nothing but a repetitive grind, even the mobs you have to kill often look virtually identical to the ones you’ve killed before in previous areas. If Tera had decent and more interesting quests along with a good story it would have been stunning, but sadly this is it’s greatest drawback. After a while you don’t even need to read the quest text as you soon know exactly what you’ll be asked to do and the poor excuse for a quest storyline is lost, this is the main reason Tera failed as a subscription title in my opinion and was forced to go free to play relatively quick.

  33. Over all this game had a lot of potential, but lack of endgame content kinda killed it. Also up to about level 20-25 you have one choice of places to go to level. Gets monotonous after the third or fourth character and turned a lot of people away simply for that reason. It’s a shame to see a potentially amazing game like this flop. :\

  34. The game IS F2P to cap and only uses like 28g of space. They have had ongoing issues with account generation. You could/can make an En Masse account but it wouldn’t let you attach/create a game account which is needed to play. All I did was email them with my account info and they forced in a game account for me like they have done for tons of people with the same problem. I don’t speak fps but it is a very laboring game on a gpu, especially mobile like a laptop. I play on the lowest settings possible (still looks fine to me) and use a cooler I made with a 80mm 37cfm fan to help keep it cool. I run an i7 with 8g ram but I have integrated graphics so I’m not risking frying my laptop. But it is a beautiful game, a true manual targeting system (takes some getting used to). I played Silkroad Online for 3 years and this blows it away.

  35. This game’s community is HORRIBLE. I know there is some trolls in any game, but 80% of this games population is all Trolls. It is really sad, because the game is really beautiful and is fun to play.

    1. I know… it’s very sad. I love the game itself but there are so many horrible players that it makes it almost impossible to enjoy playing the game.
      I agree 100%.

      1. I totally agree. I ended up just changing my chats around so I wouldn’t have to see all of it. just some of it -_-

  36. 50 GB an you have to download it??????????
    come on… how to instal this game

  37. Go Filipino go Rise Like TERA Rising!!!!!hahahahha

  38. best game with wow quality ,thx gameforge

  39. many filipino’s play Tera EU there server is killian but i create my character in zuras… the game size is 27gig ..,if you want to play this smoothly you should buy or upgrade your pc to d’ highes specs …
    and its not delay in PH not just like you play ragna 2 NA… ^_^

  40. tera (EU) is doomed, gameforge is currently raping this game so bad its not even funny, Tera eu players are doomed and forced to play tera eu which is being hosted by 1 of the worst publishers ever so yeah if u wanna play tera go tera NA . Gameforge sucks worst company ever spread the word guys and dont give ur money to Frogster aka gameforge just google gameforge and ull see how bad they are

  41. My Installing patch is done and if i press play i cant why? anyone help me please

  42. There are 2 possibilities:
    1. That happens often, so just re-launch the launcher.
    2. If you modified some files in the game (i.e elin texture files) it may not recognize the version of the game you are running and therefore not start it.

  43. This game SUCKS. Seriously, Sacred 2 is better than this.

    This game just put me to sleep. And what’s with the half-naked female children class?


    The graphics are good, but they don’t really know how to use it (the surface has a plasticy look). To me, at least. I guess if you think it’s got “high-end” graphics, good for you. But to me, I’ve seen better in community mods for Fallout.

    And the outfits are ATROCIOUS. I mean, just really ugly clothing.

    And BEWBS. That’s this games selling point. Best way to make money? Take your half naked chick to the center of a marketplace and dance. People will circle and give you money while they FAP.

    God, this game is BAD. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong! I was excited and got it as soon as it released.

    Stopped playing it a week later. Such a weak game.

  44. Well this is how i feel (just my view from personal EXP dont get your panties in a bunch and get personally offended because i may or may not agree with you )

    #1 doesn’t run so well without a powerful machine
    #2 combat is a bit clunky and the camera is an asshole (personal exp just just found it bothersome)
    #3 Cooldowns in action based games are like some jerk Sneezing on your pizza . they are not needed in action based games regardless of weather or not its an Action /RPG game .Dragons Dogma is an action RPG it didn’t have cooldowns because its lame and makes no sense.These sorts of games need to be free wielding and exciting not full of pointless limitations that dont need to be there . Skills should be executed via key and or button combinations like you might find in fighting games or old school action titles like devil may cry such as” attack , dash , rapidly press attack” to do a rapid thrusting skill . Some games like DFO and Dragonica online have these sorts of commands as alternatives to hotkeys and instant executions and i have always felt it suits this Genre better but again just my thoughts .DFO and Dragonica still had Cooldowns though and to me thats just not cool.

    Pros (yes there are pros ppl im not all about the negative)

    #1 really nice visuals IF you can run the game on decent settings .
    #2 decent atmosphere game feels open and makes you want to explore your surroundings at least it did for me.
    #3 Pretty interesting character classes, not SUPER unique but not super typical either and the races were pretty interseting as well .
    #4 Gamepad support , this is a big deal for me because i absolutley despise keyboard /mouse based controls its nice to have the option at the very least .

    Were i able to run the game on nicer settings without turbo lag from the pits of el diablo i would have more to say but i refuse to play a game that i cant run smoothly on anything but the lowest settings. Sorry but its like riding a tricycle with 2 flat tires and a broken pedal while all your friends speed away on dirt bikes leaving you in a cloud of dust and exhaust to cough and curse your existence.

    Its worth checking out if your looking for a game and i would probably recommend it but again thats IF you can run it above the lowest settings.

  45. this video convinced me ima going to sign up for this game and start playing

  46. why cant I run this game on high graphics ? ;_; I can but it runs slow..

  47. Tera is the best MMO i ‘ve played so far, requires a good pc but it’s totally worth it.

    If you want to play TERA though you better join the NA server published by Enmasse. Gameforge(publisher in EU) has destroyed many people including me, i was accused of botting/hacking without doing anything and when i asked for information they arrogantly told me that they won’t provide any information and that the decision is final and permanent without any warning. I believe they didn’t know themselves why did they ban me, they just got some reports because sometimes i was camping ores and plants(which is not illegal of course).

  48. A algum de voces aconteceu instalar o jogo e na parte de carregar em PLAY o jogo nao arrancar ??
    alguem me pode explicar o que se passa ?? visto que eu tenho computador pra jogar com o TERA ao maximo numa boa o problema nao ser dai!

    Agradeço qualquer ajuda pra por isto a funcionar e me “VICIAR” com voces todos

    1. Provavelmente você tenha algum anti malware instalado.

  49. wonderful game so much fun its right up there with Wow on my list if u havent tried it its great u should download it asap only thing i dont like is the updates so much latest update is 2.6 gig the system reqs r pretty high but if u have 2-4 gigs of ram u can manage if u turn the settings down on low , love everything about the game but its a real grinding game based around mainly quest i have 3 60s there all ur chars on each realm will share a bank another thing the auction house is insanely overpriced because people buy stuff off the cash shop and put on it like a new mount can go for 20 -60 thousand gold at 60 u can buy next to the best gear off ah but its like 15 thousand a peice and the weapons can go for 150 thousand or so for the enchantable t 14 gear i suggest sticking with the t 13 gear at 60 its enchantable and u can get into any raid in it but if ur a hardcore dungeon type person and dont mind playing with elitist then id say go for the t 14s in heroic mode but if u mess up one tiny thing or go in and dont know any fights ull prolly get kicked fast but everyone in thecommunity thats not a elitist is very nice and helpful and the gms r nice to they will log in to characters and help u out with bugged quest etc if u need so besides the constant updates its a great game

  50. This game looks amazing, but I am worried that it will be “Pay-to-Win”. I’ve been playing “Neverwinter” quite often and that’s the way it seems to heading. Can someone please tell me if this is better than Neverwinter in that sense, because I absolutely ADORE the gameplay in Neverwinter and this seems to be fairly similar. Thank you.

    1. You can grind and farm the game until level cap without need to spend a dime on it. But of course, paying for stuff allows you to progress faster, most of that stuff can be acquired with in-game currency though.

  51. I don’t like the country restriction..It’s sad, I can’t play it in Japan….

  52. can i play tera while downloading and on which percentage of downloading.

  53. its like the anime sword art online’s vrmmorpg thing :D

  54. SEA not allowed to register an ID.. F***K

  55. Is this game works on other countrys cuz i love this game its really awesome

  56. why doesnt works al of me accounts ??

  57. are u aloud to play this game in australia?????

  58. Tera is fun and different, not the best but good fun and entry level action combat. But it’s plagued with issues. For one fps issues on very fast and modern machines. Just google “Tera fps issue” or something like that and read through pages of pages of people who had issuses with the game. Most players will have to do some sort of .ini file editing or make NVidia game profiles for it just for it to be barely playable. For one if you turn your Ui off you can get a 30% fps boost.. Just from the 2D ui. I’ve read fixes from going back to old drivers, .ini tweaks, gpu tweaks. But if you have to go through all that to get a game that will still run like shit. No thanks. for reference, I have an fx-6300, 8gigs ddr3 @ 1866 and an OC HD 7850. Nothing was bottlenecking, game is terribly optimized.

  59. when it will be available in philippines?

  60. Why is Philippines not included in most online games in with U.S. and EU servers is because of the above conversation.
    Don’t you guys get it why we from the Philippines are banned from playing with other servers?
    It’s because of your manner of playing and not respecting the international Server.
    Yes I too want to play this game and i can’t play it because of where i am, which is the Philippines.
    Filipino gamers do have bad manners when it comes to online games, i am guilty of it as well.
    Though most Filipino gamers are bad mannered and illiterate on the English language.
    If we Filipinos can just type in English with other players and not tagalog, we might end up in the international servers.

    1. The serious mmorpg generation in the ph was and is being reduced to hardcore FPS and MOBA players. And the trash talk in those kinds of games are both harsh and offensive. If only my generation of players didn’t convert to MOBA and FPS.

  61. am i the only that thinks a person will need a supercomputer to run this game perfectly ?

  62. but they say on checker that i only need 2gb ram and 25 gb

  63. Bullshit game, after 5 days u are max lvl and thats it … wanna sensensly do 1 thing over and over all day with nothing else to do then go for it, game for brainless kids

  64. Wtf… more than 2 hours downloading it and my PC is actually very good but 2 hours for one download WTF i hope its worth it

  65. can you talk to people and just chill cause i love those kind of games

  66. I liked this game! It’s got a lot of good stuff to it. Tons of things to do in end game (getting those overly expensive tier 14 sets, and trying to master each and every end game dungeon mechanics. No kidding!) Leveling from lv1-lv60 as a glass-cannon Sorc is very much ‘soloable’. Only time I needed to party is for instances and dungeons, but a having a questing party makes a lot of difference. One being, it’s not as hard to quest and two being it’s a lot more fun. So fun to solo those BAMs (boss like, but not quite mobs that litters the maps). Died a lot off times, but it’s nice once you can solo them. It gives you quite the bragging rights among your noob peers. There are some cons too! Like you need a good enough gaming computer to play this without graphical lags. I recommend a minimum specs of i3 3220, 4gb ram, gtx 550ti, and a mid range mobo (use your imagination). But if you have an entry level rig, the game offers an option where when your machine is under heavy loads (not all the time) while playing the game, it automatically sets your graphics settings to a ‘lower than the lowest’ graphics settings. And YES! that is true. You can play the game, but it will look like UGLY! Everything is bright (cuz of no shadows), textures are like smears, you get the picture. But you get to turn it up a bit inside dungeons.

  67. Very pretty game, but there’s nothing to do at max level. The community in this game is so horrible! Parents really need to discipline their children these days.

    I would avoid this game at all costs unless you just don’t mind playing alone.

  68. worst comment ever lol//// at max level theres nothing to do ? really what about nexus bgs canyon? farming and hunting points for pvp armor crafting? theres alot 2 do so dont say theres nothing to do on max levels cause is bullshit

  69. Great game, played it for roughly 8 months, but things get boring after a while. A lot of global trolls like talking about Elins (race of little girls with animal tail/ears) and making up sexual scenarios but you can always turn that off in the chat options. I stopped playing because the game just got way too easy. The Wonderholme patch they recently introduced was like a gigantic middle finger to all F2Pers who beat all the dungeons, raids, held the top pvp ranks, and actually possessed some skill that one could clearly identify as self-made instead of artificially enhanced with piles of money

    I started out with a plan: to reach endgame without spending any money whatsoever on EMP (the “cash shop” currency) and I managed to achieve that goal after painstaking efforts (funny how I actually became better gear/money/skill wise than some people who spent hundreds of dollars upgrading their stuff). It was a true F2P game until the Wonderholme patch arrived. Reaching endgame, obtaining the best weapon in the game at the time (Visionmaker), it was hard work because to be the best, you had to achieve a certain level of synergy with the people you run dungeons and battlegrounds with. All Tera is now, however, is whoever has the largest bank account and is willing to spend endless amounts of money on the game will be able to get the best gear and beat those who have spent months becoming familiar with their class. Skill doesn’t matter anymore because the stats of the recently released gear is far too overpowered and far too easy to get. Being easy to get, means there is no money to be made unless EMP is purchased (for enchanting purposes) and then, it becomes impossible to enchant when somebody is being an F2P player (like I was). In my guild, there were some who spent upwards of $2000 to get the best gear, leaving somebody like myself in the dust. I wasn’t going to spend that kind of money on a GAME (I didn’t have $2000 to waste anyways) and with no avenues for making money by PLAYING the game, I was going nowhere.

    Currently, the most overpowered class BY FAR is the Slayer (a nerf is now an absolute necessity for this class) due to their invulnerability to any form of CC while using a skill. Hell, they even have a skill that prevents them from being CC’d for 5 seconds (this just screams overpowered).

    If you want to give this game a go and find that you’re still playing at level 60, join a guild called Wonderland. Being a former officer of Wonderland, I can say that they’re nice people (some are nice in their own “special” way) and I know that they will take care of the less hardcore players out there.

    1. I think you nailed that perfectly and yea. Slayer is the most OP class on server. What server is that btw? I have my own guild but its just temporary so I could do guild quests etc. It’d be nice to find a “chill not-so-perverted” guild that speaks English for once lol

  70. Hi, I am Imon. I am from West Bengal, India. I downloaded Tera US installer……….24.3 gb. installed that but when I want login…..there says that ” user authentication failed ” . Pls someone give me the solution…………

  71. this looks like good game for me if any1 have played silkroad online this little bit looks like sro and i like it (Y) i hope this is better than sro ;) any1 can recommend or something with this game.. invite me at xfire account: Urpo69 name is Boring…

  72. Can this game played in Singapore? haha fk damn alot of people wanted to play tera but heard it got ipblocked

  73. Great game,world,battle system,lore,graphics,details,everything,some of the best of all in the market,be it f2p or b2p,imo.On a side note,would like to see official pages have whole client download,more people to play and support the game.Since some peoples are more restricted in bandwidth.Nevertheless,if you can try it try it,chances are you might enjoy it :)

  74. why is then 38 gb and at my pc and still downloading some shit..

  75. best game ………….free

  76. this game is the worst game that i have ever tried to install..15 hours after i first started and the patch is at 91% and it’s been at that for an hour and it says it’s running at 18mbps speed..load of BS

  77. Is this game available in malaysia ? Must have this epic game in my list. please answer, can i play it in malaysia ?

  78. Nevermind already download it, it’s say not available in Malaysia. pfft.

  79. where to download this game can anybody plzz give me tte link …….

  80. i have to say this game is amazing! i love how you can smoothly roam around fight solo or along side others how the graphics are pretty good. it took me 30gigs of memory but for a game like this it is worth it. besides when you are downloading the game when you reach i believe 10% you can play the game while it finishes downloading the rest. love this game, i play it a lot.

  81. hahaha yea i agree with the argument above.

    Filipinos are dumb as shit.
    Those useless peasants shouldnt even be allowed to go to the site

    1. Know the difference between you and filipinos?

      They can keep their mouth shut, yet you babble like an utter moron.
      Please educate yourself first,then communicate with the world,there are too many idiots like you that needs to be teach, you peasant.

  82. If I can play diablo 3 with graphics at max would it be possible to easily play tera and not lag everywhere? And for everyone’s information”. Only ppl that write stupid shit and argue over whose dumber are truly ignorant. No country makes specific stupid ppl regardless of there economy. Geniuses are born everywhere and are naturally gifted for being intelligent and only those who think just because somones from a certain place that it must make them something without meeting them are espesially ignorant to society.

  83. is this really 50gb?

    1. No its about half that. Just runs smoother with 50. Need like 26.8 ish . Scroll up and there are exact posts.

  84. One of the best games i’ve played, its not only a MMO based, its something diferent, with tatics and will render lots of fun time playing with friends! Its Veery big game, but dont care about how many gbs it haves, just download and have some fun!

  85. 50GB lol no thanks

  86. Non-targeting? lol this game plays more like DC universe or RaidersZ… not like real non-targeting like C9, Vindictus or Dragon NEst

  87. If you play this game go to one of the PVE servers. I play on the RP server and the comunity is nice as logn as your nice. most of us are growing sick of the trolls who like trolling the RPers so we tend to be asses to them. but for those who are nice we will usually help how ever we can

  88. Tera is pretty fun, this review is pretty old since they took the matriarch system out ages ago. Honestly i’ve been playing it since it went to f2p and it hasn’t gotten boring once. And now is the best time to start playing since the new class is coming out soon and you need at least 1 lvl 40 character to make it. I have at least 8 characters on every server but my main server is Celestial Hills. It’s the only rp server and it’s the most laid back server, if you want a feel for the game I suggest you at least start there. Oh, and if you do come to my server, look for me,

    IGN —> Sala.Cious

  89. yea Filipinos are jus a bunch of primitive apes, no make that monkeys! Theyre sensitive morons who copy everything they think is cool and then incorporate it to make ppl think they made em themselves.

    jus stop the discussion about those idiotic imbeciles as they are not even worthy of such.

    oh and fun fact: 99% of filipinos dont know the meaning of what they are saying.

    1. A typical smelly white racist lol what a dick.

  90. i wanna ask … are they still block IP from SEA? coz i wanna try this game…

  91. ive downloaded Tera yesterday
    and today i was going to play it but
    when i clicked on play it said: the client has stopped working
    what do i have to do?


  92. Guys just stop, because I don’t think this forum is for posting hate comments about the other race. I’m Filipino and I can agree than some of us may be complete assholes but again, this isn’t a place to post racist comments. I’m Filipino and I’ve had my experience with asswipes from other games but please don’t call any of us stupid or retarded.

  93. complete shit game …. u level up so easily to max level in less then a week and then u waste ur life on dumb useless quests …. wanna be cool … spend bunch of cash to get good gear and thats it …game is made for brainless ppl

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